Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull Exclusive
Inspired by Daddy, Cesar and Junior are on a mission to better inform the public about the maligned and misunderstood Pit Bull breed, and make the case that it's not just pit bulls - but also humans - that need to be trained. Cesar's one hour documentary special 'Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull' aired on Friday, April 18 on Nat Geo WILD.
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  • soli Sanchez
    soli Sanchez

    I don’t trust so many humans that own Pitbulls. And because of that I don’t trust Pitbulls. The only Pitbulls that I would ever trust is the ones Cesar owns and trains.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    SURE you love your Pitbull. Everybody normally loves his/her dog's. Let the people 's talk what they wants. NO IMPORTA. Some doesn' t like the spoiled " Chihuaha's other's doesn't like the Pitbull's, Bullterrier, Staffordshire Terrier and and and.......... You have the Best. My dog is for me the Best also!!!!!!!!!!!!!And my" "Lady" " was the Best like your DADDY was. So. Greetings from the rainy, stormy Germany ☔🌧️🌧️⛈️

  • Ricardo

    hola buenas tardes Ricardo México cesa millan

  • Matt Cook
    Matt Cook

    How can anyone hurt a puppy or a dog... absolute CUNTS.

  • Roberto Abud
    Roberto Abud

    its not the pitbull its the fucking piece of shit human that abuses the dog

  • Timothy MacDonnell
    Timothy MacDonnell

    You’re righr. Pit bulls are like any other dog. For some reason, people think it’s okay to abuse pit bulls. I’m glad Cesar is out there teaching how to train these dogs and show us an appreciation for these dogs. I got my dog from a shelter. He was neglected and we think he was trained to be a fighting dog. After some training and love, my dog is my best friend and very affectionate. Let’s keep saving these dogs and not banning them (the UK).

  • Three Shot
    Three Shot

    Why do ppl always want a pitbulls? They aren't even that good looking. There are tons of other good looking and better dogs out there

  • Janeiro Berry
    Janeiro Berry

    Do anyone know the name of this lady or her kennel ?

    • harvrindrsingh

      Janeiro Berry hi did you find out the name of the lady and her kennel

  • JEEPS_ B21
    JEEPS_ B21

    Junior is not a pitbull and most dogs in video are not pitbulls except near the end of the video they look pit the ones fighting one on the chain the rest look Bully like junior blue grey pit bulls don’t come in that colour he’s another breed of dog look alike pit bull every dog that looks like a pit bull is not a pit bull

  • Jimmy Fischbeck
    Jimmy Fischbeck

    Crappy people make for crappy dogs! Pit Bulls are so misunderstood, and the all have a love for you that cannot be measured. Mine passed 20 years ago, I miss her everyday!

  • Natzxx 2
    Natzxx 2

    Most bad dogs can be rehabilitated. Not all, but most.

    • Saint matthias
      Saint matthias

      Natzxx 2 umm, what?

  • Kate Reaves
    Kate Reaves

    A breeder! Are you serious? Millions are euthanized every year. We don't need and fricken more! If she really loved pits...she wouldn't breed!!!!!

    • Saint matthias
      Saint matthias

      Kate Reaves waah

  • Dream Ethics
    Dream Ethics

    Pit Bulls are like any other dog.. they are how you teach them to be.. and 99% of the 'so called' pit bulls in the media who have killed or attacked people/kids/elderly are not Pit Bulls.. they are always blamed and it sickens me.. I have raised and breed Pits for 20+ years and I've never had one attack someone or me and they've always been gentle with my kids..

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M

    Cesar, you are helping me to slowly get over severe Cynophobia. I'm learning so much, and learning to understand them, so maybe one day I'll be able to go to the park without fear! Right now I'd be scared if you had a chihuahua........You DO have a chihuahua!!😊

  • Irish Potatoes
    Irish Potatoes

    start castrating people that are involved in dog fighting rings from owners to patrons and you will see a sharp decrease in dog fighting. Hell do that with every second offense felon, your first could have been wrong place wrong time, and see what happens to crime. Time to stop babying convicts and time to start treating them like the felons they are. If the punishment started matching the crime, human or animal, we would see a big decrease in crimes against both. If you were the owner of the staffordshire terrier that was chained and starved or if you go out and rape and murder someone. Then the same actions should be brought against you.

