What's the importance of family to you? How do you flow with your pack?
In this episode of Fitness Fridays, Cesar Millan takes it to another level with his sons, Andre & Calvin Millan, to show you how they ride together when it comes to exercise. FOLLOW CESAR & HIS PACK:
It's important to focus on community, your family, and the pack. It's super important to understand not only to live with people, but also do things like exercise together.
When Andre and Calvin were kids, the main thing was to figure out how Cesar Millan was going to keep the kids tired to get into a calm state.
That's when we started doing activities like roller blading, skateboarding, biking, swimming, and simple things like walking together.
Here are the exercises that Gary with Heart & Hustle has the guys do for this circuit. You can try this at home too and remember the key is to try this with your family, pets around, kids, or anyone in your pack.
- Migrational walk
- Dowel movement patterns
Base Routine:
Exercise 1: Kettlebell Squat x 15
Exercise 2: Dumbbell
Exercise 3: Lateral Lunge x 10 Each Leg
Exercise 4: Exercise Ball Press x 12 each arm (could also do on
Exercise 5: Dead Bug x 10 Each Side
- Bag Lateral Step Overs x 40
- Jump Rope x 50
Partner Exercises:
- Slam ball side toss and lateral throw
- Dowel push/pull (core bracing)
- Rest as needed between each round
- Rest 1-2 min between each round
- Perform 3 total rounds
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Instagram: instagram.com/trainingcesarsway
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Calvin Millan: instagram.com/calvinmillan/
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Better Humans, Better Life
Trust, Respect, Love

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