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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    IRbin family, I'm happy to be back posting videos! Thank you so much for your patience and well wishes. I hope you enjoy this video- I tried to answer some of the questions I saw in the comments, and I was so glad to have the opportunity to revisit working with Gallop, an amazing dog, and his amazing human Molly. Let me know what you learned!

    • Rajoba

      I learned so much from this and the related videos. Thank you so much, Cesar, Molly and Gallop! I was prone to think that guide dogs are miserable and cannot really be dogs. Thank you so much for expressing your view. It makes so much sense.

    • Gata Queen of Garcia
      Gata Queen of Garcia

      Mr Millan, we need help with a family member name Maximillian (Max). He has alot of behavior issues. New people My husband can not get near him and has not ever been able since my daughter moved in with him. Feeding not a issue but some aggression with kids near him while eating. I have a 4 yr old lil dog name King and he is the leader of the pack Max summit's to King. Always growling when you talk to him and when playing with him. I say he likes to have the last word more or less likes to talk back. Alot of trust issues. I believe he was beaten as a pup. Daughter got him at 6-8 months old. He's 2 now. He's happy but keeps his graud up. He hasn't bitten anyone but please help me help him. Thank you for taking time to read my comment. Lisa

    • Agent O
      Agent O

      Cesar, Hello! You are the best! It would be awesome for you to watch and make a reaction video to the south park episode with you! It it the funniest episode!! I would love to see if think it is as hilarious as I do! Thanks for everything you teach!

    • TheShadyLady !
      TheShadyLady !

      I have to take a moment to say, you are absolutely incredible Cesar. I've watched you since the beginning & I'll continue to watch all of the amazing things you do. The impact you have on both the animals and the people you work with is extraordinary. The impact that makes on our planet is soooo huge it truly leaves me at a loss for words. I believe every living thing/ being that crosses paths with you is not only blessed but forever more positive and balanced. You're a true healer and each day you make the world a better place for us all. If I could choose anyone on earth to meet...I would choose you 100%!! I have informed the Universe of my intention to meet you so I should really switch the 'if' for 'when'...& until then, I'll be looking forward to that day our paths will cross. My pack will also love to meet you. Thanks to your teachings... they are pretty impressive already.🤗 (However, their leader could use a little work. Lol. ) 💙 Thank you for all you do!! 😘

    • AceOf Race
      AceOf Race Dog Dreaming Wild xxx

  • Karl Müller
    Karl Müller

  • Reiko Myles
    Reiko Myles

    To God be the glory for all of our gifts and talents that we share with others to be a help and encouragement.

  • Mr Free1 • 18 years ago
    Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    Imagine faking being bliind or for attention

  • RDB

    Cesar has his 'I'm a leftist, Marxist' hat on.... I don't trust lil cesar

  • Tara Reilly
    Tara Reilly

    That is excellent that is phenomenal that is very tear-jerking Cesar you always make me cry

  • A Nunez
    A Nunez

    Can you be my life coach? lol I feel the amazing energy through the screen.

  • Florence Van Breemen
    Florence Van Breemen

    You inspire me so much. Thank you for sharing!

  • Eye In The Sky
    Eye In The Sky

    i just loved this video and Molly, felt so good to c her happieer

  • jenmontzingo

    A lot of what you’re teaching is so applicable to humankind. Very true to DBT/CBT therapies in treating depression and anxiety. You exude so much joy. Definitely living right in your calling!

  • jenmontzingo

    Love this! So many service/guide dogs’ spirits are broken in their training that they turn into little robots. Well said - that dog has remained his playful self! 🐕💨

  • Zümrüt Kaynak
    Zümrüt Kaynak

    I owned a dog (golden retriwer) when she was 2 months age. when she came to 6 months age, we went a seaside. I jumped the water and the she didn't wait for a second and jumped after me to the deep water. she began to swim and came neer to me. when she was 1.5 years old, a street dog (mixed with kangal which is a Tukish dog and he has tiger hair) owned me, not I owned him. we went to the seaside alltogether. while she (golden one) was running to the seaside to swim, he went to the to drink :-) but it is salty... he wached us while we were swimming, followed us along the seaside. I didn't insist on to swim or going in to the sea. Next day, as usually, he came near to us in the sea and walked in the sea parallel to the seaside.. At the second day he wanted to come closer to us but his legs were not too long for it. and he did panic and became calm at the same time becouse he began to swim.. then after, he goes to swim whenever he wants and he comes back to the seaside for sun... this is our story. ı wanted to share this story with you because golden learnt so many things from mixed one and mixed one learnt so many other things from golden. I feel like I have two alfa and I m a pack leader. I have so many stor,es to tell especially to dear @cesar .

