"Help Cesar My Dog Won't Eat!"
In the episode of CESARSOS I give my best advice on what to do if your dog is not eating their food.
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  • Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar

    This is exactly what our dog does thanks so much I’m going to try what you said I hope it works

  • N DeJesus
    N DeJesus

    i hope this works for us we see thankyou for sharing

  • Lynda Hammers
    Lynda Hammers

    All thanks and appreciate to #Doc_joel0 on Instagram, who saved my dog from dying 😄😄

  • Lynda Hammers
    Lynda Hammers

    All thanks and appreciate to #Doc_joel0 on Instagram, who saved my dog from dying 😄😄

  • Ainsley MacCuish
    Ainsley MacCuish

    hello, i just came acrossed your video today since, my new 6 month old border collie is EXTREMELY picky, to the point he only eats a brand at most 3 days then is completely done with it. We are concerned since he only weights 19 pounds, so we have thought about a raw diet, the only issue is, my mom says no because she is worried about how bacteria lives in their mouths, so if Winston licks anything there is a chance of us getting sick. On the other hand the vet said NO NO NO we've had 3 dogs this month come in and need iv's because they eat raw.

  • Amanda Plumb
    Amanda Plumb

    My whippet has lost lots of weight due to a lump in the neck lump has been sorted but she won't eat and can't take her to the vets again money all gone on bills

  • AW

    I have a husky a year and a half old, gets lots of exercise.. and we tried adding to some wet food but he still won't eat. We've tried different foods, he will eat the first bag but then turns his nose up at second bag. We tried putting the lid but that didn't do the trick. What else can we try??

  • Sandra Anderson
    Sandra Anderson

    My mother's dog not eating

  • drippy__sounds mashups
    drippy__sounds mashups

    Bro help I tried everything... I got my 6 month old Saint Bernard like 5 days ago and she won’t eat anything.... I tried giving her rice with meat, dry dog food, wet dog food, liver and bread, but she still won’t eat. She also drinks A LOT of water, like really a lot. Help pls :) Update: um she died 🥺

    • drippy__sounds mashups
      drippy__sounds mashups

      @shinobu so I guess in her case it wasn’t just lack of appetite...

    • drippy__sounds mashups
      drippy__sounds mashups

      @shinobu I’m still not sure, but like in the last 30 minutes of her life, she was unconscious, like breathing and crying in pain, but still couldn’t hear me, look at me or anything. She ended up with an internal bleeding as my dad, who’s a vet said. He tried to keep her alive, but she was well and happy, and all of a sudden she went worse and worse until unconsciousness 🥺💔

    • shinobu

      ​@drippy__sounds mashups did you find out what was wrong? was it a kidney problem? cus the same same thing is happening with my dog she wont eat and shes been drinking alot of water, she has alot of energy still though...

    • drippy__sounds mashups
      drippy__sounds mashups

      @shinobu sorry but she died the same day...

    • shinobu

      is she alright now? was there something wrong?

  • Daniela

    Cesar, my dog is too spoiled to eat. I can't feed her as well as I wish. I cook for her homemade foods, either raw or not raw, by mixing meats (she prefers chicken and beef, a lot of times minced and I also feed her on organs, skin and cartilage) with vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, greens). But she is hard to get to eat. This made me for a while give up on feeding her the balanced vit and min homecook foods and just feed her on her favorite chicken breast sous-vide and kibble as snack or when she feels hungry. But I feel guilty for not feeding her the whole spectrum of nutrition. However she really challenges me on losing my temper with her tandrums. Which she never wins because I control myself to never lose my temper, I learned that from you. Have you ever encountered a dog too spoiled to eat its food? I will try every suggestion you give, believe me. Now I always rotate her meats and type of foods so that she doesn't get bored with it because she does get bored if I give her 3 times in a row something she will eat well, hoping that is the winning formula! So, I stopped worrying about her not eating and if she wants to eat once a day is fine, if she skips a day is fine, but as a "mom" to my dog this worries me extremely. I wish she was just like every other dog, eating like a crocodile when fed. She is a 3kg toy poodle, too spoiled to scold her. I lost the battle long time ago. So, I give her foods like for example boiled chicken breast and she will not touch it or eat just a little. (sometimes she eats well though) What I observed, if I leave it and the next day I don't throw it away, the breast will naturally dehydrate. I will cook for her a new meal, but will not throw away the first dehydrated one. Well, on the 3rd day, she will eat the dehydrated food I gave her 3 days ago! Instead of the fresh one! Can you please explain me why? Can anyone help me? In 3 years I have tried almost every trick on her. Including not caring and leaving her without food if she doesn't want to eat and putting it back in the fridge. Leave no food except at certain feeding times of the day, like first thing in the morning or noon, or something like this. I also noticed she will bring little bags of kibble to me to feed her at night, when I wake up I have it next to me or in my hand. So she is hungry, but she is hungry at night. I also noticed that if she doesn't eat during the time, she will be hungry at night, but if I feed her at night, her stool might get loose and she will need to go to the toilet at night, which is a problem, because it's not normal to walk my dog in the middle of the night just because she might go wee. But if I don't do that, she might surprise me on the carpet! (or sheet for dog pee which is great, but for that she needs to go to where I put it ). I don't want to feel frustrated with my dog, I just love her too much, and she is incredibly sweet! Everybody loves her. If I go on a visit with her, she will eat well at the visiting family like I never feed her, which pisses me off, yet I am super glad she eats! Please advise!

