Cesar Millan vs. HYPER DOG (Stop Dog Lunging)
In this video, Cesar demonstrates how using the methods of block and redirection can create the desired outcome with a hyper dog.
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  • Ephraim Camacho
    Ephraim Camacho

    Thank you so much!!! Your the best!!

  • Armando Gudino
    Armando Gudino

    Que padre Caesar! Y seguir adelante! Viva La Mexican Halti! 😂✌🏽❤️

  • Jessica Maria Giovanela
    Jessica Maria Giovanela

    poor dog :(

  • Mary Ann Lynn
    Mary Ann Lynn

    Folding your arms and turning your back on them works well. Training a cattle dog is easy. Food is the best motivator. And you’re pissing off the dog. These dogs are not to be ignored

  • Mary Ann Lynn
    Mary Ann Lynn

    This guy obviously knows nothing about Heelers. For one they were bred to herd. For two heelers don’t have an off button. And heelers are much smarter than he is


    9:10 internal Doge: - why u do this to me? - who is this guy? - Bike!?

  • Rohan Richardson
    Rohan Richardson

    I'd do that a little differently but he gets results.

  • My Dogs Best Fren
    My Dogs Best Fren

    this man is a wizard

  • Lee Harrison
    Lee Harrison

    Can you train Trump?

  • Bri G15
    Bri G15

    This man never ceases to amaze me.

  • naiomi isis channel
    naiomi isis channel

    in 8:26 the gurl falls =^,^=

  • Time- Binder
    Time- Binder

    One of my favorite breeds . Big Road Warrior fan.

  • Shel Nunya AT
    Shel Nunya AT

    Beautiful session. Thank you

  • deanna belle wingo
    deanna belle wingo

    Great to see you again hugs

  • barbara smith
    barbara smith

    No the dog is heeling

  • jjrockjon

    If I tried putting a Mexican halti on my dog, she would do nothing but work at removing it til it was off her schnoz.

  • Happy Feet For Dogs
    Happy Feet For Dogs

    Boredom busters irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/pch2k4C4p59rmXM.html

  • Unelected

    I’ve been watching Cesar for a long time but my kangal is a very independent dog and doesn’t approach other dogs correctly and can cause issues with dogs and owners. He also barks at certain people and can’t take his eyes off people who walk by. My German shepherd has an extreme focus on things and can’t snap out of it easily. He will focus on his objective and gets too tunnel visioned and can display aggression to particular dogs especially if they are hyper sexual. I try various method but he is laser focused. Help!!!!

  • Bagyo Policarpio
    Bagyo Policarpio


  • H. Lau
    H. Lau

    I’m afraid when the dog open mouth the sharp teeth and sound very upset. how can let them clam down or let me not afraid them!

  • Bobbalou Willis
    Bobbalou Willis

    Hey Cesar... I have 30 or more huskies .... I have not seen you work with huskies yet.. Can you please help

  • Shehrazade Choudhary
    Shehrazade Choudhary

    I am so glad Switzerland didn't allowed you to give lesson here. You are not using modern ethological method 😅

  • Interviewer Von Artista
    Interviewer Von Artista

    Thank you!

  • Robert Garrett
    Robert Garrett

    Thats bull crap. That dog did not like that rope around his snout and neither would I.

  • From Oz
    From Oz

    "emotional support human ?" i think cesar is the opposite of emo(tional), he is always in clarity. dogs get that right away: "this human is not an emotional wreck. havent seen that in a while..."

  • Aswath 111
    Aswath 111

    Caesar , how to calm a dog which is chasing me

  • Angela Yeager
    Angela Yeager

    My ridgeback does something like that but pools much much much harder and brain is everywhere at this time I am not even able to get him out of my backyard to transport him to be neutered or to the vet and I really need your help I believe this would be a challenge for you

  • Vee Bee
    Vee Bee

    I don't understand why people buy working dogs in the city?! These dogs are breed for working not sit at home in an apartment all day with nothing to do. Get a dog suitable for your lifestyle not to fit your fantasy of the life you want.

