Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull Exclusive
Did you see Cesar's recent one-hour pit bull special? Viewers learned about the history of pit bulls, dating back to the 1800s, in which pit bulls were commonly used on farms and cattle ranches to herd animals. They were even trusted to watch the children while the adults worked the field. In England, for example, the Staffordshire bull terrier was so good with kids, it became known as "The Nanny Dog," which is a quality Cesar Millan often saw in his own pit bull, Daddy.
Do you own a pit bull? Are they really more dangerous or naturally aggressive than other breeds? Or should humans and bad training take more of the blame? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.
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  • maria jose sandoval reyes
    maria jose sandoval reyes

    Que lata que todo esté en ingles, por último que este disponible los subtítulos! Te sigo hace caleta de tiempo. Pero con tus vídeos en ingles es imposible tratar de entender algo :.....(

  • Miss Delegado
    Miss Delegado

    I love dog whisper so cool

  • Linda Yusuf
    Linda Yusuf

    I love my staffy 🐶

  • RockyHorror

    PLEASE lift the ban on Pit Bulls in my country :( (UK)

  • RockyHorror

    Pitbuls are my favourite, i have a english staffordshire bull terrier cross pitbul

  • Karin Morris
    Karin Morris

    It's so sad for the Pitbull to have this type of history and then it completely turns around to them being the devil dog in the media and why?? Because of human greed and dog fighting. Which has nothing to do with their temperament. I've owned multiple Pitbulls/Staffies and they are incredible and sweet.

  • Minchi Line Toy Dog's
    Minchi Line Toy Dog's

    Does Sergeant Stubby have any offspring? So what's that line called?

  • Minchi Line Toy Dog's
    Minchi Line Toy Dog's

    If Sergeant Stubby was crossed to a Boston Terrier he wasn't a pitbull. That dog would be too small to fight and his mouth could not break any bones or damaged another dog Boston Terriers are small dogs. So I think for the record Sergeant Stubby wasn't a pitbull he was a nice dog nice looking dog but he wasn't a pitbull.

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M

    Cesar, in the UK we used to have a dog-licence. Do you think prospective owners should be advised on the type of dog they would be suited to owning, so pit-bulls and other strong breeds don't get such a bad reputation? Would a licence-system help?

  • NattieChristopher

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was never known as a 'nanny dog'! There is no evidence whatsoever to back this up. The first ever documented mention of SBTs being 'nanny dogs' was when a breeder was talking about her own dogs back in the 70's. Prior to that there was no mention made of these 'nanny dogs' in any historical archive from the UK (not just England), US and Canada!

    • bluewind gau
      bluewind gau


  • Game Source
    Game Source

    Good to see the truth about Bully dog types like the American Pitbull. Every single person in the world needs to see this. These types of dogs are great, loyal working dogs bred and used on farms, to hunt, and also as great gladiators used to battle against large animals as well as other dogs. These dogs can do anything and are one of the most versatile dogs in all existence.

  • Delightful Addition
    Delightful Addition

    Marvelous video on this incredible type of dog known as Pit Bull types or Bull breeds. Something I have learned from personal experience while working with Animal Control is that there is no type or breed of dog that is more aggressive or more likely to bite you naturally. When a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman Pincher, Akita, Husky, or American Pit Bull Terrier comes into the facility, you cannot say they are more likely to bite or be aggressive than any other dog that comes in. It is impossible to judge the level of aggression of dogs based on breed, because it really depends on factors that the owner provides for the dog (such as training, socialization, environment, structure, etc.) more so than the size, type, or even breed of dog one has. No matter the breed, dogs are dogs. They are the same species. And while some of us try to put them in different brackets as if they are entirely different species from one another, the fact remains that they are dogs before they are any size, type, or breed we as a people have categorized them as.

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      @bluewind gau That is not necessarily true. While there are Pit Bulls which are dangerous and should not be around children, it is more commonly believed that they actually do good around children with the proper supervision and socialization. Like with any dog, do not judge them based on breed. Some dogs should not be around children, and their breed is not the reason why. Also Pit Bulls being dangerous for children is contrary to the information we are given here which says that they more times than not are good with children.

    • bluewind gau
      bluewind gau

      +I Care pls don't own pitbull dangerous for childrens.

