Cesar 911 - "Attack Dogs" Exclusive Clip
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  • Candy Smith
    Candy Smith

    Wow I was almost afraid to watch this all the way thru ...those little guys would not have a chance with this Rottie ..whew ..happy ending tho ..had my heart skipping a beat !! Good job Ceaser as always !!😉

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    WOW SUPER 👌Mr. Millan 👍😍 Great job as always‼️ ❗Greetings ❗❤️

  • Atif Faizan
    Atif Faizan

    I have been following you from years now.... bigfan sir ♥️ I love the way you handle animals. Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥️

  • Gibbz Cpt
    Gibbz Cpt

    My Rottweilers need this.They want to attack other dogs all the time.

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman

    Can he realy do all this

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman

    All ways pulls it out the bag

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman

    He done it again

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman


  • situated4

    Let him SMELL you, Junior, you schmelly li'l beast!!!

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Cesar makes people look totally stupid !!! Take control omg 😮 wtf FTW !!! And Junior let him snip your butt !!! Hahahahaha

  • Benny Hill
    Benny Hill

    I myself would be terrified entering a rottie among those little dogs. Heck, Cesar is DA MAN!

  • Pankaj yadav
    Pankaj yadav

    Cesar is da best trainer


    Junior is the best

  • Jesus is God
    Jesus is God

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  • Jesus is God
    Jesus is God

    John 15:13 KJV Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

  • Jim Haché
    Jim Haché

    That is exactly what my dog is doing, we need help getting him to calm down around other animals

  • Wolf in sheep's clothing
    Wolf in sheep's clothing

    Shit show

  • Dan McLaughlin
    Dan McLaughlin

    Shhhhhh.... Junior let him smell you..... Nice!

  • northern Lad
    northern Lad

    The only man on the planet that understands dogs

  • Cheryl Mc Alister
    Cheryl Mc Alister

    Always loved Rottweilers . Excellent job socializing him👍🏻

  • Maria Friend
    Maria Friend

    For a big guy, this guy was projecting his insecurities to the dog, so he was protecting him. WOW!! He could have been put down!!

  • Cynn's Life
    Cynn's Life

    Aww. Great job 💖

  • Dana Moore
    Dana Moore

    WOW! 😮 I can't believe that dog behaved 100% different with Cesar!

  • Akosua Fire
    Akosua Fire

    Im crazy about Junior❤️.

  • john newman
    john newman

    I will award him the dog guru award. I hope he helps my neighbor's dog. always agressive

  • Avinash Marcel
    Avinash Marcel

    Junior let him smell you had me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adelin Rosca
    Adelin Rosca

    Just curious how his football carrier ended up

  • Sleepy Racing
    Sleepy Racing

    his dogs were paid actors, this is fake

  • Dhairya Joshi
    Dhairya Joshi

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 1:55 "Junior let him smell you " ●Junior be like ● : Am I really Pitbull or Joke !!! 🙄

    • scott walsh
      scott walsh

      Try give cesar a slap when he,s around and you,d see a different side of junior

  • Ku Mag
    Ku Mag

    junior always meets the psychos and the weirdos, poor junior

  • Obedece en El río Caraballo
    Obedece en El río Caraballo


  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry

    "come on, dude"

  • King's Kid
    King's Kid

    Cesar is a real magician man...

  • Jimmy The Gent
    Jimmy The Gent

    Cesar ok jr. let him smell you. Jr. Oh yeah ,hold my beer.

  • PNW

    Never trust someone who wears Team Jordan's....

  • Rj Seke
    Rj Seke

    I toe you....

  • Sitcom Christian
    Sitcom Christian

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  • Akash Anvekar
    Akash Anvekar

    Cesar Millan is THE BEST trainer he can read dongs like book

  • casienwhey

    I must say it's an interesting habit that dogs have to smell each other's butts. Glad God made me a human, just saying...