  • rkingsiv

    4:20 Using the energy of helping to benefit dogs, humans, and the world. Always maintain that helpful, loving intention. "you can never lose that"

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    Why did 3 hundred something not like Cesar? maybe they tried his techniques but they couldn't change themselves first? (the most important part lol)

  • Melinda Souders
    Melinda Souders

    Oh my, thank you so much. I was feeling like I could not at all handle my dog after 4 different training schools. I am more confident now. I am a yoga teacher and I feel like I can apply everything I learned to my dog (rescue pup). She is over a year old and still has so much fear of other people and other dogs. I want her to be happier :)

  • Ben Wolf
    Ben Wolf

    3:35 That lady was focused on what was in front of her, Cesar. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." xD

  • Janko Aćimović
    Janko Aćimović

    I wish there is a local Cesar Millan in every neighborhood and interrupt dog owners that believe no touch and positive reinforcement is the ONLY WAY to deal with dogs and show some education.

  • mitochondrion97

    It’s quite funny how distracted that dog is with that Mexican halti. Cesar is right about how dog’s mind works, he is completely ignoring everything else because he focus is all on the thing in front of his eyes😂 9:26

  • Roland Kennedy
    Roland Kennedy

    BEST SHIRT EVER Cesar is wearing

  • kennyii999

    why is it vs. and not with!?

  • pro pro
    pro pro

    Come and see Mr. Bubz

  • Cody Charles
    Cody Charles

    Anyone know where I can get that shirt Cesar is wearing?

  • Larry Cato
    Larry Cato

    I want to get a dog, but I want to be trained by Cesar first. His understanding of dogs is amazing. Train the owner who can then train the dog.

  • luke jones
    luke jones

    I always shake a ball in my dogs face when bikes go past.. works every single time.

  • LE LoveDogs
    LE LoveDogs

    Cesar you are absolutely amazing, no question! Thank you for your continued work on teaching us how to better communicate with our dogs and what we need to do as humans to give our dogs what they really need. You are the best!!!

  • M Thomas
    M Thomas

    The dog didn't like the Mexican halti at all, but I am sure Cesar would have found a different way too, right?

  • S Vignesh
    S Vignesh

    Caesars fan from India ❤️❤️😘

  • john james
    john james

    the mexican halti!!! he's the best! the slip leash (and it's flexible utility, as Cesar shows) is one of the best tools out there for dog owners, thanks Cesar!!

  • i-hate-conspiracy-theorist

    I love Cesar so much, if everyone were like him, we all would live in paradise and I love dogs too obviously ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • alis_n_wundrlnd

      Watching him has helped me alot...especially, the calmness...I have a pit and even though she is the sweetest dogs...like, she still runs to the other room if I drop a utensil...lol...but, she does want to see and interact with strangers, but, since she is a service dog, she has to be even more trained...but, other than hyper/curious she really well behaved...I'm teaching her different commands in different languages as well as sign...so, I know it will actually be easy to teach her other stuff...I just don't know the best way... I had everything going ok, and, then my mom spent 8 months in the hospital, which messed up our training for close to a year, cause even when my mom got home she still had to have alot of help...which, also took time away from training...so, now, I'm trying to get her back to behaving...but, like I said, one of the things is my anxiety...so, lately, I've been watching him and implementing alot of stuff...especially, trying to stay completely calm

    • jeannette sneed
      jeannette sneed

      Turturtur.tru.tru.tru!!! 🤣🤣

  • Maya mopsii
    Maya mopsii

    Cesar is in my eyes is a dog wisperer. Most times it is the owners fault how they handle the dog. I learn much from cesar. I have a pug that Do the Same but Know she is cool when a bike pass her.I am third owner it the pug. I learn to Trust her in many things and she is good now.I think Trust is Most important,the dog feel when you insecure and have fear.thanks cesar you are special

  • Barbara Novak
    Barbara Novak

    I am very afraid of all dogs, I was attached when I was young how can I overcome this fear ?

    • M Thomas
      M Thomas

      Watch all seasons dog whisperer!

  • Sarah V
    Sarah V

    You are the best Cesar 🙏💖

  • Minh Châu Phó
    Minh Châu Phó

    Once I got chased by a hyper dog while I was at the park skateboarding, and the owner of the dog just stood there with her friend doing nothing about it. I dont blame the dog, I blame the owner itself. Almost got a heart attack from this experience, since he kept barking and trying to bite the skateboard and my legs.