  • Ruth Kjaer
    Ruth Kjaer

    How do I get that ramp you have for the pool.....

  • Tam G Smith
    Tam G Smith

    I want a "dog people are dope" t-shirt. Please...where do I find one?!?

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    There is NOTHING as satisfying as seeing a dog getting over a fear, having fun, and just being a champion.

  • Charley Bayley
    Charley Bayley

    I aspire to be like Cesar Milan! I still have so far to go to before my energy is fully calm but I know with Cesar guiding me through life I can achieve anything! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for every ounce of wisdom and happiness he brings to my life. Seeing him with his pack makes me love dogs so much more! Dogs are my favourite animal for so many reasons. #DogIsLove ... Thank you Cesar for everything you do for me, for the world and for every dog and animal that has been lucky enough to be guided by you I will forever follow you and that will never change 💖

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez

    Cesar is the best 👍👍

  • the 3rd eye
    the 3rd eye

    Is she literally blind or legally blind? She seems to see somethings.

  • F.J. Rick Olfrey
    F.J. Rick Olfrey

    i've watched a few videos now with you, Molly and Gallop and am very impresssed with the progress of all and yes I've been a fan of Ceasar's for years. Molly and Gallop are new. I could never know the fear Molly has gone through as that is the one thing I don''t think anyone could imagine not even if blindfolded because there always remains the option to remove the blindfold at any time. I;m handicapped with LGMD so if I fall I can not get up without help or without something to climb up on. A couple years ago a young womans dog , a pitbull, got crazy and the woman couldn't control him and it knocked me down. As soon as I fell I also panicked a bit and the dog started snapping at my face and that was a terrifying moment. Thankfully the woman was just strong enough to sit and hold the dog enough that the closest the dog gt was about 2 inches from my face still snapping and barking, and drooling, the works. I yelled at the woman to hold the dog and she , no joking waas freaking out and wouldn't stop screaming until I did that. I stared at the dog in the eyes amd pointed at the ground and maintained that best I could because that's all I could do and in less than 2 minutes the dog stopped and became calm. Only a couple more minutes and me and the dog became friends. Thinking back I think it was the woman who set the dog off in the first place because she knew I was handicapped and she tensed up as they approached me. Other people were yelling at the woman but I screamed at them to shut up and back off and I think the dog took note of that and that I seriously was not going to back off or give up so I'm not positive where it all went right but it did and that moment of terror turned out to be one to be grateful did not become worse. I've always loved dogs and have owned a few and every one was taken from me by woman I had relationships with, I guess a some kind of vengeance or revenge idiocy but even now I find I've never trusted people as much as I have dogs. I am living in a place now where dogs are not allowed and the loneliness is suffocating and it grows worse every day. I'm not sure how much longer I can live this way but I do hope some day this will change. You all seem to have amazing lives and I'm very happy for you as thhe lovve for dogs is a very special feeling when you do find the special bond with them others don't allow themselves to get close enough to ever know exists in them all. I'm 61 and I've been fighting my own handicap now for 16 years, it's not too bad as long as other people take time to understand I only need help when I ask for it but as Molly stated people do bully and target us for being different and just recently a guy stole the only thing I had to help myself vehicle. I don't know what I will do now but my best is all I know how to do and that is all that keeps me going. 2011 was a tough year fo myself and Ceasar , seems there was a purpose that made it turn out the way it has and one we may never fully realize even though our lives are quite different and uniqque as is Molly's. Truly amazing people, thank you for sharing your lives and stories.

  • TheDoggyChannelVideo

    these are the best videos, the explanation of the lessons!

