Curtis Lepore's Boston Terrier Needs to Calm Down (Releasing Pent Up Energy)
All dogs need balance, and Curtis Lepore's Boston Terrier, Watson, has too much pent-up energy. Today, I'm going to train Curtis to set Watson up for success when he's meeting other dogs, animals, and people.
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    What is your dog's favorite way to release pent up energy?

    • Renee Nestle
      Renee Nestle

      I train my Dane daily to do tricks, rally and Freestyle at home... We go to 2 training classes a week plus walk in the park. She's amazing!

    • Carmen Vallone
      Carmen Vallone

      @cjr1881 yup!!

    • cjr1881

      @Carmen Vallone Your dog can rollerblade?

    • Paige Mick
      Paige Mick

      My beagle mix and pit mix both loves walks and walk well together, but the beagle prefers walks and the pit prefers to play fetch for energy release.

    • MrSpork

      Parkour & the occasional skydive.

  • MezzoMamma1


  • Emi Sutnga
    Emi Sutnga

    You inspire me Mr. Millan. God bless you and your work 🙏❤

  • helen bailey
    helen bailey

    The principles are eternal,timeless,with humans and how to "be" around children.l have a friend who is excellent with young children and babies.She does everything Cesar works..didn't always understand it.,but listening to and seeing Cesar it makes sense.So thankful to be surrounded by real wisdom and reality

  • jimwel suero
    jimwel suero

    I have new adopted dog. He is still adjusting to his new environment and he gets pretty shy and scared all the time. Can anyone out there help me make him more comfortable?

  • Crystal Turner
    Crystal Turner

    Am I the only one who noticed the Boston Terrier MARK Cesar's leg when he wasn't looking??? @7:15

  • Esayas Cohn
    Esayas Cohn

    I new of him for years. No words can describe my happiness after actually watching and learning from his videos.

  • Renee Nestle
    Renee Nestle

    I really enjoyed this visual along with explaining so well...... great job...

  • M Hall
    M Hall

    Hey remember this dude got caught like being a sexual predator ? Christopher

  • Chiara RÓ Zafira
    Chiara RÓ Zafira

    Chiara RÓ Zafira

  • Alex Clayton
    Alex Clayton

    This is the cutest thing I've ever fucking seen in my life I just can't take it

  • Jenessa Jimenez
    Jenessa Jimenez

    Ceasar = an amazing human !!!

  • Adriana Chabay
    Adriana Chabay

    Me gusta como los educa a los perros y a la gente. Desde Uruguay saludos

  • Forever Youwillbe
    Forever Youwillbe

    New subscriber here!

  • Forever Youwillbe
    Forever Youwillbe

    I really need a parenting seminar from Cesar!

  • Я -Русский
    Я -Русский


  • Cow Cow
    Cow Cow

    Cesar can give lessons on racism

  • cjr1881

    This is what you get when you buy a poorman's frenchie

  • Hector Plascencia
    Hector Plascencia

    The haters are (thumbs down) : 1. losers 2. just haters without purpose in life 3. jealous people 4. bad karma ....and there are so many in live!

    • Cow Cow
      Cow Cow

      All haters are losers

  • Kaykay Masson
    Kaykay Masson

    Everyone’s a “non Racists” when they’re living in the European’s country. Turn the tables and the same non racists would want whitey out.

  • Kk James
    Kk James

    Omg he really lifted his leg and less on ceased lol

  • francesca

    Hi my favourite pack! Just want to share, at this time, I have no pets, I'm alone, and I just learned from Cesar what I need to do for myself! I want to Thank You! Much Love and Many Blessings! ♡♡♡

  • jack myers
    jack myers

    Holly tangled dog leashes DOGMAN !!

  • ensign j
    ensign j

    Thank you.

  • Sarah Wheelee
    Sarah Wheelee

    Oh - I know that IRbinr. He’s famous for one thing.

  • Card Services
    Card Services

    Who else got a flash of Kekashi Sensei?

  • 5winder

    Unless you're racist, you don't see race when you look at people... you see a person made in the image of God. Humanity is but one race, and the finish line is at the feet of Jesus.

  • Leigh Stone
    Leigh Stone

    What if you can't take your dog for a walk cause you can't walk

  • Schwifty

    Saw this man many years ago, I was very 1 track mind to say the least. My mother would say "Here come watch this with me" to which I would scoff! Thinking to myself, Our dog is fine, why do I want to watch a show about dogs. Well here I am probably some 13 years later and a video popped up in my feed, Mr Millan! Couldn't hurt to watch one. May learn to be a better doggo owner. Well, that was 6 hours ago and after 6 hours of straight watching, I think I learnt how to be a better human rather than pet owner, which funny as now I get becoming a better human, I naturally am a more loving pet owner. You are a good man and thank you for sharing freely your gift with us. It has been a pleasurable 6 hours and I look forward to watching more tomorrow. Peace and Love

  • Edward Deitch
    Edward Deitch

    Cesar is a bloody genius.

