History of Dog Breeds: Pitbulls
Hate is a conscious human choice, there is no hate when it comes to #dogs. Learn about the history of the most misunderstood #breed in the world, #pitbulls. Drop a ❤️👇 if you love pitbulls!
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  • Ally Wilke
    Ally Wilke

    My pit loved to hunt wild hogs.Put meat in the freezer.I wish dogs would live as long as us.I miss him :-(

  • Eric

    i'm on my second pit bull puppy. the first was a breeze to raise. my current puppy...absolute nightmare the first 2.5 weeks, as she seemed pretty viscious. we are 2 months in, and she has mellowed tremendously. my hope is that the worst is behind us. can't wait for those baby teeth to be gone!

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    Thanks to you Cesar now i know how to understand and take care of my dog. I have a 1 year famale Blue nose Pitbull and she is very affectionate and very energetic too, sometimes i lost my patience hahah. It's really how the owner cares to raise and discipline the dog. And Daddy, i always remember him from way back. Greetings from Puerto Rico!

  • monka S
    monka S

    All the dislikes are people who walk around just to say pitbulls are dangerous

  • g vg
    g vg

    That's what I love about you, never forgetting the foundations and basics, daddy will forever be an icon

  • RjKingPin

    game bred dogs are naturally dog aggressive 🤷🏿‍♂️those are the dogs the bad owners get unfortunately

  • Jake Spooner
    Jake Spooner

    They made you thick in this cartoon

  • amyrka

    Loved that little tribute to Daddy

  • The Dovii
    The Dovii

    The bails

  • Noah 3196
    Noah 3196

    i was chased out of my own backyard by a very large one. im sure they are lovely family pets but you cannot take a chance with a pitbull. i was lucky to jump over a neaby fence. never going to be comfortable around those dogs sadly, seen many attacks and what they can do/will do.

  • Daddy #53
    Daddy #53

    Gotta always remember DADDY. He touched our hearts and taught a lot of us about how to be. God bless you buddy.

  • Cujo TheRedNose
    Cujo TheRedNose

    Animal aggression is an accepted trait by all Kennel clubs that recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier. It is most certainly the breed and NOT the deed. As stated the sole bred purpose for the breed was to fight other animals. Genetics cannot be changed, yes each individual dog may not be animal aggressive, but if you should have one that is, be proud that it has that very rare trait swimming in its genetic make up, but more importantly be a responsible owner that understands what this breed is about, understand its limitations around other animals and provide this working class of dog with a job! For those that want clarity or more information on the glorious history of this breed, check out books from Richard Stratton.

  • Eli Q
    Eli Q

    These dogs were bred to fight. It’s in their DNA. Just like a Border Collie was bred to herd, Doberman to protect. Even when the owner doesn’t teach them they just seem to do it.

  • Eli Q
    Eli Q

    Statistics don’t lie. In The U.S. From 2005-2015 Your precious Pit Bulls have mauled to death 232 people. Rottweiler 42 people German Shepherd 13 people. Mastiff 12. I’d like to see you pit bull lovers justify these numbers.

  • Visfor Vegan
    Visfor Vegan

    Beautifully said. Thanks

  • mattiejitsu

    Beautiful....I loved watching you and Daddy. I have a little pit named Nala. We have 4 dogs all together. Thank you Cesar!

  • jerry stinburg
    jerry stinburg

    IV 10 year old female her power an kindness is mind blowing she knows when to be playful but she does every thing with confidence and kindness she loves kids an people .. but due to a bad start I'm life for crual reason she don't like any thing on 4 legs or strange people when we are out on are night time walks. 60 lbs of fun power an just a goofy ideot 😂

