Cesar Millan Helps Missy Elliott with Her Over Excited Dogs #CesarSOS
The first episode of #CesarSOS. Missy Elliot shares a clip of two of her dogs, one with a lot of extra energy that will not listen and a more calm relaxed dog.
It comes down to understanding what your dog wants and needs. Cesar shares 3 big tips to solve Missy's doggy dilemma.
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  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Nice Comment 😊

  • Sunday Wisdom
    Sunday Wisdom

    Cesar my dog is always over excited.. always jumping on us and barking if we refuse... It refuse to say in his cage and we don't go outside like other dogs .... I really need help Cesar

  • Keana Ramchatesingh
    Keana Ramchatesingh

    Cesar IS a dog....

  • Malgorzata Kuszaj
    Malgorzata Kuszaj


  • etina17000

    Hi, I need your help to learn how to teach an old (10 y old) female husky which hates cats and kill them, to leave with a cat. This is my daughter's husky. They are living in spain. I am living in feance, and need to take another cat because myne is dead last october. My doughter needs me to help her and take her husky living with me. But for the moment, if i do this, I could never have a cat, untill the husky lives with me. Thank's in advance.

  • Joshua Benton
    Joshua Benton

    I need cesar to help my German shepherd and chow dog name Badger to stop going to the road and how to stay home

  • Ashleigh

    Do dogs love their human pack or do humans just like to think that their pooch loves them? Will a dog just protect anyone it’s brought up by?

  • Arthur Dantas
    Arthur Dantas

    Sou fã desse cara, pena que não está em português

  • Alex Bollich
    Alex Bollich

    Still don´t know how to calm down the excited dog or is that not the goal ?

  • firstname to login
    firstname to login

    19/11/2019 10:29:53 - as bisto bideos del ruvius? podrias haprenter de hel

  • Inma Bera
    Inma Bera

    Hola, buenas tardes.. NECESITO DE VUESTRA AYUDA, POR FAVOR Tengo una canichita toy de 1,5kg, hasta el dia 3 de noviembre, el unico problema que tenia era que habia perdido audicion.. pero estaba Perfecta de salud, incluida la vista, en un ojito tenia una pequeña catarata, pero.. El fatidico dia 3, tuvo un accidente sin estar yo en casa, se le desplazó el ojito por el que veia casi fuera. Estoy muy agobiada, no camina en la calle se queda tumbada, y por la casa camina muy poquito yse hace todo por la casa. Se pasa laa 24h,del dia durmiendo, me da muchisima pena y no se como ayudarla.. Me da miedo que caiga en una depresion, son ya 15 dias sin moverse de su camita, y sin querer caminar en la calle y hacer su pipi y caca como siempre. Al no oir ni ver... NO SE COMO AYUDARLA. POR FAVOR ALGUIEN ME PUEDE AYUDAR O SI SABE DE ALGUIEN QUE LO PUEDA HACER?? Siento Muchísima impotencia.

  • Veracity

    so cesar’s methods have nothing to do with what is fair to the dog, and nothing to do with what actually WORKS. a good trainer does everything they can to DE-escalate a behavioral issue. a good trainer does everything they can to keep an aggressive/stressed/afraid dog under threshold. cesar milan does everything he can TO escalate. cesar milan marches right in and does everything he can to push a dog OVER threshold.

  • Geminis Vallarta
    Geminis Vallarta

    Necesito ayuda con mi perro husky alguien que me pueda contestar y dar algún consejo porque estoy desesperada y estresada y triste a la vez.Cesar Millan llévate a mi perrito contigo porque tu eres el mejor entrenador, mi husky no hace caso pero es un amor.

  • Happiness Is
    Happiness Is

    0:57 Missy sounds like my Ma

  • Lass-in Angeles
    Lass-in Angeles

    This video series has very little content, and way too long an intro and closure. Its like a small present inside a big wrapping. Get more content please. Tip was still good, thanks Cesar!

