Cesar Millan's Dog Nation: Los Angeles "Dad And Daddy"
From the Los Angeles episode, Cesar shares his thoughts about his pit bull Daddy with his son Andre at the location of Daddy’s shrine at the Dog Psychology Center.Dog Nation airs Fridays at 9/8 PM C on Nat Geo WILD. Complete details: dognation.com

  • Reiko Myles
    Reiko Myles

    Thank You Lord for the precious gift of animals. They are truly a blessing.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez


  • Greg F
    Greg F

    I had my pitbull for 16 years also. He was the best dog ive ever seen. I miss him too. Thanks for all the great videos sir

  • Mica Monfasani
    Mica Monfasani

    I cried when he died 💔 he was the most special dog! I loved him

  • J F
    J F

    I lost my dog pitbull mix from cancer 3 months ago 🥺😭😢😢😢 had her 10 years with me the sweetest dog ever it still hurts

  • Eddie Sanchez
    Eddie Sanchez

    Thank you for this video Cesar

  • HDvids 101
    HDvids 101

    Daddy was a dog with a human consciousness. He is probably a human now :-)

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    YES Of COURSE Remembering DADDY with such good feelings, emotions and Respect for all what you have done together!!!!!

  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.

    I will always remember daddy and he will always be a legendary member of Cesar's family and pack!🐶🐕💖👑🕊♱

  • Suzanne Vastenholt
    Suzanne Vastenholt

    Ohhh tears in my eyes...still. In loving memory of the most beautifull dog in the world; Daddy😍

  • Gabriel Villarreal
    Gabriel Villarreal

    Increíble perro daddy pude verlo en acción ayudando a César en los capítulos de hace años y años. 👋 Buenos Aires 🇦🇷.

  • Los XP2
    Los XP2

    Se te olvidó hablar español?

  • Veracity

    The vast majority of dog body language - particularly among unknown individuals (as Cesar is to the dogs he is inflicted upon) - is designed to prevent conflict. If you're walking around with serrated knives in your head, and all your friends are too, you're going to be pretty careful not to go around idly threatening everyone you meet.

  • marie

    im crying


    fuck pitbulls

  • Rachael Magerl
    Rachael Magerl

    Daddy was an absolutely amazing dog. You could feel his calming energy through the tv.

  • Paulina Crespo Blanco
    Paulina Crespo Blanco

    Un saludo desde España, eres una persona fantástica César.

  • Miss Cindy
    Miss Cindy

    The only bad thing about dogs: they never live long enough 💔🐾🐾

  • Cats & Dogs
    Cats & Dogs

    Vs êtes un des meilleurs au monde! Vs êtes le 1er que ns avons découvert au moment où ns perdions pied avec nos chiens et leur dressage! Enfin, c nous qui devrions être dressés et nos meilleurs amis éduqués! Bravo à toi et tte ta famille et ton équipe!

  • Bianca Renee
    Bianca Renee

    Daddy was on the cover of ‘Cesar’s way’ btw it’s a really good book and I highly recommend it 👍

  • mayank bansal
    mayank bansal

    Hi sir i am from india can you help me finding a pure breed pitbull??

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro


  • jessica castro
    jessica castro

    Hi Cesar and Andre

  • Maribel Gonzalez
    Maribel Gonzalez

    Daddy 🐶😍forever 🙇 🌹😊

  • Yadira Garcia
    Yadira Garcia


  • Jaesha

    I cried when Daddy died.Watching him for so long, he felt like part of my family. His energy and presence was truly amazing. ✌🏾♥️💯 RIP Daddy.


    Yes remembering Daddy. Only if our beloved pet dogs could live as long as us.

  • Sam School
    Sam School

    Daammit i started crying

  • Stephanie Heritage
    Stephanie Heritage

    I love Daddy! Miss him he was such a sweet guy. So awesome the memorial you set up for him, so special.

