Dog Behavior Tips On Proximities & Power of Calm
Training Cesar's Way presents SIMPLE SESSIONS with Cesar Millan.
For the first time, Cesar Millan goes LIVE on Instagram for 5 days straight, to take students and fans into his world renowned Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals program, with exclusive snackable bites of human behavior and dog training methods.
This is the official REPLAY made available for anyone to experience a glimpse of what is taught during a Training Cesar'sWay Fundamentals course. There's nothing like visiting the Dog Psychology Center with Cesar, but here's your chance to get a taste.
Each day Cesar talked about some of the training philosophies that make him the best dog behaviorist in the world.
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FOCUS: The Power of Calm, Proximities, & A Simple Conversation with TCW Meditation Director Michael Burke
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  • paula whetzel
    paula whetzel

    I have noticed Cesar has stepped in to teaching spirituality.He is the bigger picture.We have been challenged buy how fast technology is changing how we live.We need to be grounded to the planet and each other .Go back to basics.Not about training dogs.He is teaching us how to be who we were....

  • CodeOfHonour

    Having horses my whole life, I'm realizing equestrians use your training tips too😇☺

  • Yves Saint Yvette
    Yves Saint Yvette


  • Shannon Looney Ridler
    Shannon Looney Ridler

    Thank you for all of this because I just rescued a sweet 10 month old puppy and I have been a dog owner all my life but unfortunately I have always started with love and Joy. I want to give my sweet baby girl the best I can give her and that’s to start with calm and end with joy instead of starting with joy. Thanks for all of your information Cesar you are so awesome!! 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️

  • Molly Berry
    Molly Berry

    When i take my dog on walks and he is off leash, sometimes he will randomly lunge at strangers and bark at them but then sometimes he doesn’t? It’s very confusing because I never know what triggers him to react that way as he doesn’t do it all the time , very rarely?

  • Atzrael Aur
    Atzrael Aur

    mhm.. mhm...

  • Robert Paul Gallano
    Robert Paul Gallano

    Thank you cesar

  • Milena Taylor
    Milena Taylor

    What a great message. Filled with such amazing energy. I am truly inspired!

  • Annie Nel
    Annie Nel

    I was bitten by dogs in my young year's but that never made me give up wanting to be around dogs. I had to overcome my fear, but also I needed to learn to be calm & patient around any dog so that the dog knows that I am friendly and calm.

  • Annie Nel
    Annie Nel

    I agree with you. You as the human have to know how to be calm or learn to, then any situation works for you.

  • Florence Van Breemen
    Florence Van Breemen


  • Robert Batzke
    Robert Batzke

    Lubbit much!

  • Dan Scott
    Dan Scott

    Great information, learning more and getting better every day, even connecting with wild animals, birds especially, thank you.

  • lenarsa66

    When things go right in your life, big or small, take note of how it feels and then when things do not go as right in your life we can remember those times and sort of go there internally. Often we feel like those good times never happened they become veiled and hide from us. We need to actively remember and seek out those memories.

  • Justin G
    Justin G

    Cesar your the man! My dog and I love your channel

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    We live in an age where if people would just practice the things in this mans dog training video we would immediately see improvement in nearly every cultural aspect of our society. Amazing. I say this unironically and with all seriousness.

  • Sandra Chilla
    Sandra Chilla

    Please help! Why does my Westin go months without an accident and then starts soiling in the house. This has happened the entire 4 years I have had her. She also soils where company might sit.

  • kalijuri

    Excellent topic! Great info.

  • Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep Yadav

    Please use Hindi language ,

  • Heather Rose
    Heather Rose

    Thank you Cesar you for shifting to an online platform! I really appreciate your efforts to share the wisdom you have collected.

  • Sandrine Sacre
    Sandrine Sacre

    Hi Cesar. very amazing knowledge You've got. About coming over the fear w calmness and trust. maybe would be the right time for You to know the book A Course in Miracles. Writing by Jesus. Please do a research on it. ACIM Lessons as well. Its about invite the real peace in your life. Will keep in touch hun. Gratidao lindo!

  • Mellowdevil

    but if the dogs nose is away from the ground how do you manage toileting ?

  • D M
    D M

    Why puppy 10 week sit space between gap of chair and person sitting ?behind back of person?

