Chance Encounters with Cesar Millan: Obessed with Objects
Watch as Cesar surprises an hiker in the park and shows her how to claim an object.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello Mr. Millan, I have the same Problem with my Chihuahua. Thank you for posting this ‼️❤️😊❤️ Greetings

  • Yoyo Leung
    Yoyo Leung

    Can ceasar train any dogs without getting physical with them?

    • Meme E.
      Meme E.

      @Yoyo Leung also just for fun here is the definition of a “threat” : 1. a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done. The energy behind the sound denotes a dislike for the dogs current behavior, it is a form of communication. Not a “threat” that will result in pain. Many who use cesars methods have not once put their hands on their dogs to hurt them, yet the dog understands what they did was not appreciated and will often stop doing whatever they were doing out of respect for their owners......unlike my dog who just sees it as a challenge(because he obviously doesn’t respect me) so positive reinforcement works best for me😁 but again everyone is different. Feel free to share any info you have on “advanced” training cause obviously I’m living in the 18th century of dog training!

    • Meme E.
      Meme E.

      @Yoyo Leung exactly! It has nothing to do with with the “tchh” sound but the intent or energy behind the sound. Which is why a lot of the time he doesn’t even have to say anything. But in general the dog trainer community is very interesting. People seem to think there can only be one way to do something. Like people, not all dogs are the same and will respond better to different methods. To completely discredit one method because you haven’t used it, is ignorant at best. I don’t think caesars methods are the “best” but they do work for a lot of people, just like Victoria stillwells methods. For some people, like my friend, neither of those methods worked for her doggo. Feel free to recommend “advanced dog training” methods to me so I can learn them! You seem to know what your talking about!

    • Yoyo Leung
      Yoyo Leung

      @Meme E. its because those dogs are trained to know the tzch means threats.. from someone you know.. deep eye stares.. there are more advanced ways to train dogs but so many people even dog lovers fall for this. And certainly not all dogs respond to a tzch

    • Meme E.
      Meme E.

      Yoyo Leung you ever watch his live shows? He does it all the time! It’s super cool, he doesn’t even do anything! He just uses the “tchh” sound

  • Sage

    CHANCE ENCOUNTER ? lUCKY he had a film crew there by chance

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    😊👏Bravo Mr. Millan

  • I A
    I A

    He needs his own show again

    • Małgorzata Stupera
      Małgorzata Stupera

      Nat Geo People and NatGeo Wild play his shows. He's great!

  • Rachel Sandstrom
    Rachel Sandstrom

    I love rotties SO much! They are really beautiful, gentle and intelligent. All dogs are amazing but this is my favourite breed.

  • Cannedy Wright
    Cannedy Wright

    Such a wonderful person

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g

    how does this work with small dogs? like chihuahuas and yorkies.they are so low to the ground:( please do vids on leash training, discipline etc

  • K Aji
    K Aji

    I really wish he would come to Sydney again

  • Ciarabee1 Boyle
    Ciarabee1 Boyle

    I would love to see somebody just run up to him and just start kissing him.

  • steve giroux
    steve giroux

    My dog is hyper mentally all the time, she is steady on the go with her mind she keeps my nephew and me on our toes all the time, we can't leave site of her, because she will start chewing things eventhough we walk her on a daily basis routine of 2 hours morning and same in evening, but she is still fill of energy. What can we do to stop her from biting or nipping at you and jumping sniffing like she is looking for something? Cesar she is 9 months old fixed Border Collie Mix Water Retriever and up to date vaccinations and tattooed full of get n go steady. We need help with her big time Cesar.

  • Mouli Raj
    Mouli Raj

    1 like pls.for 1000 likes 🤗🤗

  • Bryan Ray Campaña
    Bryan Ray Campaña

    Hi sir! My dog is obessed with almost anything like slippers, piece of wood, sack, ball, plastic bottles etc. She keep on biting and chewing it without letting it go. She goes really crazy once she got a grab on something. Hope you can give me an advice. Thank you!

  • Ekhart Troll
    Ekhart Troll

    staged encounters with cesar milan

    • Zeltzin Tlachinolli
      Zeltzin Tlachinolli

      Ekhart Troll you're a staged IRbin commenter

  • R Davis
    R Davis

    LOL I like the music, Ceasar. Reminds me of Hawaii 5 0

  • Irsch Monahan
    Irsch Monahan

    It would be nice to me him

  • Sara Ramos
    Sara Ramos

    Good afternoon, I bought a Rottweiler puppy 30 days , and today he's okay with 70 days. I have a problem , every time we put food into it , it not only growls , but also barks and comes up in a very aggressive way. NOT speak firmly and give the touch , but to no avail , and he accepts not warn him , insists on barking and want to bite and we are already in the process for more than 40 days. What should I do???