  • karma SJ
    karma SJ

    why do they cut their ears? jee so ugly and sad for the dog

  • Mikus Aurelius
    Mikus Aurelius

    the only pit bull is the game bred American Pit Bull Terrier. Period.

  • Jmichael Isbell
    Jmichael Isbell

    Nothing I can think of is more untrue, then when people say "the owner makes them that way". That is exactly like saying a cat will not kill a mouse, unless "his owner makes him that way". They are---terriers, they are supposed to kill small game. Did you know, in the show ring, they are given a demerit if they are not "scrappy", that means they should WANT to fight. So the early dog fighters took the largest terrier they cold find, and bred it to the---English Bulldog to get the jaws, do you even know that? They are, what they are supposed to be. Yes, training is a big deal, we have a Pit in the neighborhood with a young woman handler and she is GOOD. But part of the reason she is good, is because SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE HAS. And like it or not, they lead our country is child fatalities--the couple that just lost their newborn in Harris County, TX--don't tell them they "taught their Pit to kill their baby", it just happened. Something triggered that predatory instinct, people really need to stop spreading the false teaching that is is all about how they are raised--people always say that, and it is totally wrong. Training helps, yes, but a Pit Bulldog is exactly what the early breeders DESIGNED it to be. Not the dogs fault? You bet, that's correct, it is the fault of the breeders-not the dog. Oh, and while I have you, did you know in the wild they would not exist, just like many purebreds. But they would DIE in the birth canal--they need to be taken via cesarean section--nothing "natural" about them. This is man's doing and why MY and most people's dogs, are dead in a second it they get the chance. Honestly, the only reason they are one of, if not THE most popular breeds, is that people just don't know what they have--God help em if it ever kills some child, THEY will live with it. Go ahead and cuss me out now, logic doesn't work.

    • Saint matthias
      Saint matthias

      Jmichael Isbell you're a special kind of stupid.

  • Game Source
    Game Source

    Bullcrap, that dog at 0:59 is obviously not the dog she is talking about. That dog, aside from some scars from matches, is well taken care of and in good condition. Just because they show an American Pitbull tied up, people just take their word that it is being starved, not being taken care of, or in bad condition--knowing nothing about the superior working and athletic build that is conditioned weight. People need to stop with the lack of information and ignorant view on the sport of dog combat. It is not making American Pitbulls bad. It actually keeps them the good, standard, healthy, well-tempered, courageous, sturdy, loyal working dogs and family pets we love. I have heard people saying they want to kill all dog fighters and bad owners. I can understand them wanting to kill bad owners (because those are the people that actually lead to aggressive dogs and dog attacks and are really messing things up for people), but wanting to kill dog fighters--people who are helping to keep these dogs great by using them for a sport that the dogs willingly do and are being well taken care of and safely/properly kept is idiotic. That'd be like wanting to kill horse racers or dog racers because they are using animals for sports that highlight the qualities that people know and love and are using those sports to breed good animals. Use your heads, people. Even though the American Pitbull was bred to be a farm dog to assist with /protect farmers from large livestock animals like bulls and taking those large animals on when they tried to attack the farmer, the sport of dog combat is one sport people use to test the quality, working ability, and gameness of the dogs to make sure their dogs stay true to the breed and then breed the best dogs to continue this great breed.

    • CamphorPhenol

      Guy Says - You're very stupid

    • TheAngieIshmael

      You're one of the most ignorant people I've ever met. And yes, I'd love to have horse racers tortured and dead for the absolute disgusting things they do in the name of "loving and honouring a damn horse". Pathetic and ignorant

  • kate metcalf
    kate metcalf

    I used to fear the pitbull breed but then I started watching and learning about dogs in general. and my perception of them as a dog has completly changed I really like them now. :-) I have a staffy and hes my best friend here in the uk pits are banned booooo!!!! stupid law for stupid people. its not the breed its the arsehole owners who make dogs nasty.

