Cesar Makes Tacos: Hispanic Heritage Month
¡Hola mi gente! Estamos celebrando el mes de la Herencia Hispana al estilo Sinaloa con mi mejor receta de #tacos.
What's up, my people! We're celebrating #HispanicHeritageMonth Sinaloa-style with my best taco recipe.
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  • Horacio Salinas
    Horacio Salinas

    Tacos de tripas!!!

  • xBeAnZx x
    xBeAnZx x

    Honestly Can you adopt me 😭 No tengo Padre

  • sebelle Horres
    sebelle Horres

    awesome 🤭 I really need that ‘how to teach your bird where to go poop’ video even though i have a duck hahaha

  • Notfrom Thisworld
    Notfrom Thisworld

    Cesar El taquero look good lol

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    I will come✈️ I'm sooooo hungry 👍 🛬 wait for me with eating!!!!!!!!! Greetings 😂❤️

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  • Neon Havok
    Neon Havok

    wey tiene q hacer mas videos hablando espanol.

  • Qamar Yarrahi
    Qamar Yarrahi

    Bueno... Pero con una buena salsa mexicana o cuando menos unos chiles serranos bien toreados! Ahora traducelo "pa' todos"

  • Interviewer Von Artista
    Interviewer Von Artista


  • Tiia Sallinen
    Tiia Sallinen

    I respect what Cesar is doing for the animals human animals. Trying to bring the connection between different species - and mother nature. I wonder how someone who has a good connection with animals can eat those from the grill then. As it is learned that human don´t need animal flesh to be healthy. Taking care of animals on the other hand and putting them on the grill on another. Unnecessary. I wish he finds his words on practical life. Im pretty sure he wound´t able kill his animals for himself. I was three years old when told that Im not eating animals, grew up along horses & dogs. now 37 years later people keep asking what is my secret of this health and energy. You don´t need animal flesh people. Actually you don´t want it. Respect instead. Saying this with understanding and from peace, but hoping to give you something to think about.

  • Press Woodard
    Press Woodard

    So Caesar has cartel ties lol no wonder the dogs don’t phuck with him

  • JandG2

    I agree with all the comments about mas español!!

  • Nolwazi Mhlongo
    Nolwazi Mhlongo

    Those tacos look sooooo goooood 😍😍😍

  • Leticia garcia
    Leticia garcia


  • Leticia garcia
    Leticia garcia

    Hola cesar crees que me puedas dar unos consejos para educar Ami cerdita

  • Woffy Brown Crewmate
    Woffy Brown Crewmate

    Si señor!

  • Blanca Erazo
    Blanca Erazo

    Hola Cesar que gusto escuchar lo hablar en español.

  • Mia Dzelajlija
    Mia Dzelajlija

    6ix9ine turned rat to parrot... now im confused

  • I. alvear
    I. alvear

    I have been following you since you started with dog whispered, I had fear of dogs, because of you I learned to love dogs. no more fears. Thank you

  • Fernando Sancher
    Fernando Sancher

    Viva sinaloa viva mi jalisco!! Ahuevo

  • Quill

    Make more cooking videos. You have an incredible knack.

  • Quill

    Been a huge fan since your early days Cesar. All of my dogs amaze people with their grace and obedience, and all I've done is adopted your pack leader philosophies and techniques. I absolutely appreciate what you do. Thank you Sir.

  • Kara bo bara
    Kara bo bara

    marry me?

  • gaby samayoa
    gaby samayoa

    Me gusta tu español 😊

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy

    Love hearing Cesar speaking Spanish ❤️ 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 ❤️ you’re such a great American sir thank you for all you do I’m so happy you’re on IRbin

  • zhen lexus
    zhen lexus


  • modam70

    I would love to party with Cesar!

  • Jill Burns
    Jill Burns

    Pictures of great missy Pippy and clan

    • Jill Burns
      Jill Burns

      Pictures can't share

  • Jill Burns
    Jill Burns

    Jumped border, ran like Jack Russell! I have Jack Russell x Chihuahua called Pippy, the great missy Pippy, who guided us out of a forest when we were lost. It was the way she ran: with total confidence.

