Cesar Explains How To Fix Separation Anxiety With Your Dog
Have you been dealing with separation anxiety with your dog and are not sure how to deal with the problem? This is a major issue in 2020 especially with how many of us, if not all have been stuck at home, but soon will be out of the house more. What does this mean for our pets especially dogs?
Watch this video on what this mean and how to fix separation anxiety with your dog explained by Cesar Millan. Cesar goes over the issues that may cause separation anxiety and how to fix it. Throughout the video, you will learn how to address this problem through visual training demos by Cesar.
Did you know Cesar and the team are listening to your comments and requests. What that means is Cesar is always creating more dog training tips and content based on what you want, so don't forget to comment and share. One thing to understand is that Cesar trains humans and it's important to start with yourself before assuming it is only a dog problem. Let's work together to connect the problems and solve.
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  • Ric Maceda
    Ric Maceda

    Thanks SIR!!!

  • percussion talks
    percussion talks

    Hi, I have 2 dogs and just has serious separation anxiety how can I train just one dog while the other one is at home?...

  • chiquitabee Campbell
    chiquitabee Campbell

    Cesar , you look great with the white hair! By the way, me n my dog have anxiety from each other!

  • Idalia Miller
    Idalia Miller

    Hola Cesar, Thank you fo sharing your knowledge with all of us. Now, if I have to leave let say groceries are they going to wait in the same spot? Or should I put him in crate for safety? Im new with a 5 month toy poodle Thank you! :)

  • Eugene McCann
    Eugene McCann

    Would like to have seen a dog that actually suffered from separation anxiety used as an example. This one appeared to be well trained already.

  • Wally Cruz
    Wally Cruz

    Thank you, thank you, for teaching us what to do. I ‘m feeling super guilty for leaving my Pitbull in a pet hotel for thanksgiving he’s close to me & definitely has separation anxiety & so do I with him. 😔 It makes me really sad to have to leave him he’s never been alone since we brought him home as a puppy. I will be working on this technique.

  • Jenessa Jimenez
    Jenessa Jimenez

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  • Kerstin M.
    Kerstin M.

    Do the dog know, he can walk around in the house, while I am not at home? Or is he waiting on this spot the whole time until I come back to him?

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    Wtf Amy

    The stuff animals are cute 😂 be funny when I have one of myself and my dog 😊

  • H H
    H H

    This is great and I am going to try this tonight. The only problem is that my apartment is so small... practically the size of his kitchen.

  • Warren Cuschieri
    Warren Cuschieri

    Just starting to try this with my Adopted 8 month old husky ..he is suffering with bad seperation anxiety when we leave the place and just cries and barks constantly.. getting very worried about my neighbours as he has been absolutely perfect in everything else

  • Jerry Dillon
    Jerry Dillon

    I don’t need training it’s my dog who needs the dayum training sir! Lol

  • R G
    R G

    Hi Cesar, do you have an episode on how to deal with a small dog that has lived with a dog breeder for 8 years then went to a rescue group and now lives with a new family. The male Maltese is extremely anxious and will not allow me or my wife to pick him up. He just paces back and forth, and has bitten me that drew blood. I'm searching for any episode that you may have covered something similar.

  • Jodie Segar
    Jodie Segar

    This worked so fast for my dog!! THank you!

  • Helga Zar
    Helga Zar

    My dog has been with me 24-7 since he was a puppy. He's now a year old and God forbid I attempt to not take him even to take out the trash. He scream cries. He's taking over my life.

  • Fee Ferolin
    Fee Ferolin

    The black pug is Gio?

  • Kat Rose
    Kat Rose

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years now, so I met his dog when he was already 8. He’s a very anxious dog and was abused when he was young, so separation anxiety is a huge part of our lives. I’m looking forward to trying out the changes to lifestyle and dynamics that Cesar has shown, I think our dog deserves that. Currently, he sits as close to us as possible while we’re home and just sleeps while we’re gone, but I’d really like him to be comfortable and able to still eat and relax when we’re gone. Thank you for the videos!