  • Gemma Calimeri
    Gemma Calimeri

    I have a lot of lower joint problems, walk slowly withe a walker. How can I get my 11 month old puppy to walk with me?

  • pravin poudel
    pravin poudel

    There is holly who bit cesar.

  • Bagyo Policarpio
    Bagyo Policarpio

    curtis does not sound like he is understanding what he is being told. just agreeing until he can go home and get a fully trained dog that doesn't require effort

  • Lynda

    Is he saying chucky cheese?

  • Mana Hava
    Mana Hava

    Cesar Milan is the best 💕 He’s getting healthy looks than years ago 👍

  • Rosaria Maia
    Rosaria Maia

    Olá Cesar tenho uma cadela e é assim maluquinha como esse pelo castanho mel , mas me ladra a todos e as pessoas Adoro seu programa já o via na TV Mas a muito que não tenho TV e agora o descobri no IRbin Fantástico ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗🙏🙏🙏

  • Dai Sama
    Dai Sama

    Maybe cesar is kakashi sensei

  • Cindy Jencks
    Cindy Jencks

    At 19:52, Dog pees on Cesar's leg.

  • Odette Widdicombe
    Odette Widdicombe

    He needs to come to engl And to tell people how to teach there dogs some times

  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte

    wait.... did i just see a dog riding a tortoise ?!?!?! the cute level is through the freakin roof!!!!

  • Shelly Zorro
    Shelly Zorro

    Cesar is quite handsome I must say

  • Nandha Visakan
    Nandha Visakan

    Isn’t that black pug ‘Gio’ ? Thank god he’s saved from that incompetent woman who called him “Crazy”

  • Fan Fan
    Fan Fan are a genius. Thanks for this Boston Terrier advice. Coltrane is doing so much better with his energy level after this tutorial. And you are right, it's the human.

  • Greg Downer
    Greg Downer

    The problem is the owner, he's not interested in his dog's behavior he was more interested in texting somebody on his phone.

  • Jane M Geddes
    Jane M Geddes

    I think that people do not walk their dogs enough.

  • Jane M Geddes
    Jane M Geddes

    Everyone should take their puppies to classes to learn how to train them.

  • Deb Conness
    Deb Conness

    I love how little silky is just roaming around and following them not part of the pack.. Lol

  • Gary Gardner
    Gary Gardner

    Smoke another joint and maybe you will get what you’re supposed to get out of this conversation but you are one dumb ass Lerner

  • TheMaloney

    Yeah, try this on the street when other owners are freaking out, the other dogs are reacting badly and not ‘Cesar’s pack’. I wish he’d focus a bit more on how to do all of this in the real world.

  • UP Power Central
    UP Power Central

    Love Cesar and love these videos, learning so much. Thanks for all your hard work in producing them. Please permit an observation: often the camera shots are too tight in these videos for us to see the whole context of what Cesar is explaining or demonstrating. Like at the beginning of this video, Cesar is correcting the dog as he talks with the owner, but the camera is focused on Cesar's conversation and not including the dog or the owner fully in the shot. That's good stuff happening right there, it's golden! Please don't get so caught up in fancy camera work and miss the rich dynamics of the situations happening just outside of a "too tight" camera angle or outlook.

  • Kunal Sharma
    Kunal Sharma

    This guy gives life lessons for people. Dogs are just a medium

  • Sammy818

    When he was talking to the dog at the end, that was the cutest ever lol


    Haha he tried to pee in your leg!!! 😂

  • Sara Brown
    Sara Brown

    Cesar YES WE CAN!!! 💙😇🙏 sigh..wish you were running for president! 😌

  • Benjamin Vučaj
    Benjamin Vučaj

    Thats not gonna work on my boston terrier

  • Mar raw
    Mar raw

    What a mess of an owner 🤣

  • John L
    John L

    If you're not that good, don't ask people to be good. ©️ Cesar Millan If I can be a good leader to my dog. I can be a good leader to something bigger.

  • ReticentAly

    Discipline isn’t punishment it is your repetition it is your structure. Step by step.

  • ReticentAly

    I just learned something today! Thanks.

  • Merlin

    The reason dogs see energy and humans see race is only our Ego. This prevents our ability to live in the moment like a dog does. We are almost always living inside our heads thinking about the past or the future.. .When really there is only a present tense.