    • la sulamita
      la sulamita

      Own the bowl and have him sit before putting it down. Stand over the bowl and tsch! As needed. When and only when you see a calm submissive state you let him eat. YOU are the boss and your dog has to know that.

  • MagicTaco007

    the title needs to be fixed lol, great videos I love this channel

  • Cheddar323

    oo0h my God I had no idea cameras were filming me and that cesar Millan was going to magically appear to help me with my untrained dog

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool

    "Chance encounter" huh? Yeah right. That looked so staged that I thought someone was going to yell "and cut. That's a wrap!" HAHAHAHA Still a great video though. Cesar's the man.

    • Małgorzata Stupera
      Małgorzata Stupera

      :-D Obviously, it has to be prepared (sound and light, and scene), but it follows natural situations. Cesar is great!

    • la sulamita
      la sulamita

      He probably had to get her consent before putting them on the show.

  • cesarmillan fanclubfrance
    cesarmillan fanclubfrance

    great job Cesar!!

  • Joana Pacheco
    Joana Pacheco

    Cesar you are a LEGEND!!

  • BaileeGermanotta

    Cesar is god

  • ce6 bel
    ce6 bel

    u are a legend !

  • Hanny Gräf
    Hanny Gräf

    Cesar and Junior=Dreamteam

  • Leidy CAT LIKE
    Leidy CAT LIKE

    la cuenta de mi novia mi perra es una beagle se orina sala cuartos bueno cuando la saco la calle la suelte le digo para dentro no me hace caso cesar millan que hago aca mi celular 31255561682 soy de colombia

  • Leidy CAT LIKE
    Leidy CAT LIKE

    Porfinnn te encontre

  • Anto Aguirre ジ
    Anto Aguirre ジ

    Buen vídeo

  • Karen Fine
    Karen Fine

    Cesar Millan is the best in the world!

  • Helga H.
    Helga H.


  • Nicholas

    Hello Cesar Millan, I'm from Brazil and I want to ask you something ... I follow a group on FaceBook who are expert in the APBT breed (American PitBull Terrier), and said they are not packs of dogs, but as I have seen several videos his and all I learned was with you, then I ask you ... you could have a real APBT (pedigree ADBA or UKC) and cause it to be a pack? If you did not quite understand the question must be why I taduzi on Google Translate, as the text is not 100% correctly, I love all your work and I am very epolgado with new video!

  • Eva Maria
    Eva Maria

    i have to say smth important! i watch his show since last month.Before watching him i used to hate dogs because i didn't know something about dog behavior and i was scared about them.Now i'm started to love so much dogs!!!And i helped so many people with their dogs! i read all of his books and i watch all his videos ...i want to learn everything! cuz i want to help all the dogs! I HAVE TO SAY: THANK YOU SO MUCH CESAR FOR MAKING ME TO LOVE DOGS MORE THAN HUMANS! I ADMIRE YOU MORE THAN EVERYTHING! I know that u won't read this but i don't care:* sorry for speaking wrong english cuz i'm from ro...i wish when i will grow up i will be like u:*

  • Grizzly

    There's a couple of these "Chance Encounters"videos. I like it. I worked in a animal shelter, gave me time to experiment :) His technique's work.

  • Candro Raho
    Candro Raho

    Luv ur show


    can anybody please help me my doggy needs surgery on the lungs and i need help if somebody would want to donate i would really appriciate it, he is only 3 years old i dont want to let him go he is family. thankyou for taking the time to reaad this. here is the website

  • Ulla Duchwaider
    Ulla Duchwaider

    You have change my live, thanks.

  • Daiana Alegre
    Daiana Alegre

    Mi perra come captus y cables de la casa cuando no estoy :/

  • TroiiiE

    This dude is like the master pokemon trainer of dogs

    • umbra

      For humans not dogs

    • Nyan1012


  • Above Legit
    Above Legit

    he need so much more support

  • Glagole Dobro
    Glagole Dobro

    Cesar Millan gratitude for what you do! Maybe one day in Russia, when am I going to walk my dog. You will go to meet me, and tell me how to behave with dogs :) Вот бы мне на прогулке с собакой встретился Цезарь и научил, что-бы моя собака рядом ходила и команды с первого раза выполняла. Эх мечты, мечты :))

    • Glagole Dobro
      Glagole Dobro

      Because Cesar is a good man and it would be nice to talk to him in person. And Yes you are right Cesar video very informative and helped me a lot.