  • nuffins tuff
    nuffins tuff

    ¿Estás consciente de ese loro en tu hombro? Are u aware of that parrot on your shoulder

  • Growmance

    Ceasar you need to do cooking too not just dog training videos. I would love to learn some authentic Mexican recipes.

  • rcsc824 sc
    rcsc824 sc

    Te necesitamos/Extrañando en la televisión de regreso Cesar! Come back to TV Cesar. And bring some tacos de asada porfa😁

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  • Jab Jab
    Jab Jab

    Much preferred when Cesar stuck to training dogs. The old days of keeping it simple. Learned a lot from this man. Saludos de Londres.

  • soulassassin0g

    No wonder he's though as nails, he's from Culiacán.

  • Sheila M
    Sheila M


  • K. Fuentes
    K. Fuentes

    Caesar is hot like that grill!

  • Frank Lucano
    Frank Lucano

    People with aggressive dogs: we’ve tried like 3 trainers Cesar Milan: Hold my tequila

  • April Mapp
    April Mapp

    It nice seeing cesar cooking with his family.


    you should realy liaten to this guy. It's a hispanic movement on the rise. irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/aN-XimWW0qV7qnc.html

  • Nano. Hernandez.
    Nano. Hernandez.

    Estimado Cesar: he visto muchisimos videos tuyos, no podría presumir de haberlos visto todos, pero nunca he visto la corrección de los perros que hacen hoyos por todas partes, te agradeceria mucho que dedicaras un video a este problema, 1000 gracias y saludos.

  • Diexgame

    Que chingon que alguien como tú represente a México y que ponga el ejemplo de que no existe nada más el narco que también gente que es exitosa y trabajadora

  • Magaly MV
    Magaly MV

    Que placer oirte hablar en español, te sigo desde italia. Saludos

  • zhen lexus
    zhen lexus


  • Kelley Sweat
    Kelley Sweat

    I happened upon this quite by accident, but really glad I did! Cesar, I couldn't help tearing up while you were talking about the most important thing you'd learned. That's the mark of a truly great & honest bit: it gets you where you'd thought yourself to be most guarded. Thank you, Cesar, for all you do & thank you for showing me how to make a great taco: can't wait to try it out! ;-)

  • Gato 008
    Gato 008

    Bravo CEASAR ❣️❣️❣️👁️❣️

  • afgetgg

    Cesar I need help with my pit bull he will try to kill my 2 other dogs out of no where sometimes 🥺

  • Maria B
    Maria B

    Love you talk about your ancestors and family love ones respect ❤️ Awsome👍🏻 and food

  • Pakisha Carr
    Pakisha Carr


  • N Gabriel
    N Gabriel

    Gracías! 🙏🏽

  • Carletta Edwards
    Carletta Edwards

    I 💘 Love you Cesar Millan from your 1st show & pray saftey over you for years and years. You are a Blessing to watch & I always learn. I have raised 4 rescue service dogs from learning from you. Each service dog takes 2-3 years to train. Now training a hyper Shepard mix taking 43 days to learn heel yet finnaly getting it. She was returned numerous times to a shelter and last moved to Manhattan animal shelter were I found her. She had every bad habit imaginable but over came each one including chewing wood door frames although all doors were open. I never shut her behind a door or kennel. she had Tp all over the apartment, lunged pulled barked at neighbors dogs squirrels. Chloe had too many to mention. I just use your first 4-5 video packs set and new ones. I mean it I Love you Cesar and God bless you.

