How Help An Overly Active Rescue Dog
Meet Lincoln - An overly active rescue dog when trying to go on walks and TUNE IN to see Cesar Millan give his best advice on how to correct this behavior.
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Calvin Millan:
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  • Barbara Z
    Barbara Z

    At 2:59 please someone tell me what he says

  • LH

    Hi Cesar, I just saw the video of you with Ara the terrified rescue dog. I have a dog that is like Ara and that is scared of men. But she does not attack she just will continue in flight mode, how can I best indroduce her to my boyfriend?

  • Ezequiel Primera
    Ezequiel Primera

    show footage of how to do it, it would be so much more fun

  • Gargalhada do coringa
    Gargalhada do coringa

    legenda portugues

  • Kelsie LeCrone
    Kelsie LeCrone

    That first dog was beautiful. 😍 Absolutely amazing condition. Hopefully they don’t end up making him fat.

  • Nikole Andreana
    Nikole Andreana

    This info just validated 4yrs of turmoil with the ONE dog (out of five) I've rescued and not been able to master heeling. I kept telling those trying to help me that he needs a runner. I've asked everyone who runs to take him along, as I'm not a good runner, to no avail. We inherited him and I knew I would be challenged. He's been worth it but now I have solid stand on what to definitely give him. Whew! Thank you Cesar!

  • NPuente

    My dog does the exact same thing, and everyone thought I was crazy for saying that he LOVES to run!

  • Fay Bury
    Fay Bury


  • Sarka Vajnerova
    Sarka Vajnerova

    I have coworker with dog that has "bad behavior" and "cant be walked on leash"... ´cos hes hunting mix breed thats in the garden all day! She just wont listen to me and says she cant tire him anyway... i feelso sorry for the dog.

  • mara charese
    mara charese

    Thank you Cesar! My dog is so much happier with more activity

  • Maryam Gonzalez
    Maryam Gonzalez


  • Nicole Jessica
    Nicole Jessica

    Cesar, I have adored you since the beginning! I really miss the format where you go to people's homes...I know you can't use "Dog Whisperer" (which still pisses me off!!) but please consider a reboot! Either way, fan for life ❤

  • leehoney 39
    leehoney 39

    Mr.millan u are a great teacher. I appreciate what you do.



  • camila moncada sanchez
    camila moncada sanchez

    Ayuda mi perro se ha vuelto grosero cuando jugamos muerde ayudaaaa

  • margasa

    Wow, you made me realize that Otta wants to run! Thank you.

  • Juan. p
    Juan. p

    Abre un canal en español

  • sue brook
    sue brook

    My dog is like that. I always play tug with him before I take him out. I tie a tug toy on a rope and play intensively for 10-20 minutes before I take him out. It helps take the edge off him and it’s been hard work with him as he is so big and boisterous but he is getting so much better. And thank you Cesar for all you do xx

  • Annayeli paz
    Annayeli paz

    So i need your advice my about what to do about my dog so my dog is a pitbull he get in the house and i try to take him out but he won't listen so i will try putting a leash on him and take him out because my dad dont like dog in the house it kill my cat and attack my other one and now that we try to take him out he attack what do i do 🤦

  • alice lynema
    alice lynema

    I would highly recommend ONLY running on the ground with this type of dog . He is super strong and pulls at the sight of other animals. Please! never take the chance riding a bike, roller blading, or riding anything else with a hyper strong rescue dog. I made the mistake of trying to train my pit bull mix to run alongside my scooter. The second she would see another animal she would pull. During one of our training sessions, I almost lost my ability to walk. My pup pulled me over before I could catch my fall. I ended up with a broken tailbone , whiplash , a severe concussion, and life long cognitive impairment. Right after the accident i was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I had lost feeling in my legs for several hours. When the swelling went down along with cold compress therapy, many prayers and by the grace of God, I walked myself out of the hospital. The dr’s were shocked. I’m thankful I kept my ability to walk however I will NEVER try that again. My neighbor would also run his dog along side of his bike. His dog had been trained for several years to do it without incident but in a weak moment his dog too ran after a squirrel and took him down. His injuries were not as severe. 7 years later my pit bull rescue is still not to be 100% trusted to not be triggered by other animals. Even after years of training and getting older she still has her weak moments. It’s just not safe to run a dog without your feet safely planted on the ground.

  • McNugget

    Been watching Cesar forever. He’s the only person I take advice from when it comes to dogs.