    • kate metcalf
      kate metcalf

      Bob Caca im glad i did where i live now there is a petition to get these dogs off the banned list fingers crossed they get pitbulls back in the uk i love them

    • Bob Caca
      Bob Caca

      kate metcalf thank you for educating yourself on dogs instead every other people that continue to be ignorant


    where can she be located I've been looking everywhere for her

  • rednose b
    rednose b

    pitbull are the best dogs

  • Swell Character
    Swell Character

    Boy I tell you, bulldogs (American Pit bulldogs) are some mighty fine dogs. Not only swell companions, but high drive working/purpose dogs that do their all to serve their masters. The APB is a dog that was designed and used as hunting dogs, butchers dogs, and as warring dogs in the bloodsport of bull and bear baiting. Dogs like APBs are what people would call gripping dogs: dogs that are able to hunt, control, or catch large game by getting a good grip and work to either throw the large beast off balance or hold it in place for the farmer, rancher, or hunter. Like dog expert, author, and breed historian Diane Jessup writes: “First a hunter, then a butcher's dog, then a baiter, then a dog fighter, American Pit Bulls which display behavior typical of their heritage are gripping dogs; they come from a long, long genetic history which dictates they get a hold and HANG ON! This behavior saved their life during the years they were hunting boar, stag and bear, and also stood them in good stead when they moved on to working bulls, bears and other animals in baiting sports. This same behavior can work to make breaking up a fight quite easy and safe. The Pit Bull is a bulldog in action and appearance. He is a gripping dog - not a terrier (which means Earth dog which pursues its quarry underground). The English bulldog is a relatively recently developed animal designed strictly for the show ring. In fact, English bulldogs were not even created until several years AFTER bull baiting (the purpose for which it was supposed to have been bred) was banned and discontinued in the United Kingdom. So, it is impossible for the Pit Bull to have been developed from a breed younger than itself. In fact, the English bulldog is developed from the original working bulldog - the Pit Bull. Written Pit Bull pedigrees date into the late 1700's. The history of the Pit Bull far predates the time when bans on bull baiting caused blood sport fanciers to turn to fighting dog against dog."

  • Death Star girl
    Death Star girl

    Thats my grandma house next door 😂😂😂

    • Susi A
      Susi A

      Mate, i think +Wishy Lok needs your wisdom on that. Seems to want to purchase these cuties 😊

  • Tyler Fereday
    Tyler Fereday

    At 0.35 seconds into the video!!!

  • Tyler Fereday
    Tyler Fereday

    One of the puppies had their foot stuck in the bars!!!

    • Andrea Franco
      Andrea Franco

      No not put down! Lol! The things people believe. Ha. The puppy took it out. And camera crew was right there so they would have tooken it out if he was really stuck.

    • Laura Kutlić
      Laura Kutlić

      +Moist Gnome he was put down because of that ???

    • Tyler Fereday
      Tyler Fereday


    • Moist Gnome
      Moist Gnome

      +Tyler Horse Whisper Yes, unfortunately he had to be put down. :(

  • Monica Garibay
    Monica Garibay

    I just want to kill all the dog fighters. and bad dog owners

    • PowdaToastFace Killah
      PowdaToastFace Killah

      You’re a bit of a psycho

    • Kelly Guerrero
      Kelly Guerrero

      Frank Lotion fuck you

    • Captain Petrson
      Captain Petrson

      Planning a pit fight in Indiana tomorrow, pull up if u want smoke bitch . Nocap

    • J Liberty
      J Liberty

      Monica, I just want the idiot owners caged and the dogs put down. BSL and insane asylums for those crazy pitbull nutters. Thank god they are starting to jail some of these negligent dog owners.

    • ohmigosh077

      Me too

  • Rori J
    Rori J

    The answer is no!

  • Jeff Everett
    Jeff Everett

    Pitbulls should all be destroyed!! They said if pitbulls are not raised properly and healthy they can be bad. Well that is not any different than any other breed of dogs. So why is it that 99% of all dog attacks (the ones with death involved or terrible shredding of human body tissue) all pitbulls? All breeds can and have been abused over the years (but) no other breed of dog is seen on IRbin attacking little kids and adults, not even close to the amount pitbulls have. There is a reason for this and it is because it is in the breed (not the way the owners raise them). The sooner you people realize this the fewer kids and adults will be killed or torn up!!

    • Cathi Barker
      Cathi Barker

      Ignorance is such a sad thing!!!