  • Canadian Twig
    Canadian Twig

    Daddy was so much more than a dog. When he entered any space calm confidence filled the room. You just couldn't help but be affected by his presence, even though video. What a beautiful soul and Daddy's legacy lives on. Bless you Cesar for showing us all.

  • fred b
    fred b

    Love u from Grasse france

  • Mommyof5

    I've owned pitblls all my life. People have a bad rep for them. All and any pet need love. Any pet can be the best pet as long as you give them love and time. I lost my pitbull I had for about 13 years. He was the best dog anyone can have and love. Great with kids. He protected all of us at home. RIP dukie Boy


    Daddy mi amor infinito de aquí hasta donde tu alma y esencia estén. 💕

  • Coatsie Murphy
    Coatsie Murphy


  • Stefania Dharmowongso
    Stefania Dharmowongso

    RIP DAddy...

  • Aswin Krishna
    Aswin Krishna

    Hello. Sir... One of my friend have a 2year old German shepherd dog... He was the only one who take care the dog now he gone to city for a job... So his mother can't handle the dog... Dog was so aggressive to her.. I decided to take the dog to my home.. The dog is in a cage.. With no belt... How can I take the dog... Plz help sir.....🙏🙏

  • Linda Frost
    Linda Frost

    One question are raw Nogales bad for dogs?

    • Linda Frost
      Linda Frost

      Without the thislte on cactus,cook with sweet potatoes and eggs?

  • Acqua Azzurra
    Acqua Azzurra

    Emotional ❤️🤧 Cesar and son fantastic's persons . I love 😍❤️your . Kissis from Italy 😀🇮🇹

  • Roman F.
    Roman F.


  • Ale

    RIP DADDY 👑😔

  • Regiane Souza
    Regiane Souza

    Como seu olhar era tão verdadeira debby 👀🐶❤ela o admirava muito amor incondicional 🇧🇷🤗

  • jay jay
    jay jay

    Millan was in my test I got a 💯

  • CHバーガー

    My favorite dog is German shepherd😊😊

  • B vegan Now
    B vegan Now

    😭 watch earthlings the movie it's free on IRbin

  • Mike Liston
    Mike Liston

    Cesar "The Solution" Millan. He is definitely the best in the World at what he do!

  • Traci Smith
    Traci Smith

    U r a beautiful person with a wonderful talent Cesar.

  • saikat hazra
    saikat hazra

    I brought a 10 months old Rottweiler dog and he is very Disobedient and very obstinate, I seen your lot of videos but I can't control his aggression with tight choke chain, please give me a solution.

  • Fernanda Aleixo
    Fernanda Aleixo

    Bom dia gostava tanto que viesse a Portugual tenho uma cadelinha que me foi dada mas tem medo de andar na rua e é agressiva com outros cães e uma vez mordeu um rapaz. Quando os empregados da luz ou da água e do gaz vão contar os contadores tenho que a segurar se não morde os tornezelos à saída.Pode por favor dar-me umas dicas? Eu vejo todos os episódios que posso mas cada cão é diferente e os humanos. Muito obrigada pela atenção.Fernanda

  • Bernardo Esparza
    Bernardo Esparza

    Cesar tengo un cachorro pitbull con bulldog tiene 2 semanas que nacio y quisiera entrenarlo apropiadamente mi deceo es que el siempre me acompañe donde vaya

  • Veselin Djukelic
    Veselin Djukelic

    This man is a genius 😃

  • Vintage_ bxba
    Vintage_ bxba

    Can you please do another video on IRbin

  • Brenda Bowman
    Brenda Bowman

    How precious! He loved big daddy and kept a blue male named jr before he died he's a great dog trainer and red man borded him with caecar when on tour but he saw how he fell in love with him he gave him to him I know him well

  • Azerty Qsdf
    Azerty Qsdf


  • Danny Leamons
    Danny Leamons

    You've never seen a dog smile until you've made a pitbull smile. Missing my little Macy girl, aka "miss wigglebutt" because she was always friendly and happy to see people.