  • King Aced
    King Aced

    What type of dog y'all have? I have a red doberpit

  • Ruby's K9s
    Ruby's K9s

    I think this owner should definitely look into sports for this dog. I can already tell from this video that he’s be an EXCELLENT coursing dog, weight pull dog, maybe even dock diving. Investing in a pulling harness, slat mill, and spring pole would also be good ideas for more exercise: spring pole provides the best total body exercise for dogs who like to tug. Bike/ski joring or canicross would be great for him too. You have to have some control though and not always keep him in this state of drive!

  • Kospora

    Hey Cesar I have a really important question, I just adopted a dog from the shelter and he is a good boy through and through. But when he plays with other dogs he sometimes plays a little to rough, I usually get him away from the other dog and it hasn't turned into a full fight yet or anything. But im curious on what I should do because his tail is always wagging in these situations and his hair is never up on edge so is he just playing or is it something more. I could try and take a video for an example and email you if possible.

  • Imar Daharan
    Imar Daharan

    Cesar you are amazing

  • Crazy4Creatures

    This reminds us so much of our rescue Static who is a German Shepherd mix. So much pent of energy and we're working on ways to burn it out of him despite my health issues. He's come a long way in regards to pulling. The dog park has been a huge help for us. I cant necessarily run but I can get him running at the park and he loves it

  • Gisela Dougans
    Gisela Dougans

    Thank you for all you do for God’s innocent animals & us the owners !!! God Bless You Always!!! 🐕💜😇

  • Kroq Gar
    Kroq Gar

    I really don’t understand why people think you abuse animals... it boggles my mind why people who use the same cookie cutter methods get so angry about what you do.

    • Kroq Gar
      Kroq Gar

      Nezir The God lol

  • Mario Treguear
    Mario Treguear

    En español

  • Paramjit Bhuller
    Paramjit Bhuller

    My dog also loves to run than to walk.

  • Lino Nazir
    Lino Nazir


  • shah gul
    shah gul

    Could you tell me what to do if stray dog on street comes after a person or if that street dog barks in anger? Dogs in our locality are biting people & even barking on them.

  • Kalyani Kadam
    Kalyani Kadam

    Soon 1 million subscribers ...... congratulations in advance 😊

  • Felipe Vilches
    Felipe Vilches

    Muchas gracias César. Te sigo desde hace años. Antes a través de tu TV show. Aunque llegaban muy desfazados aquí en Chile. Hoy en día a través de este genial medio. Cómo ha cambiado el mundo... Que siga todo bien hermano. Un abrazo.

  • Honeysuckle Jones
    Honeysuckle Jones

    Oh I love to watch this magical man! We have a 4 month old Doberman that is very aggressive toward me and the kids. He is not with my husband. He's been this way since we got him at 6 weeks. I'm just praying for a miracle.

    • Roxy Anny
      Roxy Anny

      Nezir The God RE: understanding nature. It’s astounding how many people won’t correct their dogs because they’re afraid the dog won’t like them when the truth is they gain respect and create a much stronger bond that way. I know of a poor Lab in this situation whose owner thought he was aggressive and in the end had the dog euthanized. The time I met the dog he stood there threatening and barking at me. She did absolutely nothing. In fact, my son’s Lab was there and she stepped in and corrected the dog. It didn’t take much and he settled right down & behaved himself. I later learned of the dog’s demise after the fact. Had I known her intention to euthanize him I would have taken him. He was an easy fix even for me. Very sad. BTW those hummingbirds are surprisingly scrappy! Under all that cuteness lays the heart of a tiger. LOL If you want some good & cheap entertainment, put up a feeder and watch the show!

    • Roxy Anny
      Roxy Anny

      Ashley Gray Perhaps you should send your hubby to me for training 😜😂 I’m glad to see your taking Nexir The God ‘s suggestion to heart. I agree it’s not a cruel method. We can take our cues from watching how the dogs interact. Imagine how a mama dog would handle her pup were it to dare turn aggressive on her. My thinking is the dog sets the level of correction. If it’s not working you have to up the ante to the next level. So that’s where I would have gone next, getting much more physical with the pup. Also, if the method Nexir suggests needs more back up, perhaps a shock collar? I don’t know anything about using a collar for aggression so if you were to consider it, really research first and you have to know how to use it correctly: when to use it, the timing, etc. I know a lot of ppl will think this especially cruel. Does it hurt? Ya, I think so, but it doesn’t cause injury when used correctly. My experience with the shock collar was with my dog that was hubby’s hunting dog. Hunting dogs tend to be intense and most handlers aren’t professional trainers with robot-like dogs. I consider the collar to be a safety feature for the dog to ensure it comes when called. Hunting dogs can easily find themselves in danger because they’re so intent on their target they aren’t thinking of danger. I know of dogs called away when swimming towards swift running water and once, a Lab called off of a duck he was chasing on the tracks when a train was coming! So in your dog’s case a shock collar would be a safety device not only for people, but to potentially save his life as well. I hope you keep us posted on your progress.