  • Sophie June
    Sophie June

    This is so true my dog is always way more excited than his friend but once they have a nice walk together he chills out and they're both happy.

  • Barking Cookie N Cream _쿠크네
    Barking Cookie N Cream _쿠크네

    Cesar is so awesome! He really made so many people understand dog psychology. 👍 He's like Steven Irwin of K9 world.

  • Marissa Zamora
    Marissa Zamora

    Lmao. I love how he's literally like Bitch just take your dog for a walk. 🤦💁 😂😂😂

  • Teresa Hampton
    Teresa Hampton

    I have a yorkie and if I try to put her on a leash or try to put a sweater on her she won’t budge......at all!! Help! It’s extremely cold here so I wanted a coat for her but she won’t potty with it on.

    • Teresa Hampton
      Teresa Hampton

      Oh my gosh! Thank you sooooo very much!!! I can do this!

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      You're going to want to desensitize her to it. Put it on her and do things that make her happy. Like playing with her, training with her, take her on a walk, etc. Pretty much anything to distract her from the fact that she has it on and make it good/fun because then she will associate having it on with good things which will make her more willing to wear it. When you start you're going to want to do it for only a few minutes until she gets ok with it for that long and then slowly lengthen the time she has it on, eventually she will be able to have it on all the time (I don't recommend that tho). Also don't take it off of her until she is calm or she'll learn that if she throws a fit that you'll take it off. Which will just perpetuate the problem. This works for them wearing anything from coats, leashes, shoes, muzzles, harnesses, vests etc. I really hope this helps

  • Chick with Knife
    Chick with Knife

    I have 4 year pug who is really noisy and hyperactive xD

  • Francine Nadeau
    Francine Nadeau

    En français svp merci

  • pumpertube

    A (misguided) queen helping out a lesbian. That's rare.

