Cesar Millan's Dog Nation: Los Angeles "Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation"
From Los Angeles, meet Mark Ching and Valarie Ianniello, who rescue dogs from meat-markets in Asia in order to give them a new life in America. DogNation airs Fridays at 9/8PM C on Nat Geo WILD and for complete information head on over to dognation.com. For additional information on the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, check out their site at www.animalhopeandwellness.org/

  • Matin Angel
    Matin Angel

    I saw this a long ago and I was so moved, now I heard he was a fraud. How can this happen? I would like to see Ceasar say something about the issue. Please.

  • Anonimul

    Great man!👍👏💚

  • Helen Soto
    Helen Soto

    OMG last year my daughter brought me a Maltese/Chihuahua because my boyfriend passed away Mochi was 1month old now he is a yr old He is to much It's so hard to teach him I can't afford to get him a dog trainer Plse help!! What do I do??

  • Debra Contos
    Debra Contos

    Thank you for ALL that you do!!!!! Yes it is a hidden secret that more people especially in the USA should be aware of and educated on to stop this abuse. It is torture.

  • Anja Knatz
    Anja Knatz

    I am glad Marc and Cesar know each other. Marc's work is so important - and our energy supports him as well as our money. I hope a lot of people become a member of his foundation. It is about cruelty and torture, which makes this place the hell without people like Marc.

  • Axel Rose
    Axel Rose

    This people are angels

  • Loading Image
    Loading Image

    Dear Cesar and him team... Is there a way to help the dogs together with you? I would like to save all dogs from those horrible places and transport them to other countries for their new owner or their new home at Dogs resort. unfortunately I can not pay a ticket let alone help the animals: (I have a standard job as a technicain live with my wife and together we love animals. search on youtube Mili Budgie who is my tame parakeet. we also have a dog who knows, you may read this and may I save their souls together with you Sam from the Netherlands

  • Puncho Villa
    Puncho Villa


  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan

    Le monde devenu malade 😢 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢les personnes qui tue mange chien ou chat non pas de coeur 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Matin Angel
    Matin Angel

    heartbreaking. it must stop asap

  • Jeanette Morgan
    Jeanette Morgan

    thank you for saving these poor dogs it is heartbreaking to see I would like to donate to help these poor dog's how do I donate need information off how to get donation to you 😥🇬🇧

  • Martine

    Marc is a scam. Marc Ching: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Yt9kpXrRq41pzIc.html Marc Ching is a scam and a cheater, who is only looking for money for himself. Watch this video where he asks the butcher himself to burn the dog alive (read the text below on the left). The butcher first wants to hit the dog on the head to numb him, but Marc doesn't want that. The butcher does it anyway. With this video he wants to show people how bad the dogs are in Yulin. The rescued dogs are then sold and he collects the money. And look at Facebook at the bottom of this page Who is Marc Ching. facebook.com/WhoisMarcChing/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCQV6-iiZI4AYoLSpcwWsyifkTneSUxvhX8mxiOZBU3SNyp8jpQhRHsT5Ghrws3L4P7FknIMK7qIGIF He "saves" healthy dogs" just for his video's, but asks Chinese people to torture dogs so that he can film it.

  • Luz J
    Luz J

    Una forma de protesta mundial es ni comprar productos de países que masacran y cocinan vivos los perritos. Bloquear la economía de estos paises es no comprar nada que proveniente de China, Corea, Thailandia, etc.

  • Quinton Wilson
    Quinton Wilson

    I love Marc and Caesar... Dogs are best. Every dog deserves the best

  • Marcella Casey
    Marcella Casey

    💯😎😇Viva Marc Ching♥️

  • Susan Johnson -R.
    Susan Johnson -R.

    I saw too much, now I am having nightmares...tell me how I can help..I can't bare the thought that every day hundreds of dogs and cats are being tortured and murdered...

  • Yung Honey
    Yung Honey

    absolutely disgusting tradition. the meat trade must be stopped

  • tracey decker
    tracey decker

    Omg ... absolutely horrific... I'm in tears just thinking of how helpless I feel right now ... I not hate Asia... why be sooooooo disgustingly cruel ... why ??????? 😥😩☹😔😡😭

  • JayAsh Iaco
    JayAsh Iaco

    Wondering if everyone commenting is Vegan?

  • Gulam Vira
    Gulam Vira

    Thank you Godsent angels for rescuing the suffering animals from hell and take my ward that all your effort

  • Theong Han Tan
    Theong Han Tan

    Thanks....for saving their life... From Singapore with love

  • Pav Veasna
    Pav Veasna

    I love you i love dogs

  • Acqua Azzurra
    Acqua Azzurra

    Cesar Millan is magic man ❤️🐕 love Animals and Animals love Cesar 😍 Saluti from Italy 🇮🇹 (scusate mio inglese scarso ! ) Smack Cesar ! 😘👋🏻

  • Teresa Stratton
    Teresa Stratton








  • Kathy Martin
    Kathy Martin

    pray for the dogs/cats this year 2019-hope it stops

  • blackie8083

    Mark is a very special, beautiful person, such a big heart he has!...Thank-you Mark for rescuing these beautiful dogs!