    • Honeysuckle Jones
      Honeysuckle Jones

      @Nezir The God thanks again!

    • Honeysuckle Jones
      Honeysuckle Jones

      @Nezir The God that's the one I watched lol! I dont think its cruel if it's done properly. My husband was a K9 officer and they use stern physical correction (leash tug, collar jerk, etc) which I dont necessary care for. He is 40 lbs right now but is very tall so this will take some practice but I think I can get it done.

    • Honeysuckle Jones
      Honeysuckle Jones

      @Nezir The God thank you! I will try this today. He has been sweet all morning so I'm sure this evening he will be ready to eat me up lol.

  • Matko Talić
    Matko Talić

    Who wants old Cezar back??

  • 저세상 푸들 혜자 Funny Poodle Hye-Ja
    저세상 푸들 혜자 Funny Poodle Hye-Ja

    Understanding the dog's mind is the right answer.. always. Thank you for sharing Cesar Millan!

  • Nicole Horsley
    Nicole Horsley

    Reminds me of bunny 😭😭😭

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA

    a dog in a tennis court with gates closed can retrieve and do all his basic commands ('up' on a bench, 'here', 'wait', 'down' and so on) .... see?

  • Samantha mother of cats
    Samantha mother of cats

    That dog very clearly wanted to run lol. I rescued a amstaff just like that before, he was a big boy and was super strong and wanted to RUN. Gonna take a video of my dog and post it next time i walk her. Shes reactive towards other dogs.

  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker


  • Janet Gagnon
    Janet Gagnon

    Still my fav

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    En español men si eres mexicano

  • Joseph stickingmyneckoutgallo
    Joseph stickingmyneckoutgallo

    My dog would love to run

  • Evža Kobzeva
    Evža Kobzeva

    This dog also looks like he could enjoy fresbee - teach him to fetch it and it can be such an amazing energy drainer for him with added benefits of building your relationship - plus it's way easier for the owner :)

  • toni syring
    toni syring

    i love grey hounds,i was raised my the MKC

  • iRumaDory이루마도리

    That's very good information, Cesar. Run enough and make the dog tired. Then, it's going to be easy to handle the dog. Great. I do the same, actually.

  • Lady Kiri
    Lady Kiri

    My dog is very high energy as he's a working breed. I play fetch with him for a full 20 mins and run the 'silliness' out of him before our walks. Works wonders.

  • mr pronoob
    mr pronoob

    Ah yes thanks, our husky is like that too. Ill run with her later.

  • kostantina Papazoglou
    kostantina Papazoglou

    Κύριε σιζαρ ένα μεγάλο μπράβο για αυτό που κάνετε.ειστε ο καλύτερος.μια ερώτηση πώς μπορείς να καταλάβεις όταν ένα σκυλί θέλει να δαγκώσει;χωρίς να γαυγιζει έτσι απλώς να κοιτάει να κάθεται.μπορεις να καταλαβει ένας άνθρωπος την τάση του σκύλου χωρίς να του ορμήσει χωρίς να τον κυνηγήσει.απλα και μόνο από το κοίταγμα.

  • Jai C.
    Jai C.

    My love for Cesar Millan, all started during Dog Whisperer days. I really hope you can do a similar program on your channel where we can see you in action. 💪

  • Jorge Muñoz
    Jorge Muñoz

    Sería genial que estos videos estuvieran subtitulados en español

  • Queen Witch
    Queen Witch

    My son hes 5 loves you and ive been watching you since your day one on tv I am 27 and learned so much and wanna say youre doing amazing please know youre important too you impact so many thanks for sharing this part of your journey 💜 respect

  • Dachdog


  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.

    Cesar you have an ultimate gift! Because you understand what dogs really need!🐕🐩🐶🖒👏👌💯

  • Michelle

    Why did I just get this video when it's been out for at least 7 hours? 🤔

  • 2000konnie

    Great advice. Looking forward to the follow-up.

