How Cesar Millan exercises at his ranch!
In this episode, Cesar takes you through his workout around his ranch. Through exercise, Cesar shows you different areas around this special place he has built over the last 10 years.
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
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  • David Moore
    David Moore

    Lovely to see Cesar living the dream with his family and pack. God bless

  • Chiara RÓ Zafira
    Chiara RÓ Zafira

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  • Chiara RÓ Zafira
    Chiara RÓ Zafira

    Radšej ostanem panna, ako by som mala zradiť vernosť. Boha.

  • Gaby Tornel
    Gaby Tornel

    Woooow que maravilla saludos, ayer gracias a tus videos sobre el paseo y la correa tuvimos el mejor paseo que hemos tenido. Saludos desde México

  • a Z
    a Z

    “Listo para Sinaloa” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rhonda Kristof
    Rhonda Kristof

    Gratitude 🙌👌

  • Flowers And More
    Flowers And More

    Adopt me! I want to be part of your pack ❤️🐕🌹

  • Jab Jab
    Jab Jab

    When you coming to London?

  • Margie Judge
    Margie Judge

    Cesar,ohh,virgo? Ok.Please, consider writing a scientific paper,share your wisdom.There is a professor at univ.north carolina. he studies dogs. find him on cbs interview...YOU can make this country great er...too many canines abuse,killed,pain in

  • Chad Darling
    Chad Darling

    Glad to see you doing so good .

  • Marciano Warner
    Marciano Warner

    César no entiendo qué dices, no te pido que hables en español, entiendo que el dinero está en inglés, pero, podrías incluir SUBTÍTULOS EN ESPAÑOL. Recuerda que eres mexicano, es decir latinoaméricano. En Latinoamérica se habla español latinoamericano, solo te digo que consideres subir tus videos con SUBTÍTULOS EN ESPAÑOL.

  • ng3000

    How big is the ranch?

  • alis_n_wundrlnd

    I don't know how many of these you read, but, webdont have a containment law where I live, but, there are some larger dogs that have become a "pack" they've only showed any aggression once...but, it was to chase my service dog into our back fence...ok...obviously it wasn't "aggression" or she and I both would have been attacked...but, I'm trying to figure out how to get them to cooperate so that they may visit, but, not to dominate...this is my dogs place...but, I would love for her to socialize with other you have any advice?

  • Crystal Balentine
    Crystal Balentine

    I love how the little Yorkie is always behind Cesar.

  • Iren D
    Iren D


  • Jose EstaBom
    Jose EstaBom

    Cesar: " running with the crew " Dog: Sniff* Sniff* " this is walking mah man "

  • Toky Source
    Toky Source

    great video CESAR , i'm a big fun of you from Madagascar " an island part of africa continent", a lil suggestion to impove your content, less swallow dept of field so we can see ( we want to see ) the background , i mean for exemple the waterfall bihind you, such a beautifull place but unfortunately it is so blurred. by the why i love you Cesar , your amazed me every time i watch your tv show (sos cesar ) ;) , thank you so much for what you accomplished for Dog lovers community

  • Nobody

    Gracias Cesar por todo!!! Tengo 6 cachorros de pastor alemán y gracias a ti soy la líder de la manada 🥰🥰🥰.

  • Agustin Ortega
    Agustin Ortega

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    Jill Havern

    When I die I hope heaven looks like this. Cesar is one of the best human beings on the planet, and what an extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful place he's built for his family and staff...and all his happy, balanced animals. For me, Cesar is the best example of someone 'Living the Dream'. xx

  • Karen Dominguez
    Karen Dominguez

    Can you show us how to stop a dog from jumping a fence. My dog will jump over fences to escape from me. My neighbors dog also jumps fences and the puppy will start doing it any time soon. Mine is a sheperd mix, male, Neighbor corgi, female, daughter is sheperd mix like mine. Any help is much appreciated i look at videos but can't find anything useful. Ps. My dog is a escape artist

  • UniquE WILL
    UniquE WILL

    My pet is barking repeatedly during day and night. How can i stop it from barking. Plsy hlp me in this situation #Ceaser milan