    • The_Donut_ Kat
      The_Donut_ Kat

      Jeff Everett yet small breed dogs are more prone to biting and attacking as for videos its because idiots think most mixed dogs look pitbullish so its deemed pitbull and the #1 dog breed that is know to bite isn't even a pitbull

    • V1per O
      V1per O

      I've been attacked, and in one case full out mauled, by collies. Out of all of the pitbulls I have ever known, I have never been attacked. I trust pits more than collies, but I would never say kill all collies. Years ago, when I was young, I was walking in Philly and two pitbulls came out of an alley right in front of me. We startled each other, and all three of us stood still. The one in the back had no interest in me, the one in the front watched me, and I, in turn, watched him. After about a 5 min stand - off we both decided that neither of us was looking for a fight. I gave him my empty water bottle as a toy (it seems they all love bottles) and we had fun playing. I never saw those two again, but I will never forget them.

    • Christain Williams
      Christain Williams

      its sad that there us people like. Ho about we destroy you?!??!

  • Maritz MMS
    Maritz MMS

    I'm so upset crying right now why would anybody starve a dog or hurt them in anyway it breaks my heart I'm so happy u rescued him

  • Shayna Bensley
    Shayna Bensley

    It's the ancient aliens narrator

  • Adonis

    It's ridiculous, pitbull's are banned in the UK, for what? That's like saying a specific race is not allowed into a country for being either 'too strong' or 'having agression as a result abuse' ,humanity is not humane.

    • Boone/Ogden/Ames, Iowa Computer Repair & Data Recovery 2018 (We are closed until Corona Virus gone)
      Boone/Ogden/Ames, Iowa Computer Repair & Data Recovery 2018 (We are closed until Corona Virus gone)

      I know your wife real well, and she tells me how dumb you are and now i know what she means...i live in your same town you dumb fuck.

    • Jeff Everett
      Jeff Everett

      +Conan Your an idiot for sure!

    • Jeff Everett
      Jeff Everett

      +Lilly Boleyn No i have never been attacked. I raised pit bulls for the military and trained them to attack. I was a big part of why the military no longer uses them. These dogs act on instinct much like a wild animal, something triggers them to go off. It is in the breed and it does not matter how you raise them. Do you "not" see the rising numbers of pit bull attack videos on IRbin? All dogs bite and some breeds more than pit bulls (but) most bite and then leave, a pit bull will kill a child or elderly person in a matter of seconds. These dogs need to be banned in the US.

    • Jamie Gomez
      Jamie Gomez

      +Jeff Everett Sir were you ever attacked? You seem to have a grudge against these dogs?

    • Guambry

      +Jeff Everett +Jeff Everett nope. Im actually an employed person. never have ridden a bike, nor used drugs, but thanks for perpetuating stupid stereotypes. i own two rescue pitbulls. they were previously abused and they are now the best, and most well behaved animals. just because the news only shows pitbulls as the perpetrators doesnt mean no other breeds have attacked. with your attitude I cant help but think you are the pathetic piece of shit youre talking about. you dont even know me, and still made all these assumptions. sad excuse of a human being.

  • ashley Noffsinger
    ashley Noffsinger

    Dose anyone know where this lady is located? I would like to get one of her pups that she breeds some day. Facebook me at Ashley Noffsinger. For some reason when I comment on youtube I have to go way way back and I can not find it. Thanks

    • TheAngieIshmael

      Visit a damn shelter, you'll find plenty.

  • AyyitsRoger

    I'm looking to adopt a baby pitbull. Anyone know where's the best place to get one? I live in the LA area!!

    • ashley Noffsinger
      ashley Noffsinger

      @ImSoBored818 I just commented looks like you didn't get a comment back from anyone for a month. My guess this lady looks like a good breeder. I would like to know for my self where she's at and her name. I did read some of Cesar's book " how to raise the perfect dog" He did say if you want a good dog find a top notch breeder. But if you want a dog from a shelter there's going to be a lot of unknows that your not going to know. For myself I did own a dog and I didn't know dogs all that well I can say my dog Molly showed me..... a bit. But now the light bulb has went off. YAY!!!

  • Oliiva Groft
    Oliiva Groft

    that is really true there, i agree what Cesar said about all those diff kind of pits that out there.