  • Dee F
    Dee F

    Before watching Cesar, and having my own sweet dogs, I might have thought Lincoln wanted to eat those other dogs? Now I can see Lincoln was trying so hard to be a good boy, restraining himself in, and I wanted to scream at the owner, you are ignoring your dog, not reading him right!

  • Dinky Winky Dog
    Dinky Winky Dog

    I’m a train and behaviorist who works with only toy breeds. I’ve learned so much from you. What I can tell you is that when it comes to training, you either have it or you don’t. My husband couldn’t train a flea to jump but loves his dog dearly. When I went to school years ago and a refresher course recently I learned more names of what I was doing than how to do what they were teaching. It is my absolute dream to come to one of your courses. Thank you for being so awesome!!!

  • Saro Dog Training
    Saro Dog Training

    Cesar, I have to disagree with your suggestion this time. This dog is reactive because of its previous owners over-exercised it. That's why is lean and stressed. I would suggest the new owners working on exercising it less and not putting the dog in a situation like this until they have good control over the walk and the dog. Using a halti also is going to add more stress on to the dog as it will limit and cause pain in the noise of the dog which will make the dog get worse.

  • Jessica P
    Jessica P

    Lincoln's little trill noises are the cutest

  • Kristen D
    Kristen D

    Thank you, I love you.


    Well this helped me a lot. I guess I’m going to have to get in shape so I can run with our adopted pup lol

  • Jack Heppell
    Jack Heppell

    How help, u mean to help?

  • Anna Burns
    Anna Burns

    Poor Lincoln! He seemed distressed. Please Lincolns owner, let him run!

  • 【オーシャン】柴犬女王小波&保護猫メイ


  • private private
    private private

    lincoln looks and acts just like my dog Christee. and the vets always say, "she's very athletic" and "her heart rate is really slow" -And Christee too LOVES to run...really FLY. She would door dash, but she wouldn't run away she would LEAP away. Pretty sure she discovered that's the quickest way she could gain the fastest distance...smh. She no longer door dashes, but she has HORRIBLE off leash recall. I try to take her on LONG walks cuz I can't run with her and i have no place to let her off leash to run, especially since she doesn't come back when she's called. But we do play Frisbee and she loves to leap high and catch the Frisbee from high in the air and she loves to chase it down low...but that dog, is the SPITTING image of my Christee. Thanks Cesar for reinforcing what I suspected all along. I have a knee scooter (knee rover), that I had to use when I had foot surgery, and that's the only time Christee got to run on leash, when I rolled around the neighborhood on my knee rover. I'm all better now, but I might just take it out for fun and run Christee around the block with it! LOL. Cesar just gave me a bright idea. I know Christee's gonna love it

    • datsavagepokewolf

      Bruh, Lincoln also reminds me A LOT of my dog Andre, he's a big puller, he gets rlly hyper around other dogs and my mom says that on his morning walks he often tries to run all the way down the street.

  • Pedro Camejo
    Pedro Camejo

    Grande Cesar💪💪ÁNIMO DESDE CANARIAS 😎😎

  • Jana Bry
    Jana Bry

    I rescued an anxious dog (a pittie) . I know he needs physical exercices and mind exercice. Unfortunstely i broke my foot 2 years ago. I cannot get on roller Blades and control him like i would be able to control my great dane i had before. So he exercice in the backyard. Throwing, not a ball ( doesn't last 😂) but a cord. And then we can go for Gentle walks and i can give him toys to exercice his mind. They were hard to find since he destroys all His toys (extreme black Kong, gone in 5 minutes) except His Teddy bears ( cause i Say Gentle) but i Found a great ball, very resistant, to put things in it. And, since he learnes very fast i was telling him be Gentle with the ball. All is good, he knows now. So intelligent and sensitive. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Jana Bry
      Jana Bry

      @Ahuva Phillips I'm in Quebec, Canada and my dog is 5. It's Play strong made by Spot. From China. Don't know if you can get it. It floats and it's Lifetime guaranteed. Hope i helped! 😉

    • Ahuva Phillips
      Ahuva Phillips

      Hi, our "pup" is very active also, a couple of "firehose" toys have lasted well. what ball is it you've found that works? I'd love a link! Thanks -- and best of luck with your pup!

  • Hershel McArthur
    Hershel McArthur

    I have a dog similar to this and she wears a halti all the time to stop her pulling BUT she still won't stop pulling from excitement and can't get her to stop. What do you suggest I do?