  • Tamara Kennedy
    Tamara Kennedy

    If it wasn't for you Caesar We would not have taken in a dog from the dog pound..I first watched your videos and learned from them I watched them over and over again got my yard prepared got leashes collar and food dishes bedding treats toys and bags for poop and gloves brushes and shampoos and saved up for shots and vet visits..then I got our dog. We got lost trying to find the animal shelter because the person at the shelter gave us horrible directions and on our way back home only 20 minutes left till closing we drove by the animal shelter and went rushing in they said go look but we are closing in 15 minutes my 3yr old and 12 yr old and I asked do you have any dogs that you think will be good with children and cats the worker said yes there is This one dog super sweet still a pup and she's really sweet..so we saw her he brought her out to us in an area away from kennel and allowed us to interact she was excited but not jumping on us very submissive and so happy for the loving and we said okay..signed the paperwork and she was spayed that morning we came to pick her up she was only 30 lbs and the size of a cocker spaniel. I said okay Molly let's get home they said oh you named her Molly you see what we named her lucky lady, I said why they said last night was her last night she was going to be euthanized last night...I burst into tears and was inconsolable for a good 30 minutes I had to gather myself to drive and even though she had just had surgery herself she put her head on my lap and then licked my tears and gave me a kiss and put her head down they said oh my gosh and one lady started crying that worked there and a man said well if that's not a grateful dog I don't know if that could be more obvious she just said I know and thank you for saving me..the tech came in and saw us and we were waiting for the microchip paperwork and he said oh hey and laughed and said wow you got her ahh so cool ah yeah we were bummed yesterday thinking ah man she's such a sweet dog..somebody beat her and she was abused so we felt kinda bad you get abused someone tries to spare you that life then you come here and end up being euthanized what good did that do ya know really sad. And then you guys came in and my coworker pointed to where she was when I showed her to you, I couldn't say hey please get her this is her last day in fr not of your kids..I mean happy story happy ending for her though...I brought her home trained her I did everything the way you showed me Caesar and even got her used to my cats and my kids taught them respectfully to give space not to be in her face or to pull on her and never to be mean they did not need that lesson they are not mean kids but to show them how to play with her never using their hands or clothing and to not let her eat from their plate not to give her our food unless it was meat we could put into her dish after supper but not during how to bathe her and she had never been walked was freaked out by a leash, but got used to it quickly I think someone beat her with a leash she was hoirrified by leashes and brooms vacuums and mops and garden hoses..so it was work, she learned how to high five shake hands nice to meet you, sit sit pretty fancy dance and commando crawl bang your dead shy are you so shy putting her hand over her nose and ballerina speak and grrrrr she would growl get your baby she knew to get her toy, and gogogo...meant take off running..there was a park near us and I would get there early in the morning or at 4pm and would let her run and sdhe was fast so fast my god was she fast, she did not stay cocker spaniel size not at all she grew into those huge paws of hers and weighed 82lbs since about the end of the first year of being in our family. She went trick is treating she would greet kids after school she went to the beach and camping and across country and to DOGGIE spas with my daughter's SPOILED dogs she was around PUPPIES and newborn babies kittens and old cats young kids old seniors and never once ever behaved badly...she is now 14 and has a huge tumor on her front paw I cannot afford to have removed..and after we rescued her I told her throughout these years I know she rescued us...she has helped us through so many tragedies and horrific events..she's the sweetest thing that happened to our family as in that has come from the outside and happily into our family. If only human beings could have the kindness and loyalty of my dog this world would be heavenly. I will be lost without her. But she has had a well balanced good happy life because of you Caesar Millan.thank you so much for your training guidance and therapy for me and my family and to gift it to my dog balanced us all out..ps. it also helped me raise my teens...the balance and not putting a victim like thinking on the boundaries. And limitations they are life saving.thank youagain..OH THOSE TRICKS AND COMMANDS LEASH WALKING AND TRAINING TO STOP WHEN I STOPPED NO JUMPING OR RUSHINGTHE SCREEN DOOR OR COMPANY AND THE NOT PULLING THE LEASH OR BOLTING THE FRONT DOOR..ALL LEARNED IN 2 WEEKS..oh years later we rescued rehab and revoked a cat but before she got another home I trained her to sit on her back legs with paws together sitting up to get her treat next thing you know my dog is sitting next to her and when it was time for her cookie she sat exactly like the cat just sat on her hind legs sitting paws together up by her nose and we were laughing so hard and couldn't get over how smart she is...truly that old addage you can't teach an old dog a new trick is hogwash and gave me a new perspective on this old dog...thank you from the bottom of my heart.love and respect and admiration your biggest fans and loyal friends gratefully Tamara setzer

  • Sydney Washington
    Sydney Washington

    "He don't want no frontal or no closure."LOL 🤣 🤣☠️

  • Javier Paoli
    Javier Paoli

    Hi Cesar millan I would like to know if I. you can help by giving me advice with my girlfriend's dogs are two mongrel dogs one is called moon is very but very shy with everyone scared and the other is called mega full imperative although it is the oldest one possessed if you walk away from it barks for pleasure Until you come back to be by his side I want to help you not have these behaviors I am your number 1 fans in Peru.

  • Cyd Madsen
    Cyd Madsen

    I liked this. It validates what I’ve been trying to help the family understand with our very energetic beagle puppy. Cesar helped me rehabilitate a wonderful dog who was to be put down the next day because of severe aggression problems. He even attacked us in our sleep! It took a lot of work, but he became the rock star of every dog park we visited and the sweetest friend I’ve ever had. I’ll take what I can get from Cesar. Thank you.

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  • costa everett
    costa everett

    big fan

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    red queen

    Here from South park

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    Tilda Elias

    Would you be willing to help them please: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/hZ2genWrzYSmpIs.html

  • k bb
    k bb

    Ceasar what happens if you take your dog for an hour run and they still are ready to rumble?? #CesarSOS

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      So I have a very high energy dog (12 mile walk and a hour of intense fetch and she was still bouncing off the walls). After you exercise them do some training, mental stimulation is just as important as physical(in my opinion as a dog trainer and behavioralist in training). The training will also give you more control and itll improve your communication with each other. Also talk to your vet about using a weighted vest. It can help tier them out. You can also look into sports, or have them pull you and a skate board or something like that. I highly recommend you talk to your vet before doing anything too strenuous because if your dogs joints aren't the best or they are still growing putting too much strain on them can seriously and permanently hurt them. I hope this helped and all the luck to you!