  • David

    Yes. Cesar does it. But it's not for just anyone. I have a husky shepherd mix. I got him as a young adolescent. He was neglected and probably mistreated. He was skiddish and ran away from us. We already had a well balanced adult toy poodle. I did not reinforce the husky"s negative behavior by forcing myself on him for my own pleasure (i.e. Overly petting and showing him affection for no reason) nor did I give him "unearned love". I introduced him into the family pack. And basically "ignored" him. (Not really) but I did not pay any physical attention to him. But I carried myself as the leader and he saw the respect my poodle shown towards me and he copied that. Most people would force themselves and overly try to pet and love on a skiddish or "sad" looking dog. That's the wrong thing to do. All that does is reinforce that state of mind and creates unwanted excitement. He gradually began to feel relaxed and slowly started to spend his time with us and our poodle. Over a few days he would lay closer and closer to us. I gave him direction and I earned his respect. Now, him and the poodle play together. I can leave them both inside during the day and they are relaxed and do not bother anything. Treat dogs like dogs. Give them direction and be authoritative in your demeanor and behavior and they will naturally gravitate towards you and follow your lead. Since implementing Cesars approach everywhere I go dogs respect me. I go to my in laws house where they have several overly excited dogs that run the show and misbehave. They are astonished when I come over. The natural vibe I put off they feel it and back off and chill out. I go in and take over just by my energy and demeanor. It's funny cuz the dogs will gravitate towards me rather than everyone else who is trying to pet and give them attention. Dogs want direction and to follow a leader!!!!

    • TheAngieIshmael

      Beautiful! I can say the same about entering any house with a dog, haha. The calm leadership I project attracts all the animals ((: And it's "skittish", btw not skiddish

    • Victoria A
      Victoria A

      How do you create this demeanour of authority and energy ? Any tips

    • HipHop90s

      Your so right and you did a great job very smart of you to do that great job man we need more people to do what you did and get a dog back to being a dog.

  • airplaineman123

    Like it or not there has to be breeders or eles the characteristics that actually make the breed a pit pull would be none existent. What you'd end up with is a random mixed dog that carries no standard, a totally differnt dog. You should be thankful there are people who keep a standard or eles the breed you call a pitbull would be extinct

  • Jeilin R.
    Jeilin R.

    If everyone here support pit bulls come and join my community on google+. It is called Save the Pits by Jeilin.

  • Beast1431

    Watching the life fading from that dog in the last 4 seconds of this video truly made my eyes water.

  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor

    Love my pits!!! Please help us keep our pits together and share this link www.gofundme.com/frt92c

  • Blake Talbot
    Blake Talbot


  • Sikram_PR

    "Bullys" are NOT PITBULLS! Ceaser is a cool guy but i believe he is unfortunately is helping spread misinformation even with is own personal dog "junior" who is also a mixed breed (not a pure pitbull)..

    • Sikram_PR

      I'm perfectly calm.He NEVER refers to his obvious "bully type" dogs as bullies,he calls them "PITBULLS" which is misinformation plain and simple thats all.

    • paige possehl
      paige possehl

      ???? Cesar is an amazing guy, spreading incredible information about "BULLYS" and mixed pit bull breeds as well. Calm down

  • Lisa Alfaro
    Lisa Alfaro

    Love it so cute

  • o0blindfire0o

    When does the hole documentary come out?

  • Lord X _
    Lord X _

    Pity Power

  • Marven Jay Lagumbay
    Marven Jay Lagumbay

    wow junior?

  • Luthien

    If she truly loved Pits, she would NOT breed them. Thousands are born in shelters and rescues. YES, born. Why create more when they are enough already? Females arrive or are abandoned pregnant. They are the number #1 breed being abandoned and born in shelters. Yeesh! These people! By breeding them, you only prove that they truly are "born" bad because yeah, "breeding" matters. Urg!

    • acvarthered

      @VladdViever And if the dog has the look and more importantly in this case the temperament of a pitbull then why should anybody care if it has actual papers? Shouldn't we be concerned about the quality of the dog and not the parents of the dog? Pure bread is just pure bullshit!

    • TheAngieIshmael

      Yep yep yep yep

    • VladdViever

      Also, I am not saying everyone who breeds is falsifying papers..I am directing the comment towards people like this woman in the video.