  • mary Harvey
    mary Harvey

    Cesar you have helped me so much over the ears with my journey to enjoy my career wiyh animals. ive worked as a vet tech for many years now im grooming your teachings have helped me so much . Thank you so much

  • Hanna Gozdzik
    Hanna Gozdzik

    Polska pozdrawia😘

  • Josh Pfeiffer
    Josh Pfeiffer

    I need your help so bad. My wife and I rescued an 8 month old shepard about a year ago . He was abused by the first owner . He loves my family more than anything ,so gental and caring but with strangers he is very timid and nervous ,he has nipped/bitten 5 people in the last 6 months breaking skin twice. I dont know what to do we don't want to see him put down because his first owners abused him and stole some of his life from him. I was told by a local trainer that he will only become worse as he matures and is a ticking time bomb . Please help I dont know the correct decision to make . We keep him and we risk him hurting someone some day bad or we take him back to the shelter and he gets euthanized. I'm lost . My heart breaks for him .

  • Sarina Juhas
    Sarina Juhas

    Hi I need training. I have a 10 yr old and a 3 year old and they have begun fighting and it's very aggressive 😣 please help.

  • Heidi Miller
    Heidi Miller

    I am a dog trainer myself and I fully agree with you. The foundation on everything is trust, calmness and helping human as well as K9 to overcome certain emotional stages. If you are stressed, insecure, feeling down etc, your dog will feel the same. It travels through the lead, the voice, posture and body odor!

  • Ferlynn Ahmad
    Ferlynn Ahmad

    Mine regards me as 'resource' sometimes. Everytime he is in my space, and my another dog comes in excited to join, he will attack her. I'm ok with a nip but not the latch type of bite. Still work in progress but im certain I'm getting there.

  • Lisa Young
    Lisa Young

    Hi Cesar ... I hope you read this ... I'm having a big problem with my American bully... I was walking my girl Kiki and when we got to the corner I sat her down to wait for a garbage truck to pass but instead the he waved me to cross in front of him and he could see that she was a little nervous about such a big truck and he revved his engine and really scared her she was so traumatised and now she only want to go outside do her business and pulls me to go back home ... any noises at all she pulling home ... do you have any advice for me please help Lisa and Kiki

    • Harriette Frøitland
      Harriette Frøitland

      i have adopted a dog here in norway that is so scared to until for some weeks ago.. love,trust and safety is the key. dogs can hear much better then us.

  • Maggie Chavarela
    Maggie Chavarela

    It’s all about connections

    • Jiris Jodin
      Jiris Jodin

      Thank you Cesar

  • sicabeat

    love these! thanks for sharing, cesar :)

  • SundayIsForLovers

    You are powerfully changing the world Cesar! Thank you for the Simple Sessions. I'm learning so much from each video.

  • Sophia TX
    Sophia TX


  • Sherri Ianiro
    Sherri Ianiro

    You have actually earned a degree in psychology without realizing it Cesar - you're insight is astounding!

    • asaradhi

      @Darby Dupree huh?

    • Darby Dupree
      Darby Dupree

      Sherri Ianiro Dirty dog boy has trained all his life to be one of the dirtiest dogmen of all time. No Dogman has ever led so many people and pets to their graves than Cesar Milan. Life would have been much better if him and his Pits has moved to a remote area and stayed away from the USA.

  • Lori B
    Lori B

    Thank you for these videos, very helpful.

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    Thank you so much Cesar, calmness is being practiced here around the house and everywhere. New ways! New life!