  • Martha

    Tengo una perrita mediana, que no puede escuchar que platicamos porque se enoja y empieza a darse vueltas gruñe y ladra. Pareciera que es de los nervios. Se alegra cuando salimos a jugar con ella y cuando nos ve llegar. Pero fuera de eso siempre anda como con los nervios de punta! Algún consejo?

  • LBazzy

    Years ago, I had a near death experience due to a severe asthma attack. In heaven, I was reunited with Fiona, my beloved rottweiler who passed away 1 year prior. Communication with her was "heart to heart" with no miscommunication or misunderstandings.

  • Andrea Huckabay
    Andrea Huckabay

    You are a god! You have helped me so much! Thank you for all your amazing advice!

  • Ronald De Almeida Gaio Rodrigues
    Ronald De Almeida Gaio Rodrigues

    I thought he was gonna do the "pssst" thing on the doggos

    • Diana Espitia
      Diana Espitia

      Piirschcl,Diana EspitiA GTA V

  • RedCannonBusterXL4

    Saw you on South Park haha

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    Jen Trejo

    Cesar your intro is the best ever!!!

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    adris martinez

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    ginny thwaite

    Stupid bitch dressing up her dogs and talking to them like babies. No surprise they don't respect her.

  • charz pak
    charz pak

    Repetitive teaching will help esp on a younger dog like puppies a lot of effort to be patient. Pls adopt dont shop.

  • Mary Valenzuela
    Mary Valenzuela

    What can i use or do for get my 5yrs old chihuahua to stop pee outside her designated area? I tried vinegar, stop marking products, clorox, ect

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      When you want her to go potty every time she leaves her designated area say nope or no or make a corrective noise and put her back in her area. And just keep repeating it until she gets it. Or put a run where you want her to go and then you can just put her in it when she needs to go and she can't go anywhere else

  • Luz Valencia
    Luz Valencia

    I prefer seeing Cesar in his ranch Is less formal and has more familiar vibes plus I love seeing his animal family around 💜 Love your work Cesar saludos desde Italia de parte de mi puppies tambien🐕🐶❤

  • Anubis 33
    Anubis 33

    Cesar ponga subtítulos para su público latino !! ❤❤❤❤❤😥😥

  • kittenpawsbb

    I like the cute dog animation. He lifts his leg and you hear the shss. Thank you 😂🐕🤗

  • Alberto Córdoba
    Alberto Córdoba

    Well ... I don't know; why most of the cases he presents are with dogs of small breeds, I think maybe it's because they are easier to handle than a big one. I have an American Akita of 55 kg and I had difficulty training him was not easy, at first he broke my left collarbone, he dragged my sister for about 10 meters because he wanted to kill a stray dog ​​that began to barke; without count all the problems he has had with other dogs in the neighborhood. The funny thing is that always had been, against Bull Terrier breed dogs, he never known how to fight, literally he only would want to dominate them, standing over them! But he never bit them hard. instead, they always bit him and hurt him; (Well, maybe once or twice he could had break them a leg or throw them from a second floor, but it was because I didn't know how strong and heavy he was.)

    • Alberto Córdoba
      Alberto Córdoba

      ​@Köttur Quartz Let me give an example; when he puts them on their backs down to floor, or when he only with a touch calls their attention; it looks so easy with a small dog, but I would like to see him doing the same with a 55 kg dog (121 lb), and as strong as a bull, definitely that isn't easy.