    • VladdViever

      You do know you could falsify AKC papers, right? There is no telling if the sire on the paper is the actual sire of the litter/pup, same for the dam, unless there is an AKC official there watching the breeding and paperwork being filled out. There's just no way of knowing if the dog she rescued is being bred. If it has a near perfect conformation and temperament, I am inclined to believe she will breed this dog and not say a word about it just to collect $ to keep her breeding "rescuing" business going. A rescue does NOT breed anything! They spay, neuter and adopt out their dogs. This lady just breeds and contributes to the ever growing population of unwanted pets

    • VladdViever

      She's NOT a rescue. She's a BREEDER! A bad one at that, too! A rescue does not take in abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and turn around and breed them. Her rescue is only contributing to the growing problem with these dogs. wonder how many APBT she's rescued and bred. Pity.

  • MrAxileas

    1:21 dat face is the cutest

    • Daniela Perez
      Daniela Perez

      Dat😂 plattdeutsch??

  • Kartik Chandrasekhar
    Kartik Chandrasekhar

    So excited! LOVE 'pit bulls'. All dogs.

  • topmoto75

    I think the statistics prove that non pitbull attacks don't get the attention.

  • S. Johnson
    S. Johnson

    Anyone know where I can stream this? Been dying to watch it and I can't get Nat Geo Wild in my area:(

  • Eganaa1

    This breed has killed so many people all around the world. Killer instinct is much more than any other breed. Only experts like Cesar should keep them.

  • caleb torrico
    caleb torrico

    where can i see the full episode

  • JK1990

    anybody have link to full episode? can't find it anywhere

  • tskitz

    Anyway to watch the full video? If you missed it on TV. Thanks. Pls respond.

  • Eleonora Cifliku
    Eleonora Cifliku

    where can i find this online ?

  • DetroitToTX65

    I don't understand is why this woman who states that she loves pit bulls, yet she breeds them when there are hundreds of thousands that get euthanized each and every year because they can't find homes. Can someone please explain this to me?

  • Debbie Casey
    Debbie Casey

    My pit bull belonged to a friend of mines brother. Her brother ended up having to have his leg amputated. Since Bruno required so much exercise my friend took him in. She had him for three months when the management of the apartments she lives in told her they had a ban on pit bulls and she had two weeks to get rid of it or get kicked out. This is the most awesome dog I know! I took him so he wouldn't have to go to the shelter. What was at first just a temporary arrangement has now turned into a long term commitment. This is his forever home. Bruno's temperament reminds me of JR.

  • Kris 88
    Kris 88

    Anyone know when this will be shown in the UK??

  • Michanda Wolfenbarger
    Michanda Wolfenbarger

    Hi I am michanda I am 11 years old and I had 5 good trained pit bulls but when i got back form school my pit bulls were gone so I told my mom to call the cops but when they got here they said they took them to the shelter when we got there two people adouted them so we asked the two people if we could visit our pit bulls and they said yes so in the morning went to their house and we saw our pit bulls dead in their front yard their legs were broke and their tail were cut off

    • deborah hedges
      deborah hedges

      @deborah hedges about how people think of this breed they talk about how unteustworthy and aggressive they r but lets take a look at what people do r they any better and dog react natural deffense people r crue And violent with forthought and intent pure evel

    • deborah hedges
      deborah hedges

      Oh my god what is wrong with pele i am so sorry that breaks my heart cant imagine how u felt but here is what i hate abou

  • Chaly Perez
    Chaly Perez

    Someone that knows where i can see this on the internet? Cuz i live in sweden.. .:(

    • Camilla Gabrielsson
      Camilla Gabrielsson

      Okej :/

    • Chaly Perez
      Chaly Perez

      Camilla: Nä funkade inte..

    • Camilla Gabrielsson
      Camilla Gabrielsson

      Kanske här? channel.nationalgeographic.com/wild/episodes/cesar-millan-love-my-pit-bull/ Sitter på telefonen, så kan inte se riktigt.

  • Lisa Edgett
    Lisa Edgett

    When does this air?? Did I miss it? It's not showing ondemand with regular Cesar 911 episodes.

  • Lisa Edgett
    Lisa Edgett

    When does this air?? Did I miss it? It's not showing ondemand with regular Cesar 911 episodes.


    Where can I watch this?