  • Monika Figat
    Monika Figat

    Hello Cesar! and thank you for this video, as always a source of so many helpful informations! This time I have a question though…I’ve adopted my dog just over a two weeks ago. She follows me around everywhere, always making sure I’m within her eyesight. She also licks me quite a lot, checking on me twice a night too, just to go back to sleep. I can’t leave her alone even for a few seconds, she cries desperately. I live alone so I’m her main caregiver. Today I also noticed when we visited my mum, that my dog cried almost the same way when my mum left for a few minutes (while I was still at home). I feel like it must be a lot of stress for my dog to constantly guard me, always checking where I am and so stressed when I just go behind the closed door.. what can I do? Could this be hormonal? She’s had her first bleeding just a week before I took her, not neutered yet. How to get her more relaxed and focused on toys and fun instead of watching me 24/7? I’d be very grateful for tips! Thanks, Monika

  • LeezPgh

    I think it’s natural for us to be with other people all the time too. But our society is not very natural.

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    Jackson Jackey

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    Dipika Shrestha

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  • Black Tagalog eatery vlogs
    Black Tagalog eatery vlogs

    What if I'm training the dog the right way but your partner letting the dog control her. How can I fix the attitude on both of them? My dog will listen to me and behaves but not with her.

  • Lynne R
    Lynne R

    At what age can this training begin? I have a 5 month old puppy. Thank you for your work helping people to understand dogs.

  • mokisaur

    cesar, your front door is MASSIVE! 😂Thank you for such an educational video at a time when it's so badly needed. I'm currently pet-sitting a friend's dog while he's away doing some military training and I'm hoping this will help since he has pretty bad separation anxiety. Any tips on getting them to stop barking in the process? Specifically, this dog doesn't like that I don't let him sleep with me and will bark at all hours of the night.

  • Cow Cow
    Cow Cow

    My dog starts howling when I leave him, he never barks

    • Doug Mead
      Doug Mead

      Mine is a carolina, syberian husky, canaan mix. She howls too, if I'm gone for an extended time. Or if she is locked up in my utility room, and Im outside with a friend. Ive crated her, but hate leaving her that way, ive tried leaving for short periods of time, only to come back to trash all over the place. I noticed one time I left with out saying "stay", and didnt come home to trash. Hopefully this will work for you. Maybe thats the key, any ideas from you, or suggestions?

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  • M Davis
    M Davis

    All dogs are Zen Buddhists. You are so correct, too, that your dog does not care if you live in your car or a kings palace. I know this for certain because this year I became homeless. And despite this my dog has stuck beside me. We have had a tough time, he and I. The world, it often seems, has tried to destroy us. But my best friend has demonstrated what the word "loyalty" really means. I thought I knew what being loyal was, but I hadn't scratched the surface. He and I will be ok. Times are tough but as long as we stay together it will be ok. And we WILL stay together. And in every way will live in the moment. And that is another thing he has taught me. All dogs are Zen Buddhists. Thank you, Mr. Milan for doing what you do.

  • mel Locks
    mel Locks

    i got it the first time... and the 2nd and the 3rd and the 4th. and even worse for pups born at the start of covid.

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    Gabriele KLEIN

    Hi Caesar we love your videos and follow you from Nova Scotia Canada 🇨🇦.we have a 2 year old border collie who is fixated on his stick when outside. Indoors he plays wth a variety of toys, but outside he lays down and stars at his stick until we throw it. Help, we would like to get rid of the stick and use a toy that will not cause injuries to him as stick can do. Thank you for your help, please stay safe.

  • Nate Ford
    Nate Ford

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    jeff G

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    0:25 why dogs get separation anxiety 4:58 count how many times they follow you in a day from room to room, divide that number in half 6:04 make a point of reference (basically a safe space)

  • Bobi Pitt
    Bobi Pitt

    If i say to my dog stay somewhere he stay in there but he just try to look what im doing or where im going. But the issue is here that if i leave even for 2 mins and coming back home he will overreact and he needs like 5 mins to calm down. Any suggestions pleaseee

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    jamie millsom

    Probably the best video I've seen on s.a. but if you go out for 12hrs your dog is expected to stay on that table that whole time,.....