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      @Alberto Córdoba yes definitely each dog needs to be corrected differently, what I meant by learn to use it correctly is more learn what not to do with it because certain things can hurt the dog so you shouldn't do that stuff but anything else is up to your discretion and works for you and your dog. I personally have 2 dogs and I have to correct them differently. With that thinking maybe try a behaviorist? They look into what is behind the behavior and then figure out how to help that individual dog instead of generic dog trainers who just address the behavior and only have 1 or 2 ways they handle it. If I missed the point of your comment I'm sorry I'm having a little trouble understanding some of it

    • Alberto Córdoba
      Alberto Córdoba

      @Köttur Quartz thank you very much, I have seen many ways to have the control, many of them have help me, but I have seen that then can't be taken exactly as it says, because I think that each dog is different to the others; what I mean is that first you need to know your, to can know why your dog acts as he do and then you'll know how to correct him. What happened with him at the beggining, was first that I never had have a dog as this big before; and I never thougt how strong he could be, that at that time was only a four months puppy, now I think that he get calm and I have more control over him. Althougth some things that he had learn, to day seems as he have forgot many, as stay sit in the garage while I take out the car.

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      Definitely take him to a trainer if at all possible. Because with behavior like that if he hurt someone or their dog and they decided to press charges he will most likely have to be put down by law. With the pulling try getting a head collar. Make sure you learn how to use it properly tho because if used wrong like all training tools it can hurt the dog. I hope everything works out for you and your pupper!

  • Fro

    Seems a little generic & non-genuine. I’d personally like to see your expertise at work. Seeing stuff like this is cool I suppose but has no real depth. Not a fan of this particular show/??? if this will continue to be the format. Just a critique, still love Cesar 100%. 😉👍🏽

    • Venice Mitchell
      Venice Mitchell

      5k for visit


    Hola, por favor subtítulos en español. Gracias.

  • Joyce Eugenio
    Joyce Eugenio

    Hi po sir cesar milan i do watch your show po in cable but now in youtube po.sana magkita po tayo personally kasi po katulad mo mahilig din po ako sa mga aso.Pero po hindi ko po alam kung papano po.

  • J B
    J B

    Love Caesar!

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    norman Winters

    Gracias por su trabajo Sr Cesar, son extremadamente utiles. 😊👍

  • Rosa M Farias
    Rosa M Farias

    Disculpa, das clases de entrenamiento a gente para entrenar animales??

  • o k
    o k

    I feel like more people need to be aware of this irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/c8lrj4ee0K2qtHM.html . :( The dog was apparently rescued but with no animal cruelty laws that woman faces no charges.

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    k_go 40

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    Happy Day

    Yorkies are the best and they’re such rascals!

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    Cintia Smalko

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  • oldgamerchick

    I have a 4. Month old Border Collie and Australian Kelpie mix. WOWZER talk about smart, energetic, and sassy little girl lol. The problem is I am 65 year old lady. Her name is Chicky she is more Collie than Kelpie but, she looks more Kelpie. The first month was crazy but, I think things were better till this morning she growled at me when I was petting her. I am embarrassed to say I had given her a swat a couple of times in that area on her rump. Do you think she remembers and was letting me know it? I was sad when she growled at me as I thought the morning was going well. I have PTSD since I was a little girl and don't always act right under stress I was at a total loss to respond to the growl I was so shocked. I don't want her to hate me. Could I be spoiling her too much? If you have the time I would love your opinion. Ms Michal.

    • oldgamerchick

      @Köttur Quartz thank you. I have gotten her outside behavior going great all cause if a little soft rubber ball. The only problem now is inside. My old lady cat hates her and has swatteder for no reason.. My pup actually loves cats. She plays with a pair of cats that live outside. I feed them so they are very friendly and gentle. The problem at the moment is they are jealous of each other. Since I am retired I spend a lot of time out side with my puppy. She goes everywhere with me even to the store and Dr. My caregiver watches her while I do things she says my puppy Chicky cries a bit while I am gone but, settles down pretty quick. So things have gotten better.🙃☕

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      Talk to a trainer asap. This can turn really bad really fast if nothing is done about it. Ik my dog is now human aggressive because I didnt take her to a trainer soon enough and now have to spend $3,500+ for training to fix the problem. If she ever hurts you in anyway play it up, act alot more hurt than you are. Itll make her feel bad because she hurt you which will discourage her from doing it again, (that's what I've been told to do by trainers and I'm working on becoming a trainer myself)

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    Angelica Valerio

    Podrias subtitular al español?