  • Ju Do
    Ju Do

    My dog just will just lay down and ignore the food and if I put the bowl in he face, he will back up

    • Inuli Silva
      Inuli Silva

      @LaPorsche Wilson I hope for the best. Which I’m sure she is just adjusting, she will eventually be ok!:)

    • LaPorsche Wilson
      LaPorsche Wilson

      @Inuli Silva thank you,

    • Inuli Silva
      Inuli Silva

      @LaPorsche Wilson ohhhh that makes a lot of sense. Best wishes for your puppy!! I’m sure she will start sooner or later

    • LaPorsche Wilson
      LaPorsche Wilson

      @Inuli Silva they only told me she drink some water when she’s ready. I had to schedule a appointment for the vet we go on 26. Which I wanted to go today

    • LaPorsche Wilson
      LaPorsche Wilson

      @Inuli Silva yes I called them this morning. They told me she just going through the transition phase & she’ll eat when she’s ready. I’ve been talking to her playing with her I have a relaxing music playing.... everything else is fine she sleeping good. We go outside she’s using the bathroom. Just haven’t pooped

  • Paul Santana
    Paul Santana

    Cesar i have.a.problem.my.dog.have.pancrea.problem but.she.eat.but.don't.want.to.drink.water.could.you.help.me.with.this.please

  • 08_ Charan_X_I
    08_ Charan_X_I

    Hey Cesar could you advise me how to stop my dog from eating everything he sees?

  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients

    I just think that dog food taste like crap. Try roasted chicken with just a pinch of salt.

  • Violeta Rios
    Violeta Rios

    Cesar my pet dog is 14yrs old. The vet just told me my dog has mild kidney failure. I busted out crying because I love her so much. Vet said he’s gonna put her on a special diet. I’m afraid it’ll be kibble. I wanted to cook homemade stuff for her, but she won’t touch it even if I know she’s hungry. I am frustrated, I cry because I want her to have a better health. She doesn’t cooperate but will eat bacon or grilled chicken, or bread, it not what I make her even though is chicken or beef. What could I do???

  • LegoBeast

    Man y'all give dogs too much importance. Smh.. let him starve when he's hungry enough he'll come and eat

  • Ravi Ranjan
    Ravi Ranjan

    My Dog is not eating #CESARSOS

  • Rudrakash Pratap Dubey
    Rudrakash Pratap Dubey


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  • Falcor

    I cooked chicken and veggies with my dog's kibbles and he was eating everything I out on his plate before. Now he doesn't want to eat I need help. We have a feeding schedule 8am and 8pm and sometimes some snacks in between while we are training

  • La Familia De Gusto
    La Familia De Gusto

    Hi cesar I have a 7 month old pug. I just got him about a month ago, but he doesn't want to eat in his bowl and he doesn't want to sleep by himself. What can I do to help him?

  • Maria Amador
    Maria Amador

    My puppy is 9 weeks old and we just got him 24 hours ago. He doesn’t want to eat? Please help 🆘

    • Kathleen Boudreau
      Kathleen Boudreau

      He might just be anxious in his new environment!! Once he gets comfy I’m sure he will eat!

  • Sameer Patro
    Sameer Patro

    Sir plz help me and my dog.i have a german Shepard she has became very weak she doesn't eat or drink food or water.we r giving saline as she can't walk or stand.but there is no recovery plz help me i don't want to lose her.she is 8 year old.

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Seriously? Go and bring her to a vet for heaven's sakes.

