Cesar Millan vs. OVERPROTECTIVE Rottweiler
In this video, Cesar Millan uses the method of redirection to create the desired outcome with an overprotective Rottweiler.
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  • Sunny Mexican
    Sunny Mexican

    She is xxxxxxx , come on ,

  • Nico

    Of course i do subscribe cesar. Me encanta verte.

  • Rasyid rita
    Rasyid rita


  • QueenieofHearts

    The woman took a long time to get it.

  • Adriana Chabay
    Adriana Chabay

    Me encantan como doma a los perros. Pero no entiendo Inglés. X favor en español. Desde Uruguay saludos y bendiciones

  • MrBeaver

    She needs to be more confident

  • Dienaro Mattos
    Dienaro Mattos

    Se tivesse legenda em português, quantos escritos mais ganharia????

  • Ariel Carlo
    Ariel Carlo


  • GuYNextDoor

    This happens when you love dogs more than humans we eat dog meat here because we keep them in their place.

  • The Answer
    The Answer

    This lady is an extremely slow learner 😑

  • Valdeci Ferreira da Silva
    Valdeci Ferreira da Silva

    Omg! It's so incredible your work! Very, very congratulations, i m crying!😍

  • נועה מטלון
    נועה מטלון

    Does he have a video explaining what to do if your dog refuses to go on anymore walks with you, since it's the seventh one today and he's had enaugh of your shit?

  • Morven Kane
    Morven Kane

    Just love him

  • Antonio Santiago
    Antonio Santiago

    Pon subtitulado en español!

  • sean

    Plot twist: Guy comes up to her window to rob her and the dog just expects a treat from him

  • Eileen

    I am a Rottweiler lover !!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Carter Boom
    Carter Boom

    Owner is maaad cutee

  • jarl Sigurd Storvann
    jarl Sigurd Storvann

    i wonder how many other dog owners or trainer could get this result out of this

  • Akshaya

    amazing man🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Juanjo Pereira
    Juanjo Pereira

    Sos el p#to amo césar!! Me encanta verte trabajar

  • David Vann
    David Vann

    Brilliant work cesar,living up to you great name,in teaching theirs no bad dogs unless their bread and taught to be bad, only bad owners who haven't got the understanding of the weapons they have by their side,iv watched a lot of your programs on tv ,well done young 1 stay safe and be lucky hope you win the lottery you could do even more great work

  • Hill Var
    Hill Var

    Cesar is so blessed in the way that he has allowed himself to teach all that he knows. I pray that God keep filling him more with that wisdom of his creation...I think we can all get to where Cesar is, we are just so preoccupied.

  • Marcelo

    Gracias Cesar , por hacernos entender a la naturaleza de nuestro mejores amigos.

  • Łukasz Porębski
    Łukasz Porębski

    how can one be so stupid to even consider this idiot a real behaviorist...

  • Reiko Myles
    Reiko Myles

    Build trust, respect, and love. Have a calm obedient dog.

  • Storm Fourie
    Storm Fourie

    I have a Rottweiler they are a good breed and how can i get my dog to like my dad

  • Odin the Staffordshire Bull terrier
    Odin the Staffordshire Bull terrier

    Such a beautiful dog. I think it’s brave of the owner to seek out help for Stella’s behavior, and ultimately, they both did great!

  • Dawn Brooks
    Dawn Brooks

    I feel like "training" is more of a "I command and you follow," while Cesar's approach feels more teaching and energy based understanding of the person/ dog relationship. More of a therapy. Training seems like a one size fits all while Cesar approach is unique to each relationship and way of life of the person/dog. He is an animal enthusiast with an amazing understanding of energy on a spiritual level. Thank you Cesar for spreading your devotion and passion. What a special special gift.

  • Bhushan

    Such a cute and beautiful dog! Stella probably wants more lovies. The way she rests her head next to Caesar’s arm is melting my heart. Someone please pet her :(

  • Jacqui Ning
    Jacqui Ning

    My dog has same situation but he doesn't attracted by food. What should i do please?

  • helen bailey
    helen bailey

    Cesars comment about,you can't block a powerful breed,you have to redirect..I know humans like that

  • Allaine Grace Arnaldo
    Allaine Grace Arnaldo

    your shows and videos should be promoted to the whole world. so that humans can fully understand a whole lot of things about animals. you are the true legendary! all the best, and wish more success. thank you for sharing your passion with us.

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business.

    The woman is a clown.shouldnt own a powerful breed

  • Brian Neary
    Brian Neary

    Cesar, I want to work with you. Lol Please??????

  • Shel Nunya AT
    Shel Nunya AT

    Another great session. Totes LoLed when Cesar told the fearful lady he would tell her when she cood leave

  • M.M .E
    M.M .E

    Best dog breed ever

  • Renata Fochesato
    Renata Fochesato

    Per favore, aprite gli occhi su questo individuo che inonda il web dei suoi video! È un sadico, ignorante, vanesio, pericoloso più dei cani che dice di recuperare!!!

  • Stacey Williams
    Stacey Williams

    Can’t follow simple directions!

