Dogs Watching Cesar 911 - Highlights
We asked you to share photos of your dogs watching Cesar 911 and boy did we see a bark of a response! Does your dog love watching Cesar? Show us by posting with #DogsLuvCesar911.
Meet the winner of the "Dogs Watching Cesar" giveaway, Peej. She may be the smallest member of her pack, but she's one of Cesar's biggest fans:
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  • R S
    R S

    This is so awesome!!

  • Jade and Haley besties Rockz
    Jade and Haley besties Rockz

    My dog is madly in love with your show. Also he love poodles, like he met this one poodle who was aloud to take his ball home never happened with any other dog

  • Maine_Ball_ Gloves
    Maine_Ball_ Gloves

    what number do i call if i need your help with a dog

  • Jayne Barker
    Jayne Barker

    Would love to know what you think of the cat that saved the boy ,, why did that dog attack the child ??

  • Heidrun Schwartz
    Heidrun Schwartz

    does it help? let the dog watch your show? ;) thx for great work ! and saving so many dogs... the saving and rehabilitating of apollo was one of those i loved the most. what i also would love: i would like to teach holy to trust when people grap her food. that's the one thing i can with allmost every dog. theaching them not to protect food but feel comfortable getting it, let it go, sharing it....... just complete trust. (but i could never walk a pack of rottweilers or lead äny pack of more than two)

  • Roosting-Chicken

    omg my dogs the first one in the vid my pitbull ellie shes awesome hahaha wooooh!!

    • R S
      R S

      U r so lucky!!!

  • Genevieve Babetski
    Genevieve Babetski

    0:31, the dog has glasses on and a piece of document paper (approving a cat adoption form perhaps?) at his paws.

    • Lili R
      Lili R

      Oh my gosh! I didn't even notice that one until I read your comment! Lol. :)

  • Wally WelshCorgi
    Wally WelshCorgi

    I see my photo at 0:44! Thanks for including me! Big congrats to Peej! WTG! ~@wallythewelshcorgi

    • Lili R
      Lili R

      Awesome! :)

  • Richard Lu
    Richard Lu


  • Richard Lu
    Richard Lu

    Obwohl es auf Englisch ist gucke ich immer gerne César Filme an :)

    • MrNobbycool

      Es gibt schon viele Fime auf deutsch. Ausserdem kommt Cesar nach Deutschland mit seiner Show. Habe schon Karten in Hannover gekauft. Er macht 6 x die Show in Deutschland . Einfach mal googeln

  • Maksim hs
    Maksim hs

    Cats are watching how to dominate Dogs :D

  • Max Adrain
    Max Adrain

    How can we contact cesar millan If we have a problem?

    • Andrea Franco
      Andrea Franco

      Go to his website.

    • MrTachyon3000

      I believe he has his own personal website where you might be able to better contact him. Although I can imagine he is not as easily available with all of his obligations, but it doesn't hurt to try.

  • Kaan Evren
    Kaan Evren

    How can i watch cesar 911 on internet?

  • kumbaga

    i think there was a cat there....

  • Babe 05
    Babe 05

    Cesar, my puppy eats his poop, help. He also barks at strangers and is a little bully at my kids, help!!!!!! Maltese.

    • cardinallove3462

      @Mel Bulanadi i agree completely. Nowadays the food industry adds so much random crap the dog's digestive systems can't even use that the poop pretty much smells and taste like kibble

    • Babe 05
      Babe 05

      WOW, that is all nice. Very good then. I gave my puppy banana 2 days ago and he is fine. Thanks a lot.

    • D.C. O'Brien
      D.C. O'Brien

      if you fear any allergic reaction with your particular dog, ask your vet.Obviously, you can always start with tiny amounts as well. My dogs love bananas, raw broccoli, carrots and apples.

    • Babe 05
      Babe 05

      WOW, thanks a lot for excellent tips. I also saw Cesar giving banana to a dog that also eats poop, do you think this ok for my puppy??? Thanks a lot.

    • D.C. O'Brien
      D.C. O'Brien

      Another option: first, see the vet and discuss the poop thing. If there are no physical causes, proceed from there. Several palatable products exist that you can add to the food that will make the poop unappetizing. (e.g., Adolph's unseasoned tenderizer). Also, many dogs develop poop-eating out of boredom. If the pup is cooped up in a crate or x-pen while you are out, for example, he may end up doing his business and playing in it or with it! So, more exercise, especially before leaving him alone - more toys, and 110% hygiene (when he goes, pick it up). Is he on a feeding/pottying schedule? That makes it easier. E.g., he eats at 8, does biz at 9, you pick up biz at 9:01. Make your changes soon and asap as you don't want poop to become an obsessive habit.