How Cesar Millan Faces His Obstacles
Life can bring many obstacles creating roadblocks to get ourselves onto the next part of our journey. Whether it's something small from your day or major for months ahead; Cesar just like everyone else faces obstacles. In this episode of Fitness Fridays, Cesar Millan talks about how he faces his obstacles all while him, Andre, Calvin, and his personal trainer Gary do a climb to the temple. The guys go through an intense climb with several exercises along the way, but as they get to the top each one of them finds out something special about the climb in their own lives.
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
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  • Renee Hanson
    Renee Hanson

    Can u please help my dog she’s so aggressive to dogs and my friends and when u get by her food she nips at us

  • BP

    70% water and 10% beer... 😂

  • jp

    An additional note, the Millan's are a bunch of thirst traps

  • jp

    I really do appreciate that Cesar uses his platform to promote his energetic work and promote well being.

  • Ojo de Horus
    Ojo de Horus

    I wanna see andre big! Came on andre u got more muscle than calvin trust me!

  • Millan Wahlberg
    Millan Wahlberg

    How often do you do this? :)


    Hi Cesar! Really loved the video, since I've been facing my own mind blocks with my health, but watching not only this video but other one's, one thing that I really wish to achieve is to," live in the moment" like you teach many pet owners. Anyway loads of love from India, God bless and I wish, I get an opportunity to meet up with you soon in the near future. Take care.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mitchell Trubisky
    Mitchell Trubisky

    I like the one son that doesn't complain. He also looks like a native American warrior

  • Rahul Michael
    Rahul Michael

    Ceasar .. brother.. i need ur help with my dog.. how can i reach out to you

  • Quetzalcoatl Jimenez
    Quetzalcoatl Jimenez

    Cesar,- mi perrita, no quiere jugar Fetch,, no, pelota, no frisbie, no soga, no nada,,, me mira, como si estuviera loco,,,,,,,- como le puedo hacer,, ya tengo una semana,,,,,,,,tratando

  • Altagracia Báez
    Altagracia Báez

    Hola Cesar dame algunos concejos mi perrita le ladra a todo, el día entero. Me está doliendo mucho la cabeza y los perros de al lado están aprendiendo con ella también. Un consejo por favor?

  • Holy Hummer
    Holy Hummer


  • LilBeawer

    I thought you had died in 2014

  • Rahul Patel
    Rahul Patel

    Your mission is too good and so satisfying

  • Selena Torres
    Selena Torres

    Me checking out Cavin the whole time lol 👁👄👁

  • Kimmie D.
    Kimmie D.

    thank you Cesar, this was wonderful to watch ! So inspiring , I love the fact you are with your son. What a great way to bond with your family. This is so postive to watch. This has encouraged me to be better.

  • Carmen Jenkins
    Carmen Jenkins

    Dale duro César, enseñale como los hombres maduro lo has en. Yeah!


    HEY Are you The Guy Who Shows Up In South park? You Cool Man kkk I'm Brazilian

  • Funny BOI
    Funny BOI

    Ur the god of dogs. 🐕🐕🐶🐶🐾🐾🦴🦴

  • Bob 7
    Bob 7

    Si lees estas palabras y estás pasando malos momentos, te quiero decir que no estás solo. Todo indica que estamos cerca del fin de esta humanidad y eso significa que pronto vendrá Jesus a rescatar a los que en Él han creído por Fé. Salva tu alma. No tienes que ir a una iglesia ni seguir a un pastor ni guardar el sábado ni pagar diezmo ni hacer nada a no ser creer en Jesus y expresar tu Fé. Empieza a hablar con Dios y estudiar la biblia. Romanos 10:9-11 9. Que si confesares con tu boca al Señor Jesús, y creyeres en tu corazón que Dios le levantó de los muertos, serás salvo. 10. Porque con el corazón se cree para justicia; mas con la boca se hace confesión para salud. 11. Porque la Escritura dice: Todo aquel que en él creyere, no será avergonzado. QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA

  • Donaca Tanguma
    Donaca Tanguma

    César: You, your sons, and entire crew are a blessing to this world. Thank you for being who you are 💯 % You relax me so much and always give me the courage to keep on going !!! ☮️💚🌻💪🏼🌻💚☮️ Con Amor y Todo Cariño de NYC

  • OnkelThorsAdjutant
    OnkelThorsAdjutant watch andre , tekashi and me ... the donkey always calls itself first ... greetings from germany ... steve the big guy from meet and greet cesar tour 2019 dresden

  • Ayush Saxena
    Ayush Saxena

    There Is A Lot We Can Learn From Cesar. He is truly amazing. If I Ever Get a Chance To Work with him or in DPC it would be my pleasure to learn from him. Much Love And Respect To You Sir.