  • Joy Bayeta
    Joy Bayeta

    thank you 😍

  • Genius Dog Poocho
    Genius Dog Poocho

    This is not accurate information . The dog is sick and tired eating something that doesn't supplie proper nutrients, you can see the dog doesn't look healthy. On the top of that, the dogs teeth should be checked definitely. I am making food for my dog. He have all of the best. Took me long time to figure it out that I can't feed my dog with the food from the store, my dog deserves better. See my dog on IRbin

  • Roasted Baby Chicken
    Roasted Baby Chicken

    My dog is a very picky eater, i already followed what people suggest me to do: add wet food /water and mix to the kibbles it just doesn’t work anymore. She totally refused to eat now and sometimes she throw up bile. I am getting so frustated to the point i want to give up because i have threw big amount of food (since it’s mixed with wet food) The thing is, when it comes to treats , or i boiled some chicken for her, she loves it. She just knew which one is good which one is boring.

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Same. My dog has been starving himself for over 2 years, I suggest you on not feeding her any human food, you're not helping her, only making her even more picky. Let her starve, she isn't dumb, she WILL eat once she is half-starved.

  • Itz_bakudeku :3
    Itz_bakudeku :3

    I need help my brothers dog is very sick he hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks he might not make it through the night tonight 😞

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Seriously? Instead of asking for help that won't come on the internet, bring you're brother's poor poor dog to a vet!!!

  • Julia’s Equestrian Life
    Julia’s Equestrian Life

    My dog is sooo picky I tried all of these tips but none of them worked:(

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Same. My dog has been starving himself like that for over 2 years, he won't eat no matter what. Whatever you do, try not to give you're poor dog human food, that will make him/her even more picky. Let them starve, they will eat eventually.

  • Rahny2k

    What if my dog is on a kibble only diet and won’t eat his kibble (he gets chicken twice a week) and is being handfed his meals through training but has just lost all his interest in kibble

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Don't give him any chicken, human food will only spoil him more, he probably lost interest in kibble because YOU gave him human food, and now he knows that human food is better than kibble. If he won't eat, let him be.

  • Cathy Key
    Cathy Key

    My dog will eat cat food or poop or human food but not dog food.

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Don't give him/her any human food, you're not helping them, you're only spoiling them even more.

  • Tiffany Green
    Tiffany Green

    Thank you! It totally worked!!!

  • Russel Duana
    Russel Duana

    My dog is not eating and he's poop color are black, what can I do to it?

  • Anna Kowalska
    Anna Kowalska

    .Buy him REAL FOOD from butcher ! and not factory rubbish sand and mud .

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Seriously? That dog is obviously sick, and feeding him human food will only make him more sick.

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez

    Wemans love this

  • trisha fisha
    trisha fisha

    great video and Happy New Year CESAR MILLAN ^~^

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hallo, 😊 nice to see you..❣️

  • Tammy Brooke
    Tammy Brooke

    I have the daughter to the mother that passed away and after that she stopped eating for me how can I get her to eat

  • jucil delossantos
    jucil delossantos

    my dog doesn’t want to eat like dog food etc, and we dont know what food does he like because were just adopted him and sometimes he just eat less and rarely to eat and we need to force feed him pleasee help me we need some advice how to train our dog to eat dog food or other food sometimes he just smell the food and doesn’t want to eat but its just the same food that he ate and he doesn’t want to play and eat treats :(( my dog is a shitszu and its been 3mos since we saw him on the street:(

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Shi-tzu's are picky eaters! Don't feed him any human food, or too many treats, you are only spoiling him, and he will grow more picky over time. Let him starve, starve, starve. Once he starves enough, he WILL eat.

  • beykaylene

    okay im going to try this!! bc after he had a taste of human food its like his dog food didn't exist to him anymore.


    Cesar after a long walk, how many minutes shall we wait for the dog to eat?

  • Claudia Aguayo
    Claudia Aguayo

    Cesar tengo una perrita de 14 años y todos los días es un problema con la hora de comer. La saco a pasear, luego le sirvo la comida, apenas come un poco y se va a acostar, después de madrugada se pone a comer el resto de la comida. Quiero que se coma toda su porción al momento, que puedo hacer? Ayuda!!!!

  • Elizabeth Maxwell
    Elizabeth Maxwell

    My puppy nala is looking all over for the dog that is whining 😂😂 I don’t know how to break it to her that there’s no other dogs here

  • MaX1257WoLfGanG

    My dog doesn't want to eat and don't have energy

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Poor thing. Try different dog food brands, and don't feed it any human food or too many dog treats, it will get spoiled and over-picky.