  • Kitebuggy

    You not only helped Gallop in that moment to be happy with water again, you also made his hooman happy for realizing that her best friend, her partner, her guide lost his traumatic memory with water. We can call this a win - win - win Situation, cause it made you happy too. I love that T - Shirt " Dog People are dope" and the other one in Molly`s Video "Dog is Love". I am suffering from chronic Depression and Loneliness for 3 Decades and the only moments i feel a little bit of joy and affection and being alive again is when i`m with Dogs. And i`m sure that Dogs are very able to sense when a human doesn`t feel good inside. Dogs can feel and sense and recognize much more than we humans can even imagine. And the fact that you said in the Interview with Molly that your goal in life, your source for happiness is being with dogs, helping them, understand them, let them guide and teach you about Life and Love is so wonderful to see.

  • Mahalo Aloha
    Mahalo Aloha

    Wow wow wow this brought me to happy tears. Oh sweet lord I’m so happy to have watched this video. 💕🥰

  • Saucy Wench
    Saucy Wench

    One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is successfully rehabbing an animal.

  • Melody


  • Kerry H
    Kerry H

    My other half needs to take tips from you! He's so on-edge and stressy when applying boundaries/ rules for our human child. Him "blocking baby" would be gritted teeth, tension, and breath holding 😅

  • Pinkametal

    21:13 Rio couldn't help herself, she had to be seen with Cesar

  • Lucy Raglin
    Lucy Raglin

    Stop Any Unwanted Dog Behavior And Raise The Perfect Puppy With A Method That’s Effective, Gentle And Simple Watch Here==

  • jmakit Jay
    jmakit Jay

    i know your not a cat person, but iv got my young granddaughter living with me at the moment and she got scratched on the nose so im trying to teach her about how to read cats and when you come at them with to much excitement they with just run away or hold them when they want to get down etc and how to feed them and let them be from a distance to they relax and feed with her presence near but not so close they want to run, and the fact that the two cats have totally different personalities adds another layer to try to teach her. i haven't been able to face getting another dog i had my foxie for 15 years and my ex partner was not an animal person so not a good environment for a dog anyway

  • Babbel

    the moment when Gallop decided to go into the water by himself and everyone cheering him on... was so magical

  • Anna Cats
    Anna Cats

    All dog lovers🐶 Using this platform Please share as well!!!! Please report *TransTheTv* 🌚& *Tràn Thê* 🌚 channels to youtube once u watch the videos

  • Anna M mazur
    Anna M mazur

    You are such a great and wisdom guy, I love all movies with you and thanks of you I started understand dogs and how this works. Energy -big word and now have more meaning for me. Love❤

  • Denny Morales
    Denny Morales

    Hi Cesar

  • Tens

    He always never talks about the owners reactions

  • RavensDryad

    I just started watching her channel she seems amazing :) thanks for introducing her!!

  • AJ M
    AJ M

    Cesar, por favor visita a estas dos mujeres que están echando a perder a sus perritas: Jackson ayudó a la gata pero la señora sigue tratando a sus perras como hijas. URGENTE! Gracias

  • firstname to login
    firstname to login

    19/11/2019 10:50:59 - Eso es real?

  • Athen Garcia
    Athen Garcia

    One time when I drunk, while I was sitting on the couch, I was able to snap and my dog knew what I was telling him. Its like I was talking to him telepathically, but with feeling instead of words. Sometimes I wonder if Cesar is able to do that to.

  • Athen Garcia
    Athen Garcia

    I wish I was one of Cesars dogs.

  • TheCbrown146

    I'm surprised Cesar Milan hasn't been asked to do a commercial for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Surely Cesar Millan sees how we should communicate with dogs, but does he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

  • weed cook Jones
    weed cook Jones

    Caesar we have two dogs one lab that was here first the second is a pitbull that we were rescued they got along at first and then they got into a fight. They're going to kill each other I got them separated with kept them separated for almost a year because every time they see each other through the little gate they do not like each other don't know what to do they just got into another fight third time give me some info please

  • Sil

    rizer laptop for dog simulator:))

  • Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kenpachi Zaraki

    PETA says service dogs are sad and are like slaves. after watching this I have come to a conclusion that PETA don;t know shit about dogs at all.

  • Lorens Herrera
    Lorens Herrera

    You are the best with animals ☺

  • ZA LOG
    ZA LOG

    Hey Cesar I don’t know if you’ve seen this amazing dog but her name is Stella and she can speak through a method of buttons you should go check her out!!!

