Cesar Millan's Tips On An Overly Aggressive Dog #CesarSOS
Cesar gets a request to help a very aggressive terrier pup. Every time the owner lets him out of his kennel he goes straight to attack their other dog.
Cesar provides tips and suggestions for this pup with so much energy to challenge him mentally and physically. Presenting specific activities and other ways to connect and engage with this pup.
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  • ironpython1492

    My advice to this man: 22 bullets are cheap

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez

    Hi saludos sesar deves hacer mas videos como cundo Comensaste

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez

    Cesar espero que todo este bien con usted lo esperamos en Alexandria va tengo mi perro chico el pitbull que me a puesto mi Vida y nuestro hogar en una situacion bien mal espero que me regrese este enviado gracias

  • Amir Wolf
    Amir Wolf

    Had a big Lab go after my little Rhodesian today. He’s bigger than the Lab but weighs less. It’s the third time we’ve been attacked now and we’re both terrified of walking down the street where we live.

  • mattia dizard
    mattia dizard

    Im on fixed income and my mini poodle is fear aggressive i got him last yr from craiglist in newark and i need affordable dog training

  • Rameen Khan
    Rameen Khan

    Great teaching but the music 🙄

  • Bre

    Thank you needed this

  • Leaf Hoy
    Leaf Hoy

    What if I'm the horrible guy that wants to give you a delivery.

  • Ben McNeill
    Ben McNeill

    Really need to turn down the background music!!

  • cècil lucindo
    cècil lucindo

    The music is redundant in this video.

  • Nighty Nine
    Nighty Nine

    Lol the music they are auditioning for a Peruvian band

  • Milton Enriquez
    Milton Enriquez

    Hey i need help I have an aggressive American bully

  • Trish Fenley
    Trish Fenley

    What do if you have a dog that Aggressive to other people how do teach them not people are bad people

  • Priscilla Taylor
    Priscilla Taylor

    Great video. I would love help with my male lab and catahoula mix. He is the best dog with small child and female dogs...but when a male dog is near...he gets so aggressive! Any advice would be helpful!

  • Abbie Pfeiffer
    Abbie Pfeiffer

    Cesar, I have an 11 week old cattle dog puppy. She’s normally fine but whenever I take something away from her that she shouldn’t have (like a piece of clothing, napkin, rock, etc) she gets super aggressive and bites, jumps, gets angry. How do I address ?

  • Electro Tectro
    Electro Tectro

    This video helped me understand dog behaviour a lot. You need add extra video of examples, mentally challenging your dog. You will have the video extended to over 10 minutes. You will receive so much more adds and money. Thank you.

  • Canis Lupus
    Canis Lupus

    Can you speak lower I can’t hear the music thanks Cesar

  • lamfilipos

    Thanks for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Nonadison Ageing Abscissa (search on google)? It is a great one off guide for caring for your ageing dog without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cooworker at very last got great success with it.

  • Diary of a Goat-Lass
    Diary of a Goat-Lass

    Yo Cesar! Long time fan here in Need of a little guidance. I have recently adopted a new dog and while I have been doing everything right, she is still aggressive and beats my current (13 year old) dog up. I don’t blame my own dog for being gun shy at this point as she is merely defending herself. I walk them every day twice a day (beside me or biking) and outside of taking them free walking with my goats (they are perfectly civil on our goat “hikes”) I don’t know what to do to stop the aggressive possessiveness. She’s most aggressive in the garage where they sleep if my dog wanders into the new dogs bed or half of the yard. I refuse to be beat by this. Please help if you can.

  • Beeblebrox One
    Beeblebrox One

    If a dog is being that aggressive you need to shout at it to establish its mind who is boss, and if that doesn't work hit it til it stops biting at you, it's not cruelty it is what pack animals do to establish dominance. If it is still aggressive have it put down before it hurts someone.

  • Four2Tour

    Did Cesar say something about a backpack? Can somebody clarify that please?

  • cassien14

    Idk if ceasar can see this I need help with my dog louie...i can't figure him out.If yoy could help id appreciate it....