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      I would also like to add that farm work came first before the sports of bull and bear baiting. It is true that when brought to America, Pit Bulls were used on farms as well. However, they were bred for helping farmers with livestock such as with cattle. Their duties on the farm led them to be used for the sport of bull baiting, and this is when the association with fighting for the breed began. Here is some more information in the form of a video about it if you wish to learn more. www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=hWmrc0-l9MA

  • Edgar Mendez
    Edgar Mendez

    Wait I need something cleared up. The American staffordshire terrier is not a pitbull? Or is it just another name for it, because I think "pit" means fight. And so they made the "pitbull" dog to fight (after the nanny dog the staffordshire terrier existence). How did they make the pitbull dog? What dog did they crossbreed with the staffordshire terrier?

    • Neil Murray
      Neil Murray

      Edgar Mendez The dog people call Amstaff and Apbts are in fact Irish bloodline Staffordshires brought to America by Irish immigrants and plantation owners . Half and Halfs or Bull and Terriers came in a variety of weights and sizes according to the county of Britain they came from. The term Pitbull was first used for these dogs in the 1700s in Britain and there is some debate about the term Pit referring to either the box they fought in or relating to the coal miners who owned them the ' Pit ' men . The stock dog in the creation of these dogs was the now extinct Old English Bulldogge which they crossed with the many game Terriers of Britain and Ireland . Certain dogmen favoured more Bulldogge blood in their fighting dogs while others preferred more terrier blood which resulted in notable size differences in the dogs . Half and Halfs can be narrowed down to certain types these being Irish Old Family , Cradley Heath , Walsall, Darlaston, Dudleys and Blue Paul . The Irish type is the dog people associate with the APBT and Amstaff which was allegedly the best fighter of all the county types . Colby and Armitage imported these dogs to America and rebranded them and the first Amstaff named Primo was an imported Irish Staffordshire. Colby would pay the cost of passage for Irish immigrants if they brought their fighting dogs with them for him to breed, sell and fight . You asked the question what did they cross the Amstaff with to create the Pitbull and the answer is they didn't the dog is a Staffordshire type not a separate breed . If you are interested to know the dog people recognise as the Staffordshire of today is Cradley Heath type Crossguns bloodline and only represents one type but in Britain and Ireland to this day the other types still exist . Half and Half dogs 'pit Bull ' at no time were used for bull and bear baiting that was Bulldogges the Half and Halfs were fighting dogs only and they certainly weren't ever know as the Nanny Dog that is fantasy and fiction .

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      +Edgar Mendez You must mean the American Bully. Well, it came about by people mixing American Pit Bull Terriers with a variety of different Bull breeds and Mastiff breeds for a larger, more stout, and calmer dog that is not as high energy. Not as high energy, athletic, and active as the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Bully made good pets for households that are less active and have other animals since the American Pit Bull Terrier's high prey drive and very challenging nature towards other animals sometimes make them difficult to get along or live with other animals (though we must remember that APBTs, when raised and trained correctly and sometimes even when not, can be good around other animals). The American Bully's larger size and looks made them very popular among people who like larger dogs.

    • Edgar Mendez
      Edgar Mendez

      +Jeff Cares Thanks and wow with that explanation it really explained a lot. One other question, the one pitbull/bully dog. How did that one come about?

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      +Edgar Mendez Now on whether or not the American Staffordshire Terrier is the same breed as the American Pit Bull Terrier, it is controversial. Some say they are both the same breed. Some beg to differ. People such as those involved with the AKC, which are the ones that started the American Staffordshire Terrier name, which will not register a dog that has been registered as an APBT. It only registers dogs with parents registered as American Staffordshire Terriers. Some say that the concept behind both breeds and years of breeding in different directions has led to two separate breeds. While the American Pit Bull Terrier is a working breed and is bred as such, the American Staffordshire Terrier is more of a show dog bred more for physical conformation on what the AKC thinks the breed should look like. This has resulted in some noticeable differences between the supposed separate breeds. While the APBT seen as leaner and more agile, the American Staffordshire Terrier is viewed as larger and stockier in build. Also, the average size for both breeds are something to be taken into account. While the APBT usually maxes at around 50 pounds, the American Staffordshire Terrier's smallest weight is around 60 pounds and reaches up to 80 pounds. And it is not just physical characteristics that people say separate them. Another quality people discuss is the trait known as gameness which is a very important trait in the APBT breed that is not really found or often discussed in the AST breed because it is not something that is bred for or important since they are not seen as a working breed or used for fighting purposes like the APBT is.