  • DarLon

    I am sure I will receive a ton of hate for stating my opinion. Cesar' s methods are nothing but abuse. He pokes dogs hard in the neck while they're eating and wonders why he got bit. Just my opinion.

  • Yuki Akame
    Yuki Akame

    Daddy 😭😭😭😭😭😭 i love you 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  • ddooodddoo

    I think ceasar millan would be perfect to show people against pitt bulls just how much they are full of love


    Nice Center

  • Joy Griffiths
    Joy Griffiths

    Lovely to see Cesar's son also having clear skills just like his father

  • barbara gomez
    barbara gomez

    No se si este realmente sea la manera de poder contactar con usted pero porfavor necesito ayuda, mi hermana y yo vivimos en la misma casa y ella tiene perros y yo gatos pero ella no los educó correctamente y constantemente atacan a mis gatos incluso an matado a algunos, yo siempre pienzo que no hay malos animales sino dueños incompetentes y quiziera saber porfavor que hacer para educar a esos perros pué estan muy maleducados. Y a pesar de todo no quiero ningún mal para ellos sólo quiero mantener a salvo a mis gatos, yo acondicione un área de mi casa para que mis gatos estén a salvo pero de vez en cuando alguno escapa y ellos los agreden en grupo y no se que hacer porfavor no pido más que un Consejo de como arreglar esto sin dañar a nadie ni a los perros ni a mis gatos o a mi hermana, se que para ella son igual que para Mi parte de su familia y no quiero que se deshaga de ellos ni yo de mis gatos porque no se en que manos puedan quedar si los regala o se los quitan, ellos no tienen la culpa.

  • Gabrielle Pajuyo
    Gabrielle Pajuyo


  • Harza Tuubbi
    Harza Tuubbi

    Greetings from Finland! When Cesar was taking his tour in here, he had payed american actors talking goog things about his show. I saw the interview. Nobody in Finland talks with that accent.

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez


  • kawaii feels
    kawaii feels

    I love dogs im crying :'(

  • Leshley Quispe
    Leshley Quispe

    Cesar should vlog

  • Kimmy

    Thank you for everything you do.. i love you cesar...

  • Paula Tristan
    Paula Tristan

    Wow Cesar's sons are grown young men. I remember watching Ceasar Milan when he first started on TV years ago.. I'm still watching you Ceasar👍👍🎊🎉🎈😊💕

  • Monica Suprantio
    Monica Suprantio

    It's great what you did there, Sir. I noticed Daddy's memorial at DPC on several Cesar 911 series. Here I can look closely and respect you for what you've made him. As you placed Daddy's shrine on the way your walk to the office, then you can always pay respect to him really shows how sincerely you are loving and missing Daddy. You and Daddy have made a history, Daddy will always in ours heart.

  • William Blakeley
    William Blakeley

    my freind & have so much respect omg you would not no why dont u EVER PLAY with mastiffs I owned Shepoards pitts . Doberman love the reds .got a big one NOW .he's the greatest..second was the Pitt .

  • Erica Flegel
    Erica Flegel

    RIP Daddy I grew up watching you and Cesar. You will be truly missed

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    Randomly hey Cesar I’ve been thinking of getting a pitbull. How important is PROPER training can you get this breed treat them like family with positive gentle treatment. And they will be safe or do you really need classes and to be an expert dog owner. Bye I’ve seen mean poodles.

    • Steve M
      Steve M

      Bye the way I’ve seen mean poodle’s sorry correction lol not actually funny though all dogs have teeth.

  • Dini NA
    Dini NA

    This Guy speaks their language for sure

  • Dini NA
    Dini NA

    Braves Man i Ever saw

  • Felicia Lea
    Felicia Lea

    R.I.P Daddy🙌❤ It must have been tragic to hold a relationship with a dog for 16 years and then they pass away 😢 So sorry for your loss! He had an amazing friend! Hes in doggy heavan now! Enjoying all the toys and treats he wants!

  • Leni Deschner
    Leni Deschner

    Mega der Tierquäler

  • UniversalHumour

    I like your shows and videos but I want to know one thing from you, why dog attack parked car ?I saw many IRbin videos dogs are attacking car, which was parked, why this happening how to prevent, can I use the pepper spray on dog....