  • John Bishop
    John Bishop

    success in your own life can be that simple of a change

  • UP 40 Vlogs
    UP 40 Vlogs

    Please sir tel me हिंदी hindi language

  • Leah C
    Leah C

    8:51 the mexican halti technique

  • John Koonz
    John Koonz

    Great Vid!

  • ryftz FN
    ryftz FN

    I like these vids

  • ryftz FN
    ryftz FN

    I like these vids

  • ryftz FN
    ryftz FN

    I like these vids

  • ryftz FN
    ryftz FN

    I like these vids

  • Mozmoz Fun
    Mozmoz Fun

    Dogs are my favorite animals and you are a famous dog 🐕 trainer I would dream to meet you

  • Cherie French
    Cherie French

    Why do people buy dog breeds, especially working breeds, to live in suburban small places? It is unfair to the dog. It annoys the human who doesn't take the time to expand exercise and activities to match the breeds inherent drives. So selfish to see huskies in 100 weather because they have nice eyes. Their coat goes patchy, they itch, they are designed for cool and cold arctic weather. Cattle dogs, heelers need to herd and run, not sit on your sofa. Sad that looks matter more than the actual dogs needs.

  • Cecilia Rivas
    Cecilia Rivas


  • Mircea Balea
    Mircea Balea

  • Lyndah

    Love you Cesar!💖

  • Rose Yusores
    Rose Yusores

    cesar millan is the best

  • Marc McFarland
    Marc McFarland

    Wouldn't circling the dog like that make him feel threatened?

  • Martine Patino
    Martine Patino


  • Kieran Daly
    Kieran Daly

    Caesar should reach teenagers.

  • Brooklyn Riffle
    Brooklyn Riffle

    My blue heeler is just The best.

  • Grace Chan
    Grace Chan

    I watch for the cute dogs but end up learning how to handle fights with my family 😅

    • Miti Ronaldo
      Miti Ronaldo

      Ya punch em in the nose 👃

    • Christina Rivers
      Christina Rivers


    • Anne Caulder
      Anne Caulder

      Grace Chan 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Cesar is an absolute psychologist!

  • viktoriya pugacheva
    viktoriya pugacheva

    Could you please support the heroic man Jeffrey Berry and his team at nodogsleftbehind who are tiresly fighting for animal welfare in China!Not only saving the dogs from cruelty but educating the youth about being compassionate and caring !

  • vikingo7374

    Buenos días desde España. Me encantaría poder explicarte mi caso para que me puedas indicar si lo estoy haciendo bien o necesito hacer algo más con mi cachorra de Malinois de 4 meses y con falta se socialización. Lleva en mi familia 2 semanas y aunque estoy trabajando su miedo, necesitaría tu punto de vista sobre mi trabajo con ella. Gracias y espero puedas ayudarme a mi y a ella.

  • Kerry Milne
    Kerry Milne

    And in a downhill situation where the bike appears from nowhere at speed I'm going to sit and watch the bikes go past with my boy get him used to it and judge's reaction what would your approach be

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan

    It is amazing how good Cesar is.

  • DreamBelief

    I wish I could get tips on how to portray the correct powerful energy as a wheelchair user.

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones

    Luckily, I've never had issues with any dogs or cats I've had growing up. I feel dogs and cats do not want for much, except some food, water, and lots of attention. I always felt that all of the love I showed them was more than reciprocated. When your cat or dog waits for you all curled up by the door for when you come home you can really feel the unconditional love...

    • HkFinn83

      They need more than love. Well, dogs do, cats don’t care much either way.

  • saintsfisherman

    I have a blue heeler that only acts out towards our two year old when we are not there. does pretty good when we are there, but as soon as we are gone she will growl and lightly nip at our son. She will not draw blood but when we are not there she shows him she doesn't like him. I will scold her and then lay her on her side or back and then make him pet her stomach and belly and she will allow it when we are there. Since he is too young to understand the training, I can't train him yet. We have a 145lb rottweiler that is amazing with him, but it is just the 35lb heeler that has an attitude problem. Any suggestions.