  • El Rincon de Ale
    El Rincon de Ale

    Love this video!🐾

  • Hannah Verhoeven
    Hannah Verhoeven

    If a pitbull (please note: not every dog with a square head is a pitbull, there is only one pitbull and that is the APBT) wants to fight other dogs, it's not a human's fault and you cannot train it to like other dogs. It's genetics; fighting dogs and not giving up is what they were bred to do. Will socialisation and training help? Yes, it is ALWAYS a good thing to socialize and train your dog and teach it to not growl and bark at dogs you come across on the streets. But you cannot teach a pitbull/closely related dog to be the best around other dogs and it is ALWAYS a good idea to separate your pitbull(type) dogs when you leave them alone. Stop being a furmom, accept the genetics, go challenge that dog in sports, use those genetics to make the dog truly shine in for example bikejoring, running, weightpull etc. They are excellent sportsdogs and great companions. But they were NOT nannydogs and genetics play an important role. That's why a hunter rather uses a Labrador or a Pointer instead of a pug or a Border collie. Don't deny genetics and be a responsible owner.

  • Luke Pukenstein
    Luke Pukenstein

    Too many subhumans still fighting dogs(when Mike Vick only gets 18 months in jail for fighting, gambling, torturing and murdering pits, where's the deterrent), and abusing/ neglecting dogs to create "junkyard dog temperent" .

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen

    We all miss daddy!

  • Maya Foster
    Maya Foster

    Always traced back to a human? I disagree. Our pitbull was perfectly fine for months with our Dane until one day ...bam. Please explain? I see a version of my story all the time. And it’s so commonly a pitbull. We have three breeds: Dane, pit, Pomeranian and two cats. Pitbull is the only dog that has ever presented a problem

  • Cc Chicken
    Cc Chicken

    I rescued a pitty a few months back. I've had many dogs, and I was shocked to see that this guy turned out to be the sweetest and most gentle of them all. Pittbull doesn't seem right for him, maybe pittbaby.

  • James Nott
    James Nott

    So a Pitbull is a Staffy. Thanks

  • Uzo

    ❤❤ I LOVE my Pittie!!! He's perfect and precious in every way.

  • E T
    E T

    My pitbulls really appreciate this video. I hate it when people cross the street when they see me walking my boys....Ignorance

    • Don Miller
      Don Miller

      "I hate it when people cross the street when they see me walking my boys....Ignorance" Better safe than sorry. I also like...If you have to make a mistake it's better to err on the side of caution.

  • J M
    J M

    Google “pit bull attacks”. Take a good look at the mangled children’s faces.

    • Don Miller
      Don Miller

      Because of that, I wouldn't have a dog too large to control. At the end of the day they are animals, and unpredictable.

  • David Ly
    David Ly

    Daddy will live forever in our hearts. Rip big guy

  • Night Fighter
    Night Fighter

    I mean, there are dogs genetically predispositioned to be aggressive towards other dogs. Not just pits

  • iamdjsluggo

    My best Dog EVER was a “mistake”. Her owner had papered Boston Terrier, neighbor had a papered English Bull Terrier. The BT had a “mistake” puppy. That mistake was my girl and she was beautiful. Yuppies bought her from the owner, left her in a small laundry room for 12 hours a day. She dug her way out. They returned her. I rescued her. She rescued me.✌🏾

  • Nala The Pitbull
    Nala The Pitbull

    Excellent short educational video! STOP the negative stigma associated with American pitbull terriers and bully breeds, they are all innocent loving babies!!!!!

  • stormy dawormy
    stormy dawormy

    i own a apbt her names faith. people ask me if she bites and worry too much they cross the street to avoid her. but she does love attention when people do approach her. she really calm and loves car rides

  • Ralph Stuivenwold
    Ralph Stuivenwold

    The pitt bul terrier is the OG nanny dog. It is only after mankind discovered the doggs would do ANYTHING to please their Alpha they were used for blood sports. I am a cat person, but if I were to ever to welcome a dog to my home, it would either be a pit bull or a staffy (either one would do).

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez

    200 years later it lead a pitbull right on my couch with her chew toys all over the house!

  • checkitoutdewd

    Statistically pit bulls are responsible, by far, for killing the most dogs, cats, and people. Mauling and fighting is in their DNA. No different than a retrievers instinct is to retrieve.

  • 9xxxxxxxxx

    Pit bulls were brought to the Americas with the Conquistadors to kill maim and eat indigenous people. This history is bullshit.

  • Rudy

    Pitbulls love to fight. You have to train them not to. They’re sweethearts but sweethearts that love to fight. They are a fighting breed, it’s what they’re wired and love to do.

    • Don Miller
      Don Miller

      Do you believe it's possible for a Pitbull to turn on it's master? You stated that they love to fight, so could a person who owns one be keeping a ticking bomb? If a person with a Pitbull never trained the dog not to fight, could the dog turn on him?

  • Rachel Orsie-Coomer
    Rachel Orsie-Coomer

    Please make more dog breed history videos

  • der brecher
    der brecher

    You have to Meeting my dog is exactly how you explain your lovly dog and he looks same 😄

  • That guy
    That guy

    Anyone who disliked this video is a simp

  • Tim Leming
    Tim Leming

    Im sorry for your loss of daddy. I have my 2yo pitt named chevy and I'm going to lose my mind the day he passes

  • A saints Life Tv
    A saints Life Tv

    I used to. be afraid of pitbulls because I got chased by the known fighting ones in Saintjohns Oregon back on the days. After meeting well mannered and trained pitbulls I came to love that breed both of my brothers have a deep love for that breed now I do too. I tell everyone I talk to at my work Fred Meyers Busy grocery store that I learned it's not the dogs fault it's the owners fault.

  • Alena Zidlicky
    Alena Zidlicky

    When “dogzilla” (or pitzilla?) came out I about lost it...can there be more of these???!

  • Dameka Davis
    Dameka Davis

    I have a sweet German Shepard/Pitbull. We call him the babysitter. He loves children. I don't know why. But. the rowdier the better. He will play, wrestle, run, follow them around. And sleep with them. He keeps an eye on them. Not sure if it because he was raised by older women. My mom is 70 and she helped raise him. And spends a lot of time with him.

  • Diana Ramirez
    Diana Ramirez

    Plus, pitbulls were also the mascot for the US military since WWI, and Sgt. Stubby was the first Pitbull to become the Army's K9 unit.

    • Diana Ramirez
      Diana Ramirez

      @Night Fighter nope he was a pitbull. Every military veterans like me know about it. Bulldogs are Marine Corps mascot since WWII when they came to the Japanese shore during Iwo Shima, calling them the "Devil Dogs."

    • Night Fighter
      Night Fighter

      Naw, stubby was nowhere near a pitbull. He was a tiny alleyway french bulldog mutt or something. I think you mean Bulldogs bruh

  • Thuto Tlholoe
    Thuto Tlholoe

    Awesome edits! And the music

  • nickolas sokaluk
    nickolas sokaluk

    what an idiot dogs are what they're bred for there is no such thing as forcing them to fight

  • omer kishanov
    omer kishanov

    The breed should be dissolved and extinct

  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo

    Can you do a Poodle history? :)

  • Shelby

    I have schnauzers but I always thought the terrier in pit bulls made them act so similar! THEY ARE LOVERS AND PROTECTORS! Some naturally defend but have hearts of gold. My schnauzer will sounds like he will rip your soul out if you have bad intentions but he would never bite anyone! He’s been attacked by dogs and he still never fights back. He will stand his ground and growl but never bite!!

  • Rafael Mejía Valencia
    Rafael Mejía Valencia

    Real Pitbull nature is fighting with any animal, they do not have fear to die. they are very loyal and will protect their human. Their temperament is the strongest of all the dogs even though Pitbull does not attack humans. People have cross pitbull genetics with other dogs creating a great variety of Bulldog types, which are wrongly named "Pitbull" and that had lead to unequilibrated dogs that attack humans. You do not work with Pitbulls, you work with Bulldog types, that is a big difference. Pitbull dogs are not even for sale to ordinary people, there are people encharged to preserve this great dog breed and I think the best one. and if you have one you are very lucky.

  • Humans Are Horrible
    Humans Are Horrible

    There are hundreds of them in shelters since people lose interest when pitts mature and can be hard to handle. If you have a pitt and understand them adopt a "hard" to adopt one from a shelter.

  • Tenn 95
    Tenn 95

    The thing is every “pitbull” that attacks aren’t really pitbulls people think American bullies are pitbulls people think staffies are pitbulls people think pitbulls mixed with labs are pitbulls

  • Dale Otto
    Dale Otto


  • Reckless Strawberry
    Reckless Strawberry

    This is gonna be a good series

  • Beatriz Matias
    Beatriz Matias

    Junior and Daddy ♥️♥️

  • Conor Mcnagger
    Conor Mcnagger

    I truly believe in game bred dogs, no matter how well you treat them,they will fight if challenged by another dog. I mean these dogs were bred specifically to kill other animals, it’s like owning a lion and saying they are completely safe.

  • Sr L
    Sr L

    I love all dogs but I don't think they are for everyone it's a big responsibility .not 4 the weak hearted. When they figure out what they are. Be prepared.

  • jeannette sneed
    jeannette sneed

    thank you caesar ♡♡♡ NOW THIS IS 1 OF THE VIDEOS I WAS WAITING ON!!💙💙💙💙

  • Dietmar Albrecht
    Dietmar Albrecht

    Thank you Cesar! Daddy was a Teacher! My first Dog, Crip APBT, was an Teacher to. He show me, how handle him. Pit's are the King of Dog's! Dog's whit this state of mind, change us human, when we hear of them. And you😜! Freedom for our beautiful Dog's, to teach the Humanity👍😜! ✌️👍🇦🇹

  • Lizz DoubleZ
    Lizz DoubleZ

    Im not crying! Theres just onions near me!! RIP Daddy.

  • A W
    A W

    They have been breed to complete shit.. all with traces of fighting lines. Permits should be required for these dogs I’m tired of seeing Wild Karen Pitts running rampant

  • Javier Basso
    Javier Basso

    We love and miss Daddy

  • Andrej Destradi
    Andrej Destradi

    hola mi hermano cesar

  • TheReal Pitbull
    TheReal Pitbull

    This man know very little about REAL PITBULLS. He has work with mutts call pitbulls. Trust me !! TheRealPitbull.com



  • Seth Swanson
    Seth Swanson

    Man my pitbull was the biggest baby 65 pounds solid muscle at 10 months old and his favorite thing to do was rescue kittens and be around toddlers he was fantastic with them even with all his puppy energy he knew exactly how to behave.

  • Erick Macías
    Erick Macías

    If a well socialized, friendly pit bull gets into a fight for a toy or for intense playfighting at a dog park, there's a bigger chance it will hurt another dog badly. They're catch dogs. It's in them. Don't sugarcoat it. A poodle, a boxer or a collie won't send another dog to the hospital if they have a "disagreement" (which is normal, dogs get in each other's faces and act like jerks sometimes in order to assert dominance, for example). That's why pit bulls need experienced owners with a very good understanding of what these dogs are. They're excellent dogs if in the right hands. They're eager to learn and very intelligent, durable and healthy, beautiful and loyal.

  • Yashodeep Patil
    Yashodeep Patil

    Gsd video plz

  • The Marathon Continues
    The Marathon Continues

    1:46 - 1:54 FALSE I don't think I've ever seen an American pit bull terrier on this show

    • SaddBoyy Santoyo
      SaddBoyy Santoyo

      All I see is a bunch of bull breed mutts In the show I’ve only seen one apbt in this show

  • Carlos Avila-Roman
    Carlos Avila-Roman

    I want to be Gods pitbull

  • jordan campion
    jordan campion

    humans r wankers ive had bull terriers for 30 years and never had any problems apart from other dogs that is that being said there not bullys but if a rotty comes over its on

  • PantherCrane


  • andykeef

    Well said at the end it’s like dog racism . I have a soft spot for pits Bc they remind me of myself . If they “look” menacing or mean it’s ok that’s just how they were born it’s how they look but they have the most tender souls . Once I was 18 my mom told me she was scared of me Bc if how I looked 😂 Bc I would buzz cut my head have tattoos etc etc she said I looked like a “cholo” . But I couldn’t change how I looked physically my resting bitch face, height .i was just born like that , that’s me .after that I always remembered how she always called pits bad dogs . And I thought wtf pits are just born like that ,that’s them . I live in the south and it’s very taboo here to see chili culture but us being from Cali . Best believe me and my dog walk as confidently as every other “proper dog” at the dog park . We’re just like every other dog and owner in that park , we’re just bred different ya fee me lol

  • Gem Casey
    Gem Casey

    Absolutely loved this, so beautiful how he relates to Daddy as his soul mate too. So emotional seeing a little cartoon Daddy and Cesar together too. Beautiful message about Pitbulls.

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan

    Dog breeds. misunderstood animal


    Why is he showing a Blue dog as a PITBULL. I like Caesar alote but he's wrong on showing a blue dog as a 'PITBULL' that just keeps people misguided on what is and what isn't a True PITBULL. PEOPLE need Education on this . Read books off of Richard Stratton , John Colby ect. TRUE DOGMEN of the REAL AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER .

    • Arcticpigeon 95
      Arcticpigeon 95

      @APBT OFRN clearly you aren't comprehending what im saying


      @Arcticpigeon 95 not under the ADBA standards. Maybe under UKC they have tones of false hung paper work . Thats like people believe that 100 + pound mix dog the Hulk is a PITBULL. Hahaha.

    • Arcticpigeon 95
      Arcticpigeon 95

      @APBT OFRN plenty dogmen have acknowledged blue APBT sit down I'll also add i never said they were correct . But there are blue APBT


      @Arcticpigeon 95 I'm sorry but you are incorrect. Under the standards of the Apbt. The color blue as merl are not considered True American Pitbull Terriers.

    • Arcticpigeon 95
      Arcticpigeon 95

      There are blue pitbulls tho . A no im not talking about bullies I've seen blue AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS. They aren't common but they exist

  • Ojo de Horus
    Ojo de Horus

    3:33 hmmm interesante

  • PogKing

    I have a pitbull and her name is koko

  • Ddraekah Zhynn
    Ddraekah Zhynn

    Caesar, recently my older pit killed her sister while I was at work. Shredded her to death.

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson

    I love pitbulls

  • Ryan LeClair
    Ryan LeClair

    Pity dogs are the best dogs they show love care and they protect you and your family if you keep their mind going they are no problem

  • WDLC1911

    Actually, the Victorian baiting Bulldog **IS** the current Pit Bulldog or "American Pit Bull Terrier". The English Bull Terrier is the cross between the Bulldog and various Terriers. Look at the drawings and paintings of bull-baiting, lion baiting, bear-baiting and dog-fighting. They look the same as our gamebred (dog fighting strain) Pit Bulldogs. And gamebred dogs WILL fight. Most people have American Bullies or Staffordshire Terriers. So they are clueless about the original article or fighting strains of the dog (which... IS what the proper Bulldog is). I wish less people were interested in them.

  • deplo

    yes Cesar, I agree. However, every breed has different power and the consequences of not properly educating them are far different from a basset hound to a pitbull, and I think you should always stress that. So, if a poorly educated basset hound bites somebody or another dog the consequences will be nowhere as serious as if a pitbull is involved. That is why your discourse is fine but it doesn't take into account the fact that owners should be made way more responsible on this. Great power = great responsibilities. Cheers

  • Loki Vato
    Loki Vato

    my neighbor has this BLACK labrador I can't stand

  • cat u
    cat u

    i am mexican and grew up watching the dog whisper now i am 20 years old and have a pitbull named Gloria, i eork everyday to educate people and end the stigma in México around pitbulls. My dog its my companion and my friend she is not a fight dog.

  • 9011combo

    Daddy was a pit bull wanna be.

  • pelon rosiles
    pelon rosiles

    Cesar I have two dog one a pitbull and one a Rottweiler I cannot make them get alone how can I do it I’m tired of watching them trying to fight every day but I will not give away none

  • Kaykay Masson
    Kaykay Masson

    Jesus Christ I’ve argued with Brits and Americans until blue in the face that pit bulls are English dogs. Thank you Cesar, hopefully now I’ll just link your video as they’re much more likely to believe you than me.

    • Kaykay Masson
      Kaykay Masson

      @Rawjan 39 almost everything “American” was created by the British, even America. An entire country Shat out of the arse of the British empire. Britain creates , the world attempts to imitate by putting their country in front of the subject.

    • Rawjan 39
      Rawjan 39

      Kaykay Masson The Apbt (the Real Pit) was created in America. Once staff were imported from different countries. The Americans wanted a longer legged staff for dogfighting. The Apbt is Staff/ Bull Terrier/ Old Family (which became known as the Old Family Reds).

    • Kaykay Masson
      Kaykay Masson

      Rawjan 39 Rule Britannia.

    • Rawjan 39
      Rawjan 39

      Cesar doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about

  • The Survivors dogs Channel
    The Survivors dogs Channel

    Jr. Looks triggered. He is looking at him like. U have chosen death?

  • Srchangwaytogo C.
    Srchangwaytogo C.

    All good and dandy, now can you have 5 or 6 non-neutered males from potentially dangerous breeds living together w/o problem? If so please tell me how. My best friend is getting an Spanish Alaunt and I have a Pitbull and my experience tells me the second balls are dropped they won't be able to be together.

  • Andrew Bolduc
    Andrew Bolduc

    I am sorry but the pit bull was not bred to be a fighting dog. the pit bull was bred to kill rats. unfortunately for the pit bull wooden boats were becoming obsolete as ships were beginning to be built with steel; therefore the necessity of a ratting dog was not as important. rats were in abundance in London, and that is how the dog became to be known as the pit bull. Gamblers would place the dog in a pit and build wages by placing bets on how many rats the dog could kill in a minute. They would increase or decrease the time through the wagering process. the greatest known champion known at the turn of the century was a pit bull named Charlie who was recorded to kill 73 rats in one minute. In early 20th century America is where the Pit Bull became a dog fighter

    • Rawjan 39
      Rawjan 39

      @Andrew Bolduc When the Staff were imported to America . The Americans wanted a longer legged so they created the pit bull. Chauncey Bennett(Ukc )register as the American pit bull terrier in 1898. The Apbt is Staff/ Bull terrier/ Old Family (which became known as the Old Family Reds) .

    • Andrew Bolduc
      Andrew Bolduc

      @Rawjan 39 yeah after it had come to America, so wrong

    • Rawjan 39
      Rawjan 39

      The Apbt was created in America. The Apbt was created to be the Ultimate Fighting Dogs

  • Xuanlan Nguyen
    Xuanlan Nguyen

    Ceasar Milan 👍. I don’t know How to stop cruel dog 🐕 fighting small dog 🐶 😥, Ceasar Milan.

  • WDJess

    It's like reading a bedtime story

  • Mia Malone
    Mia Malone

    There’s a face mask I’d like to buy that says: “Save a pit bull, euthanize a dog fighter”.

  • rutontuton

    There are some breed characteristics that are the same, Pitfalls are the most loving and sweet of the bunch, and the goofiest. Love this breed plus many others.

  • Leon Mac an Mhuilinn
    Leon Mac an Mhuilinn

    hello cesar my name is gillian i am the owner of a red nose pitbull he is 2 and a rothweiler who is 8 my question is how can i be sure i am training my pit properley and rusty my pit fraths from his mouth chattering his teeth i give him a raw potato it stops the chattering i dont know if it is neurological or not would you get back to me tnks gillian

  • The Black Board
    The Black Board


  • love greis :v
    love greis :v


  • Bonvoyoge15 x
    Bonvoyoge15 x

    Ceaser Im 15 years old and I own a American Pitbull Terrier (her name is bambi). My mom was trying to take her outside and pulled bambi of the couch. Bambi bit her, but it wasn't bad enough to bleed. My mom now wants to give her away and I dont want that can you please help me.

  • T Cup
    T Cup

    I think about daddy often .. :/

angry berd