  • Rudolf Hitler
    Rudolf Hitler

    Mediocre, this is the real dog whisperer : irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Z5yiZ3uXrqqrs50.html

  • Vaan Huang
    Vaan Huang

    But my dog only show aggression to certain dog in my house.. Is it the same problem?

  • Fishy Cow
    Fishy Cow

    Damn I- Okay, can't focus with this loud ass fiesta music

  • Joe Dimes
    Joe Dimes

    So if I have a Retriever I should always take it out with me if I'm hunting

  • Robert Contreras
    Robert Contreras

    I have the same problem but what he said didn't help at all? Take them for a run and my dog is still aggressive for no reason

  • Ivan J California
    Ivan J California

    Is everyone under the satanic control of Freemasons, I see the same wicked hand symbolism.

  • Rebekah K
    Rebekah K

    Cesar mentions a backpack a few times. I’m assuming this helps the dog think that he’s working? Any recommendations on what kind of backpack I might get?

  • Suchandra Dasi
    Suchandra Dasi

    would this work for cows

  • Lindsey Smith
    Lindsey Smith

    I have a similar problem with my 3 year old chihuahua charlie and my 6month old lab luna. Charlie cannot be in the same room with her if they arent both preoccupied, he will growl and bark at her (but has never bit her). Luna wants to play with him since shes just a puppy, but I cant seem to get them both to a compromise of what type of play is appropriate for both dogs boundaries. SOS!

  • Elliott James
    Elliott James

    Cesar should i beat dogs ass?

  • Yosira Davalos
    Yosira Davalos

    This video is very helpful. Thank you for this. I hope the person who sent the video got some help, because that would be a very frustrating environment.

  • Alternative Studios Alexandria L.L.C.
    Alternative Studios Alexandria L.L.C.

    I have a question we had a Pit-bull dog that we found when she was a puppy. She was fine when I was around and in the back yard when my kids were little. But she was crazy aggressive if anyone came near are yard. I would even bring her in my Salon and she would lay there when I did clients hair she knew not to get up when someone walked in the Salon. She acted find around other Dogs while I was there. She normally stayed in the house with me or we would take her for walks our play in the yard. I could not leave her out cause she could scale 6ft-8ft privacy fences. Unfortunately, We had got another American Bull Dog that was a little older then a pup and i introduced them over a period of a few weeks. I had let them out once and we thought the new Bull Dog Emotep Ran away. A few month’s later we watched a liter of 3-6 month old puppies and They disappeared. We tried introducing her to my boyfriends dog which was also a Pitt-Bull and they seemed fine the first 3-4 weeks then my Pitt-Bull Daisy tried to kill him. So we just had to keep them separate. Later we found out while having underneath the house behind the basement cleaned out she had killed all the other dogs and hid their remains. She never showed aggression when I was present. Later I got married and she acted find around my husband. One Day he walked out and she followed him and attacked him. I had to go out and make her stop. I could literally say stop and set and she would stop. We eventually had to have her put to sleep cause she broke through or privacy fence in less then an 30 min and killed another Dog. She was fine with my mom, my kids, other dogs as long as I was there and People as long as I was there. I never left her out more then 30min and we walked we played ball we went to the park and played my kids played with her. I dont know why she would go after dogs and even my husband. I never saw her aggressive except in the two cases I made her stop acting like that i would tell her Daisy no Set and she would stop and look at me like she had never done anything. I have had all kinds of Dogs and Two Wolves and I had never seen this behavior. Im sure it was not her breed I have never had problems with any dogs. Other then a lab-Pitt mix that had been exposed to Drugs that tried to attack my 4yr old son at the time and I had to stay in front of my son to let the Dog know he had to go through me if he wanted my son. The Dog and me had a stand off until the owner came and got him cause everyone around even the men were scared to help me. No one got hurt. What cause a dog to do the things Daisy did? My mom was an old farm girl and had at least 50-100 dogs in her life time she said something was wrong with her. We dont know what had happened to her prior to us finding her originally. We never kept her in a create or not take her out for at least several hours of exercise a day.