  • Look At Me Photography
    Look At Me Photography

    Omgoodness, you’re the best dude. Thank you!!! Nose, eyes and ears...love it! I’ve watched 3 videos and they have helped me tremendously with my German Shepard puppy. Thank you.

  • DOGMAN3161

    Hi Cesar, learned when dog becomes too excited, redirect them away from the excitement. Once calm then reward dog for following your calm energy and directions.


    Emotional Support Human!!! I need this vest!!

  • Reese Estrella
    Reese Estrella

    i need Cesar to train my husky to calm down...but im in the Philippines,

  • Nicola Booth
    Nicola Booth

    ########## Words of wisdom from ceaser yet again - your speach on fixing the world with kindness and redirection was on point.

  • Steph Pinsent
    Steph Pinsent

    Milan has no recognized credentials, published research to his credit nor has he demonstrated any credible knowledge of canine behavior that is scientifically based. He is a master of marketing and self-promotion. He has invented his own language of training terminology that has meaning only to him and his followers.

    • autism kitten
      autism kitten

      it works so....

  • Karen Jacobs
    Karen Jacobs

    Thanx Cesar. Watched this video last night. Used the mexican halti on my very excited pitty today. For the first time ever he walked besides a human without pullling. He usually goes nuts when a car, bike or other dogs passes. Today one car passed. He was corrected and he stayed calm. The halti was magic. Just to keep the brain focused

  • Adriana Reis
    Adriana Reis


  • roonie segura merchan
    roonie segura merchan

    Acabé de adoptar una perrita "pampa", es sorda y albina tiene un año de edad, se termino de acostumbrar a mi pero es agresiva con las personas y perros que caminan o estan alrededor de ella, que puedo hacer?

  • Umang Rawat Rawat
    Umang Rawat Rawat

    I am a great dog lover and I'm your biggest fan Ceaser, I hope in future we will meet.

  • Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep Yadav

    I from india, plz hindi language make video

  • Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep Yadav

    I saw your many video, but i know little English, plzzzzzzz use hindi language

  • Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep Yadav

    Plz hindi language give episode , i know little English ,

  • Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep Yadav

    Very important information

  • M C
    M C

    How to stop lugging the leash when I walk my dog when he sees the birds and squirrels?

  • Anna Brewin
    Anna Brewin

    Brilliant! I live in Australia on acres. I have an Australian Cattle Dog that will listen to nothing when I feed my horses. He wants to race out and herd then before I put the feed down. As you can imagine he is living on borrowed time wanting to grab their tails. He could sustain a nasty kick. He is fixated on me throwing the ball to him also.. Watching this I am going to introduce the ball at feed time and throw it out into the paddock when I barrow out the food. And see if he fixates on the ball ignoring the horses. I am excited! I hope it works on my first try tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  • G9Moto

    Negan doing laps around Cesar and the dog!

  • Marissa sandoval
    Marissa sandoval

    That shirt tho👌👌 so fitting for you. It perfectly describes you

  • Jeanna Orris
    Jeanna Orris

    I had forgotten to use the "Preventive" thought, always thinking about the "Intervention" and what I was going to do - well.. Now I can stop using so much energy intervening and instead focus on anticipating how I want things to be which will prevent the need to intervene. SO MUCH EASIER - ty ty ty

  • Eli Howard
    Eli Howard

    Lord what I would do with my husky and pit bull without his advice sometimes 😂self reflection is key, thanks ceaser

  • nola1323

    He is so brilliant at understanding human behavior and dogs reaction to it

  • Mitchell S Metzger
    Mitchell S Metzger

    I am looking for a resource that gives advice on two things 1. What should we do when dogs want to chase us while we are on a bicycle? and 2. What should we do when dogs want to chase us while jogging by?

  • Selusa Secundus
    Selusa Secundus

    I want that "emotional supporthuman" shirt super bad

  • Controllered

    Hi, my dog has been acting different because his newly discovered arthritis, it’s making him nervous at times and he acts almost like he’s uncomfortable with everything around him. He’s not vicious and never has been, any ideas to help him feel more comfortable when he is distressed?


    I’m so glad you are out of the Hollyweird system and truly make your own money.