Cesar 911 Episode 4 Clip: Jumping a Hurdle
Vada is a dog with too much energy and not enough discipline. Watch a clip from episode 4 of #Cesar911, which first aired on Friday March 20 on Nat Geo WILD.
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  • Big John
    Big John

    I totally want to try this with my cattle dog 🐶 Does anyone have any cattle I can try this with ?

  • Unoko412

    poor cows : (

    • shocking

      Sure haha

  • Hammad Khan
    Hammad Khan

    Isn’t it cruel the dog biting that cows face woww thats fucked thays how pitbull was bred for to fight why is that wrong now

  • pearshapedeve

    It’s so beautiful to see the dog in its element. It’s also wonderful that Cesar lets the owners see who Vada truly is ans how amazing she really is :)

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia

    that's my dog a blueheeler hyper as hell but Intelligent

  • Luis Correa
    Luis Correa

    cesar habla ingles y sientoque me esta hablando en español

  • fuku baby
    fuku baby

    wonderful !

  • Lady Kiri
    Lady Kiri

    does anyone know if these episodes are available to watch on another channel or online? I don't have paid Nat Geo Wild. It costs too much. But I still really really wanna see cesar 911 episodes.

    • Lady Kiri
      Lady Kiri

      which channel? do you have a link? I haven't been able to find any of the 911 episodes

    • Mai2727

      @LadySmartcat They're up on IRbin! :)

  • Corvux IX
    Corvux IX

    Fucking Cesar Milan is my hero! :)

  • Joe kle
    Joe kle

    Wish people knew their job like the dog does.. Awesome!!

  • Bibz Launica
    Bibz Launica

    I know

  • Tallooll965

    What's vada breed ?

    • Cheryl Reitz
      Cheryl Reitz

      yes that is what they are bred for it is in their DNA just like Huskies and Malamutes are bred to pull. People really need to do their homework before they get a certain breed to know what the dog requires. If the owner is a couch potato they have no business getting a working type dog that needs lots of stimulation and exercise.

    • Oliiva Groft
      Oliiva Groft

      @Cheryl Reitz that is dog is really smart and know what to do..

    • MyRonnie

      It is an Australian Blue Heeler. I have an Australian Koolie. They are great working dogs. Keep their minds and bodies active and they are a real pleasure to own. Very destructive if not given the right type of work that keeps them happy and tired

    • Cheryl Reitz
      Cheryl Reitz

      just guessing but most likely one of the cattle dog breeds like Australian Cattle Dog which is part of the herding group of dogs