  • BigRed F100
    BigRed F100

    do your dogs (not necessarily your clients) dogs get along with each other unsupervised? Can you train a group of dogs mixed M & F to get along? thereason behind this question is I see a lot of homestead farmers/ranchers where their LGDs cannot get along with each other. I get its in their nature to be protective of their bonded flock or herd. I was just wondering if its possible to establish a group/pack mentality where the dogs could work together. I see a lot of post where homesteaders are giving up a dog becuase it can't get along with the rest on the farm. And wondered if there was a way to correct this behavior and not have to give up the dog. I get the time/money constrates that might dictate getting a dog off of the farm. I wish you had more training video on achieving pack balance and maybe showed helping these working dogs on a farm situation

  • Bonnie Bates
    Bonnie Bates

    My large dog "kills" and distroys every toy including heavy duty dog toys. She's not a destructive chewer, like some dogs. I have control - can "claim" toy at any time but is it bad to even allow her to do this?

  • Abigail Megaw
    Abigail Megaw

    When I take my mums dog for a walk she stops and wont walk. But when someone else walks with us she walks. Nothing will tempt her to walk as sometimes I try and tempt her with a treat. Sadly I live in Northern Ireland not America

  • Dana Scully
    Dana Scully

    Might be a good idea to have someone HELP YOU when you are filming your dog and trying to separate a fight. Sheesh people.

  • nhgrl68

    Thanks so much for doing this video. I'm having aggression issues also, with my 8 month old Yorkie. She is constantly attacking my laid back Cavachon, and my Cavachon just lets her do it. I'll definitely give these a try.

  • Stephen Rainer
    Stephen Rainer

    fix the sound issues no backgorund music

  • Noxien

    Lessen the background music

  • Tstar- M
    Tstar- M

    Can’t hear Shit 😂😂😂

  • LookaButterfly

    I love love love the idea of this #CesarSOS. I have to agree about the volume of the music only while Caesar’s talking. And I totally love the salsa music in the intro!!! More salsa please!!!

  • Zeept65

    I love your shows your love for animals and family! Would love to see a video on grief after you lose a family member your pet I've got a fifteen year old lab who we adopted from a rescue she has three legs I was born without my left arm she lost her left leg I know she was meant for me because when we got her paperwork she was found on September 1 and had her leg amputated on September 2 which is my birthday! She has healed my heart so much and she's my BFF! How do you deal with losing one of your pac? Love all your videos thank you for sharing your gift with us and all the animals you've saved!!!!

  • Sebastian Morris
    Sebastian Morris

    Who's here because of Steve Crowder

  • D4nisworld

    Some people use pets and their children as extensions of themselves. These people don’t deserve to have them. They treat them like things with no feelings and personal needs. Biiiig mistake!!. This just a recipe for disaster.

  • Kezia Petrelli
    Kezia Petrelli

    What do you mean by use a backpack? Like add weight to their walk?

  • Gapanredi

    How did I just learn Cesar had a youtube channel???? Instant sub 😍

  • DJhato

    i like this but you could work on the sound leveling. the music is so loud its sometimes hard to hear what you are saying

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    firstname to login

    19/11/2019 10:26:35 - sabías que las hembras de hiena tienen pene?

  • Joseph Myers
    Joseph Myers

    To everyone saying, "I can't understand you." 👉🏼😐😬(cringe)

  • *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*
    *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*

    Sorry about the comments

  • *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*
    *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*

    My dog attacked my other and almost killed him

  • *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*
    *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*

    In this is wat happed with my dog but I got rid because I had to

  • *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*
    *Sweet* XxbrokenXx lldreamsII *today*

    Is this Cesar? Or idk bc Im like fliping out because I found ur yt if it is u I have a question for u Cesar. Please reply or someone that knows (if it is ima cry because I will be so happy)

    • SapphireShield

      This channel belongs to Cesar Millan a.k.a 'the dog whisperer'.