  • Lance Handy
    Lance Handy

    10:05 just takes off with the car and dog lol

  • Lance Handy
    Lance Handy

    What always gets me.... is Caesar will not back away or anything and maintain a dominant, but calm, position. And like EVERY dog reacts almost the same way. Once they realize the barking doesn't work, a lot of them smell like crazy, but it almost seems like every dog ends up responding with a "what is this black magic?!" kind of response lol. Just because of the calm dominant posture.

  • Arminda Danitza Carrizo Valdés
    Arminda Danitza Carrizo Valdés

    hola cesaar

  • Anthony Curanaj
    Anthony Curanaj

    Why do people like her even have dogs like that she wouldn't be able to control that dog if it wasn't for these dog trainers lol

  • Anis seemann
    Anis seemann

    I have two rotwillers .w.

  • The Golden Otty
    The Golden Otty



    My neighbor has this mean Rottweiler, a monstrosity of a dog armed with razor sharp,sabertooth-like looking teeth that look like they could do serious damage on one’s skin. Man when that beast barks,I swear my entire internals vibrate...and the mean looks he always gives me,gosh you can tell he be wishing to have a one on one chat with me so he could lacerate my scared ass to shreds...that dog hates me for no reason and the worst is that he knows I’m shit scared of him.😭😭😭😭



  • Manuel Cojulún
    Manuel Cojulún

    Aaaa hueboera querido que tu canal fuera en spanish

  • Jesse Alarcon
    Jesse Alarcon


  • blub

    The girl used block. Very ineffective.

  • David R. Rodriguez
    David R. Rodriguez

    César por favor al menos con subtítulos en español. Saludos desde México

  • Vasile Roman
    Vasile Roman

    BARK BARK eats BARK BARK eATs Me: he gets free food

  • Omid Maasuemi Amen
    Omid Maasuemi Amen

    Same? Or sane ?!!!!😅😅😅

  • Turkish Calisthenics
    Turkish Calisthenics


  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear

    My dog won't let ppl reach out to me like that, so this kind of started in an odd place for me they were further in than we would have been.

  • KIRAN T Raj
    KIRAN T Raj

    What’s all burglars need to do is to just take few classes from Milan and they would just get past any guard dogs😁😁😁.

  • ugin Govender
    ugin Govender

    Thank you for this

  • Susie English
    Susie English

    If you are a nervous or inexperienced owner do not take on breeds that you are not familiar with or haven't learnt how to handle. It is a recipe for disaster

  • man of means by no means
    man of means by no means

    My Bulldog does the same when someone approaches the vehicle but I've actually trained my dog to listen so just a word from me to her telling her to calm down and she's good to go.

  • Luthy's Vlog
    Luthy's Vlog

    Hope Cesar makes more videos and still be safe. He is sooooo cool!

  • Scientific Infographics
    Scientific Infographics

    After watching his videos...... One thing is clear.... there's no better dog handler/trainer than him.....

  • Tommy Exler
    Tommy Exler

    Ceaser is the BEST!

  • Rich Matthews
    Rich Matthews

    Idk maybe it’s just me but I think you should never own a dog that outweighs you.. that skinny chick needed a sandwich or 7 with her 82 lb ass

  • Kaykay Masson
    Kaykay Masson

    I was always surprised when Cesar would fix a dog until I saw him tame Cartmen. If one can take Cartmen one can tame a tiger.

  • atex 617
    atex 617

    The owner is visibly nervous around her dog that's why Stella is on alert

  • Jacque Setmayer
    Jacque Setmayer

    So u r teaching this dog to accept a stranger to approach the car. Well if Im a woman alone I surely would want my dog to not allow a strange man to get near me in my vehicle. To many abductions and murders these days.

  • Ricardo Renova
    Ricardo Renova

    Cesar a g

  • Hélio Fernandes
    Hélio Fernandes

    Por favor coloque tradução ou legenda em português para que possa acompanhar gosto muito do trabalho dele e muito bom

  • Nobleman Q Vittorio
    Nobleman Q Vittorio

    The girl is so afraid of the world that the dog can feel it. She made the dog feel like it's mainly for protection. You can tell that she didn't like when Ceasar was able to hop in her nice 100k car lol. Misguided emotions can be dangerous!!!

    • Nobleman Q Vittorio
      Nobleman Q Vittorio

      @J Robertson 🤣 🤣

    • J Robertson
      J Robertson

      100k lmao that’s a Honda

  • Do it yourself channel
    Do it yourself channel


  • Lil Roc
    Lil Roc

    People. I am no Ceaser Milan by any means and would never put that claim out there. I grew up with dogs. We had working dogs and working dogs / pets. Look. Dogs are not stupid. They know if you like them or not. They know if you are afraid or not. We raised all of our dogs from puppies. In 50 years we Never had a dog we couldnt handle. Some were more difficult than others. We had everything from black & tan coonhounds to Bullmastiffs. My dad taught me to raise em like you raise your kids. Teach them what you expect of them. Firm but fair. I continue to show my kids the same methods that were shown to me. You adjust for the type of dog but the technique is the same. If you dont have kids then this may be difficult for you but i promise you this has worked for my family and me without any major incidents.