  • Patricia Natelli
    Patricia Natelli

    Love Ceaser! Miss his Dog Whisperer show but catch him when I can on other shows. He looks so happy in this video and I would like to know what is in that drink! :) Patti Natelli

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      German Shepherd dog German Shepherd dog

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  • Martha Jasso
    Martha Jasso

    Me encanto que hablaste en español Cesar Este sería otra opción de obtener ingresos económicos 🤗🤗🤗😋😋😋

  • Elena Azurduy
    Elena Azurduy

    Señor Cesar Mil Felicidades por. Su Amor alos Perritos eso es usted Gracias por se hacer lo que hace Dios lo bendiga su vida y le regale mucha salud. 🙌🙏❤🌻 👍👍👍👍

  • Liz3tt3 Babyyy
    Liz3tt3 Babyyy

    The birds name is Tekashi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wendy Flynn
    Wendy Flynn

    You are looking awesome,healthy,happy and peaceful Cesar Thank you for being you

  • Ninjamom 4
    Ninjamom 4


  • Crushi: Original Indie Artist, Producer & Musician
    Crushi: Original Indie Artist, Producer & Musician

    Experience... Love and Adore You! Crushi 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 +

  • Brian Engel
    Brian Engel

    Eternally Grateful with love for My Hero! You are Mother Nature's Spiritual Leader.

  • CLiO G.
    CLiO G.

    ¡Qué rico, todo un mexicano!👌🍀😊❤

  • Spiritual Empress
    Spiritual Empress

    Ugh my friend is a chef and I make him cook Mexican food every time I see him lol 😂

  • Julia G
    Julia G

    ...so delicious! I do enjoy joining in to sharing all of that with my family, too - from the place of love n heart and passion cooking nurtures both body n soul, appreciating so much your sharing with us!

  • sunny bear
    sunny bear

    I love you Cezar and your big family.i will pray for you to love all animals as much as you love your dogs...😊🥰

  • welvin doo
    welvin doo

    El pajaro de 6ix9ine (Takashi)

  • Paul P
    Paul P

    With Cesar's charm, he can have a second career as a celebrity chef on the food channel.

  • Paul P
    Paul P

    Dam! Train your dog and have a great meal. Can't get better than that!

  • Maritza Grisel
    Maritza Grisel

    Te quiero quiero mucho pero nomás les hablas a los gringos. :'(

  • AMB TV
    AMB TV

    I'm so glad your speaking Español in this video because I'm trying to increase my comprehension. Sigue cocinando buena comida, César.

  • Venom Warrior
    Venom Warrior

    I read somewhere that he doesn’t like hotdogs. Lol

  • Lilith

    With video's like this we need smell-O-vission 🤤

  • Deb Jackson
    Deb Jackson

    Cesar.can you please post on rumbler.com. it's the new IRbin platform with no censorship.

  • Chris Carr
    Chris Carr

    I recently adopted a 3 year old English bull terrier that was abit neglected and hit by the old owner, the dog bit the guy 3 times and had an aggressive attitude towards him and that's when he gave him up, the guy was wanting to call to see the dog, the dog has been good as gold the whole time I've had him but I wasn't sure if leting him call so soon or at all is a good idea i was thinking it might make him aggressive to the other 2 small dogs I have or even me.

  • LexMaryn

    Me parece un insulto que no limpie el asador con una cebolla 😔

  • Lourdes Acosta Trejo
    Lourdes Acosta Trejo

    Cesar eres el MEJOR

  • GabiAPF

    Es lindo escucharte hablar en español. :) Ese grito de "se te va a enfriar la comida" me trajo recuerdos de mi infancia.

  • Kejiri

    Tacos one of the best food. I hate that shell stuff but wrapping taco in the meat, greens. Really good food!!!

  • MissPiixiie

    I want to come to your house for dinner!

  • Estela Michel
    Estela Michel

    Que chistoso, nunca había visto que pusieran los frijoles por fuera del taco 😲 asi lo hacen en Sinaloa? O es firma personal de Cesar, digo no me afecta y a veces es necesario por todo lo que se le pone a los tacos 🤣🤣🤣💋

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  • marlene decook
    marlene decook

    Cesar you're most wise than most people . I truly wish that people would value their families like our culture does . Keep up the good work my brother Cesar .I love you much . God bless you .

