Cesar Millan ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Cesar Millan accepted Angel's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and challenges Jerry Seinfeld, Pasquale Rotella, and my girl Jada Pinkett Smith! The dogs on set were hot and thirsty, so none of the ice or water went to waste. If you can, donate to help create a world without ALS: cesar.mn/Ckkt
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  • Irakoze CB
    Irakoze CB

    I love that he's always with Junior and those 3 little dogs lol I hope to meet you one day, Cesar. you're the best

  • MeGustaCantar

    Jajaja...you turn cesar

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez

    Hola señor se zar me gustaría que me ayude a educar a mi perro ya que e estado a punto de mandarlo dormir ya que me a mordido varias veces a mi y amis netos ya se me salio de control

  • Aida Pipic
    Aida Pipic

    lol did he really say "we not gonna waste the water" hahaha

  • Ling Tan
    Ling Tan

    Not waste the water

  • John Allen Cris T. Delos Reyes
    John Allen Cris T. Delos Reyes

    That was freaking awesome!

  • Räven Solari
    Räven Solari

    Hahahaha, love it! :D

  • Raquel

    What happened to the good old days when people ran marathons, or did events that involved others and spread awareness, for charity?? This seems kinda lazy, and a bit odd. I'm all for donating to charity, especially when it's for something that really needs attention. But why the bucket of ice?? I still don't get it. Why not just donate some money to the charity without being told, or challenged, to do so???? Oh, and thanks to Cesar for doing it anyway, regardless of how strange it seems. You are probably the only celebrity in the world that actually works hard. Keep up the good work Cesar!

    • MrTachyon3000

      I still think someone's bound to get pneumonia or some stupid illness from the ice cold water. Actually there's been some accidents and deaths already. At least Junior wasn't crazy enough to get into such cold water; lol!

    • Raquel

      @***** Who just sits at home and does nothing all day?? Humans aren't meant to do that. We have to move and use our brains and our hands, otherwise we don't feel good about ourselves. Well, I think there are much better things to do than abuse myself just out of boredom.

  • Barbara Gelber
    Barbara Gelber

    Okay, there could have been ice in the Ice chest!

  • Coco el Beagle and friends
    Coco el Beagle and friends

    Excelente!! también debería haber un reto para el apoyo a animales abandonados

    • claudia granados
      claudia granados

      @***** acabo de ver a un reportero haciendo el reto pero en lugar de hielos, escombros, para ser solidarios con esa parte del mundo que esta en ruinas, así que no esta tan "loca" mi idea.Saludos respetuosos

    • claudia granados
      claudia granados

      y para que no nos critiquen ni herir suceptibilidades "Niños, ancianos y perros &gatos en abandono"

  • eileen tan
    eileen tan

    hahahahahaha last one is funny come on junior we not gonna waste the water hahahahahaa

  • Leila Keighley
    Leila Keighley

    Love you, Cesar! x

  • re98 wlk
    re98 wlk

    cesar why was your shirt wet before the ice bucket?

  • SolaScriptrua

    Did Jada do it?? I saw Will's video I have not seen Jada's ... hmmm

  • PaBlogs- Game
    PaBlogs- Game

    bien millan

  • Yasmim Barbieri
    Yasmim Barbieri

    Wow Cesar!!! Frío??? Kkk

  • Amber Bruce
    Amber Bruce

    Welldone Cesar! X

  • SEOArticulo

    que bueno!

  • Gürcan Kara
    Gürcan Kara

    it is so nice to see that someone realised that we are wasting water when we are doing this

    • Maria Sanchez
      Maria Sanchez

  • corgiology

    Flooding cesar milan..finally!

  • anybodycanart

    We want to be part of his pack, he's so cool ;D

  • Nancy Fonseca
    Nancy Fonseca

    We need help with our dog please

  • Nancy Fonseca
    Nancy Fonseca

    We need help with our dog

  • Sakina B
    Sakina B

    Alright! Thanks Cesar for not wasting the water by standing the plastic pool. You're great!