  • kc-n-sassy9807

    i have 1 (12 yr old) female schnauzer that is dog /squirrel aggressive but if she with our puppy (16mo old 70 pounds) she watches the puppy and if the puppy sits down she sits too..she still barks.. the schnauzer is following the puppy's lead. But if the puppy doesn't respond she wont either...i have total control in the house i am sure because there are no distractions... i have nothing outside but the puppy is a very big dog compared to the schnauzer. i know im doing something wrong but i need to get the 2 schnauzers under control and the puppy i take her to lowes and walk around never a problem but she will race to get into lowes. she almost ran over an old lady trying to pull my ass to the door but if she sees the door she calms down and i make her sit until she is calm at the door. people walk past her no problem but the one employee sends her to a new level of crazy. the puppy loves him she tries to jump and knock him over. but once he says "no crazy puppies get love" she sits and waits for him to pet her very calm and then he kneels down in front of her and rubs her chest and gives her a snack which i gave him for her. i have not taken her to lowes with the covid virus warnings. i got her a vest that says dont touch me but it is not a service vest. I really want to take her to lowes but i dont trust people not to pet her because she is so friendly. the puppy was also rehomed 3 times because of aggression.. i never saw aggression i saw a normal running jumping playing puppy. she used to jump on people i have not let her do that here in my house. she waits for people to sit down and then she sits infront of them and waits for affection. she isn't a lap dog at all.. she would crush someone

  • Ginger Ella
    Ginger Ella

    Do more of these please, they're so helpfull! Keep up with your work, and God bless you

  • Sabine Schuh
    Sabine Schuh


  • myshirganhills adventure
    myshirganhills adventure

    Love from shirgan hills,Manali, Himalayan INDIA

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter

    Entering the realms of spirituality and enlightenment here Cesar really well done! That's amazing!

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter

    Michael's eyes scare me...

  • Ruby Lin
    Ruby Lin

    My dog does not Allowed anybody cut his nails....................😭😭😭😢🙁🙁😕😕 Please someone teach me how

    • Serpent Lady
      Serpent Lady

      First get him used to you playing with his paws; hold a piece of chicken in one hand and let him lick and nibble it when he lets you hold them, gently squeeze them, stroke them ect. Then introduce him to the clippers, let him sniff them, give him a treat every time you move them neat his feet and gradually build up to clipping them. It might take a while but you'll get there in the end. I am using a similar technique on my GSD pup who hates being brushed!

  • Jennie Le
    Jennie Le

    You are amazing Cesar! I’m learning so much from you

  • Nancy Taylor
    Nancy Taylor

    Great information for sure. But with no disrespect Mr Cesar you invited Michael to help teach. But you didn't follow what you talked about. Your energy is so high Michael didn't get a word in. You asked him questions but didn't give him the time to answer. So many lessons. The excitement to teach and learn is larger then life. 😇

    • Attack Helicopter
      Attack Helicopter

      I didn't feel that I think he gave Michael plenty of opportunities to talk and share... seemed like a very balanced conversation to me.

  • LinlocLive

    First, I know you are absolutely the solution. Not with just training animals but your ideas, your phylosophys and your whole aproach to the world is amazing and peaceful. With that said I need your help desperately as my little Maltese is COMPLETELY TRAMATIZED when it rains and thunders. she pants and her heart rate is inreal. She desperately claws at me to pick her up and i have to walk her like a baby. We have tried everything, jackets, medication and love and patience but nothin will console her during the rain and thunder. I'm truly scared for her health and we lose many nights of sleep because of how upset she gets for hours at a time. HELP! WHAT MORE CAN I TRY? this can't be good for her to be so scared and upset .

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello Mr. Millan, I really enjoyed watching your Video Conference. Makes me feel happy. Super day for me today getting good vibes and inputs. Thank you so much. Many greetings to you and your family 👋

  • kim thompson
    kim thompson

    Cesar I want to join your pack!👊✌☺️

  • Vix 30
    Vix 30

    Yes you’re absolutely right, it’s all about the matter what animal it’s about love trust respect, also understanding how to communicate with each animal...Cesar has taught me this, I work with horses with “natural horsemanship” and I rescue and rehabilitate dogs with Cesars method, its the same method, it’s about communicating with animals on their level, plus being mindful of your emotions...meditation is the key...calm your mind ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜

  • Lyn Lee
    Lyn Lee

    Seems stoned or something

  • kim thompson
    kim thompson

    This is probably your most IMPORTANT discussion ever Cesar, thank you! I love it when you go deep into discussing ENERGY & CONSCIOUSNESS. I would love to talk with you about writing a children's book to teach kids this very concept. I would also want to illustrate the book, thank you!

  • Kathy Pidgeon
    Kathy Pidgeon


  • kim thompson
    kim thompson

    Thank you Ceasar, can you replace trump please? 🤣🙏✌💝

  • Edmund Duarte
    Edmund Duarte


  • Mary Igielinski
    Mary Igielinski

    Thank you!