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      +Edgar Mendez Hello there. I couldn't help but notice your comment and want to try and help explain. My response may be a bit lengthy, but I think I can help clear somethings up for you. Certain breeds and mixed breed dogs with certain physical characteristics are often referred to as Pit Bull type dogs. While these certain Bull breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, and others are labeled as Pit Bulls, there are some that view the term Pit Bull as being specifically the breed known as the American Pit Bull Terrier. You ask if the American Staffordshire Terrier is a Pit Bull type or not. The answer is yes. However, when people ask if the American Staffordshire Terrier is the same breed as an American Pit Bull Terrier, that is when things get very controversial. First I would like to mention that the American Pit Bull Terrier did not come from the American Staffordshire Terrier. If anything, the American Staffordshire Terrier would be considered a child breed to the breed known as the American Pit Bull Terrier. The American Staffordshire Terrier is documented to have come about when the American Kennel Club wanted to register American Pit Bull Terriers, but didn't want the term "Pit Bull" to be associated with their registry because of its bull baiting and fighting uses. So it agreed to register APBTs under the name American Staffordshire Terrier. In retrospect, it was simply a name change to which the American Staffordshire Terrier came about. They are so closely related, that some feel they are the same dog. They can be dual registered as either American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers in some cases. To understand the American Staffordshire Terrier's history and the dogs themselves, one would also have to look at the American Pit Bull Terrier's history and their qualities. This is because many of the qualities and traits found in the American Pit Bull Terrier are also found in the American Staffordshire Terrier standard wise. I also would like to add that the APBT was not made to fight. Originally bred to be farm dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier was tasked with helping farmers with livestock such as with cattle. Their duties on the farm led them to be used for the sport of bull baiting, and this is when the association with fighting for the breed began. Here is some more information in the form of a video about it if you wish to learn more. www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=hWmrc0-l9MA

  • Shelby Crane
    Shelby Crane

    I gave a 6 minute speech on how pitbulls are not aggressive dogs and that dachshunds are more likely to bite somebody.then i offered to bring my pit in so everyone could See and my teacher said he would shoot him on sight because they are all mean dogs and he would bite someone this dog is 16 years old this year and has never bit anyone

    • bluewind gau
      bluewind gau

      +I Care pitbulls are dangerous for chils and owners let me tell you very dangerous.... pls don't breed pitbull it is dangerous dogs.

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      +Shelby Crane Here are some more links and videos that you can sent to or show him to better educate him. A video by the science channel DNews on dogs and aggression. www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=Pg4g7BL4lyI This is a news story that says that smaller dogs such as Dachshunds are more likely to bite someone. www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=5WFCg1gMku4 Here is a link that shows that Pit Bulls score very well on temperament tests done by the American Temperament Test Society and do better than the general dog population. www.examiner.com/article/pit-bulls-score-better-on-temperament-tests-than-the-general-dog-population

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      +Shelby Crane That is very unfortunate. I believe this individual should not be a teacher with a mindset like that. However, you teacher would not be able to shoot him on sight, especially if you are at school. At school, he should not even be able to possess a gun, and even if he did, if he shot your dog, he would be in serious trouble and would most likely be fired and maybe even arrested and jailed. However, it is probably best to stay on the safe side and not bring your dog to his class. If you want to bring your dog to school, I would make sure it is not in his classroom. But instead of bringing your dog to school, I would suggest showing him this video or sending it to him via email.

  • Loopy Kick
    Loopy Kick

    I love Cesar Millan. He's so awesome for doing this. Go nanny dogs! Go service dogs! Go Pit Bulls! =D

  • ectpete

    I got a Staffordshire bull terrier from a rescue center and she is the friendliest dog I've ever come across. I trust her 100% with Kids and other animals. She has changed my view on dogs.