  • Caroline Cossee
    Caroline Cossee

    💖 You are such an inspiration for the world. 💖

  • Priscilla Naomi
    Priscilla Naomi

    A pure heart and hard work pays off, never give up. Where ever life takes you go with it, there’s always a reason for things to happen. Take the positive and negative, it’s what makes you stronger 😃 So happy for you Cesar, you are such a motivation and encouragement to be happy in life

  • Fourth Horsemen Death
    Fourth Horsemen Death

    Cesar is quarantined at a dog ranch....lucky man

  • Maria L
    Maria L

    I should really like to exercise with you and your pack someday in the future. 😊 It is many new experiences and new things to learn from you. The way you work with all of the animals shows me that you have find a good balance through love, patience and respect as you say and that is very interesting for me to see. 😃☺️

  • Fun Skitters
    Fun Skitters

    Hey Cesar what to do if my dog is scared of other dogs

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    CG Francisco

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    Ellen Ariban

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    heiler morales

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    im okay anyway

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    Herson Valle

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  • Nina

    I have a 8 month puppy and your videos really help alot! Was wondering if you could help me with one thing. I have a problem in the evenings. My puppy gets very energetic and hits his nose at me and he nibbles. He licks extremely much on my arms and gets angry when I remove him, in addition he also humps on me arms and legs. He never nibbles otherwise only in the evenings. He is starting to get sexually mature and I understand that he has a lot of hormones right now. But what can I do to calm his behavior? I always exercise him extra much in the evenings but it does not help.

  • Mr and Mrs Living Life
    Mr and Mrs Living Life

    People make money and buy watches, yachts and Lamborghinis. Caesar “I am gonna buy land and a bunch of trees”. 👏👏👏👏beautiful life

    • Cesar’s Family TV
      Cesar’s Family TV

      Xd yeah

  • lorena ramirez
    lorena ramirez

    13:03 the guy in blue looks sick/dehydrated. Or is it just me?

  • Jenny Lucia Guerra
    Jenny Lucia Guerra

    cesar my dream is to have a ranch like yours and I see it in my mind everyday ! I would love to come visit your ranch someday what are my chances of that happening???

  • Prakash Nair
    Prakash Nair

    Lucky to born near to the farms and grow up with animals which make day happy and planting fruit tree and flower plants that gives different happiness, early morning exercise with family member is another happiness that makes life better. Life is to learn and learn every day & every moment in our life, money can buy anything but not knowledge.

  • Jill Lopate
    Jill Lopate

    Have you encountered bobcats, coyotes, puma or rattlesnakes on the ranch?

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    Sho Sho

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    Julia L

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    Shankarah Lessey

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    David Fleming

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  • Andrew

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  • Alejandro Rivera
    Alejandro Rivera

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  • Clari De La Rosa
    Clari De La Rosa

    Hi Cesar... I love do exercises breathing fresh air....such beautiful view!! Ahhh que linda Sofia...your love so much your dogs!!

  • Adiestrando mascotas x Male
    Adiestrando mascotas x Male

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  • CaffeinatedCactus

    Hey Cesar! I don't know if you're actually the one who reads these comments but I wanted to say you're a huge inspiration to me in more ways than you would think! My family came to the US from Mexico when I was very young and my parents worked very hard to make a life for us here. You inspired me to become a vet tech and to have love and the patience for the misunderstood dogs. (They call me the chihuahua whisperer because I love those little monsters haha) anyway I hope life continues to bless you and your family. And happy early birthday! You and Junior share the same birthday with my mom! 💕

  • Angela Doehring
    Angela Doehring

    Love ur ranch!! Ur doing an amazing job!!

  • Amy Bowen
    Amy Bowen

    Honesty integrity and loyalty was my favorite part. Because its THE TRUTH and theres no way around it... I would crush a workout with my fave Cesar. He/You have inspired me to adopt a dog and train him with all of your videos. ALL OF THEM. My dog has turned out so happy and well...he's not even close to the "aggressive" dog that everyone told me NOT to get. My sweet dog has a happy fulfilled life now...thanks to your guidance! One day i WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to work for you or be a part of your contribution....... You are amazing at what you do and i would only be so lucky to have a boss or mentor like you. XoXoXOXoOX lots of love and blessing to you and yours

  • Volvox

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  • Marco Antonio Paiva Torrico
    Marco Antonio Paiva Torrico

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  • Gabriela Garcia Vera
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  • Reddit Stalker
    Reddit Stalker

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    bass conjulio

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