Dog Nation: Presents Real Life Superheroes
When Cesar Millan and his son Andre set out on their journey across the United States, they were met with some truly incredible people and dogs. Real life superheroes. Meet the heroes of Dog Nation on March 3rd at 9/8c only on Nat Geo Wild. For more information and updates visit and follow Dog Nation on Facebook:

  • Veracity

    1) Dog are not pack animals. Dogs left to their own devices outside would stay solitary. They are definitely social animals who have adapted to living with other dogs and animals, but as a species they are not pack oriented. Wolves themselves only travel in packs of their relatives.

  • حيل و افكار
    حيل و افكار


  • Arnon Rodrigues
    Arnon Rodrigues

    parabéns pelo trabalho sou seu fã abraço

  • Jun The Groomer
    Jun The Groomer

    Wow! I can't wait!!! :-D

  • andu Medina
    andu Medina

    me gustan demasiadoo l9s perro y animales e tenido 20 diferentes saluda

  • Diane morrison
    Diane morrison

    What a treat to see Cesar & his son doing what their meant to do, i believe that the Gods above send special humans into our world to make the Balance of life easier for us. Cesar Milan is one of those humans sent to show us Canine Owners how to achieve that balance. With only intuition as a training tool i could not trust a better man or the people he teaches with the life of my Canine or myself. Cesar is a very underestimated man in our generation who has the gift to teach us all that a dog is not just a pet.

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly


  • Madeleine Mancuso
    Madeleine Mancuso

    cute doggies;)

  • Anička Tranová
    Anička Tranová

    dont ignore me cesar

  • Anička Tranová
    Anička Tranová

    please make video on the Prague please

  • Anna S
    Anna S

    You a best