  • harbans jhamb
    harbans jhamb

    i-support Cessor's pit bull

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    I'm adopting a pittie mix this Fri and I'm soo excited

  • Welihn

    I love how Cesar always reminds people that it isn't the dog but the human behind the dog. I was watching a video earlier about a irrsponsable owner (she probably had anger issues.) I started to read the comments and I saw something that really pissed me off, someone saying "Don't feel bad for a dog that was created to kill other dogs." I mean.. Who created the dog? Humans did, each breed is like our kids, we created them now it's our responsability to protect them and keep them alive as the best version of themselves. People say "Pitbulls are not for anyone" I just say "A dog is not for anyway." Regardless of breed or size, a bad owner will result in a dog with problems. but unlike the owner, the dog can change into a better version of themselves.I love pitbulls (American Staffs, Staff Bulls, American pitbull terriers.), actually all dogs. But seeing people descriminate dogs by their breeds is racism, the most common kind of racism that most people ignore. :\

    • Ronan boy
      Ronan boy

      We know what you mean but what you expect from a bulldog breed so much power and strength when they are bored they do become misbehaving but this why we exercise them. The pit bull is 1 of the strongest and most energetic dog out the breed but we forced them to do it. They pick up bad habits like us and most of us don't stop so what they gonna do not stop. But the loyalty of this dogs is unexplainable so they will do anything to serve us

    • Oliiva Groft
      Oliiva Groft

      i would total agree with u there.

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      @Rafaella Abreu Great, good to see people such as yourself that understand the history and what these types of dogs are all about. They are some great dogs, as many people know. A page about the Pitbull Terrier breed - www.dogbreedinfo.com/americanpitbull.htm and some info explaining that Pitbull is not a breed, for those people that think that every time the word Pitbull is mentioned, that they are actually talking about one breed of dog - www.washingtonpost.com/local/experts-say-pit-bulls-dont-exist/2012/08/28/b0c410b8-f14c-11e1-b74c-84ed55e0300b_story.html Also, how they stand temperament wise - www.examiner.com/article/pit-bulls-scoring-better-than-121-other-breeds-temperament-are-gentle-dogs

    • Welihn

      Yes, I know, I actually tried to explain the person otherwise but he never really replied. But I hope I could set things straight for him about the Pitbull type breeds. They are dogs on the inside, even if the outside they look different.. I'll be showing him the link you sent here as well if he does reply. before people can descriminate they better be educated about the subject before trying to say anything. :\

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      @Rafaella Abreu "Don't feel bad for a dog that was created to kill other dogs"? Whoever said that was an idiot. These dogs were not even bred to fight other dogs. Actually, as this video points out, these dogs were working with each other in sports like bull baiting and bear baiting even before they started to be used for dog fighting. Dog fighting had started after bull and bear baiting was outlawed sometime around 1835. Pitbulls were being trained and used for bull and bear baiting in the 1700's. These dogs were bred to be farm dogs to help farmers with the bulls. When people saw how strong, athletic, tough, loyal, courageous, and tenacious these dogs were, they started these sports called bull and bear baiting that would see how long it took the dogs to bring the large animal down and to see which dog/s displayed the most courage, ability, and did the best overall. For more info watch this video - www.dailymotion.com/video/xaf5xb_pit-bull-dog-breed-explained_animals Besides, dog fighting isn't even about killing. It is a competition between two dogs. It is not a death match. The majority of the time, the dogs do not kill one another. A fight is settled when either one dog fleas or was unable to continue, then they stop the match and declare the other dog the winner. I would be pissed off if I read a comment like that. It's sad how stupid some people are.

  • SilvaMC

    Only God and my pitbull Diesel know and own my heart completely. My bully is gentle and affectionate. Thank you for the history lesson. Blessings to all.

  • Kristin Baker
    Kristin Baker

    I was watching the documentary the other day and almost fell over in shock! At the 45 minute mark (with commercials) there was a shot of me, my husband, and our beautiful Pittie boy, Monkey!!!!!! We were in Boston doing a BSL walk in that day. That walk was almost two years ago!! At the time, we were told that the video camera was there recording all of us so that if time allowed, the footage might make it onto the local news. It was very shocking to be just watching a show, and see yourself show up on the screen.

    • DragonSkaterrr

      good or bad?

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool

    Awesome stuff. These are the best and most hardy working dogs ever to exist. No doubt about it. It's good to see that people understand the history and abilities of these types of working dogs and realize that they do not run on aggression. They run on soul.

  • morgan devine
    morgan devine

    I'm sorry but yes, the nanny dog thing is true. Granted with any breed a responsible owner won't take that as " oh I can leave my kid's alone unsupervised with my dog"... Kid's, and mine included need to know what is OK and what's not, so breanna, were u being one of those people that thought it was amusing for the kid's to ride or torment? Dog owner's often time's fail to see warning sign's. A dog has only so many ways to say it's scared or uncomfortable... With any dog breed, you leave your child alone with them for as long as u leave your small child alone in the bath. People's irresponsibility creates problems.