  • Verónica Flores
    Verónica Flores

    Buenísimo, muy lindo cesar

  • Verónica Flores
    Verónica Flores

    Buenísimo, muy lindo cesar

  • Strilem

    Thank you Mr millan, you are amazing and your work with dogs is a true inspiration, well done

  • Strilem

    Thank you Mr millan, you are amazing and your work with dogs is a true inspiration, well done

  • Strilem

    My animal hero , kudos to you Mr Milan and thank you for all your help support and love for mans best friend :-)

  • SheLovesCrafts

    You the man Cesar! No wasting water here!

  • TheKeksdosee

    nice how he says "we not gonna waste the water!" he is really one of my favorite persons!

  • xErased

    haha nice cesar :D

  • danos102

    You have a yorkie I have one 2

  • loricat

    Thank you Cesar For thinking of not wasting the water. It is getting bad up here in Northern Cali. I am all for the challenge as long as people in California doing the challenge keep in mind to do it in a way that helps water plants or grass or any way to conserve it. I have lived in Northern Cali. for my hole life 48 years and never seen it this bad. Thank you again. PS You rock Cesar! Oh just because my pick is of my kitty I have 3 awesome dogs thanks to learning from you Cesar.

  • ولد عتييه الهيلا 511
    ولد عتييه الهيلا 511


  • Margarethe Faust
    Margarethe Faust

    jetzt ist er verrückt geworden

  • 1Ophelia18

    Why did he do it twice?

    • Lady Kiri
      Lady Kiri

      why not?

  • Basswood Rider
    Basswood Rider


  • Sara Blanu
    Sara Blanu

    Hahhah Cesar eres un crack! Estoy orgullosa de la gran persona que eres y además me haces reir mucho 😂Un abrazo desde España!

  • Aki& Winny
    Aki& Winny

    Lol Cesar haha

  • Ms 12336
    Ms 12336

    Cesar your the Best!!! :D

  • Sparklyfire1

    My God he is doing everything right in this challenge xD

  • Midwest Fishing Show
    Midwest Fishing Show

    I thought I had seen everyone do the ice bucket challenge until this video.

  • Judith Laureano
    Judith Laureano

    great Cesar

  • Oliiva Groft
    Oliiva Groft

    that must have been refeshing and cold at the same time.

  • Wut

    Había mierda dentro de la alberca?

    • Wut

      Ok perdónenme xD

    • Sara Blanu
      Sara Blanu

      Son piedras! XD

  • Blu Chalce
    Blu Chalce

    great job on dual purpose challenge!!! :) so happy for this :)

  • Take Detour
    Take Detour

    At least Our Pack leader didn't waste the Water.

  • Beautiful in Yah Ministries
    Beautiful in Yah Ministries

    :) my biggest concern with this whole thing was watching so much water being wasted when there are so many that could use it. Glad to see you didn't waste the water!

  • Bryant

    Did he just nominate Pasquale Rotella from Insomniac? How does he even know him? I'm so confused Hahaha..

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe

    Since he's the dog whisperer the bucket should have been filled with pitbulls XD

  • Vincent J
    Vincent J


  • Melissa

    This is the only ice bucket challenge I've watched voluntarily. Cesar is an awesome person.

    • Sx714xA

      Same here

  • donnadong2

    Drink up junior! Must be hot over there!

  • stryker7x

    the only person i've seen on all the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos to place something in this case a kiddie pool to not waste water... so incredibly conscious and respectful .. hero

  • SieRoX

    Love you Cesar, thanks for all the helpful footage over the years!

  • RVFreeDa

    You are awesome Cesar. So now come fix my bad dog and me!

  • Lavender Neo
    Lavender Neo

    Cesar you are a great man

  • AirNick23 NC
    AirNick23 NC

    He is like my all time favorite person, i've learned so much from him about how to raise my dogs and not only help my family with their dog problems but my friends when they got new dogs. Cesar will always be my roll model. (I know this is a random video to put this one but it is the newest and easiest one)

  • Januario Pinto
    Januario Pinto

    "We are not gonna waste the water" - Thumbs up for you!