  • Wendy Abels
    Wendy Abels

    What a beautiful spirit you are Cesar

  • tammy luce
    tammy luce

    I have 4 Boston’s and I learned a lot from watching this.

  • Tune Smiith
    Tune Smiith

    the camera girl tho....

  • Krasimira Stankova
    Krasimira Stankova

    Off course they walk after who is feeding Them.

  • Krasimira Stankova
    Krasimira Stankova

    The black dog on the lead is actually protecting you right now. Make sure you are safe.

  • angie dyer
    angie dyer

    Love Juniors collar❤️❤️❤️

  • Kariinschii

    Is that STELLA?!?!?!?!?

  • Ben Wolf
    Ben Wolf

    6:58 that subtle cameraman pet :)

  • A tonio Cardia
    A tonio Cardia

    Con tutti i cretini che ci sono al mondo il lavoro non ti mancherà di certo 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Don
    The Don

    i dont even think he needs a lease. Thats AMAZING how they stay right there so perfect. So amazing

  • jbzhummerh2gamer

    11:59-13:17 1 of the most satisfying things to see is when Cesar walks a pack of dogs. But even more satisfying is watching him roller blade with his pack.

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D

    Cesar has such an amazing attitude towards life in general.

  • Jeremiah Long
    Jeremiah Long

    I see he’s trynna teach two lessons at the same time. We’re eager to learn for dogs and not humans💯

  • Alexandra Quintero
    Alexandra Quintero

    Este video Como lo consigo en español por favor, gracias.

  • Lory Hope
    Lory Hope

    I want the fur ball 14:06 Pomeranian 😍💙🐶💙💙💙😍💙

  • kesavan kesavan
    kesavan kesavan

    The person you are brother👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • J C
    J C

    Thank You Cesar!!!!

  • Resod Jackson
    Resod Jackson

    I like this owner, chilled guy

  • Streams4Charities

    Who is the babe behind the camera

  • Jonathan Longoria
    Jonathan Longoria

    Actually, birds can be real assholes towards eachother

  • A R
    A R

    Cesar is one of the purest human beings. Glad to see him still doing what he loves years later!

  • G M
    G M

    Not the rapist

  • junior 27
    junior 27

    This dude is da real deal

  • Mauricio N
    Mauricio N

    Chingon Cesar, cómo siempre 👍🏼viva 🇲🇽 desde Denver

  • Liz Corwin
    Liz Corwin

    "he needs more meditation than chuck e cheese" lol that's amusing but so perfect.

  • wsrtwetr

    Please don't associate yourself with that rapist.

  • Edwin Semidey
    Edwin Semidey

    Caesar I love your concept but sometimes you go off and I don't understand . I understand they relate that I AM the Pack leader , they can sense that, and I've dealt with difficult animals. But when you go off on that Zen Stuff, you lose me.

  • Alexis Harmon
    Alexis Harmon

    That dog pissed on Caesar’s leg 😂

  • Chad Rhet
    Chad Rhet

    Let's Go Yankees!

  • Generic Developer
    Generic Developer

    I just don't have time for a dog. I'll get a cat

  • Mark Emerson
    Mark Emerson

    Brilliant: if only society would follow those principles instead of looking at race look at the energy.

  • Anita Riggins
    Anita Riggins

    God chosen you Cesar into your purpose in life, helping dogs and people with dogs. You explain things very clear. God bless you and to your family.🙏😇😊

  • Lightning Seed
    Lightning Seed

    Iggys just trying to warn them there's a stand user nearby

  • Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u

    Cesar the homie Milan

  • Michael Lombard
    Michael Lombard

    I love how ten seconds in he says; "its never the dog".

  • Lord Sakazuki
    Lord Sakazuki

    Victoria from its me or the dog is so much better at training dogs than this clueless clown

  • Kittykitty Katt
    Kittykitty Katt

    Cesar is pretty fantastic, but he is so far advanced in his understanding that ordinary people may find his training hard to implement. It is simpler to use food as a reward for most dog owners. Nothing makes a dog pay attention like food, particularly if you offer things like cut up hot dogs. Victoria from “It’s Me Or The Dog” is good with training using food. The right exercise and training with food will go a long way with almost any dog.

  • Rii Nii
    Rii Nii

    Ewww isn't this dude a r*pist?

  • Tina Rivera
    Tina Rivera

    ❤️❤️❤️I love his show and animals!!

  • Shiraz Hansen
    Shiraz Hansen

    So Humans are Racist, and dogs are... Energist? ;P