    • ZA LOG
      ZA LOG

  • WheepingWillow2

    wheepingwillow2 here, may I PLEASE have an email address to write to you about my dog problem? thank you

  • Trish

    Would really like Cesar to walk us through the episodes and his journey with Gavin. The dog with PTSD. I feel like he learned a lot from Gavin.❤

  • Gold Swan
    Gold Swan

    Cesar Millan you are a legend. سيزار ميلان أنت أسطورة ❤️

  • Agent O
    Agent O

    Cesar, Hello! You are the best! It would be awesome for you to watch and make a reaction video to the south park episode with you! It it the funniest episode!! I would love to see if think it is as hilarious as I do! Thanks for everything you teach!

  • Mariquina Franco
    Mariquina Franco

    Cesar pon subtítulos en español por favor!!!

  • IP O
    IP O

    Sweet sweet razer man

  • Trish

    Cesar saying "OKUUURRR" is just about the best thing I've ever witnessed!😭😂🙌🏼

  • Trish

    "YEAH! I feel so good about this water! I'm touching it with my feet!" 😭🤣😂😂🤣

  • b_ jean7
    b_ jean7

    Love this!!! I love yours and mollys channels sooo much ❤❤❤ and it was amazing watching you help Gallop learn to have fun swimming 😁

  • fatemah lattrag
    fatemah lattrag

    I love the sassiness

  • gamer kid
    gamer kid

    I somebody have a pit bull dog it got out

  • Amber Autery
    Amber Autery

    I have rescued three dogs one being somewhat of a puppy and none of them are potty trained! Does our dog whisperer do a video on that? I don't mind paying for it I'm just not sure where to go for what to type in I'm new to the internet. They are great dogs they just don't know to use the bathroom outside they were kept inside and went to the bathroom on the floor before we rescue them. They are very smart I just need to learn what to do to help them. Any advice will be greatly appreciated thank you guys in advance and God bless you

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo

    🐾🐶🐩🐕🐾...Useful information. I learned applicable things. Good guy, good guy. 👏👏👏🐾🐾🐾...

  • Jinglesx

    Love the videos, Cesar!

  • Maria Bejines #12
    Maria Bejines #12

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  • Maysam. Abufraj
    Maysam. Abufraj

    Please Arabic translation ❤️🙏🙏

  • Mary Corcoran
    Mary Corcoran

    I need your help on a serious scale. I rescued a very large female pit bull and have been walking for faithfully for the last three years. I’ve changed my ways of handling her when we encounter other dogs. She is overly reactive to dogs and squirrels, not so much humans, she lunges and damn near chokes herself pulling the leash trying to get at the other animal. I literally have bruises on my fingers from holding the leash when she pulls. I don’t want to stop walking her and I’ve even changed routine by walking early in the morning. I use treats to attempt to redirect her attention, but when she’s in that moment, it’s mission impossible. Unfortunately Well we recently an incident and it was pretty scary. We need your help. Any guidance/advice you can lend would be greatly appreciated. - Desperate in Delaware

  • Antonia Grimard of AOK Creative
    Antonia Grimard of AOK Creative

    Missed you!

  • Silvia Hernandez
    Silvia Hernandez

    Hi Cesar, I love all your videos. I have learned so much from you. Amazing how Gallop was able to overcome its fear of water. Keep up the good work! Blessings to you and your family, and all of your doggies!!!❤❤❤

  • Tinaka Maxwell
    Tinaka Maxwell

    That's brought tears to my eyes to see Gallop overcome his fear with the help of Ceaser is just amazing! Much love and support to you Ceaser for what you do for Dogs and Dog lovers all over the world 💗🐕🐶😁

  • AceOf Race
    AceOf Race Pure Dalmatian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ella Bella DJ X Heading For Cruffs Staffy Agility SHE IS PERFECT FOR ME THANKS FOR THE DOG FATHER CESAR MILLAIN XXX Ella wants to BREED with JUNIOR X She's ADORES YOU ALL OF YOUR PACK XXX

