Cesar Millan Ranch News, And News From Around The Animal World!!
In this episode of Animal News, we check in with Cesar's entire pack for the latest happenings in the animal world. Learn what to do if your dog is "lunging" too much - BREAKING NEWS as a new duck egg is laid on Cesars Ranch, and Join Andre Millan with a hilarious video news, and lets not forget the HUGE news about bees and sea turtles. Tune in to see all the greatest news about HOPE!
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    Candy Smith

    Omg I love this family ..so good to meet your wonderful sons ..they are differently following your footsteps ..big kudos!!!

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    Khadijah Davis

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  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

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    Zelline Yoselina

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    strawberry love

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    Thank you for the love ...thank you for choosing to see that all life are important...and thank you for the laugh you have have to me today

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    Train people & help dogs! much love to you, Ceasar, Andre and Calvin and to yours. Thank you for what you do.

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    Vilma c.m. Da Silva

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    Celebrating something we will surly just undo is really say especially when there truly are no renewable things on this planet what we use we take

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      Keanan Connor

      And if we don’t take we waste it’s human nature

  • natalia mckell
    natalia mckell

    Cesar is the best !!!! Junior and spot 🤩🐕🐕

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    Jim Crowe

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    Kieran Daly

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  • María Font
    María Font

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