Exclusive Clip from Cesar Millan's New Dog Socialization DVD!
Noelle Ciocchetti had issues with her dog, Angel, being dominant. In this excerpt from Cesar’s new DVD, she explains the problem and Cesar shows how to use the power of the pack to solve it.
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  • Hardy Pinto
    Hardy Pinto

    Españoool porfaaa

  • Purpura rubi
    Purpura rubi

    Hola Cesar necesito ayuda quiero que recibas en adopción a mi perro pues tuve a mi hijo prematuro y no puedo tener a mi mascota cerca como me puedo comunicar gracias desde bogota.

    • Purpura rubi
      Purpura rubi

      mi correo es tony.cardenas@aol.com gracias

  • DreamX Bunny
    DreamX Bunny

    Have anyone seen a website that just came out and say Cesar maillan???

  • TiToGamerSev

    Hola, Soy de España y me gustaría saber si podrías hacer un canal de youtube en español. Somos muchos los que te seguimos desde España e intentamos ver cosas que haces, pero la gran mayoría es en ingles y no todo el mundo tiene un nivel alto de ingles :( .Nos encanta como haces tu trabajo. Un abrazo muy grande desde España.

  • Gr8hound47

    CM is clueless. Great idea put a pinch.choke collar on a reactive dog, cause pain and fear and watch the dog become fearful of other dogs and more reative. He know Nothing about the science of dog training. Just a tv actor !!!!

    • Nikki Winter
      Nikki Winter

      I don’t use a pinch collar but I use a padded choke collar because my dog has slipped out of every single other collar she’s ever had. Choke collars are safe and work.

    • Ruth Anastacia Adamcik
      Ruth Anastacia Adamcik

      I noticed the barbed, choke collar, too! Disgusting!

    • Meccarox

      @Gr8hound47 Why would you want to hurt the animal if there are other better ways of teaching it how to behave?

  • Daniel Dulu
    Daniel Dulu

    I have a boxer and they are naturally dominant and bullies. The good news about that is he is very selective about who he dominates. I had to stop going to the dog park because of latte drinking tourists that are ore interested in their socializing than their dog. I call them tourists because they might show up with their dog once a week or so and like I said they make a date of it with their friends and little mind to their stressed out dog until all hell breaks loose.

  • Bobbi Jo Dietzman
    Bobbi Jo Dietzman

    That is my dog!!

  • BethWasTaken

    My dog is at the stage where she needs that confrontation with allot of dogs at the same time. But we don't have any dog parks. Ideas anyone?

  • American Pleasure
    American Pleasure

    AMAZING !!!

  • Dafne Vegana
    Dafne Vegana

    I want this dvd. Cesar, I find dubbed or with subtitles in Portuguese?

    • Dafne Vegana
      Dafne Vegana

      @Hanna B Thaaankssss Hanna :D

    • Hanna B
      Hanna B

      Yes there are subtitles in Portuguese :) you can order it on his website: www.cesarsway.com/shop/Essentials-Of-Dog-Behavior-Socialization?IRbin10.29.14

  • Marcelo Ignacio
    Marcelo Ignacio

    Nice Cesar!!

  • Bunda Maker
    Bunda Maker


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