  • Crypto GutZz
    Crypto GutZz

    u are a master of teachers obrigado Cesar

  • Ellemijnt PoTtAh
    Ellemijnt PoTtAh

    Can you reply itsy birthday ! Am 13 :-) my present was y ur book lessons from the pack!! :-) :-) :-) i LOVE ITTTTT And i got a leash from you, its so cool it really work :-)

  • Chris Crow
    Chris Crow

    I total agree with you. I have learned alot.

  • tasiawful1

    Earth Angel ❤️

  • dusty memory
    dusty memory

    Mucho gracious Ceaser, How you explain right for wrong really makes sense. My question to you is, can a owner bye using the tools that you have given us still work if your furbaby is 9yrs old? N I can honestly say I caused our furbaby to be some bad habits after listening to what you just got done telling us....

  • Connie Lindquist
    Connie Lindquist

    Lol I hate it when I use all the right words, do all the techniques, and the dog is just not listening....then I realize it's ME not breathing, all tense.....thanks for this video! Tomorrow will be a much better day for me and my dog 🤗 Blessings!

    • Sylvia Montano
      Sylvia Montano

      Connie Lindquist excellent attitude!

  • Kristina Španović
    Kristina Španović

    I assume if you are Mexican you must believe in Jesus Christ...and in your video you talk about meditation, tai chi etc...!?!?! I do not understand... sorry

    • Kristopher Rand
      Kristopher Rand

      Uh, what? Just because someone is Hispanic doesn't mean they're of a particular faith. Cesar is Buddhist, btw.

    • tasiawful1

      So what? You can have faith and still do these things!

    • Stijn Strotmann
      Stijn Strotmann

      Perhaps that's because you 'assume' to much ;)

  • Dana Rich
    Dana Rich

    I REALLY need help! Just got a 9 week old morkie last Thursday and he has aggression at night like I've never seen. His rage lasts at least 3 hours...omg. I have to wear gloves because he bites.. this is only at night. I have no idea what is going wrong. I need training!

    • Lyn Lee
      Lyn Lee

      @Camelot Haus for people who want a pet for a companion, it's not about the pedigree or akc. Don't be a snob. All breeders are not back yard breeders

    • zotteke1991

      @SneakyJ1991 agreed with all that you've said

    • SneakyJ1991

      Did he sleep the entire evening? How do you handle the puppy when he bites? I agree with what Zotteke said. Puppies explore the world via their mouth, kinda like babies, though with the major difference that puppies already got sharp teeth and can move around. Main idea to handle biting: prevent, redirect and don't encourage. Prevent: keep away chewable stuff and start crate training for the nights. Redirect: use toys/smell of treats (not the treat itself) to get his foces on something else. Dont encourage: don't pull him away when he chews (unless its stuff like power cables of course) or don't chase him. Else he links biting that thing with receiving attention. If he bites you, say "ouch" or similar and temporary move out of the room (=you don't want to play, bite was too hard). Check Cesar's website for more information, find the page about puppy biting behaviour (and perhaps also crate training). (Full disclosure: I'm just a random puppy/dog owner, not a professional trainer. And can only judge your dog via what you wrote.)

    • zotteke1991

      Puppies don't come from the mother with innate aggression and it takes a lot longer than a few days of new pet ownership to get "3 hour long aggression rages". So either you have a puppy with neural issues (which it doesn't sound like as you only have them in the evening) or you just need to challenge your puppy more during the day and redirect the biting instead of nurturing it. All puppies bite. They explore the world with the mouth and they play by biting their litter mates. You have to redirect their natural behaviour on to toys and chewing objects.

    • Camelot Haus
      Camelot Haus

      Your dog is the product of a breeder that doesn't do Health testing on their sire and dam before pairing them together. They also don't check the pedigree for health faults before pairing the pedigrees either because there is NO PEDIGREES in Designer Dogs because they are MUTTS. The REAL FANCY DOGS are the pups from reputable responsible breeders that health test their sires and dams before pairing their pedigrees before breeding. They are also less expensive then your so called mixed mutt designer dog that's over priced and called RARE. They been doing that forever, Morkie is never going to make AKC or CKC.