  • InfectedPunkDog

    0:36, bro i cried with you, what you are doing is amazing?, please never stop for these poor animals, you are a hero my friend and im hugging my dog as i type this. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARK CHING AND EVERYONE INVOLVED, YOU ARE ANGELS.

  • steve 000000
    steve 000000

    Only psychotic people can do such a horrifying thing to an animal and not be bothered by their screams . So just think about, there are places in this world where psychotic people get to act out any way they like to an animal and their are absolutely no consequences for their crimes ,none whatsoever!!! Sick sick sick sick ! Asian governments and societies

  • Joker Midoriya
    Joker Midoriya

    Good it must end soon and give hope for these dogs

  • Taste The Rainbow
    Taste The Rainbow

    Marc is not a actor! He's a hero! Like if you agree!

  • Kate Reaves
    Kate Reaves

    Marc you are simply amazing. I love you so much for doing all you do. You have such a sweet soul. Valerie, your tireless work is so appreciated.

  • Anudawn

    Its just disgusting/sick/nauseating to think that people beat animals for flavoring.

  • Gabriela One
    Gabriela One

    Thanks for sharing this!! Help him by viewing more videos like this.

  • m. m.
    m. m.

    Svaka cast samo naprijed 👍🤗

  • Celia Surugiu
    Celia Surugiu

    Rips my heartbreaking 😥😥

  • lisa silva
    lisa silva

    Can we adopt the doggs that you save from asia ? I live in the netherlands and ithink that we HVe to start something here so you can help more doggs because in the netherlands we love doggs very much !!

  • K M
    K M

    God Bless you Marc and help you on your journey

  • anandita adhikary
    anandita adhikary

    I don't have the courage to watch these videos !! I just cannot understand how anyone can do this !! In some parts of India too the northeastern states of Manipur, Mizoram are too notorious for eating dogs!!They too follow the same torture tecniques !! This horrible festival should seriously end!!

  • Benoite Roche
    Benoite Roche

    i je suis avec vous de toute mes forces.faisons stopper la souffrance que subissent nos chiens nos amis.j en pleure tous les jours.on va y arriver.bise

  • May Ling
    May Ling

    Every time when I watched your videos I started to cry. That is really sad but thank God we have you to be able to rescue all these beautiful dogs. Thank you.

  • Lay G
    Lay G

    awww bless Marc his a Hero

  • Jenny Ng
    Jenny Ng

    hope kind people can help to.stop yulin dogs trade, and end the.cruelty, abuse and torture to dogs and cats. marc ching is bless by god always for his kindness heart to save thousand of dogs from slaughter. A great hero which i admired and appreciate mosts. thanks marc.

  • adam hurter
    adam hurter


  • nageltusse

    God bless you Marc. I pray for the dogs everyday and hope this torture will stop !!!!!!!

  • Usha Abraham
    Usha Abraham

    you people r doing very adorable work for dogs

  • Mommy Coach
    Mommy Coach

    Thank you for doing this. I'm so glad someone is doing something. Sending you my best prayers of strength and courage through the whole process... xxx From the UK

  • Chinglin Sheng
    Chinglin Sheng

    Damn south korea so disgusting.

    • Matin Angel
      Matin Angel

      @Martin H Marin it is not a cultural thing to abuse and make them suffer. It is a choice made by those who are cruel. You can reject cultural "things" if they are unethical!!!!

    • asianz1011

      even indonesia

    • Dream Ethics
      Dream Ethics

      Eric Sheng it's not just South Korea.. it's China, the Phillippines, Thailand, even America..

    • Martin H Marin
      Martin H Marin

      Eric Sheng ...it is just a cultural thing....they eat dogs...we eat pork....in India they don't eat cows.

    • Logan

      it's the same in china and some parts of southeast asia too, like cambodia.

  • Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made
    Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made

    oh HELL NOOO this some BS😮😮😮😮😑 someone need to slaughter these humans.

  • Hilary Anzaldo
    Hilary Anzaldo


  • Mary Allen
    Mary Allen

    I'm crying because I think of and pray for these poor dogs everyday. I truly hope this torture and madness stops everywhere.

    • Antonio Quintero
      Antonio Quintero

      Be happy! There are good people yet in this planet.

    • Elethar

      Nothing seems to affect me as much as animal cruelty, especially on this scale. It really takes a soulless person to do this sort of shit. Their is a terrible karma waiting for those who hurt dogs like this (on top of the fact that they have rotted their soul). Thank you so much for everything you do Marc. I can't imagine the pure terror and pain these dogs must suffer. Yet so many of them seem to hang on and have a strength of spirit which is rarely matched by humans. People could learn a lot from them. I'll be making another donation soon...

  • JuanCamaney1982

    i live in los Angeles how can i adop one of those rescue dogs?

    • Pepe Ag
      Pepe Ag

      JuanCamaney1982 contact the animal hope and wellness foundation I believe they have an application process you can see on there facebook as week good luck.

  • Branscsmsbc 7
    Branscsmsbc 7

    Two of my favorite people. Keep up the awesome job.

  • 雷シャラフ

    nice job

  • hp

    great job people keep it going.