  • whats sarcasm
    whats sarcasm

    Turn that music down fuck man

  • Neva O'Laughlin
    Neva O'Laughlin

    Not sure you’ll reply but I pray you do..... my 12y/o King Charles cavilier was attacked by a coyote. He was barking then nothing. Obviously we can’t find him other than the dragging of his little body thru the snow-I am just praying he was killed instantly. Is that probably what happened?

  • Darkniife

    Cesar, te agradecería que me echases alguna mano con el problema que tengo. Mi perro es mu nervioso y mu cariñoso pero a la hora de comer desde hace medio año se vuelve muy agresivo y no sabemos por qué... Y obviando que el tiene su comida y pienso. Te agradecería mucho tu ayuda.

  • PowerWoWTV

    Cesar, I have a 6 month pup & he is very submissive. He listens and I am able to control him well, however if a COMPLETE stranger comes to our door, he will bark, growl & have his tail down. His hairs on his spine will stand up but the barking or growling isnt excessive. He is mostly just notifying me. Is this behaviour acceptable? I do not mind it because it scares away intruders if any come, and if I tell him to go lay down, he turns into the normal OVERLY friendly submissive pup after I invite the guest inside.

  • Nick Murray
    Nick Murray

    I love this intro

  • Peter K
    Peter K

    Hey Cesar, love your work

  • Alyssa Wong
    Alyssa Wong

    this is great 👏🏼 i forget that breed is such a huge part in the dog’s temperament and skills

  • Надежда Лиса
    Надежда Лиса

    А где перевод? С удовольствием смотрела передачи с Цезарем, и вот опять встреча.Ждем перевода.

  • West Senkovec
    West Senkovec

    How many times do I have to kick it in the ribs until it stops being aggressive?

  • Music Laboratory
    Music Laboratory

    Hi Ceaser, I have a 14 year old pit bull named Storm I have only had him for about 2 years after I found him tied to a 4 foot chain on a tree no food no water he couldn't even stand to greet me when I walked up to him so i took him from the drug addicts that abused him actively with glass bottles and other things and Stormy is very affectionate to females and tolerates other men besides myself with other animals he is extremely violent but shows no anger in his actions as though he just has the understanding that "this is the way I'm supposed to do things" he has on a few occasions even attacked me when being intimate with my wife other than these triggering moments he is very happy and mostly a big baby so after such a long story (sorry about that) my question is how can I learn to act in a such a way to provoke a calm response from him when around friendly animals?

  • Elizabeth Harris
    Elizabeth Harris

    Love you from South Africa. I really, really enjoyed the music that starts this video. I have put your "No talk, no touch, no eye contact" with my daughter's Doberman and it works. He used to jump up on me - no more! Thank goodness because I am 80 years old. I just ignore Tanned and voila!!!

  • Zeitlose Hundetherapie
    Zeitlose Hundetherapie


  • Douglas Schramm
    Douglas Schramm

    All dogs are bad. Bad dog

  • Lurcherlouts

    Cesar Milan uses outdated and abusive methods-stop allowing these adverts to come onto my computer

  • Dima Knopf
    Dima Knopf

    Dude im a dog :0

  • Conroy Penner
    Conroy Penner

    Do you have any tips for dogs on an over aggressive Cesar Millan?

  • Kottonmouth3

    If you’re gonna play music that loud, might as well play some Slayer

  • August Ryckman
    August Ryckman

    "Xiang rou" is dog meat in Chinese.

  • Tomislav Majkić
    Tomislav Majkić

    Whatever people wanna say about Cesar, he gets the job done.

  • bambang prakoso
    bambang prakoso

    Who is the sound technician for your channel Cesar? Fire him/her

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    Twick Chester

    Spray those shits with ice water

  • Dorothy Baskin
    Dorothy Baskin

    First of all don't let him out of the cage like that.