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez

    No sabía que eras sinaloense y que eras de Culiacán no pos como dijeron los tígeres “amigo sinaloense lo invito a tomar conmigo” 😂

  • Renee Rios
    Renee Rios

    Hola como estas Caesar? Looks delicious! 🥰 What time is dinner?

  • Gilberts Gone Wild
    Gilberts Gone Wild

    Cesar you may never see this but I really need your help!! I have a 7 month old puppy who is extremely protective of me. He lunges at strangers when I walk him. He also barks and growls. I hope you can help me or at least give me advice on how to control it. I'd hate to have to put him down or give him away. Please get back to me if you can. I'm desperate and almost about ready to give up. He's already lunged at a woman and almost bit her. Thank you and hope to get a reply

  • BoogeyMan El Cucuy
    BoogeyMan El Cucuy


  • Sergio G.
    Sergio G.

    Tacos de perro estilo Tijuana! Jajaja!

  • Charles.

    Corrección NO es mes de los hispanos es el mes de los mexicanos, tambien deberías poner subtítulos cuando hablas en ingles no solamente en Español

  • Rosie Cunningham
    Rosie Cunningham

    Ola Caesar!👋So good to see you again. Looking good and healthy. God Bless you and the boys!!🙏♥️🙏😘





  • mark sommer
    mark sommer

    via bien..........

  • Chirices 2016
    Chirices 2016

    Hola César habla más español por q no entiendo el inglés gracias saludos adiós

  • Sauzz 10
    Sauzz 10

    Hi, I need some good advise on sterilizing my pup. I'm in the process of adopting an indie (I'm from India) and all the agencies I've approached make it mandatory to have the pup sterilized at 6-8 months (before first heat). They cite population control as the main reason. I'm not against sterilization, I just feel that maybe it's a little archaic thinking. Logically thinking, if a pup is castrated or has ovaries/uterus removed at 6-8 months, isn't that way too young. Isn't it stopping the pup from proper healthy growth? I'm not against the procedure, as it is can be a preventive action taken to minimise the chance of a future illness. Will be great to have an expert opinion on this.. in the sense if it's okay ethically, best time to do it etc.. I do know of pups who's temperament has changed drastically after the procedure, specially in bitches. They become more irritable, short tempered and a recluse.

  • Aron Carvajal
    Aron Carvajal

    Saludos cesar

  • R E
    R E

    I really like Cesar so this comes from a place of love; 1-If the pans he uses are "Teflon" coated, I hope he knows about PTFE, toxidity. Teflon-coated and other non-stick cookware can produce fumes that are highly toxic to birds. 2- I hope he knows parrots are NOT dogs. Parrots are super complex animals and if they have chosen you as your person, it simply means the bird has chosen you as its mate. Is that good you ask? No, its not good at all. It will mess the birds mental health and physical health up. So I hope he knows not to treat the parrots as domestic animals or "dogs".

    • German Shepherd dog German Shepherd dog
      German Shepherd dog German Shepherd dog

      German Shepherd dog h irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/g8mrfqmXxJBu03s.html ttu

  • Iris Lavander
    Iris Lavander

    Cesar! I just got a pitbull puppy! At my house, we love watching your show!

  • Terry Sanders
    Terry Sanders

    Well done!

  • victoria becker
    victoria becker

    I was alittle confused with the beans put on the outside of the tacos but it still looked yummy

  • BC FireVids
    BC FireVids

    He needs his own cooking show! Lol

  • Tys And Don
    Tys And Don

    Is it that every Hispanic can cook bomb 💣 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Danny

    Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

  • --

    I don't know why but i absolutely love hearing Cesar speak his native spanish tongue. Awesome looking tacos too! Cesar is the best

  • James Foreman
    James Foreman


  • Iriel Papillon
    Iriel Papillon

    3:27 this happens to me a lot 😂 I speak in Spanish but then in english we all love spanglish, VIVA MÉXICOO!!🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