  • MicheleElys MER
    MicheleElys MER

    Yes, Bull Terriers & Bull Dogs were being bred in the 1600's by Humans to mane and kill. If you look at those times, humans had been burning people at the towns stake for religious beliefs, and so called gossips. It was violent and humans are the responsible party for this violence. It does not take away from the wonderful Nanny dog or any other breed. It is time humans turned this violence around and be responsible for what we have created, and quit the DENIAL! I had Rottweilers for 23 years, one was a children's' therapy dog. Not one was violent for I am not violent. There are great dogs, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Belgium Malinois; all trained for Service and Rescue and in the wrong hands can mane and kill, due to us humans who wish only to see the wrong side of life. Which do you prefer? Live in Denial or join a force to change these reputations of man created horrors? Do you wish to bring back Witch hunts also and burning at the stake for a belief? We have an incredible opportunity here, whether people want to join Cesar or complain. I am joining up! Anyone Else? MicheleElys (first name, not Michele) Google it. ;D Cheers

    • Swell Character
      Swell Character

      @MicheleElys Mer Not bred, trained and used. And while bulldog and terrier crosses were used as well, they were not around that long ago. Only the true working and bull baiting bulldog was around that long ago (the APBT). Originally working dogs, the true bull baiting and working bulldogs that some people call APBTs were first working and hunting dogs of large game and started to be trained and used for bloodsports like bear and bull baiting when people saw how good they were at their work. What started off as a farm job to control livestock for the butcher, people started to display their working bulldog's abilities in those kinds of sports as a way to test the quality of their working dogs, for the butcher to make money, and for entertainment. Like dog professional, breed historian, and author Diane Jessup writes: "First a hunter, then a butcher's dog, then a baiter, then a dog fighter, Pit Bulls are actually one of the oldest and certainly one of the purest. Written Pit Bull pedigrees date into the late 1700's. The breed know as the English bulldog is a relatively recently developed animal designed strictly for the show ring. In fact, English bulldogs were not even created until several years AFTER bull baiting (the purpose for which it was supposed to have been bred) was banned and discontinued in the United Kingdom. So, it is impossible for the Pit Bull to have been developed from a breed younger than itself. In fact, the English bulldog is developed from the original working bulldog - the Pit Bull."

  • nung chreenak
    nung chreenak

    I love pitbull. ♥♥♥♥♥

  • scott hams
    scott hams


  • Julian Hofman
    Julian Hofman

    After watching about 20 episodes, I watched the video where cesar tells the real story about his life. And thats when I heard about the new show. The new show finnaly braught me here so that I can keep up-to-date with Cesar millan. It's not that I'm out of content. It's just that I'm becoming a fan :)

  • chesteroctber15th

    Where can I watch the whole thing? :(

  • jenny rodriguez
    jenny rodriguez

    does any one know where i could watch the whole special. i have been dying to see it :)

  • Hypnagogia

    Cesar reinvented himself when at the lowest point in his life. He's a great pack leader and really impressed with how wise he is.

  • Raquel

    Does anyone know where I can watch this special online for free?? I looked everywhere, but could not find the full show. I haven't seen it, and it did not premiere in South America. * Also, at 1:26, that general had a Bull Terrier, not a pitbull.

    • Gears Starting
      Gears Starting

      @Sky Leopard Actually, Pit Bull is not a particular breed of dog. It a category of dogs with similar qualities that generally allow the dog to be good at or seen as favorable to be used for certain things. For Pit Bull dog types, they are generally seen to be seen as favorable for hunting, controlling livestock, and to be trained for what some would call combat or sporting matches to take on a large assortment of animals like bull, bear, boar, badgers, rats, and other dogs. Like it says in the definition of Pit Bull, it is "a generic term used to describe dogs with similar physical characteristics. The general public and news media consider a Pit Bull as one of several breeds including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Argentine Dogo, American Bulldog, American Bully, and any mix thereof. Any dog that is mixed with a Bull breed may also be called a Pit Bull including those that are descended from the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and Boston Terrier."

