Cesar 911 Episode 6 Exclusive: Off Leash
Erin volunteers for a St. Bernard rescue group, but her own dogs are 300 pounds of excitement disrupting everything. Cesar is going to have to teach Erin the power of calm, assertive energy before her dogs get her kicked out of the group. First-aired Friday, April 3 at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD.
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  • Endothelial

    Never thought my dog would run off just curious what to do when she tries to walk in front of me off leash ive been using touch but

  • Holly Wright
    Holly Wright

    Little dogs become aggressive towards my gentle golden retriever but when he is attacked I react badly

  • JuanCamaney1982

    Cesar I'm waiting for you and your crew to make a or several episodes of you training only kids on becoming Dog Whispers. You always say how kids are more in tune and have a natural way of approaching things. I did saw how you already made an episode of two little girls shadowing you and how you had a audition for it. But after you then what. I mean you have two boys and your skill is one we cannot loose. Just like Daddy, you knew that he needed to pass those great instincts to some other dog like junior. I believe your oldest son has great qualities like you.

  • Moncef El Mokri
    Moncef El Mokri

    I love you Cesar...from Morocco

  • DarknessGummy

    i live in canada and all i do on my laptop is watch your episodes :D

    • DarknessGummy

      @Blendi Berisha i think season 8 episode 6

    • FELN

      Which episode is this ??

  • DarknessGummy

    Your my hero Cesar Millan

  • hiddin inthedark
    hiddin inthedark

    I need ceasar😢 My dog lucky (@amazing.puppy.lucky on Instagram) Is being so bad. He is starting to growl and lunge at the sight of another dog and sometimes he just snaps hell snarl at me and he nips me and he is not allowed to do his business with out someone taking him with a leash. He also runs away alot! He pulls wayy ahead on walks he loves special kids though he just loves them when i first got him i wished be could be a service dog 😭😭 i wish ceasar could help me and my dog🍀😭

  • Rubenn Guerra
    Rubenn Guerra

    No puedes ni caminar jodiaa gordaa