Cesar Millan's Dog Nation: Los Angeles "Brutus"
Rescued from a dog-meat market and brought to Los Angeles, Brutus is still showing signs of aggression. Can Cesar and Andre rehabilitate him? Dog Nation airs Fridays at 9/8 PM C on Nat Geo WILD. Complete details: dognation.com

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark

    What do you do if they continue to dwell on the other dog? For example, repeatedly lunging and even "grumbling" when they know you wont allow it?

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark

    This is not dissimilar from what my dog does.

  • lucinda gaskill
    lucinda gaskill

    Seeing the one photo of the dogs going to "market" in China, makes me want to vomit. It's going to take generations of us Americans to push hard to stop that practice. I couldn't bear to watch an more of this video, after seeing that photo of the caged dogs.

  • hollyliu1011

    I love Cesar, but dat guy standing there, the Asian American guy looks like the liar got reported who promised to save dogs but grabbed money and left dogs behind. Such a lair. Unforgivable.

    • hollyliu1011

      Briton John Dalley, founder of the Soi Dog Foundation, says he has serious concerns about Ching’s tactics. He recalls how Ching visited his Phuket headquarters on one of his solo missions, three months before the Yulin rescue, and adopted a dog that had had its paws severed. It was later claimed on Ching’s website that the dog had been rescued from the dog-meat trade. “I told him repeatedly those dogs were not from the dog-meat trade but from road accidents and cruelty cases in Phuket,” Dalley says. “He knew very well but when I chal­lenged him about it, he said, ‘I must have misunderstood.’”'

  • Anupam Mukherjee
    Anupam Mukherjee

    Cat walk with dogs

  • Parul Rawal
    Parul Rawal

    Can someone tell me what is type of leash Cesar always uses??

    • hollyliu1011

      Parul Rawal it's almost like a rope. It's called show leads/leash.

  • Charlie Zelenoff
    Charlie Zelenoff

    CHI, CHI CHI!!!

  • Gina Marie Wood
    Gina Marie Wood

    I wish you could come help my sophie she is a wonderful loving bull terrier but she is a rescue from dog fighting and breading and is very dog unfriendly. she has her own room and I would love for her to be able to be with my other dogs but it's not possible. You r such an amazing person and God bless you for all you do for these wonderful fur babies.

    • Toni Bauer
      Toni Bauer

      thestingrayman12 Lame. He has saved more dogs other “trainers” have given up on than all the other trainers combined. I learned from watching his videos repeatedly and consistently applying his methods, do get my dog over her over reaction to other dogs she perceived as aggressive. No abuse involved, and she is a happy, calm, very well mannered dog who knows she doesn’t have to worry about protecting us from other dogs now.

    • MrTachyon3000

      thestingrayman12... Victoria Stilwell and Ian Dunbar also went to school and they ended up euthanizing their respective dogs. Why don't you show us this great trainer of yours and his results rehabilitating the dangerous pit bulls and rootweilers like the ones that put Cesar Millan on the map.

    • thestingrayman12

      You don't want him to abuse your dog get someone who actually knows what they are doing cesar makes up names for why a dog acts a certain way and say its about dominance its not dogs learn through pattern you need to get yourself an actual expert who knows what they are doing and who went to school for this not a guy who has a show about abusing dogs saying its dominance because dogs are pack dogs (which they are not) my older brother has a dog who they rescued who was abused its not the same as a dog fight dog but we never abused her we made her feel safe now she is a very loving and playful dog if you want to see someone who knows what they are doing watch pinnical of cage he is a real dog trainer who went to school for this shit

  • Clouded Ideas
    Clouded Ideas

    Great work! Follow ANIMAL HOPE AND WELLNESS on Instagram, they're doing incredible work raising awareness of the dog meat trade.

  • Gerj2 6
    Gerj2 6

    Cesar comes this year to Germany 😁

    • xXToraKobayashiXx

      Ja ich kann es kaum erwarten ♥

    • MrTachyon3000

      I'm surprised he still wants to return there. He was betrayed there when his team had to urgently apply for a permit to use dogs during his show, and then he had to take a test at the airport after a long flight and through a terrible interpreter, because let's face it, most interpreters put in their own words. The infamous test he failed. He was betrayed and set up to fail, for the purpose of destroying his career.

    • 7Jamal8

      Ich nehme 2 Hunde der Sorte chiawhawuwu

    • 7Jamal8

      +Jazleen Do wannnn wooooo

    • Jazleen Do
      Jazleen Do

      Gerj2 6 echt?😄

  • 雷シャラフ

    woow you really pro cesar