  • Jolene Todman
    Jolene Todman

    Thanks @Cesar Millan for sharing your wisdom. Very important information :)

  • hawaiiguerilla

    came down from a guava picking hike today and seen the really pissed off pit bulls lose. one male red nose with hugh balls and one female blue nose. i walked down and then they came over to me. my 3 american bulldogs one male and two females one not dog friendly by my side. he came 6 feet away and gave my dogs a good no bark or growl stare i yelled at him to bail!!!! then 8 sec in my 3rd timing yelling my male growls and he finally budges and leaves at 12 -15 secs. i then threw my muddy dogs in the truck fast instead of the camper. the dogs went in the yard and barked once then came back out lol. told some neighbors then ran to my truck. thumbs up my story thanks.

  • Mixalisfioto Fiotaros
    Mixalisfioto Fiotaros

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee can someone sent me one link to watch the new episode I love him BUT I dont have natgeowild thanx a lot ( I am from Greece )

  • brunoz

    Cesar I love your work but if your true goal of this exclusive is to spread awareness about the misunderstood nature of pitbulls then why hasn't it been made available to the general public to watch free of charge instead capitalizing on the controversial nature of this discussion for the purpose of raising national geographic's ratings? there is a very limited number of people who actually have national geographic TV accessible to them and its not like NatGeoWild wouldn't have stamped their logo on it had they put it on their youtube channel... does anyone else agree with me?

  • Hernandez Rock&Metal
    Hernandez Rock&Metal


  • Jack Lowe
    Jack Lowe

    Brennan actually I have on she is a nanny dog Staffordshire bull terrier is true these dogs are the best

  • Gears Starting
    Gears Starting

    I found this to be a very informative and interesting video. I also want to thank the people that sent it to me. It was very appreciated.

  • Jake Sager
    Jake Sager

    Pitbulls aren't dangerous; it's the owner or trainer that is. They could train a chihuahua to attack if it got them money :P On a brighter note: Ladies, show your support of your pitbull here: teespring.com/girlpitbull tshirt and hoodie in different colors.

  • Gilberto De Santiago
    Gilberto De Santiago

    Is this episode available for purchase or is there a website where you could watch it or buy it?

  • elf tink
    elf tink

    I would like to see the full episode of Pit Bull. I did not know they were called 'nanny dogs'. I wonder why humans twisted that myth to the sad reality, the ban of Pit Bull.

    • jenny rodriguez
      jenny rodriguez

      @David Orth i have books on dogs that are older than the show the dog whisperer. they were published in the 80s i believe. i read a chapter on pit bulls and it did say they were called the nanny dogs.

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      @David Orth Yeah, and it's known that they were called nanny dogs, like it is known that they were used for bull baiting and used on farms. Why else do people keep saying it? Skip the photos, even though it proves they can be trusted around children. The proof is in the pudding. You can see it even today. I don't know how many people have these dogs in their families with children, but the numbers are staggering. And most are good with the master's kids.

    • David Orth
      David Orth

      History is documented. I have yet to see one since original source referring to them as nanny dogs. Just vintage photos of nervouis-looking kids standing next to whale-eyed brutes.

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      @David Orth Idiot! "They were never nanny dogs." Uhh, yeah they were. We are getting a front seat to the history from dog pros, but you still want to talk like you know something about these dogs that they don't? You don't know anything! Why should anyone listen to you? You don't even have any facts. This is history!

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      No myth there. The people trying to twist reality are those pathetic troll creatures that don't know about dogs. They get butthurt, because people know these dogs are great, so they try to create sad myths. Nothing new. There are about 100 breeds banned worldwide.

  • Carol Nelson
    Carol Nelson

    I had a Stafordshire Bullterrior for 15 years. She was raised with my two children and was indeed a "nanny dog". She was a quiet and calm dog who followed my kids around. And wolud move in between them and a stranger and growl until we said it was okay.

  • dslrwork

    does anybody know where can I watch the one-hour special?

    • Gears Starting
      Gears Starting

      @Köpeczi-Bócz Benjamin I had wondered about that myself. I had just got through reading a comment made by Cesar Millan, and, unfortunately, it has not been uploaded to the Internet, and there is doubt that there will be any kind of plans to do so. From what I gathered from Mr. Millan's comment, it seems that it was originally planned to be a TV-only release. But there is still hope that it will be put online for more of the world to see, since people have been requesting it be put online.

  • Gina Post
    Gina Post

    I'd love to see the entire video--is it available online?