  • Red rose For you
    Red rose For you

    Ear infection. My dog wants to eat but cries bc it can't. It hurts.

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Ear infection? Go to a vet for heaven's sakes!!

  • QueenVelveeta

    My dog pushes his food and bowl around. I always wondered why. Thanks Cesar

  • a3

    My dog is never hungry... I'm going to try this! Thank you for the tips

  • Tricia Brookes
    Tricia Brookes

    Now know why I get frustrated with IRbin. Live and learn!😀❤️

  • izzee24

    My frenchie only eats when he has an audience from the other dogs. How do i fix that?

  • Denisse Ramirez
    Denisse Ramirez

    hello, my recently broke his leg and was on meds...the meds made his stomach upset so the vet said to stop those pills and gave me some other pills...he still not wanting to eat, vomiting and has diarrhea...how can I get him to eat something????? he's 7 month's old and vet said he was healthy..

    • Rachell

      just give him raw food do your own research on youtube i bet your vet doesn’t agree and make you gave him those toxic kibble and many2 pills

  • Karolina Jarosz
    Karolina Jarosz

    My dog wont eat out of the food bowl only if he is fed or the dog food is thron for him to catch! Any advice what to do?

    • Karolina Jarosz
      Karolina Jarosz

      @Spooky Calico he doesn't I tried this a couple of times. He just does not eat out of the food bowl. Once I didnt hand feed him for 3 days and the food was just sitting in his bowl! Then i had to give in because it is obviously far too long for an active dog not to eat

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Spoiled. You're dog is obviously spoiled. Let him starve, don't give him ANYTHING to eat. He will eat out of his bowl, once he get's very hungry.

  • L'ZIA JuLiaNN
    L'ZIA JuLiaNN

    hi there my dog is refusing to eat he just chew then spits it out he vomitingsince he has no food in his stomach

  • Kathryn Yee
    Kathryn Yee

    OMG this worked!! Expecially step 3. We were doing 2/3 but that last tip actually worked.

  • Jessica Anne
    Jessica Anne

    My new dog (just got her yesterday) has lived at a shelter for 4 years (has been there since she was a puppy) and will barely eat (we just got her to today finally but only specific foods), she will not walk even to go outside or back in I have to partially carry her in and out and push her from behind, and she hides in every corner possible. She just runs straight to them. Once she is in a dog bed or a corner she stays put and will not leave unless forced (like seriously for hours never moves until we make her). She is not aggressive at all and we have yet to even hear her make a noise. No barking or wining at all. She is the most fearful dog I have ever met but we are determined to love her and give her the best home we can. If you have any tips, please let me know! She has already made huge improvements in just the one day we have had her but I want to see if there is anything else we can do.

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Be patient with that poor thing, if she doesn't want to come out, don't force her, be gentle with her, she has led a hard life. If she's having a good day, stroke her gently. But her food and water to where she is hiding.

  • Israel Perez
    Israel Perez

    My dog has zero appetite and is crazy skinny. We put her on a schedule, we take her for walks, give her challenges but she refuses to eat at all... it’s very worrisome #cesarsos !!! I really don’t know what’s going on with her...

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Is there something wrong with her? Like a health issue? I think you should seek a reliable vet for advice.

  • Margot Luna&Togo
    Margot Luna&Togo

    I have a problem my 10 month old husky won’t eat dry food , she used to eat chicken 🍗 a lot and now she won’t even eat it she wants something different everyday , I don’t want her to get sick and it’s so hard to go n find what she wants after two days of eating raw chicken 🍗 almost like she gets tired of it N wants to change every two days but I want her to eat dry food n maybe abit of chicken with it :( I dint know what to do and I feel like the veterinarian doesn’t help me

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Stop feeding you're husky chicken. While chicken sounds like a good treat, all you're doing is spoiling you're dog with human food. Let her starve, or try mixing some wet food with dry food.

  • Kid Of Darkness
    Kid Of Darkness

    My dog has cancer and he won't eat what shall we do

    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      Is this a joke? Cancer? Bring you're dog to the vet of corse!



  • Cristian Sosa
    Cristian Sosa

    I found a chihuahua and it won't eat

  • Shai444lol

    My dog is mixed of husky and rottweiler and he wont eat his food

  • Invasion

    Cesar is the best!

  • meghan foley
    meghan foley

    Caesar one of my dogs is agressive toward my other dog with food and now the other one is terrified to eat with him AND away from him. WHAT DO I DO???