  • Bernard Quimson
    Bernard Quimson

    Aww thats so sad 😢

  • Hjordis Torfa
    Hjordis Torfa

    Thank you for beeing how you are Mr. Cesar Milan a true force of Nature.. 👍 Grand performance.. Respect 💕✌😊💕💖

  • MileHighBity16

    Dog Attacks Owners Over Food - Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE - SafeCalm Training Collars

  • MileHighBity16

    Hello Cesar Millan, let me say that I'm a huge fan of your show. And think everything that you do with these animals is amazing! Its awesome that your able to connect with them on a more spirital level. But I'm here to ask you to look into this guys IRbin page, for he trys to imitate what you do, but really doesn't know what hes doing. His name is Chuck McBride, maybe you can stop by his page and give him real training techniques.

  • The Doberman
    The Doberman

    cesar you speak spanish cesar tu hablas español

  • Amisha Deol
    Amisha Deol

    Cesar my pub eats,pees and poops all day. I don't understand whether she's hungry or is it some kinda obsession ! She's becomes irresistible to be controlled when she sees food. And starts barking. Please help me i don't understand what to do.

  • Joe3Ley

    Cesar your an inspiration to everyone and specially for all dog owners.

  • benjamin maya
    benjamin maya

    AYUDA! hola cesar no se si leas esto espero si pero nesecito ayuda tengo un pitbull de casi un año de edad y no logro hacer que se calme todos los perros con los que juega lo quieren morder ayer lo mordieron por primera vez pero no les teme el no muerde pero temo que aprenda a morder ya que es lo unico que los perros le hacen por ser como es y cuando lo suelto no me hace caso y esta creciendo mas ya esta muy pesado mi esposa no puede con el y no es nada obediente a ella trate de seguir consejos de antiguos programas tuyos pero logro muy poco espero me contestes

    • benjamin maya
      benjamin maya

      vivo en oregon grants pass

  • soy eni
    soy eni

    i love you cesar millan and the dogs

  • Pricila Tinoco
    Pricila Tinoco

    Yo soy de Ecuador habló español aquí te traducen en español pero igual veo tus vídeos aunque yo caiga puesto este comentaros años después de tu muerte aún así me gustan tus vídeos se que no vas a poder ver mi comentario pero aunque sea te lo puse yo con solo 9 años veo tus vídeos te adoro aquí a ti te ponen El Encantador De Perros pero bueno yo te comencé a ver por mi papá yo no sabía que avisas muerto Hoy 19 de Febrero 2018 me entero de tu muerte DESCANSA EN PAZ 😿😿😿👳‍♂️tu 🙆‍♀️yo

  • Youngblood .-.
    Youngblood .-.

    César breeds a bull terrier and a miniature bull terrier

  • Youngblood .-.
    Youngblood .-.

    César cría a un bull terrier y bull terrier miniatura

  • chocolat654

    You're constantly on German TV. You seem to be the most talented dog trainer on this planet. Your skills surprised me and are truly amazing. Some "cases" seem very difficult to me - and I get excited to see your solution. And after having seen so many episodes I know you're always going to find one... Really incredible how quickly you are able to correctly analyze a problem! My love for animals in general is huge and there are millions of misunderstood dog-souls. It's wonderful to realize that you're able to improve the lives of so many. Your dedication really does make sense and does make a difference. Despite of your big success you haven't become arrogant. CONGRATS! I think I heard that you encountered problems working/helping here in Germany. It's a shame... I'm having a cat called Lilly and luckily she's almost perfect...