  • 3m3raldp0i

    Came here for Cesar and the pitties - stayed for the Ancient Aliens announcer guy.

  • Debra Smith
    Debra Smith

    My husband and I have been considering getting a dog for about a year now and discussed several breeds including German Shepherd, Rottweiller, Doberman and Boxer. Pit bull was never even considered until we happened to catch Cesars Pit Bull special. we have since decided to try a American Staffordshire terrier. Ohio recently unbanned the Pit but so far the only breeders we find are out of state. So the search continues!

  • Terri Smith
    Terri Smith

    These dogs are smart, loyal, and very trainable. The actually want to have an important job to do. My Lily was living proof that these dogs are not dangerous. She was loving, loyal, sweet, and the smartest dog I've ever had the honor to call a family member.

  • Icy Wolfie
    Icy Wolfie

    I live in Singapore and I want a pitbull =(

  • Daniel Dulu
    Daniel Dulu

    Still a dangerous dog in the wrong hands

    • Anna Smith
      Anna Smith

      That's true

    • Daniel Dulu
      Daniel Dulu

      @Anna Smith Yes but even Cesar recognizes that control has to be maintained at all times or the dog can go red zone. By the wrong hands I don't necessarily mean bad people but also those who think dogs only need a weekly walk and little socializing.

    • Anna Smith
      Anna Smith

      So is any breed

  • ImZaaal

    Is there a way to watch that special episode ?

  • nicksynet

    The Nanny Dog name for the staffy is a myth don't get me wrong lovely dogs just the whole nanny thing is not true.

  • drepop803

    pitbulls are very passionate dogs. when they do something they do it to the extreme. if they're aggressive, they're extremely aggressive. if they're freindly, they're extremely friendly. some ppl even think too freindly. ppl actually dont like my cousins pit because she's too friendly. can you believe that? "can you get your dog? she keeps licking me" is what they say. i never had any complaints about my pit being too friendly(even though she is) but ppl have complained that she gave them showers from constant licking lol. ive NEVER had aggression issues with pits. its not because im lucky its because pitbull are naturally friendly. much like a lab. you cant expect every pitbull to be nice just like you cant expect all labs to be. if there are 500,000 pitbulls in the U.S. and 35,000 are aggressive, thats only 7% of the population. then again thats 35,000 potentially aggressive/defensive dogs. unfortunately for the pitbull ppl focus on the 7% and not the wonderful 93% that are friendly-er than your neighborhood golden retriever. also media and movies play huge roles in an ignorant human mind. ppl were never terrified of sharks until 'jaws' came out? thats ridiculous.

  • Izzo Green
    Izzo Green

    Andy falco. I know that guy. Good guy

  • Take Detour
    Take Detour

    So glad Cesar is still with us.

  • Cristina Ormeno
    Cristina Ormeno

    Anyone know where we can watch the full special?


    I love my Pit Bull X

  • Babe 05
    Babe 05

    They have evil moods....

    • Haloskeeper1

      so do people

  • mikeg6niner

    Hey Cesar, any more episodes of "Cesar 911" upcoming?

  • RocketeerRaccoon

    Sadly Pit Bulls are banned in the UK because they are just deemed too dangerous and after all it was in England where Pit Bull Fighting began.

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      @***** Yeah, stupid laws. They don't even work. There is around 80 different breeds with that bsl bullcrap like we see here - loveofmydogs.com/2012/06/10/75-dog-breeds-banned-dog-breed/. All these breeds under bsl, and for what? Old working Bulldogs? Those are actually Pitbull Terriers. Like this video shows us on its facts about them, Pitbull Terriers are the dogs that baited bulls and bears before their were bans on baiting and before dog fighting started. Now there is a dog that Pitbull Terriers are said to come from a dog calle the Alaunt - a war Mastiff used in wars and sometimes even in gladiatorial events against other animals. But the Pitbull Terrier is the real old working Bulldog. Here is more info about it - pitbulldefenders.wordpress.com/history/.

