Cesar Millan's Dog Nation: Washington D.C. "Call Of Duty": Walking to Freedom
One of the most moving moments for Cesar in Washington D.C. was when Donald Overton received his guide dog from Fidelco and was able to walk, without a cane, faster than he had in years. Watch as man and dog meet for the first time to form a lifetime bond of trust.

  • Veracity

    Seriously guys - good dog trainers do not get bit regularly. Yeah, shit happens, but when you get bit it's because something went wrong. Either you misread the dog, or you pushed too fast, or you're dealing with a dog that had the warning signals punished out of it.

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro

    Hi Cesar

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    jessica castro

    Hi Andre

  • Faith Ersland
    Faith Ersland

    Aren’t dogs just wonderful!

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    Yai Denduangkeow


  • Assault Shotgun
    Assault Shotgun

    In $45000 i can get 2 cbr 600 in my country

  • TheBestGame Reviews
    TheBestGame Reviews

    Good Choice for the dog German Shepards are very intelligent dogs I bet this dog will do it job This dog is awesome of course they both need practice it will overcome like 1 week or 2 they will doing good

  • You Travel, Java
    You Travel, Java

    I love your job Cesar, I always watch your tv show! Congrats! Some tips helped my dogs hehe...

  • Nilzete Soares
    Nilzete Soares

    Sou do Brasil eu amo ESE programa quero conhecer um dia VC César

  • AlphaMail626

    This is so cool

  • aom makeup
    aom makeup

    Hi all, I have a 5month old staff and he seem to follow me everywhere I go around the house even when I go for my private time he always be next to me or laying by the door, till I finish then go wherever I go again if anyone know the answer please let me know,

    • Mindy’s Channel
      Mindy’s Channel

      That is what they are supposed to do unless you tell them otherwise.

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G

    Cesar is a LOSER !!!! I Wouldn't Let Him Anywhere Near My Dog's !!!! I've Seen More Than One Show That He KICKED & HIT A DOG.... He DESERVED to GET BIT !!!! I worked in a shelter, I've been bit by dog's an cat's.... That were Abused I NEVER Laid a Hand on Them..... HE'S A DESPICABLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING..... NOBODY SHOULD EVER HIT A DOG, CAT OR ANY OTHER ANIMAL !!!! EVER !!!!

    • Gondwana

      You need to watch more episodes to see that you are wrong. And you would learn tons from Cesar

    • Janrel DelaCruz
      Janrel DelaCruz

      LisaMarie Wahner You have never discplined a wild dog so shut your fucking mouth. They are not humans you illiterate fucker, and that is not a punch. Get a life so youll understand what these people do.

  • Alejandro De la Rosa
    Alejandro De la Rosa

    Plis bro

  • Alejandro De la Rosa
    Alejandro De la Rosa

    Bro vidios in spanish plis

  • Alejandro De la Rosa
    Alejandro De la Rosa

    Amigo as videos en español por favor

    • Gondwana


  • Ali Larhdiri
    Ali Larhdiri

    1:54 DELETED!! xD

    • Gondwana

      It was intentional

  • Pokeymurr

    Can I pet him denied treat denied

  • Spots Shiloh
    Spots Shiloh

    Do you recommend clicker training

  • Yanina bylaccu
    Yanina bylaccu

    hola cesar soy de argentina y necesito un consejo tengo un nene de 3 años y queremos darle su primer mascota y queremos un beagle q me dices

    • Gondwana

      La raza no importa, lo importante es que tu sepas como mantener al perro en un estado calmado y respetuoso por la seguridad de tu nene

  • L kd
    L kd

    o hace one dog

  • L kd
    L kd

    César te necesito tengo una perrita bien traviesa

  • Andreea Bușoi
    Andreea Bușoi

    chezar ma poti ajuta cu cainele meu terog ? El are 6 luni si era un caine foarte cuminte isi facea treburile numai la penparsul lui dat intr-o zi a vomitat in pat si de atunci face numai in pat sau in casa nu stiu ce sa ii mai fac ma poti ajuta cu un sfat terog ???

  • Nina menina.
    Nina menina.

    minha cachorrinha mina tem 5 meses e come fezes já dei remédio mas não adianta o que eu faço ?

  • ريم على عبدالباقي
    ريم على عبدالباقي


  • ريم على عبدالباقي
    ريم على عبدالباقي


  • Lorena Rodriguez
    Lorena Rodriguez

    hey ceased I'm having a big problem with my German shepherd butters. a week ago he bit my face and he is getting more aggressive. he does not share, he will bite anyone that comes close to his food or toys anything that he can say is his. can you please help. let me know how I can stop this behavior. please and thank you.

    • Mindy’s Channel
      Mindy’s Channel

      be in charge. you might want to try a muzzle till you are able to clearly establish and maintain dominance

  • Commitment2Risk

    That dog does not look fully trained. Definitely not worth 45000 That dog was pulling the handler. The dog got distracted from other dogs and kept trying to pull to smell them. The dog did not go forward when commanded, but took the physical cue from the movement. None of this is the dogs fault. But the programming and trainer. Maybe that is just me, I'm not a professional. If you disagree let me know what you think.

    • K. Fuentes
      K. Fuentes

      Commitment2Risk I think part of what you saw and I too was due to the fact that this is a first encounter for both dog and a new human and that the dog needs to familiarize himself and trust this new human. Several times throughout the video the dog would look to his trainer for reassurance. Like everything new it will come together in time.

    • Parley Eubanks
      Parley Eubanks

      Guide dogs are supposed to slightly pull the handler. It's how they guide them. The dog is the one seeing for both of them.

    • That Lazy Girl
      That Lazy Girl

      keagan burk Did you read her whole comment? Obviously not cause she ask nicely if you disagree let me know. And she also said i’m not a professional. So you could have helped her by saying nicely that she is wrong and explain to her why instead of being an asshole

    • Poodle Eyes
      Poodle Eyes

      I know it very much looks that way, but I am guessing this was for the filming and not a real first lesson for the blind handler. He was just taking a first walk to feel what it's like. But he I'm sure wasn't yet trained in how to correct or feel what the dog was doing. It takes time to teach the handlers how to interact with the dogs properly. I'm sure that dog knew how to behave, but needed more direction from it's handler. And it's handler was more focused on the filming and new client to focus on the dog. But they will get there in a few weeks... I will admit though... the dog did get away with a lot.

    • Farshid

      it's a dog not a robot!

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G

    I feel like the dog was leading instead of following...

    • That Lazy Girl
      That Lazy Girl

      I think your comment is meant to be a joke and if not..... How do you expect a guide dog to guide you if he/she has to follow you? You are blind and the dog needs to lead you from point A to point B.

    • karma SJ
      karma SJ

      its a guide dog, they supposed to be leading their owner

    • keagan burk
      keagan burk

      Jordan G, I agree with you my friend. Caesar millian is put on earth to help people and their dogs

  • bananabucket

    0:05 Unfamiliar with the Blind War.

    • Mattias Alve
      Mattias Alve

      he is blind, and a war veteran

  • Clash of clans Gamer
    Clash of clans Gamer

    Fuck off how the dogs apsalutaley fine

    • keagan burk
      keagan burk

      DanGamer, what yourself boy

  • Rhiannon Drake
    Rhiannon Drake

    the dog is still easily distracted

  • Ash .P
    Ash .P

    where is ceaser now

  • To the point.
    To the point.

    Cesar is adorable

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