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M

    LA musica esta fuerte Don Cesar

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M

    My boxer dog cannot get along with dogs. It's killing me. I don't want an anti social dog 🙄

  • gloria gloria
    gloria gloria

    I actually cannot watch this, I took on my daughter's dog which she rescued from being a breed bitch to fighting dogs, she was abused and has always been aggressive to other dogs. I have pretty much kept her insed, I have a forty foot walled garden, for six years. Wonderful with all humans including kids. She got out the front door on Halloween, attacked and killed a tiny dog. I had her put down the next day. Gutted as my daughter died last year and dog was a link to her. Police said they would have made me do it. It was less painful to make that decision. I offered to pay their vet bill but I have not heard anything yet, I am absolultely devastated for their loss. I tried to get her off, put my own hand in her mouth and got a broken finger. She was a staffie cross boxer with possibly some pit in her. What would you have done. I am so so sorry for the other family and don't feel I have the right to grieve my dog as it was my lapse in concentration that she got out. Please don't hate me. I hate myself enough for everyone.I am a UK grandma.

  • Seasexnsun

    The editor obviously likes the song. :D It's just a tiny bit too loud in the background, while Cesar is talking. Tone it down by 15-20% and you're good. :D

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson

    This guy is truly amazing

  • Mlouka Mlouka
    Mlouka Mlouka


  • Robina Forrand-Adams
    Robina Forrand-Adams

    Whoa! Hope it all works out, he obviously loves his dogs. Most owners would have abandoned them in one way or another.

  • Nadya Peugnet
    Nadya Peugnet

    Estoy buscando tu página es español pasea suscribirme, si tienes?.sino sería fabuloso que tuvieras una

  • A4 A'chik
    A4 A'chik

    I have 4 months old American Bully, her name is Gypsy. She is very friendly with anyone who comes to the house or even outside with the strangers. But if someone hits me or fake to hit me, or just stroke me in front of her, then she will suddenly become agressive and will charge that person and try to bite that person even if that person is my family member. And moreover if I laugh or make a sound like as if I am hurt, she will charge the closest person near me and try to bite. Even though I like it to see her being protective of me ,I want to fix her behaviour so that it wont get worst in the future . Please give me some suggestion how to do it.

  • Lass-in Angeles
    Lass-in Angeles

    Cesar, I always learn something new from you! I love you dearly, thank you!! Producers - Turn off the music. All of it. Nothing but irritating noise. Silence is golden. We need to hear Cesar,

  • Anubis 33
    Anubis 33

    Cesar podría poner subtítulos por favor para sus seguidores latinos ? 😥😥😥😥😥

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    Mike Solomon

    Hi, greeting! ! Thank you for sharing your talent, you are very much needed every place .keep smiling lol politely

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    Ricardo V

    Awesome tip :) (the music is too loud and the graphics too large, making everything too much distraction. I want to concentrate on your message) Thank you for sharing

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    G Q


  • mark schuette
    mark schuette

    yes they need a job/sport- THAT IS FUN FOR YOU ALSO! check out WWW.DOGPOWEREDSCOOTER.COM this will also develope teamwork between the dogs.

  • Trish

    Okay so this is to the production team he has editing and posting videos: Y'all take 10 years to film and edit a few minute video, but still fail at a basic editing skill. C'mon. People serious about growing their channels are out here posting 3 times a week. It doesn't have to be the perfect angels and the perfect shot, get the message through. Any video has a message to tell people, and here y'all are sabotaging that with the loud and distracting music. You don't have to be perfect, you dont have to have music and lights and action. Just get the message through, and work your way from there. The music should be there for a reason. And right now, it's there as a mere decoration.

  • Humanity Interrupted
    Humanity Interrupted

    #ceasarsos I could use your advise with my dog

  • Amanda Wang García Peña
    Amanda Wang García Peña

    Cesar Millan, I love the work you do with dogs. It's incredible. I wish you answered me back, it would be a wish becoming true

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    Tina DeMuro


  • dranenko

    Cesar...so happy to found your IRbin channel...man you're the unique an real dog expert...succes!

  • Andrei Santos
    Andrei Santos

    Can we have puppy getting introduced to adult dogs and you show us how to make sure your adult dog isn't getting jealous. Thanks cause my adult dog is agressive :(

  • Darby Dupree
    Darby Dupree

    lWow! I'm glad I don't have a dog like that. Sounds like a lot of work for the owner. I wonder how that will pan out.

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