  • linda sapiecha
    linda sapiecha

    Loved it thank you x

  • linda sapiecha
    linda sapiecha

    You either succeed or you learn the only failure in life is the failure to try x

  • JackieZ

    This made my month. Absolutely amazing and inspiring.

  • Elton Osei
    Elton Osei

    Mr Ceasar Please I need your help My dog always runs away from chains when he sees it.. And when you manage to put it on him he does move.. He just sits down even if you force him.. What do you think I should do 😩

  • OmegAndor

    You are soooooo powerful Cesar!

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    Gustavo Castrejón Morfín

    Cesar entrename a mi perro... A mi perro culazo porfavor😳

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    Monica Villegas


  • Gustavo Castrejón Morfín
    Gustavo Castrejón Morfín

    Pinche Cesar millan pensé que andabas morido wey😪

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    Angeline Gerardi

    Looked for some dog advice and came back with so much more. You and your family are an inspiration.

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    Moh the rock johnson

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    Lucie Lu

    Good on you!!!! I love watching you guys, so thank you for your videos and inspirations! :) 😊

  • Matt Caldwell
    Matt Caldwell

    I have a question i need help with sir. My mother in law has gone to a "trainer", i feel he is ripping her off and has no idea what he is talking about. He tells her things like, do not rub his belly or anything low on the body, only the top of his head and do not discipline. So no love, affection or discipline? He is a 3 month old German shepard who is nearly 50lbs already and i dont want him to get to the point she cant handle him, she respects you and i need to be abke to show her your reply to make her listen.

    • Pam B
      Pam B

      It would be nice if most of these people who have IRbin channels would reply.

  • king Reyes
    king Reyes

    I can't live without working out, I am addicted to exercise.

  • Barbara Von Traumer
    Barbara Von Traumer

    Oh Kay!!!!!!!!!! Damn is that a superhero to the right? I’m going through menopause give me some slack. 🤡

    • Pam B
      Pam B

      LMAO... oh hell, I know what you mean, same here.

  • DOGMAN3161

    Hi Cesar, love watching you and your boys continue building minds, bodies and relationships with one another, continue the good work and I also continue loving the fact that the dogos get to be a part of the continued relationship building hope all is well and continue to be safe.

  • Pam B
    Pam B

    I wish I could keep my spirits up like you. I used to be like that. Now everything is different. I try to get inspired from these new videos, but nothing is helping. I used to believe you had to keep your mind, body and spirit in balance. I used to work hard and also work out and meditate. And I loved to go hiking, I love mother nature it kept me grounded. I worked construction and loved it. But I seriously injured my back and am now disabled. At first I kept my head up thinking I could find a neurosurgeon to help me so I could get my life back together. It took away my livelihood and everything I loved to do. I lost count on how many surgeons I've seen. My back is so messed up and I'm in so much pain . I'm not sure how much longer I can go on like this. All the surgeons are afraid to touch me, which has led to a very bad depression. I hate not being able to be active. And it's effecting my health badly in so many ways...... Anyway you all are looking good. Wish I could join you.

    • Pam B
      Pam B

      @Donaca Tanguma Thank You much... Need all the help I can get, in a very dark place right now... And thanks for the smile. Nice to know there are still some kind people out there.

    • Donaca Tanguma
      Donaca Tanguma

      @Pamela Bean I’m sending you much Love, Light, and Healing for your back. Hang in there girl, I’m right by your side in Spirit. 🌻🌻🌻💚💪🏼💙🌻🌻❤️💪🏼💚🌻🌻🌻

    • Pam B
      Pam B

      @Cindy Thank You

    • Pam B
      Pam B

      @dee bee Thank You

    • Cindy

      Chronic pain can be very draining mentaly and physically dont be hard on yourself for not being able to do what you used to. Back pain is very debilitating, I know it affects your movement in all your limbs. You have to find positives and feel achievement in small successes, you can't compare yourself to what you used to be that is setting yourself up to fail, only to what you are now. If its not possible on a particular day to do something then be kind to yourself and try a distraction like getting into a good book. Keep your interest in mother nature if you are able to just sit outside and and watch a bird, perhaps a bird feeder or something it is a good distraction. A pet is great if you are able to care for one. Stay strong Pamela.