  • Alenny Sánchez
    Alenny Sánchez

    Hello Cesar, we have a pit bull whit 9 months, he is a good boy and he listen whe we talk whit him, but he does foros whit other dog just my kitty, and now we found other pit bull whit 1 year, but he was living in a cage for 1 year, that one is very active dog, and he scare me sometimes becouse he is always jumping and I think he noticed that, we just have a week whit both and my puppy dosen’t like the new one, what do you think about? What we can do? My husband likes him but I’m kind of scared about

  • Charlie Zelenoff
    Charlie Zelenoff


  • hitendrachaurasia199

    sir my puppy is so aggressive and bite to all famliy members so plzzz help me

  • Laura Olivera
    Laura Olivera

    You are my Idol , I want to be like you when i grow up (Im Spanish) I Love Your Television channel 😍😍😘😘😘😉. I LOVE DOGS💗💗 I would die for a puppy (dog) 🐶🐶🐕🐕💝💝💝💖💖💖💗💗💗. But they still do not ley me ADOPT one.


    Thank u Cesar...... I️ was born and raised in the Southbay Cal. I️ have always own a pit growing up( NEVER cut there ears or tail ) neighbors and family have always told us to get rid of those dogs. That they’re no good evil dogs. Thank you for making my breed be looked at different. All dogs bite if u don’t teach them, love them, lock them up, or tie them to a tree. A BIG Thank You. Sorry about Daddy he was best.

  • CA Catr
    CA Catr

    I can't think of any other well-known person (considered a "celebrity") that actually DOES anything tangible for the people. They might sing, dance, act, talk, play, have a TV show, be in politics or be an author, but I can't think of one that DOES anything material for the people. They are presented for social engineering, distraction, for power, for fame, or for money. In this case, the fame and the money came as a BY-PRODUCT of the Gift. The Gift actually DOES something for us, and has from the beginning, for our families and animals, showing us how to have cohabitational Peace. Not only has this Gift changed our lives, it has inspired us. It has empowered us. Not only in relation to our dogs, Millan has inspired another way as well, by demonstrating the message that with a "lowly" Gifting of knowledge and Insight, coupled with hard work, "dreams" can come true. Millan is perhaps the most famous of immigration stories, poor, simple, didn't know the language, had no "In", and the Gift given Millan made room for all the work that followed. It's not just the abilities and insights that we appreciate so much, that it's actually functional, tangible and changing lives, but also that the story inspires the heart, inspires creative energy to work its own Gift. Not hero-worship, this is simply an acknowledgment of someone's gift and story making a big difference that we appreciate.

  • cesarmillan fanclubfrance
    cesarmillan fanclubfrance

    RIP Daddy. The most popular Pittbull in France :)

  • Olga Albaladejo
    Olga Albaladejo

    Hola cesar soy olga quería preguntarte una cosa porque mi perro Novi porque se me pone muy agresivo a lo que yo me refiero es que cada vez que ve un yo igualmente de cualquier tamaño se tira a moderno no lo entiendo han te de tirarse morder de momento se deja oler por el otro perro pero enseguida se tira al cuello a more y eso que no lo eso es que se tira a morder a las motos , camiones a corredores con, ciclistas , a los patines , monopatines ....etc. Mi perro es mestizo no es grande si no mediano los padres eran la madre una chihuahua y el padre un yorsay terrier no puedo aveces controlarlo pero se pone demasiado agresivo con pastores alemanes cada vez que ve un pastor alemán se pone muy muy muy requete muy agresivo le enseña los dientes y en la familia mi prima CLAUDIA morell campos tiene una pastora alemana y es muy buena pero cuando llevo a mi perro a su chalet no se pueden ver las caras y mi perro Novi le gruñe le ladra y se pone agresivo . Intento aveces estar tranquila y sumisa. Que puedo hacer cesar y vivo en ches te. Mi perro incluido tiene su propio instragram que es Novi_albaladejo

  • Sharmistha Mukherjee
    Sharmistha Mukherjee

    Miss you Daddy😭,

  • rose beatuiful
    rose beatuiful

    Your amazing keep ur head high You mean alot to alot of people you help everyone. So in ur dark moments think of all the poeple u have helped and will help in the furter

  • Joanna Kono
    Joanna Kono

    Aww I loved Daddy too. Sorry for your loss. Very sad.