  • Lea

    I have two dogs I walk them separately in the mornings only as one gets overly excited and morning walk is more about toilet run in my house however the over excited one always barks from the moment I take the other dog out till I get back it’s like he had separation anxiety from her how can I manage this better?

    • Lea

      I have tried giving him things to occupy him while we are gone and playing music but have not worked for me what do you do?

    • Sydney Henderson
      Sydney Henderson

      I have this exact same problem

  • Kathy Bury
    Kathy Bury

    I am going to try this on a small mat as my 9 week old puppy cries as soon as I enter the hall way or go upstairs, I don’t want the seperation anxiety to get worse and want to nip it in the bud right away. My concern is my pup knows to sit but not stay yet, so how will I get him to know I want him to stay on the mat when I leave a rokmy

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    Chris Corona

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  • Chris Corona
    Chris Corona

    I told my dog that I was breaking up with my girlfriend and that stopped his separation anxiety.😯

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    I was freaking out cause I got a puppy and this is his only issue so far and this calmed me down so much

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    Lucrecia Leyva

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    Jacqueline Curry

    I have been a fan since day 1, you are amazing. Like you I love animals, they have always been a part of my life.I cannot imaging a life without them. Caesar , I need you !. After retiring after 47 years as registered nurse,My last two dogs was a English mastiff(Buddy) he was large bone weighing at 274 lbs, and a German Rottweiler ( Maximus) he was also large bone weighing at 157 lbs, you can imagine how much attention they received on our walks and at the dog park.At age 9 years old, I recently lost them within 6 months of each of other. To say the least ,I was very despondent. At 72 years old I just got two puppies a Cane Corso and a Red Nose Pitbull, when I saw them, my heart fell in love, they are now 6 months and 3 months, they are very loving with me, but seem to hate each other. They now I am the pack Leader (I Think ) ha, ha, your saying. This R.N needs, TLC via your intervention !

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    The Wander Boy Jitin Raj

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  • Elaine Pitts
    Elaine Pitts

    Thank you Cesar. However, I believe that is exercise / information only works for "normal" dogs. We have a dog that has severe PTSD from various traumas that she's experienced in her young life, it's a challenge for her to eat around pack! We adopted her almost three years ago. . . .She's actually a velcro dog towards me.

  • Ryan Schafran
    Ryan Schafran

    So when you are training, how do u let the dog leave the spot? He said don’t call the dog from the spot, so how do you transition away from the spot in that moment and move on? I just got a 8 year old dog. Honestly, super easy. Not really any problems. Sleeps through the night. Walks well. Honestly blessed. But she follows all around the house and needs to be next to you. We have a spot she likes on our main room. I am trying to work towards leaving her alone in the end , and def having her not follow us around. Any advice?

  • Paul B
    Paul B

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  • georgina62

    You are a genius! I love the way you break everything down. I have a question, though. I have 2 dogs and they are always together. How can I teach them both to do this? Do I have to teach them separetely? I would really appreciate your advice on this.

  • Susan Long
    Susan Long


  • Daniel B
    Daniel B

    Hello from the UK. I have a 4yr old rescue dog, We're in week 3, and all going ok. You have clearly explained "my little Shadow", and I understand all that you say, but I feel we have missed a step.... Do we need to teach 'wait' first? I don't think I'd get away with "leaving and returning" as in this video... How do I get to leave - even for a minute or two, to start with? Thank you!!

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    Fatso Fabulous

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    Gabriel Greenberg

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    I rescued my dog when he was already 1 year old. The shelter said he was relinquished because he barks when alone. As soon as I got him I practiced socialization, obedience, boundaries, distraction and crate training. He can stay very well however after about 20 minutes of being home alone he try's to destroy his crate to get out. I'm not sure how to make the transition:(

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    we've recused a dog who isn't motivated by food, if we put him in his bed as soon as we step away he wears to follow... if we shut the door behind he cries out instantly... we're trying the leave calm and return calm then giving him fuss over he calms down but it doesn't seem to have an effect... any tips?

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