    • TheAngieIshmael

      Почему Вам Cesar нужен? His videos are very informative, and если вам ещё помощь нужна, у него есть dvds that you can buy.

  • pack leader
    pack leader

    Cesar, we need you in France, you're welcome :)

  • Mackenzie Wolfie
    Mackenzie Wolfie

    I wish you would come to Florida for dog whisperer I have one of the worst dogs but that's only a dream

  • Dharminder Singh
    Dharminder Singh

    Hi Cesar, I have 2 months old GSD. She is very well behaved but I just found out she pees and starts licking it at the same time. How should I correct her? I really appreciate your help :)

  • Momma Yp
    Momma Yp

    420th like

  • Nicole Morales
    Nicole Morales

    Can someone please tell me what day and wat time dose the show come out

  • Mely Sonic
    Mely Sonic

    R.I.P-Cesar Millan,We All Still love you And a Thank You for helping us , You Did A Great Job .😭😪 But it was for your best.😔

  • victor saltos
    victor saltos

    the one person who disliked is a buttmunch

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed

    You are goooooooooood

  • Shasha Low
    Shasha Low

    so park here is so small...

  • stareeagle

    I have used this technique with our dogs. Some dogs get it right away. Some need more repetitions. Set it up like Cesar did, and correct the dog. Try it with different objects (food wrappers, smelly containers, garbage, etc.). If it doesn't work, try and try again with a different energy, or try a different correction technique. You can add the command "leave it!" (or other verbal signal) at some point in case your dog is not near you when confronted with a tempting object he/she shouldn't eat. This video reminds me to practice this again with our dogs. Thanks again, Cesar.

  • Anna Kristiansen
    Anna Kristiansen

    Cesar u are so amazing 👍🏻😎 you inspire me every day 💪🏻 thank you so much !!

  • Andre Gessner
    Andre Gessner

    César, i'm your big brazilian fan, and i used your jobs in my live and dogs. i want be like you! thanks very much!

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus Alvarez

    greetings from mexico.

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus Alvarez

    for ever cesar millan ;-)

  • Olga Marina Hernandez
    Olga Marina Hernandez

    Hi Cesar☺️come train my Chewie in Los Angeles

  • Kalyani Kadam
    Kalyani Kadam

    I just love your shows sir. I am from India and I am big fan of yours.

  • Tresa Davis
    Tresa Davis

    Glad your back.

  • susi herliana
    susi herliana

    Caesar Millan, how to treat my husky 🐕 coz it a bit hard?

  • Жика ЛИМАН
    Жика ЛИМАН


  • التجارة شطارة
    التجارة شطارة

    please make more videos your first fan

  • Mark Swaggerty
    Mark Swaggerty

    Glad to see this channel breathing again.

    • EaT/Sleep/Breath/HOCKEY 87
      EaT/Sleep/Breath/HOCKEY 87


  • Dual Damsels
    Dual Damsels

    Glad youre back!!

    • Mely Sonic
      Mely Sonic

      I don't think he's back

  • Deb Bart
    Deb Bart

    So GREAT to see you again Cesar! Miss you

    • ann rose
      ann rose

      +HelloJoy your sooo funny!!! lol

    • Lissy Hoffmann
      Lissy Hoffmann

      +TumblrKenz what no! 😂 he is alive and does a great job

    • HelloJoy

      Wait he's still alive? This is not old?

    • David Dambros
      David Dambros

      Cesar is awesone

    • just. mxllx
      just. mxllx

      I too! Cesar is so good :D

  • Jaroslav Záruba
    Jaroslav Záruba

    wow! Caesar is alive! :D

    • Heidi Thaw
      Heidi Thaw

      TheAngieIshmael. Of course he is not dead.

    • Jaroslav Záruba
      Jaroslav Záruba

      f u :D u made me google it :D

    • TheAngieIshmael

      In 2015, it was all over the news. They're just uploading the videos he had time to make

    • Mely Sonic
      Mely Sonic

      Cesar isn't alive he passed away

  • RVFreeDa

    Cesar should visit some RV parks with this theme.

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    Scoot tho