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    David against Goliath. Like here in the Park. All the big dog's are running free without Leashes. It's forbidden without Leash!!!!!!! My Chihuahua is always correctly on Leash he is more than 10 years old. Have had bad experience's with many big dog's without a Leash. But this is every single day the same Problem with ignorant people's which needs urgently a Person like You to teach them that people's and dogs have to follow the rules. No happyness in this great Park!!!!!!!!Where normally all dog's have to be on Leach!!!!!!!!!!!! It cost's 90 Euro if the Police will" be able to give them a TICKET "" "" to pay. I pray to God that they have to pay sometimes!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings 🐾🐾My poor dog can't enjoy this walk just have to care all the time, me too. And for that I have to pay TAX for an old Chihuhahua will just have his little happyness on the Leash without having fear of Hunting dog's Vizla Vasla, Weimaraner, Shepard Mix a s o which running around. This is a KURPARK means people's should have come there to relax and enjoy the nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quame70

    The master

  • Foppo Leeuwerke
    Foppo Leeuwerke

    A big lad with no control over his dog.The rotweiler took over.Not the dog but the owner is the problem or was.

  • Roberto Antonio
    Roberto Antonio

    Cesar needs bite back...

  • javier macias
    javier macias

    I really appreciate your videos!... I was attack by a pack of dogs in Mexico and for a long time I will get really nervous around dogs but thanks to your videos I don't anymore!... keep teaching people how to love animals and hopefully I will get to meet you in person one day, you on my bucket list!😁

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    Cesar is just someone with the gift.


    Junior shht let him smell you 🤣

  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry

    "sniffing another dog rear. You know. Simple things"

  • ajay ashokan
    ajay ashokan

    Junior is my fav!:)

  • wordreet

    Cesar knows his dogs. He read this Rotty like a book, and therefore trusted his own dogs to be exactly what they needed to be, calm social dogs. A perfect interaction ensued!

  • Jake Garvin
    Jake Garvin

    Look he got scared look he got scared Haha lmfao

  • Lorenzo Weedy
    Lorenzo Weedy

    Think that the dog wasnt aggresive cuz it saw the other dogs in a pack together nd knew hes by himself nd knew if he attacked 1 of them even the tiny ones he knows the big ones would jump in nd all beat him up nd he probably knows juniors the alpha male nd he would protect his pack nd toss him like a doll

  • T D
    T D

    Junior was skeptical.

  • Kipz THE BOT
    Kipz THE BOT


  • xpdta ooki
    xpdta ooki

    Wow! That's nice! That's good!😘🥰

  • Andre Mensah
    Andre Mensah

    When you're a keyboard warrior and you meet in real life

  • Money

    Cesar is the master

  • 99 HAK
    99 HAK

    I've watched a lot of dog trainers but Cesar is Top Dog

  • Sna85by

    A real dog whisperer... www.peta.de/cesar-millan-hund-stirbt

  • T H
    T H

    Junior loved that!

  • MobileDecay

    He's mean around other dogs when there's a fence protecting him. 😂😂😂

  • Douglas Grant
    Douglas Grant

    If only humans cans butt sniff each others rear then maybe we can all get along and loves each other.

  • Zeitlose Hundetherapie
    Zeitlose Hundetherapie

    Wieviele Monate wurde vorab daran gearbeitet um diese Aufzeichnung so zu platzieren, als wäre sie innerhalb von 5 Minuten passiert?

  • Qiu Wen
    Qiu Wen

    Our family followed your video couple of years already. We really really needs your help. We have a 1,5y German Shepherd. He is over reactive with other dog. And over protective for my kids. So much tears after I walking with him outside everyday. He taken dog training lessons several times since he was puppy. First time in Petco when he was 3 months. But he didn’t finish that puppy training. Because the trainer think she can’t handle my dog in her class. She asked us leave. Second time, We signed up training in PetSmart. After one session my dog’s behavior got some change. But the trainer Suggested us send dog to K9, because she thinks my dog can’t take a off leash training in her class. Then we signed up K9 training for my dog but one session is not enough for my dog, he still need more and more session to correct his behavior. Also I think my dog need to learn more about social skill. But do not have a owner wants their dog to play with him. Every time I bring my dog to dog park just wants to say “Hi”, and they all leaving immediately. Please help us , Thanks!!!

  • Belin Gonza
    Belin Gonza

    Oh shit! I'm not starting any problems those little guys look vicious!

  • natalia mckell
    natalia mckell

    I almost had a heart attack !

  • Ellemijnt PoTtAh
    Ellemijnt PoTtAh

    He got scared from taco????????!!!

  • Ford AFG
    Ford AFG

    Cesar showed him a gun inside the RV and dog behaved. 😂

  • JDwJC11

    Sniffing another dog's rear... just the simple things. 👌👌👌

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    Big bad one scared of 2 small puppies lol ahahhahaha. And junior's face when cesar said "junior let him smell you" lol... great job Cesar!!

  • john smith
    john smith

    Cesar the dog got "scared" because he was out number.

  • Elfeis Ojeis
    Elfeis Ojeis

    would that apply to angry 😤 people..?

  • Jesus Kingofkings
    Jesus Kingofkings

    A good pitbull is a Dead pitbull

  • Rick N. Mortimer
    Rick N. Mortimer

    i sware Cesar is not human😮😮😮

  • Victor Da Silva
    Victor Da Silva

    Steve is Andre the giants son?

  • Jayu R
    Jayu R

    Cesar:- Ssshhhhh...Junior let him smell you... Junior:- Here we go again.

  • Elaine Romero
    Elaine Romero

    Fave short video 😊

  • Francisco Dávila
    Francisco Dávila


  • denisesinclair1

    Rotis are the most general dog ever.its the owner who doesn't know how to train them.

  • Mickey Mic
    Mickey Mic

    The owner is to blame. Like always.

  • Lxrry

    1:55 it was like junior was saying “ok” because ceaser said “let him smell you”

  • Terry Kelley
    Terry Kelley


  • ankit vashishtha
    ankit vashishtha

    What i understand so far after watching so many videos is that all dogs are good ,only their owners have some sort of problem !!

    • Dom Ferris
      Dom Ferris

      It’s not that they’re all good, they’re all just looking for guidance from their owners

  • king raiders
    king raiders

    Shadow aint stupid .. Lol. He knows he will get jumped real quick. At 1:55 he is looking at ceasar saying " JUST GIVE US THE GREEN LIGHT AND WILL FUCK HIM UP REAL QUICK. LOL..

  • astro cylo
    astro cylo


  • Lion of The Tribe of Judah
    Lion of The Tribe of Judah

    @1:58 Ceasar:”Junior, let him smell you! Niiiice.”🧐 Junior with an anxious look😳: “ But he’s not smelling me, hes licking my balls!”

  • yousuck 9000
    yousuck 9000

    Wow how hard is it to speak to your dog or train him?😂

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark

    This dog seems to do exacly what mine does! I need to find this entire episode!

    • Balaban78

      I think it would benefit you more if you found a trainer.

  • Pisonero C
    Pisonero C

    Delight arrived with Cesar. Bigger than life 🌼

  • Dena Smith
    Dena Smith

    Cesar, I am scared for my 6 year old grandson. My new neighbors have 2 Rottweilers? One of them, will lurk under their deck, and what appears to be random moments will dart out from the deck and viciously attack the fence then run back under the deck. He will often do this when my daughter or grandson return from taking out the trash. He does not attack them on the way to the trash, but on the way back he will jump at the fence. As long as the fence holds up, they are safe for now, but I worry about what the dog is thinking and what could happen if the fence were to fail or the dog gets out. Please, help me understand what is going on in this dogs mind, and what I can do to change this. I have never seen a dog do this before. Thank you!! Please help.

  • Jana Bry
    Jana Bry

    Incredible ! 💜💜💜

  • Kelvin W. Kiger
    Kelvin W. Kiger

    I like Steve.

  • FBAnirban

    Gosabi ki bahu ki gnd maaro koi.please

  • ankit vashishtha
    ankit vashishtha

    dude it's you who need to be socialized, not the dog !! in most of the cases the owner is responcible for such behaviour of dogs.

  • Claire claudie
    Claire claudie

    Junior was a good dog, Cesar is very good

  • wordreet

    So right! How can anyone dislike this? Cesar's dogs are totally un-aggressive, they are happy and will interact with other dogs in the most natural way, which, as we saw, can instantly make a strange dog relax and enter into their 'sphere' of calmness. Such a superb video!

  • Pink Marshmallow
    Pink Marshmallow

    Your a braver man than me gunga din!

  • GC CA
    GC CA

    “Shhh.. junior let him smell you..” Junior: BRO BUT THATS MY NUTES HE SMELLIN

  • Uni Verse
    Uni Verse

    Junior such a good pup.

  • I'm Fast AF Boi
    I'm Fast AF Boi

    But where is a attack??😒 We miss u sir

  • Tara McKeown
    Tara McKeown

    How??????? Can you come to Canada and make my dog social!