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    Thank you Cesar! Keep making videos! I finally got the courage to adopt a puppy 😭 Thanks to you

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    Adriana77 W.

    Cesar - I''m soo pleased about Ur new show and spreading Ur lovely energy wilder 💕🌈🙏🏻🐕🐾🐶

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  • Tee

    Dog Whisperer was just the best show. None of the other shows he's done were as good, though Cesar 911 was pretty close. I just don't think he has the time to intensively help people the way he did on those shows.

    • TheUnTrustable0

      Agreed, but sometimes contracts are a bad thing. Cesar probably is not allowed to mimic the Dog Whisperer concept....due to these contracts. he does not have the rights over them...i think. but that does not mean the man is bad... I love him anyways.

  • To the point.
    To the point.

    hey lady dogs don't understand english

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      They can if taught. I've been talking to my dog since she was 5 weeks old and shes 2.5 and I can have ligit conversations with her and I can explain things to her and she understands and answers in her own dog language that she has developed to communicate back

  • To the point.
    To the point.

    He can help me with my doggie any day

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    Cesar, thank you for all of your advice

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    Omg this little animated doggo is sooo cute! The way he shakes his head when Fendi is barking loud haha 😍 loved it

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    Thank you Cesar for this new format! The show in Berlin with you and your sons was amazingly great !! Greetings from Berlin

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    What was the purpose of this video. I kept waiting to see Cesar train the owner of the yappy dog. The poor yappy dog needs a new owner who will run this dog 2x a day.

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    Lindsey Williamson

    I have a female boxer overall excited, pulls or should I say drags me across walks or anytime outdoors...no matter how much we walk or play... lve attempted the dominate roll and still no progress ... i need help???

    • Lindsey Williamson
      Lindsey Williamson

      Thank you I'm going to look into that

    • Köttur Quartz
      Köttur Quartz

      For the dragging try a head halter. Make sure you learn how to use it properly like any training of used wrong can hurt the dog. Also desensitize your dog to it before you try actually using it

    • Micki Moritz
      Micki Moritz

      I have a lab like that. I actually have 2 labs. Brothers/litermates. ( that's a real adventure...) One is mellow, the other a spaz. I have off grid property... so these dogs run! We play and hike.. but Turk, just doesnt get it. It's like he is ADHD or something... Ya, would love some help!


    Where did he help her? Did I blink and miss it?

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    Saludos, Cesar, espero estés bien, se que hace un tiempo, tuviste la pérdida de un perro que tú querías mucho, creo que era un Pitbull, se que esa pérdida te llevó a un estado de depresión muy fuerte, ahora mis preguntas, son las siguientes, haz superado la pérdida de tu perro? Y si pudistes superarlo, como lo hicistes? Te hago estás preguntas, por qué tengo una familia de Chihuahuas, madre, padre e hijos, perritos que queremos mucho, la verdad no sé si podré aceptar la pérdida de alguno de ellos, nunca en mi vida he tenido la pérdida de alguien tan cercano, no sé cómo afrontar algo así, me gustaría saber cómo pudistes superar esa pérdida? Te hice estás pregunta para estar preparado, en el momento que eso suceda, estoy claro, que la vida de los perros no es muy larga.

  • diego gallardo
    diego gallardo

    En español PORFAVOR

  • alianna

    Please help me with my Dogo Argentino! #cesarsos

  • RihFlex

    Goddamn click bait.

  • RihFlex

    Goddamn click bait.

  • Cathy Nichols
    Cathy Nichols

    I was hoping for a rehabilitation video.🌙⭐