  • 山本富美代


  • Dharmit Asavla
    Dharmit Asavla

    Another great video Cesar. I grew up watching your shows and you’ve been a big inspiration to me. Hopefully one day I can help animals and owners on a more global scale like you :)

  • Sandra Johnson
    Sandra Johnson

    Awesome!! The MILANS!! .. YOU ROCK!! 💥💥💥 Workung thru those obstacles, I LOVE IT!! ♥️♥️♥️

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    Jacqueline S

    I love that "tough times don't last, tough people do" ! Yes !!!

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    Beaver Kat

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    Ciro Hauer

    that was awesome. cheers from Brazil

  • Osijek 2017
    Osijek 2017


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    Elina Sistonen

    Awesome; what an inspiration you are! Love you guys from all my heart ❤️. 🐶🐱🦋

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    Poky ThePom

    Cesar I will come to your DPC next year and then will rock my DPC in Germany soon ♥️

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    Daniela Perez

    Hallole, ooooh WOW that's to hot for me😅so much Energy, crazy, cool. This is a Thrill" 😂 for me to see your hard work fixing all the obstacles, perfecto clarito!!!!!!! I feel a little bit a shamed because I'm sitting and eating at night Pasta without doing any sports. So!!☺️ Sending lovely Greetings to all of you me and my chilling" COUCH POTATO 🥔🐕 💪 50" BABY " Oha...... And thank you so much for your SWEET Entertainment 💪❣️🎖️🏅🎖️🏆

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    Jacqueline 22

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    Julia G

    Appreciate once again you're sharing your obstacles with us, still great shape guys, of both mind and body, go for peace and the higher with all your heart! I just can support your passion! Love to ingrain your trainer's words: Learn to enjoy it! matter how demanding it may seems, just aim your goals!

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    Jijo Raju

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    Karla Kirkpatrick

    I've been trying since Dec. 1982 with an endless barrage of obstacles/distractions etc, still nothing all my doings with outbursts, etc, but I still not quitting hoping things will change along with the changes I'm slowly making within myself, uh Gatorade is still the best the original replacement uh I'm only 56 and know to be without light clothing non-binding during a workout keep you nice and a little cool afterward I encourage my nephews and the great ones to keep your shirt on for other various reasons, yeah I'm overprotected too many things that could change ones outlook of things not to say I'm a creep I always say put your shirt on, I was forced to raise my little sister's kids and with no thank, you just don't listen to her she's crazy, etc etc., I recently learned that is a good thing I didn't see it at first, I don't drink anything stronger than sodas/ a personal choice I don't preach about that just say in moderation

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    Monse Ramirez

    Que bonito verlos haciendo ejercicio en familia. Con ese paisaje y esa compañia cualquiera tiene inspiracion para hacer todo. Gracias por compartir amo ver tus videos eres una inspiracion para mi cesar, eres unico y un horgullo.

  • CDS Neighbors
    CDS Neighbors

    How does he call himself a dog trainer? He's just an insurance dude.

    • D. P.
      D. P.

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    Lilliam Hiraldo Guerrero


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    Larry Long,Jr.

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    hugelpook 5678

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    angel gift studio

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    Big fan of you since I was little I hope to be as great as you and maybe surpass you. Thank you for always motivating me!

  • Tempus Fugit
    Tempus Fugit

    Cesar and boys. ...It's your fault that I have back ache and every part of my body is aching. ..because of sitting in my rocking chair watching you face your obstacles !! I have not even moved in the last 20 minutes but I am feeling the pain from a distance . Just..just stop it Cesar are scaring me ...stick with your animal family. .Please 😨😨😨stop.

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    Sedona Rhodes

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    Jody L Johnson

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    Keller Ayra

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  • Cali Girl
    Cali Girl

    Loved this!! You are connecting mind, body, and heart in these workouts. Excellent work!! You are such an inspiration!! Love and well wishes from San Diego, CA

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