    • AceOf Race
      AceOf Race

      Meet My Lil Dalmatian Staffordshire Bull Terrier ONLY 7 WEEKS Cersar Millan The God Dog Father Peace and love to you X I live in UK Norwich City please get in touch with THE ANGLIA EVENING NEWS BASE IN THE CITY RIGHT NEXT TO AN ANGEL WATCHING OVER ME AND BELLA IM NOT ANGRY IM CRYING HAPPY TEARS ME AND ELLA WE NEED YOU. I excited because I KNOW SPIRIT IS GOING TO MAKE OUR PATHS CROSSED XXX MANY THANKS ELLA DJ XXX you make our dreams come true just watching or falling asleep listening to your voice X as I'm doing this message she is suckering in her bed right next to my stinky feet X

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      AceOf Race


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    Elver Green

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  • The Stuffed Vegan
    The Stuffed Vegan

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    Chris Lee

    I'm curious to see how Cesar would handle Coyotes in the wild. Should do something like that. I don't want to see him get hurt or anything though. I had an encounter with a pack of Coyotes not too long ago, and I think I handled the situation pretty well and I think it would be a really good video to throw up on the YT.

  • Sherif Mohsen
    Sherif Mohsen

    9:39 god I love Cesar with his cardi's impression

  • Lory B
    Lory B

    I really love what you do and the videos you post. I´ve learned so much from you and I really want to thank you for that much love from Germany

  • Lory B
    Lory B

    Cesar: yeah, I agree with you, Cesar Me haha

  • Tracy B
    Tracy B

    This video made me cry tears of joy seeing this dog overcome his fear of the water. I'm afraid of the water and he made me want to try and get over my fear. What a joy to watch!

  • M169

    Any advice for a dog who became afraid of our basement steps? She used them all the time until the carpet was pulled up and the steps were refinished. She won't go near them now. To make it worse, she is a fear biter. I've tried positive reinforcement, nothing has worked.

  • DeLora

    Mr. Cesar, can you help this dog. He keeps sneaking around and he doesn't know he doesn't have to any more. He is in a good home now.

  • No ThisIsPatrick
    No ThisIsPatrick

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  • Fabian Posada
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  • Ladisblogs g.o
    Ladisblogs g.o

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    Kristen D

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  • Jeetendra Sharma
    Jeetendra Sharma

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  • Dan Urbina
    Dan Urbina

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  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson

    I loved this episode, you did a wonderful job explains the psychological aspect of their behaviors that takes place for the training. I can’t wait to see more! Thank you Cesar 😊

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  • BPD in a Littlish RV
    BPD in a Littlish RV

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  • Mr Debunker
    Mr Debunker

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  • Rafaela Dalva
    Rafaela Dalva

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  • ⟬⟭BEJK Bunny Angel 7⟭⟬ JJK1 7⟭⟬ JJK1
    ⟬⟭BEJK Bunny Angel 7⟭⟬ JJK1 7⟭⟬ JJK1

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    Franse Buldog Steffie en Puppy Spike

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    Barbara Abraham

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  • Dani De Peña
    Dani De Peña

    We love you Cesar and I know every work you have done in this Planet helping out dogs and their owners will be rewarded greatly from the bottom of my heart. And don't forget about Jesus! He loves you too! Love you buddy! Keep doing many more and great videos like this in the coming years.

  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos

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  • Valeria Vagapova
    Valeria Vagapova

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  • Eva pj
    Eva pj

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  • Funny Cats & Dogs
    Funny Cats & Dogs

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  • LJ Cl
    LJ Cl

    Molly said he did it on his own. She meant when he went in when everyone was distracted. She knows that he couldn't have done it without you. You have an amazing gift. I'm so glad that you have made it your mission to share it. I also appreciate you explaining Gallops energy and how you know he is happy. I have a question. Can your pug swim? Mine sunk like a stone. Not that I gave her the chance I was right there to help her. If you held her over a teacup she would start the doggy paddle, so she had the instincts...but not the physique?

  • Shannon Glenn
    Shannon Glenn

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    Gabriel Burgos

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    jordi christian & andrea

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    E Thomas

    I have been watching you for years starting with your shows on NatGeo - NatGeoWild... Now on IRbin! God has Blessed you so much and so we are blessed by you. You are amazing. Your knowledge and skills are God-given! Your insights are soooo amazing! Never heard from anyone else before you all your insights about dogs, about dog - human relationship. Thank You so much for your Shows, and now Videos on IRbin! Priceless, Incomparable, Insightful, Intuitive, Profound, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Sensitive, Wise, Genius!!! Thank You!!! God Bless!