  • Mel Tel
    Mel Tel

    This girl should't even have a gold fish let alone a powerfull dog.

  • Gabriela Cuasapas
    Gabriela Cuasapas

    La buena educación de un perro habla muy bien del perro y de su propietario mucho más. Les comparto unos pequeños consejos que están ayudando al 100% a mi mascota que fue rescatada de la calle. go.hotmart.com/F42115049O

  • Rory Cummins
    Rory Cummins

    Hail Cesaer!! The one and only Dog God. 🤴🐕🦮🐕‍🦺

  • Santiago Yera
    Santiago Yera

    Can We do this to Trump?

  • Silopw L
    Silopw L

    Damn Cesar 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼when he went inside that car the called the 3 guys over wow lol

  • Iker Martínez
    Iker Martínez

    he is the mexico

  • Marka Jalan
    Marka Jalan

    ini baru pakar anjing.. keren..

  • Brain Dead
    Brain Dead

    I used to watch Cesar on national geographic i think it was years ago. I started watching him again just now, it's amazing how far he's become and things he achieved over the years. So proud of you dude!!

  • Ágnes Őze
    Ágnes Őze

    Csodálatos okos férvi ilyet nem látom, túl sok kutya, nagyon veszélyes, 🙁😕😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • hamzh ahmed
    hamzh ahmed

    You are the boss man.. Like you from Egypt

  • JoZeph

    I've learnt a lot about bitches from this man! Tnks Ce

  • cherryclan1

    Hired a dog trainer when I got a mini poodle rescue 4 years ago. Just wanted him to learn some leash manners. He hated the trainer. Started barking before she even got to the front door the first time, and she plied him w treats so he eventually tolerated her but prob never really liked her. Now I realize he doesn’t often bark at people and esp not like he did her. I def learned more from watching Cesar’s shows. Then a woman in my neighborhood hired a different trainer for her dog. The trainer taught the dog to sit when people with dogs passed by during walks in our neighborhood. He did so well that the other day I saw her pulling him to try to get him to stand up and continue his walk. Seems like every time I see them out he’s sitting. Be careful what you teach your dog.

  • Steve Aguinaga
    Steve Aguinaga

    I get most all he does with animal behavior. But im lost with this one.

    • Goodthinkful

      I think It’s something like this: You lure the dog out of the behavior initially with treats, and a solid command (saying her name in a calm but reprimanding or at least not in an overly gentle tone, combined with the physical cue of the hand motion). The dog quickly associates this motion and command, and the interruption/redirection of the behavior with a positive reward (in this case treats, but a toy could be used). I’d assume she’d have to slowly work away from using the treats every time though, otherwise she’ll have to drive around with treats forever to stop the behavior. The treats are usually when you’re luring them into doing what you want, so that they know what you’re asking of them when they’re rewarded for it enough times. You can do this the first couple training sessions when starting to teach a puppy to sit, lay down, heel, etc. After a few sessions I think it’s pretty important to space out food rewards, and eventually push them all the way to the end of the session. Otherwise you just have a dog doing circus tricks for peanuts, and not listening when it matters.

  • Gaspard Coligny
    Gaspard Coligny

    If this small dude would try his bullshit with real dogs like Kangel, Ovcharka or central asian shepard they would fuck him up.

  • Fernando Bully
    Fernando Bully

    Am needing ur help with my American bully I can’t believe he got off the leash then ran up n smelled the lil boy then he bit lil boy thank god got there on time stop him from doing more damage

  • Andrew Morency
    Andrew Morency

    this man is a modern day Mr. myiagi

  • Coyote Plays
    Coyote Plays

    I don’t mind the change, but is this the kind of training we never got to see on the shows?

  • Marivi Almaraz
    Marivi Almaraz

    Hola César me gusta tu manera de encantar a los perritos, pero ya que eres mexicano y mucha honra, porque no haces tus videos en español o por lo menos con subtítulos, por favor, gracias

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Bruce Parker
    Bruce Parker

    It’s crazy how the same things can be applied to humans to some degree.

  • Crimadella Phone
    Crimadella Phone

    So, it's harder to train a human than is a dog...

  • garry whitelaw
    garry whitelaw

    I would imagine this guy and the crocodile Hunter would have worked together well.

  • Tom J Designs
    Tom J Designs

    Cesar is the king of dogs

  • -.-

    10:05 ceaser gets a new dog and a new car GTA style 😂

  • Four Forty Music
    Four Forty Music

    The lady in the car was absolutely not getting Caesar's directions!!

  • DonDon Don
    DonDon Don

    Cesar Millan just gets in that car. that man has guts.

  • DonDon Don
    DonDon Don

    that woman is too stupid for such a simple thing.

  • Eduardo Jose Garcia
    Eduardo Jose Garcia

    Cuando se le aproxime un ladron, el perro no hara nada?

  • Vitaminelius S Eulat
    Vitaminelius S Eulat

    Stella: so everytime I do a barky this nice man gives me treatos, got it.

  • Estoy Gringo
    Estoy Gringo

    He makes more cash doing this than a show. You think he claims all the cash on his taxes he’ll no