  • Storm Cochran
    Storm Cochran

    When I was 8 years old I was introduced to a Pit Bull for the first time. My uncle had 7 of them at one time. He lived in a normal sized home and they were all inside. My uncle would baby sit me while my dad was at work that summer and I spent every day that summer with these 7 massive Pit Bulls. I played, wrestled, cuddled with and ran around with these dogs all day. I fell in love with them and the breed in general. I've owned many dogs now, and I can honestly say that no other dog has showed me the loyalty, love and compassion that my Pit Bull has. People need to take responsibility for their actions. No dog is born "aggressive." If you tie a dog up in your backyard and never give affection, discipline, exercise or love then of course it won't like people, I wouldn't either I don't care what kind of dog it is.

    • Zacharia Uzimaki
      Zacharia Uzimaki

      Me too

    • TheAngieIshmael

      Storm Cochran That is absolutely awesome! I remember my family briefly taking in a brindle pit, and nobody being able to come up to her because of their fear and her jumping on them (as a reaction), and myself being maybe 6 or 7 being the only one who would play, wrestle, run, and sleep with her... They gave her away to a friend who owns a good sized farm (:

  • Danilo Reis
    Danilo Reis

    Quando irá passar no Brasil ?

  • Ross Macnamara
    Ross Macnamara

    Are we getting this in the UK on Nat Geo Wild? I hope so.

  • Romeo

    Pls someone tell me where i can see the full show online, not on tv, since in my country natgeowild doesnt have the same scheldue

  • Rey Leon DelaSelva
    Rey Leon DelaSelva

    Ancient Alien Theorists believe….

  • 100Tatanisha

    awee!!!! the puppies are so cute ~_~

  • tieetop

    The huge number of "bad" pit bulls only reflects the outrageously huge number of stupid, ignorant, bad people, which unfortunately will always outnumber the good. I don't have a pit, but I may be one I own one in the future. Right now I have a German Shepherd and only have room in my life for one dog.

  • Klaus Cartesius
    Klaus Cartesius

    Love, Peace and Pitbulls :D

  • Marie Many
    Marie Many

    Thank you Cesar, I am gong to watch this show cause I always wanted a pitbull..I think they are beautiful animals...

    • Dana Moore
      Dana Moore

      They are the most amazing dogs EVER! They are sweet, silly, loving & loyal!

  • Sandra Schöneich
    Sandra Schöneich

    Breeders... Where are those puppies parents?? All those dogs look prettey stressed out to me, but I hope I will know better after having watched the episode?!

  • nelly nogot
    nelly nogot

    i hate pitbull fighting....i love dogs

  • Diane Reinhold
    Diane Reinhold

    As wonderful and knowledgeable as Deanna is, It's unfortunate that people are still breeding when there are so many of these dogs being put down everyday. At our local shelter more than 80% are Pit or Pit cross and many are young puppies.

  • Liz Keen
    Liz Keen

    owning a pitbull is a big responsibility - we have two in the family - take them everywhere - had them at 7 year olds rugby game yesterday - they go on every job site with us - the key is to socialise them - adore them and give them a massive amount of love and because they are so smart they will do everything you want. Our staffy pitbull was rescued by son when the guy who bred her tried to teach her to fight - as a result if any dog show aggression to her she will snap back - other dog owners who let their dogs roam free and out of control blame her when son asks them to call their dog back - she has her own pitbull sibling who she accepts but lunging strange dogs make her wary - when it comes to humans all she knows how to do is give love and kisses. I wish so much that other dog owners would learn more about these wonderful dogs and give them the respect they and their loving owners deserve. If we could have changed 1st four months of life we would but she has now had 9 years of love and wouldn't change that for the world. Second pitty is also a rescue but does not appear to have been abused - just dumped at the vets by a stranger when she was 8 months old and was starving 10kg under weight and a broken ankle. All she knows how to do is act like a goof and give kisses to everyone. Will always have pitbulls in our life - they are the very best - well done Caesar for this program

  • Carolina Elis
    Carolina Elis

    I love pit bulls and it is so freaking hard for me to see the last scene the dogs fighting I wish I could cause a great damage on people that enjoy to watch that!!!! #assohles

    • Shar

      I agree, it is barbaric, sadistic and sickening

  • Di Holmes
    Di Holmes

    This woman's a breeder. Case closed. Pit bulls #1 overbred dog. Adopt don't shop. Our groups rescues nearly only pit bulls. Best family pets ever.