  • Judy Keyser
    Judy Keyser

    I have a YorkiePoo Cesar . She would not eat at all . We started feeding her Dr. Marty freeze dried Raw Natural food . She loves it , have you heard of it and is it good for dogs ? Thank you so much ! I watch your videos all the time .

  • Artis Sarao
    Artis Sarao

    My dog dosent eat in two days but only drinks water, what should I do??

  • Peke ‘n Pug
    Peke ‘n Pug

    My dog only eats if I mix a little cooked salmon in her food... If I don’t have any for a day she will stubbornly try to wait me out for it. I’m going to try adding salmon oil instead for the times when I don’t have salmon on hand. 🤞

  • Angelica Ituriaga
    Angelica Ituriaga

    Thanks Ceasar!!! I hope it'll be helpful to my dog hehe

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch

    My dog won't eat out of a bowl. No matter if its soft or dry food. I found out he likes to eat when i hide it or throw it outside in the dirt. ???

  • osamashatat

    Cartoon dog has to go...in transitions ok, but not during actual footage...it’s like that Microsoft paper clip thingy

  • Carissa Faye
    Carissa Faye

    CESAR! My dog runs upwards of 50 miles a week (canicross and bikejoring) and he still doesn't want to eat! 😂😭

  • Madison Kupsky
    Madison Kupsky

    Why don’t you just call your vet Incase there’s something else going on. That’s what I would’ve done.

    • Ashutosh guglani
      Ashutosh guglani

      Maybe they did and after they came here

    • Ilike Pillows
      Ilike Pillows

      Sometimes that’s not always the case, It can just be a picky eater like my dog

  • Vex

    Id love to see a drone view of your beautiful ranch an home showing off the beautiful landscape, animals in their own little homes

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera

    Cesar millan it's a 911 for my dog please I need help

  • Sony West
    Sony West

    Too bad he couldn't train his wife. 😅

  • ForPETES sake
    ForPETES sake

    He’s had human food and knows that food sucks

    • heaven Mills
      heaven Mills


    • Spooky Calico
      Spooky Calico

      @here we go again My dog haven't ate for 7 days straight. He won't eat no matter what. It;s been going on like this for over 2 years.

    • Chrissy Hugland
      Chrissy Hugland

      @here we go again I add some wet food to it

    • Rachel Randant
      Rachel Randant

      If the dog is hungry enough, it will eat. I wouldn’t worry about a dog not eating for a day or two. It happens commonly with stress. They usually eat by the third day. I babysit a friend’s dog every time she goes on vacation. The dog refuses to eat for a day or two, but by day 3, she eats again no problem!

    • rishav katla
      rishav katla

      @here we go again I have the same problem, did your dog started eating again?

  • Lora L
    Lora L

    Hello whoever is admin of thus site. Please view Cesar milans facebook page. It cant be his content videos of bears and polar bears being chased by drones called cute. Disturbing videos of animals in peril. People are protesting no one is answering. Ppl view it for his personality and dog training videos. They have disappeared. Is the site hacked or is cesar content with such horrible content please say no !

  • Rosario Reyes
    Rosario Reyes

    Se dijo que moristes !! Quien es ese que escribe Esas cosas Me alegra verte !!

  • Noel Lockwood
    Noel Lockwood

    Trash -_-

  • n. p.
    n. p.

    I saw one answer repeated 3 times in a row.

  • Light Storm
    Light Storm

    Just got a husky, he wouldn't eat, so I started with milk, then meat. Was frustrated, however now he's starting to have an appetite. Glad we can talk about this, serious issue.

  • Eduardo SLR
    Eduardo SLR

    Cesar t amo

  • Rusty Kinks
    Rusty Kinks

    Stick some beef, or any fresh meat for that matter, infront of them and there wouldn't be a problem. Seems the kibble is too hard to chew for a pup with teething troubles at that age.

    • Rusty Kinks
      Rusty Kinks

      @Megan She'll do well by it, just give her plenty of run time and run with her. Give her a reason to have an appetite, dogs aren't an overly complicated creature and just be a pup yourself and be involved in her play. She'll love you for life for that simple act. Add in a tennis ball and a bone appropriate to her size (avoid small sharp ones) and she'll thrive. Best wishes my friend.🐕👌

    • Megan

      Teapot Inc aweee I’m getting a Aussie shepherd Soon and I’m excited to treat her like a princess😂💓

    • Rusty Kinks
      Rusty Kinks

      @Megan I do try to look after them but they do more for us, we have quite a few sheep herders for our flock, it's only fair after putting all that effort in that they get a fine meal, a warm bed, plenty of free time, a bone and a tennis ball. They raise youngsters to herd as well as guard against foxes. I never give my dogs an ingredient I wouldn't eat myself and that's a long family tradition spanning alot longer than any kibble company in existence.