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today

      Hershel McArthur Try building her up slowly to the ‘idea’ of a bike then, step by step..did you see that vid Cesar did with Gavin, back in dog whisperer days? Or any of those really scared/nervous/anxious pups ones? You know how he gets kids to ride slowly pass, not look at the dog..also sometimes he takes pups to skateboarding parks, does a lap, takes pup away for a play/relax, then does another lap.. I find if you take a toy/ball/whatever your pup really Loves, really helps to distract them, Cos they can only stay in that ‘scared/nervous mindset for so long, then they realise ‘nothing bad is happening’, then start to relax..also, if you can get someone to walk next to you with a bike, you 2 just chat, remain calm as possible, fairly soon your pup will start to relax Cos you’re not reacting, just walking together.. Just take it slow, you’ll get pup there! Might take a week or 2 but worth it in the long run! Good luck :-)

    • Hershel McArthur
      Hershel McArthur

      @Chaos17 Bloody she doesn't like bikes. She's terrified of them.

    • Chaos17 Bloody
      Chaos17 Bloody

      It means your dog isn't enough tired, get a bike or pays some kids with bikes to run with your dog. Only when your dog is tired, it will listen to you more easily.

  • DiyEcoProjects

    Hi Cesar, you absolute diamond, always appreciate what you do to bring so much love to our four legged companions. We are blessed to have them in our lives. Sending you and family best wishes for the year ahead. Kieron UK

  • Sherry's Research and Reviews
    Sherry's Research and Reviews

    Every single day is so true. That's a good way to get out their energy by roller blading and biking. Awesome advice Cesar.

  • edward Ascencio
    edward Ascencio

    Hello ceaser millian my name is Edward i remember growing up watching your show the dog whisper and i hope i can meet you one day

  • natalia ferkova
    natalia ferkova

    great advice, thanks Cesar

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly

    I have learned so much from this man never stop making videos always a pleasure tuning in

  • Joey

    Love you Cesar❤️

  • Jan Hogan
    Jan Hogan

    Totally agree finding places for yr dog to be active off the lead like woods etc is great, long leash to start on a body harness to check recall then brilliant results

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello, I think your advice is very good and normal. Because, this is a powerful dog and needs a lot of action playing with other dogs, or maybe running, jogging with his owner, or next to a Bike walking etc etc. Halti's I personally doesn't like because I think if you live in a warm country and make sports with your dog he needed to open his mouth. Hmmm..... 😊😊 Sending💕 greetings from Germany me and my dog. It's a Chihuahua❤️😂 he doesn't need a Halti

  • Monkydollqueen 69
    Monkydollqueen 69

    Damm You are awsome!😇💪🏼👏🏽💞💞💞💞❤️😚

  • nkb brigger
    nkb brigger

    Thanks Cesar, God has given yu a great talent. Thanks for sharing this with others.

  • Bruno Ross
    Bruno Ross

    Opening this year my dog walker company, aiming to become a dog hotel and training place. Cesar is my best inspiration. Love your work!

    • Bruno Ross
      Bruno Ross

      Thak you all for the good vibrations! I really appreciate that! @Sashy Pooh: I'm from Brasil, the south. Porto Alegre is the city. Here (in all country) the dog walker culture is just starting, making everything more difficult and easy at the same time. haha @nope not me: Well, I think you asked to Cesar that.. And Im not a trainer - yet haha - , but what I can say to you is: put the leash inside your house ( or garden, where the dog is used to stay) and just walk a little there, until the dog stop to be over excited. Then you can go to the outside and get the dogs attention with some treats (give some to make the dog know you have the treats and give everytime the dog keep side by side with you). If the dog sits when you stop, everytime the dog pulls the leash, you stop. Make the dog sit, calm down a little, and then start walking again. All of that need a lot of patience, most because its an old dog (like we humans, when we get older we kind of learn slowly). If all of that dont result, call a trainer is the best option always.. (but I know its expensive in some countrys, here in Brasil is!). There is a lot of videos in the internet talking about that, not only from Cesar. Good lucky on that! And many thanks for your adoption s2

    • nope not me
      nope not me

      help .. i got a rescue from greece, 7 years old, never walked ... she was beaten and starved too .. she goes where she wants on a walk (which is ok) making up for lost time, but she pulls and pulls, what to do?..

    • Sashy Pooh
      Sashy Pooh

      Oh wow!! 🐕🐩🦴🐾This sounds so cool! Best of wishes on your endeavors! What country/state is your business located?