  • Freda Goling
    Freda Goling

    All dogs are a reflection of the owner, a dog who is properly trained with love ,kindness, tought command words and exercise will not be a problem , i have three dogs and all of them know the command word NO if i say No they stop what ever their doing, i feel so sorry for pit bulls they have a bad reputation through stupid owners, i watched a video on you tube about the worlds biggest pit bulls, its a giant of a dog and now the owner is breeding and selling them, it only takes one stupid idiot to get old of one of them dogs and you can guarantee trouble.but the dog will be blamed.

    • Oliiva Groft
      Oliiva Groft

      i total agree there, that is very true there

  • Bgirl291

    My 7 month old Brindle pit Marta is the sweetest baby I have ever had. She is very needy and cuddley.

    • Matthew Hooker
      Matthew Hooker

      @Andy Smith Just describing Marta's color, kinda a brownish with blond mixed in all over.

    • Andy Smith
      Andy Smith

      What is a Brindle pit?

  • Rohroh Viray
    Rohroh Viray

    Pitbull are loving dogs. For my own perspective people only thinks Pitbull are dangerous as because of what they experienced. But because of that experience from a Pitbull whose aggressive and dangerous because of the owner. If an owner is abusive then the pitbull will be abusive as well.

  • gio bossio
    gio bossio

    people who chain there pitbull or any dog to a chain and just leave them there is fucking loser i swear to god if i saw those people id put them on a chain and leave them outside to rot and see how they feel.!

    • HipHop90s

      I'm with you it's so wrong to tie a dog to a chain put them on a chain they wouldn't last ten mins such bs.

    • Oliiva Groft
      Oliiva Groft

      i agree with u guys out there.

    • Kathy Arias
      Kathy Arias

      I totally agree with you,and will help you tied them.

  • robin yates
    robin yates

    animal abusers are the same type who abuse women,children and have no respect for anything.

  • Dodol Lipret
    Dodol Lipret

    0:40 American Bully?


      I saw American bullies to

    • ViktorSenji


  • Saadya W
    Saadya W

    Aww puppies!!! So sad what ppl do to them :(

  • iTruth1

    #1 abused dog on the planet is the pitbull. #1 by far!

    • iTruth1

      @Jeff Everett thx, but its true. not even close.

    • Jeff Everett
      Jeff Everett

      +iTruth1 Your an idiot!

    • deborah hedges
      deborah hedges

      @Oliiva Croft i agree and sorry to say the media reinforce that mind set so it lwa es these wonderful sog to the mercy of lowase they make people woith familys amd a lifes drug dealers gang bangers ans sog fighters because they make people with familes and loveing homes afraid to even take a chance on them ive owned 5 pitts i own 1 now and they r wonderful dogs well not even spgs but fami Y members ..LUV MY PITT

    • Oliiva Groft
      Oliiva Groft

      @Jitterbug Videos i agree there

    • iTruth1

      @kramerscape1 i totally agree with you. Great comment!

  • iTruth1


  • Zephyr R&D
    Zephyr R&D

    My wife and I rescued a APBT a year ago, and I never regret it. He is an amazing boy, vary loving and full of energy. There not for everybody but neither is a Siberian husky. I hope this kind of work show just one person that its not a breed issue, just as one would tell one would tell someone is not a race issue, its that we all are products of are environment.

  • Christian Uy
    Christian Uy

    THank god they changed the narrator

    • Matej Kesan
      Matej Kesan

      Agreeeed man.

  • Haloskeeper1

    I love my pit bulls. They are my life. The best companions I could have ever been blessed with. I asked God to bring me a best friend and he gave me a Pitbull ♥

  • Daniel Sevilla Morales
    Daniel Sevilla Morales

    Pfff ojalá estuviera en español jajaj

  • 2pac فتحي الجنايني
    2pac فتحي الجنايني

    I dont know how to watch the full videos? Is there any personal website for cesar millan?

    • 2pac فتحي الجنايني
      2pac فتحي الجنايني

      Thanks alot bro

    • champ2rhyme

      Directv 283, that's all I know.

    • 2pac فتحي الجنايني
      2pac فتحي الجنايني

      Sorry, but what is the channel?

    • champ2rhyme

      Watch Cesar's one hour documentary special 'Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull' on Friday, April 18 at 9pm ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD.