Can You Trust Animals Without Sight? ft. Blind YouTuber Molly Burke
Can you trust animals when you can't see them? Today I talk with an awesome human, and blind IRbinr, Molly Burke. Watch me help Molly's guide dog overcome his fear of swimming:

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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    I am so glad to finally meet Molly Burke, talk to her, and learn from her. What did you learn? And what would you like me to do a video about next?

    • Chiara Čistá Mater prastvorených. A just!
      Chiara Čistá Mater prastvorených. A just!

      Angelika Medená

    • T Priddy aka Realistic Reality
      T Priddy aka Realistic Reality

      Cesar and Molly, first and foremost I realize how important our energy our attitude affects others. Secondly, learning to have patience and understanding that everyone isn't the same there is no blanket rules or regulations or training or even level of patience that works for everyone or everything. Understanding that through our pain and our struggles instead of dwelling on the pain or the negative emotions, instead of looking what you can't do well or can't do at all anymore look at what you can do well still or what you may even be able to do better because of it and the knowledge of the lack of that others have never experienced before. I'm a very deep listener and thinker, and honestly it's hard to put into words all I learned and how many things it brought up a light bulb and made me think of it or see it differently now. I'm a disabled veteran, and I've had challenges with those disabilities, but more than anything it's made me dive into re-educating myself in different things and areas that I can still excel in...adapt and overcome..the way of the combat soldier...and do it with the least resources available. I would give anything to meet you Cesar, your so full of wisdom and patience and I love to listen and learn and apply what I learn. I'm about to get a Cane Corso puppy for a service dog...long story short my wife fears big dogs my kids have never had a dog and I haven't had a dog since I was young but I've always been around big dogs and many different breeds. I know what a challenge I am accepting and how much time patience and motivation it will take on my part but I also have to incorporate my family in this as well and since I can't be active the way I used and the way I want to be I have now realized what this partnership with my animal will mean not just for and to me but also to my family and what a full bonding experience it will be for us all. I will stop typing as I could speak on this for the longest, but Cesar if you ever come to Texas I would love to be able to show my appreciation to you not only as a dog whisperer but as a life whisperer, as whether people want to admit or understand we and dogs are so much alike in our temperament our likes our dislikes how we choose our companions etc, but most of all the importance of setting a strong foundation for our little ones from day one and to learn to live and get along with everyone regardless of looks size color etc, and most importantly it's unconditional, meaning you don't have to give me something for me to love you or there don't have to be something special in it. It don't have to benefit me. A dog simply wants love and a purpose and in all reality that's all we want as humans is to be given a purpose a direction or a goal and to be loved unconditionally. Cesar, I would love to make a spread of bbq for you to feast on and to sit and just simply talk and share ideas and thoughts. Is there an email or number could call not your personal one but a business one that I could contact you through so I can send my personal number and email to you as there is so much more I could learn by just simply being in your presence. I loved this interview, and sir with all do respect I can't put into words how much you over the years have taught about myself by watching you train the dogs and incorporate it as example to human reaction or how it's similar to us as humans. I've learned how to deal with my ptsd on a level where meds aren't for me anymore and I know how to find pleasure in things I had lost that ability to do previously by finding the small details that I overlooked before and to be patient. Once again sorry so long but I hope this reaches you and your family in a time when your all safe and life brings you nothing but happiness and success as you deserve it for all you've taught the world over the years and how you've made people better because of it. As you always state, you have to train the human to work with the dog not the dog to work with the human, the first time I heard that I've stuck with you ever since cause it made so much sense to me. I'll quit rambling now I know your busy and this isn't the place to write a letter like I just did but I really wanted to speak to you and this is the only way I knew how. Molly is a true inspiration, and my wife has an eye she can only see shadows and light but nothing else so she's blind in one eye and one side, so in a very little way I can relate to what she's saying about her dog cause I've been the one my wife has leaned on over the years and I have always felt it's my job to lead my wife and protect her from feeling vulnerable on that side. What Molly is doing is awesome and her drive her spirit is phenomenal. Once again if there is a website or anything with an email I can use for contact please let me know, I would love to continue this on a professional level. I would also like to inquire about tips with my service dog and possibly having you teach me to train my dog or just be better at it.

    • Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder
      Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder

      Cesar Millan how to behave around service dogs

    • Danielle Dewitt
      Danielle Dewitt

      Cesar Millan How about you stop abusing dogs.

    • Juliana Wijnhoven
      Juliana Wijnhoven

      i need help with my dog and leash training

  • Chiara Čistá Mater prastvorených. A just!
    Chiara Čistá Mater prastvorených. A just!

    Angelika Medená

  • dianne reams
    dianne reams


  • ghibi

    What I learned from this episode: we need more.

  • Wairemana TA
    Wairemana TA

    Wow I was honestly so inspired by Molly and am truly grateful for her sharing her aspects on life. Definitely learned from this clip so thank you!

  • Sleep Walking
    Sleep Walking

    honestly molly is such a pleasure to listen to, and Caesar as well great video!

  • Caroline Cossee
    Caroline Cossee

    What a great conversation. Molly really is a fantastic example how people can turn pain into profit and purpose. Her saying about accepting what you can't change hit me the most. Thank you Cesar for sharing this. Your teachings are also mind blowing.

  • Gilmour11

    Cesar is real. César is so humble and relatable. César is so balanced and healthy. Oprah literally wouldn’t stand a chance up against César. TRUTH!!! FACT!!!!!

  • Bob Driscoll
    Bob Driscoll

    Thank you Molly Burks you made me cry I am 90% blind and I can't get help homebound

  • M A
    M A

    👍lots of helpful truth. ❤

  • Javier Maldonado de Dios
    Javier Maldonado de Dios

    I like this video so much! I think we all learned something really special. It's all about what you had inside, just let it be alive, don't put it in a box because you can see Thank you Cesar and Molly!

  • Andy P
    Andy P

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  • Vanessa Hawarden
    Vanessa Hawarden

    Educating the humans on our planet is key....we must remember that we can learn so much from our animals...I take my lead from my own dogs in many ways as we live closely together and I trust them implicitly as they do me. I so wish that there were more people in the world like Molly.

  • miff Kapii
    miff Kapii

    She is blind?? How do u know if your dog looks at u?? ;0;

  • Aubrey

    Every time Molly talked about the trust and special bond with Gallop, I literally started crying. That is so beautiful. I've trained several dogs and I know that special bond you get when they look you in the eye during a training session and you know that they KNOW you are teaching them something and they love it. You see their excitement and eagerness to learn and to please you. It's incredibly humbling. That changed my life and I can't even imagine how much more intense it must be with a guide dog. So happy for Molly and her boy.

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    Halo Bumstead


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    Julie Cooper

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    Ja Ho

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    "Can You Trust Animals Without Sight?" No. Never trust a blind pet.

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    Silber Block

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  • Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder
    Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder

    You need to make a video about how to behave around service dogs

  • Dhruv Gupta
    Dhruv Gupta

    Cesar you are so full of yourself, this girl is talking about her experiences being blind, and you compare that with people jumping on you cuz ur so famous ?? WOW! FULL OF SHIT. Lost respect

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    Jeremiah Cepeda

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    My dog loves to see me put on my fanny pack...and, then, she knows what's happening...and she does get all excited...I've been using some of his methods to calm her and stuff

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    Shantay Warren

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  • Python Dragon
    Python Dragon

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  • Jake W
    Jake W

    How did you work to accept the situation. What does that look like??


    Molly is a lady everyone should meet. Inspirational ! Cesar is just my HERO!! He is brilliant. He is the master of his craft. The animals were his teacher for instinct. And now they truly are as one. Now Cesar is their guide dog. God Bless you Cesar.

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    karina parada

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  • Nicola Stevens
    Nicola Stevens

    Wow what an inspirational beautiful Life . Cesar , Molly your amazing . What you both have views upon that change your overall concept of how we perceive life & beyond . Wow truly inspiring & thank you both so very much . 💕💞💕 Animals are more intelligent than people give animals credit for has you both said yourselves they're very wise & they just know . They do , just know you can sense that call it intuition , Love it's truly an amazing thing. Loved this Cesar & Molly Thank you for your inspiration it truly means the world to me . The fact that your both helping others too across the world is absolutely fantastic . Thank you 😊,💕🙏💕 . Cesar ,Molly please can you advise me upon getting a dog with my disability ? Do I have to be careful on which type of dog I can own ? The reason why I ask is because after a accident left me with physical balancing issues I have to use crutches to stabilization however I have an abnormal gate , that causes me to struggle with walking straight ahead so I could I be confident enough to know that a dog is going to trust me with my balance issues ? Would the dog think I'm a threat ? Sometimes I loose my balance & can be on the floor before you know it but I wouldn't want a dog to feel fear if you get what I mean ? I truly hope you both can understand this & help . I'm not going to get a dog just yet however I need to be able to be confident & know which way to approach all the above . Do I consider a working dog or a non working dog ? Thanks . Niki from the UK 🇬🇧❤️💞 xx Love these fantastic channels of yours keep it up xx Sending Love , Respect & huge hugs from the UK 🇬🇧 with Love , Niki xxxx

  • 大石孝子


  • Efi Brilovski
    Efi Brilovski

    "if you can't accept something - change it, if you can't change it - accept it" THATS ONE ONE OF DUMBEST THINGS I HAVE EVER HEARD !!!, change is a matter of resistance and acquiring knowledge, its no simple thing and it's not easy but if people lived by this principle our society would not have ever evolved and new knowledge would never have been acquired

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  • Joe Ansman
    Joe Ansman

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  • Chad Garner
    Chad Garner

    Ceaser she is very Inspirational And how she had to belive in animals. I am currently dealing with a very difficult situation. My dog tank attacked another dog who has past and our neighborhood has began to hate my dog which was beaten and forced to fight i have done my best to rehab him but i think i failed him and has now been put in the community pound. I reach For help any advice in this very difficult time he is facing death I'm trying to find any way out of it thank you for any comments.

  • Sarah Abou Said
    Sarah Abou Said

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  • Spiritual Empress
    Spiritual Empress

    She overly talks. I’m legally blind and I learned movement in animals and humans because I couldn’t see but I could see movement.

  • Trine Walbum
    Trine Walbum

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  • Norris Dority
    Norris Dority

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  • Jillian Heatley
    Jillian Heatley

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  • Claire

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  • 4ever in the closet
    4ever in the closet

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  • 4ever in the closet
    4ever in the closet

    The quote from dean schneider that also hit me hard: “ the 2 most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

  • Lilypad

    I’ve had both my pomeranians since they were puppies. I trust them completely within their means. I wouldnt trust my dogs with a guide dog because they would want to play with a working dog.

  • Ben W
    Ben W

    "I want to take all that pain and turn it into purpose." -- Molly, you just said something truly great and profound. And I'm legally blind, my vision went lower in the past few years, and I so, so needed to hear you say that. I have been holding in a lot of anxiety, worry, hurt feelings over the change in my sight and how I live now and might have to live in the future. I needed the reminder to work out for change and acceptance, and to use that pain toward purpose. I really think what you said is right up there with some of the greatest sayings or wisdom ever. It is hard to put into our lives what we think we know or believe, our best advice. You and Cesar are awesome.

  • Ben W
    Ben W

    This is great. I'm legally blind, but have not yet had to use a cane or a guide dog. The lessons about trust and love, trining, are great. Good conversation overall. Thanks so much to Cesar and Molly.

  • April s
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  • witty pedia
    witty pedia

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  • Michael Yohn
    Michael Yohn

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  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    I consider anxiety and depression a handicap too. It's something I've dealt with my whole life. I feel like my own dog picks up on that and feels what I'm feeling a lot of the time. She is a Chihuahua so maybe it's just me, but I feel bad because of that. On the other hand, we also make each other relax in the worst of times. I'm not sure if it's good or bad. She seems to know when I'm having problems and spending time with her makes both of us happier. I'm really worried about the 4th of July this year. Last year was very bad for her. I just got done watching Cesar's video on how to prepare any dog for it though, so I'm optimistic that this year will be better. Does anyone have any advice for dog anxiety medication? I've never used it, but am thinking about it as a backup.

  • Tatum S.
    Tatum S.

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  • Amanda

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      Catherine Vieira Matta

      Perdón por mi errores gramaticales! Sorry for my gramatical errors!

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