    • Deisy Sanchez
      Deisy Sanchez

      Posive vibrations Bruno

    • Oselotl

      Best of luck.

  • Jew'el Emelaldeu
    Jew'el Emelaldeu

    Thank you so much💚I'm learning and relearning so much✨I love you all be Blessed✌😄💚🐾

  • Chimkinnuggers2888

    I saw a dog like that the other day while i was walking my elderly dog. The dog was excited to run up to my dog and the owner seemed angry at ME lol i was like, dude its not my fault. Smh

    • E W
      E W

      @Dee F "Humans make things so damn complicated." So true.

    • Dee F
      Dee F

      N7Mith is right. The owner was angry at himself, trying not to take it out on the dog, so projecting energy all over the place. Humans make everything so damn complicated. But it's a teachable moment for you. Show the other owner how great your dog is and how you do it. Keep to two sentences- be brief- and see if they are interested in what you have to say. Still be brief. You could meet up at a local park later.

    • E W
      E W

      @Che1 bt28 Hope so, I just try to avoid as much as possible. Its frustrating when you are walking and the owner will tell you no, no you can't come over here 😂 nope, my dog is vicious.

    • E W
      E W

      @Che1 bt28 My other neighbor has a Cane Carso but the dog wears a muzzle because the owner is aware of the dog's behavior so he takes precautions. I am not worried about my dog as far as the bulldog because my dog has an excellent temperament and wags his tail despite being growled at and lunged at but the dog's owner needs to work on that behavior. Rather the owner will tell you not to walk over there because his dog is vicious 😂.

    • E W
      E W

      @Che1 bt28 I don't think he is all there but I just try to avoid. I know if it was a big dog they would probably complain and make the dog wear a muzzle.

  • Lisaa

    we need you back on our tvs helping us with our dogs so many need help xxxx hu from britain

  • WOOF


  • Julzkie Japsen
    Julzkie Japsen


  • Český Vlk
    Český Vlk

    hi there, after we saw you in tv we decided we are ready for dog (my first). Could you please make video about active dogs with disabiity? our dog is sweet and active but he also have problem with his leg and we are worry about him, becouse he can hurt himself. im sure we are not the only one and video from ybou about this problem will help :)

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today

      Český Vlk. Water exercises are great if you can, swimming/walking in water..add along with what’s been suggested already ie, chat to your vet, supplements can help like fish oil.. just use common sense eg. try to minimise anything too ‘exciting’, at least until your pup’s ‘warmed-up’ so they don’t aggravate it..obviously anything in the nature of strenuous, keep to a much shortened time-frame.. I’ve had a couple of pups hurt themselves/pulled tendons in their shoulders, couple simple due to older age, I do highly recommend the fish oil.. Cheers and Good Luck 👍

    • JoanTheBee

      Ask your vet to look at the leg and give you some advice (for exampla how long the dog can walk/run at once etc.). When you know that (the basics) implement activities that are typical for the breed (or breeds). In case you don't know the breed at all, try to observe what the dog tries to do (sniff, run, dig etc.) and find the activity that will suite his needs.

    • Chaos17 Bloody
      Chaos17 Bloody

      Hi there, Ceasar showed in the past that dogs don't care, if they can walk or run (without pain) then they will just live their life. Owners should not worry too much.

  • Vanessa

    We rescued a dog and he is so hyper!! And walks just like the dog here and just pulls us! So I’m hoping the running works and he doesn’t drop me 🤞🏼 😭

    • N7Mith

      @Vanessa I hope you both like it!

    • JoanTheBee

      If you like running yourself the caninecross activity might be for you. You can buy a special belt and a damper leash.

    • Vanessa

      N7Mith thank you sm😊

    • N7Mith

      I have a game I like to play with my dog that tires her out really well. I take a ball in a throwing stick and let her try to capture it. (Beware that the dog needs to know not to chew the stick, and drop the ball for you to play again, he may not be ready yet) I love this game because my dog can win without me letting her. And she developed tactics that forced me to develop counter-tactics, which makes for really dynamic play. So I move the ball around her, try to get as close to her as possible until she grabs the ball. If I move too fast, the ball drops out of the handle, and if I keep too far from my dog she won't play. I usually do this between throws, but if you want to tire your dog out fast it's great on its own. This trains agility, reaction time, control, and problem solving skills all at the same time. If you want to be able to walk around with a ball in the stick without your dog trying to get it all the time, just have one position (I like holding the stick out horizontally in an inviting pose) that initiates this play, and correct any other attempt to get the ball.

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