  • Ravinash Soomarchun
    Ravinash Soomarchun

    Thank you so much for what you are doing, Cesar!

  • Wendy Mondragon
    Wendy Mondragon

    God bless this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Luces
    Eric Luces

    Hi idol😀

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  • julio Arreguin
    julio Arreguin

    How About dog agression can we fix with calm and confident

  • Angela Welling
    Angela Welling

    Oh my gosh. Thank you.


    Oh yeah 🇧🇷

  • Ben Hayat
    Ben Hayat

    I have always liked and respected Cesar for knowing what's he is talking about. What he says about communication with animals comes first. You either have that gift and power to do so or you don't. Animals read your energy, animals can read your state of mind. You can fool an animal with BS like we do to other humans. Not to disrespect anyone, if you're a genuine, honest, loving person, you can can connect with an animal. If you're NOT, forget it. If animals get irritated when you get near them, you're got some issues...

  • Syed mouzam shah
    Syed mouzam shah

    I am interested in visiting ranch. How can i come for a week

  • Gloria Rodriguez
    Gloria Rodriguez

    My dog just look at me and move her head from side to side trying to figure out what am I saying dose she understand me or not

  • Diablo Sama
    Diablo Sama

    Hola Cesar quisiera un consejo: yo tengo un perro de casi 1 año de razas mixtas, el es muy hiperactivo y jugueton, el problema es que no puedo acercarme al cuarto trasero del patio donde el duerme que empieza a saltar sobre mi a cada momento como queriendo que lo acaricie, y cuando lo saco a pasear se vuelve loco una parte quizas es por los carros (mi casa esta ubicada en una calle principal de la carretera) y con otros perros es demasiado miedoso y cuando se le acercan se vuelve un poco agresivo (siempre con las orejas hacia atras y la cola debajo de las patas) que me aconsejas hacer?

  • Alison Hernandez
    Alison Hernandez

    Love you! Loved watching you these past years

  • Darby Dupree
    Darby Dupree

    Teach others how to stop Pit Bull attacks, Cesar. Are you saying the 6 year old child that was life flighted this past week was the cause of the attack? What about the 62 year old woman that was found dead on her deck this past week? Her fault too? The little boy that was riding his bike and attacked, both legs mangled. His fault too? I blame you! You promoted game fighting dogs as family dogs and you dirty dog man, you knew all along! I hope God makes you pay!

    • Darby Dupree
      Darby Dupree

      M Smith btw, I have CCW also. I have all the help I need.

    • Darby Dupree
      Darby Dupree

      M Smith Killing people, children and others pets is unforgivable. I just read a satisfying story. A Pit attacked a Border Collie today. The Border Collie’s owner was CCW. No charges are being filed.

    • M Smith
      M Smith

      Darby Dupree ...Ignorance is unforgivable! Awareness will set you free! And the mindfulness opens up all the channels to learn! Please get help...

    • addywick

      It wasn't the dogs was its owner...any dog can hurt someone. It doesn't have to be a pitbull. Hatred hurts everyone, whether human or dog. All we can do is pray for everyone to put love in their hearts, minds and souls. That's where change begins.

    • Attack Helicopter
      Attack Helicopter

      to wish hate and negativity on another though ... that's something to be aware of. Also he never promoted game fighting dogs.. his message was always it's the owner not the dog... the idea of scapegoating him is also immature as it takes the responsibility away from the individual. No one is forced to follow Cesar and anyone that misinterprets his message is not his fault... He teaches calm, confident, Love and Joy... Pit Bull attacks have nothing to do with what Cesar embodies... stop blaming him for things he's not responsible for then wishing him vengeance and having the wrath of God be upon him... Wake up please...

  • kimmy Ann
    kimmy Ann

    Is it possible to visit your ranch? After all this covid is over

    • strxkeclxss

      @Stijn Strotmann oh, okay then

    • Stijn Strotmann
      Stijn Strotmann

      @strxkeclxss I think Kimmy Ann wanted to put the questionmark after the whole sentence. She wants to come to the ranch after all this covid stuff is over.. :)

    • strxkeclxss

      Covid isn't over

  • Lee Lindsay
    Lee Lindsay

    This works for cats too.

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    willow&daisy sisters

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    Seth Tregaskiss

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