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      @***** Yeah, and there's a lot of different Pitbull type dogs that are not banned and in the UK and are perfectly good to own there. But even with the ban, Pitbull Terriers are still being bred and sold in the UK. That's just how popular these dogs are. Like the Washington Post says in an article called - www.washingtonpost.com/local/experts-say-pit-bulls-dont-exist/2012/08/28/b0c410b8-f14c-11e1-b74c-84ed55e0300b_story.html - Pitbull is not just once breed of dog. Pitbull means dogs like the Pitbull Terrier, Staffy, AmStaff, AmBulldog, AmBully, bull terrier, and many others. And these same idiots that put the bans of certain Pitbull breeds sometimes can't even tell the difference between, many people just pass their dogs off as something else, and no one's the wiser.

    • Game Source
      Game Source

      @RocketeerRaccoon Not really. Pitbull is just an umbrella term. I doubt they have banned all Pitbull type dogs like the staffy, bull terrier, AmBulldog, dogo, presa, corso, and not to mention any other breed or mix with a large, square-shaped head, muscles, chest, and short coat. Now they may have put a ban on certain Pitbull breeds like the Pitbull Terrier, but it is impossible to ban Pitbulls. It is even impossible for them to ban all Pitbull Terriers. I saw a documentary. There are still people breeding and selling Pitbull Terriers in the UK.

    • Zico The Don
      Zico The Don

      I was going to get one

    • RocketeerRaccoon

      @Cameron Mcmaster Oh I want to correct myself about leads, not all dogs can be used with a slip lead as some dogs have a lot of fur that can get tangled up in it. But yes, it's always comes down to the owner.

  • Breanna Hayward
    Breanna Hayward

    I support Cesar Millan 100% but the whole "nanny dog" thing is a myth....I just recently learned that myself.

    • MicheleElys MER
      MicheleElys MER

      @Gabe Lee they were the _nanny dogs_ in these pictures and highly regarded. These downfall has been due to ignorance and blowhards, wanting attention, any attention. Dogs: we control what they get fed, how they live, when they are allowed out, how much love and attention they receive, how can they be dangerous, if we control their lives, It is what the human feeds them in demeanor, is what the outcome produces. e.g. our children for the most part, except dogs are loyal for life. It is a shame we are not loyal for their lives. @Cesar Millan If you happen to read this, I am searching for a wonderful Male Rottie to train for Service, for myself. I had Rotties for 23 year, my current Service dog, whom I adopted at the pound, is growing old, she is a Blue Heeler (Sade) and has cataracts blinding one eye. If you have/know of a wonderful mellow Rottie, I am interested. I adopt for life, have 2 Arabian horses of 16.5 to 18 years. Thank you

    • Gears Starting
      Gears Starting

      @MicheleElys MER It actually says here that Pit Bulls do good with children. We can see images of them and children together without incident, and Cesar Millan even gives an example of how great his Pit Bull, Daddy, was with his daughter. So here, an authoritative figure on dogs with much experience handling dogs of all different breeds and types, including Pit Bulls, tells us how wonder they can be, especially with the right training, raising, and care.

    • bluewind gau
      bluewind gau

      +dilligaff1979 what the fuck you let go pitbull near to children ...truly gross...they are blood seeker dangerous dog....i pity on children !!!

    • MicheleElys MER
      MicheleElys MER

      @bluewind gau you do not know what you are talking about!!!! IT is the human that is dangerous. Please find some education and take some smart pills for that brain you were given!!

    • bluewind gau
      bluewind gau

      pitbulls should be nowhere.. they are dangerous... ppl pls don't own it...dangerous for childs

  • Amber Vega
    Amber Vega

    Will this special be uploaded online?

    • Gears Starting
      Gears Starting

      @Cesar Millan Mr. MIllan, I feel that it should definitely be put online, and that it deserves to be seen by more people. A great place to put it would be on your IRbin channel. It would be a great help to the Bull breed community, who support this amazing and versatile category of dogs, on the Internet as well as offline. I would really like to see the entire video myself and may never get to if it is not uploaded to the Internet.

    • Ice Dragon
      Ice Dragon

      @Cesar Millan This seriously should be uploaded online. I don't buy into cable and I'm dieing to watch this. I have watched every episode of both the Dog Whisperer and Cesar 911. Would be really great to see this too for purchase through Amazon or Itunes. I really love your work. Please let us know if it goes online!

    • Amber Vega
      Amber Vega

      @Cesar Millan :( Oh that's to bad. Here's to hoping it will though, I really want to see it!

    • Melanie Martin
      Melanie Martin

      @Cesar Millan I love "stay calm and assertive"

    • James_C

      @Cesar Millan hi Cesar one question how big is your new ranch please reply