    • Megan

      Teapot Inc I’m glad u have and they had a good owner :)

    • Rusty Kinks
      Rusty Kinks

      @Megan Thank you, I've raised so many pups over the years, perhaps a wee bit too long.

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera

    Cesar millan pray to God if you can rescue my dog don't want to take him to the pound because he bit me not on purpose he freaked out when someone through firecracker I know your home is big and I know that he'll be a big help for you there please help me Cesar millan I do not know what to do anymore

  • souad souad
    souad souad

    salam marok 👍👍👍

  • Alicia Alicia
    Alicia Alicia

    Bendecida Noche Cesar Millán ,me encanta como Entiendes a los perritos . Que Bueno Que sigas triunfando ,espero que este año 2020 tengas más logros Así como Salud y Amor Heres el Mejor ,Tu profesión es Única

  • Francisco Morales Ruiz
    Francisco Morales Ruiz

    No puedo verlo subtitulado en español 😱

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera

    Cesar millan I need help for my dog I am going to lose and I don't even know if he's ever going to get adopted

  • Veil Break
    Veil Break

    My dog is a very small, picky eater. He was only fed scraps before we had him (age 3). So he wouldnt touch dog food, he's had roast chicken ever since (he's 14 now). I buy thighs, it's not that expensive, and give him a tin of tuna or pilchards through the week to change it up a bit . Some days he'll eat literally a morcel and leave the rest till breakfast the next day...or leave it totally and I have to throw it.....most days he'll eat it all, so I dont worry about it any more. My sister and daughters dogs would eat and eat and not stop if allowed to. He's 14 now, and full of energy. He looks like a young dog. I think some some dogs just naturally eat less...like people.

  • Instrumental 502
    Instrumental 502

    Tu nuevo cariñito irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Xctfc6PU0rKJu6k.html 🎹🎸❣️me fascina los canes


    Sub en español o habla español gracias . No todos sabemos inglés

  • Ninja

    You helped lizzy capri well done

  • NachosS

    A la verga buen video

  • Jorge Horna
    Jorge Horna

    Meanwhile in Africa: Help Cesar my dog wants to eat...!

  • Rapunzel z
    Rapunzel z

    Try switching brands of dog food. Or, you could put just a little bit of hamburger on there and see if that entices him. Just a little, though, because it is very rich. Did you used to have a second dog? Sometimes critters will only eat in the crate because they are trying to protect their food. Do take him to the vet, that is no. 1.

    • George Affonso
      George Affonso

      Your dog will benefit from eating hamburger unless it is allergic to beef. You can also buy Bison or venison. Make your own dog food. It's easy and the results are amazing. IRbin making dog food for different ideas.

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed

    Hi , Cesar I want to adapt a puppy Can u teach me the basics to control the behavior Of pup And Also preparing him to guard

  • Brenda Lambdin
    Brenda Lambdin

    Oh, how I have followed you & Love you.. I wish you were back on T.V. series. My 10month old German Shepard will not stop Barking inside or outside- I play & play with him.. I thought it could just be boredom ? Thank You Cesar-You are the Best & Always will be ❤️🦮

  • Pia Aip
    Pia Aip

    Cesar Millan 🏆🥇🏅🏆🏆🏆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🐕🐩🇵🇱

  • Pia Aip
    Pia Aip

    Happy New year 2020 🎉 Cesar Milan 🇵🇱👍👏👌🐾🐾🐕🐾🐾🐕🐾🐾🐕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😊🤗

  • Alf Mame
    Alf Mame

    Me he querido referir que los subas en los dos idiomas

  • Alf Mame
    Alf Mame

    Hola qué tal estás me gusta mucho tus programas Pero hablas el idioma más hablado después del chino que es el español podrías subir tus vídeos en el idioma de tus padres para que todos podríamos disfrutar de ellos porque no todos entendemos el inglés gracias 😊

  • María Pinzón
    María Pinzón

    Hola César. Estoy encantada de volver a verte, siempre he admirado tu trabajo. Quisiera sugerir sub títulos en español en tus vídeos. Un abrazo, desde Barcelona 😉

  • HolyManBob

    Dog is nervous? Let's stick a camera crew under it's nose!