Are dogs reflections of their owners? With PARIS HILTON
Hello Pack Members! Tune in to see an exclusive behind the scenes look at a project I am working on with PARIS HILTON! I had so much fun visiting her beautiful home and introducing my pack to hers!
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  • Myrna Miranda
    Myrna Miranda

    This isn't about her dogs it's about the narcissistic women.. she has used your services.

  • Timbo

    poor dogs legs are under developed :(

  • Stone Dove
    Stone Dove

    This is just boring...

  • Felix Trejo
    Felix Trejo

    I like Paris because she doesn’t seem like a bitch and down to earth - love this

  • Zoanisious S
    Zoanisious S

    Can anyone tell me Who is Paris!??

  • Kendall McClennon
    Kendall McClennon

    2 of my favorite humans

  • Hella Bella
    Hella Bella

    She is so damn boring! She wasn’t interested in anything Cesar had to say! Her poor dogs..

  • Erna Sari
    Erna Sari

    Paris is Very beautiful. Like a angel

  • Vanessa Hawarden
    Vanessa Hawarden

    C’mon Cesar, concentrate!!!!!

  • Anderson Cleyton
    Anderson Cleyton

    A common being unites them: this is the dog

  • aminozuur

    Paris seems a bit nervous, and has her guard up. Hard to get through. A fake smile and safe answers. That makes the video boring, but I hope she is is happy and doing well.

  • Sikaday Nara
    Sikaday Nara

    Watch or download »»» ⚡ ⚡ I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeid🔥🔥🔥h

  • Bagyo Policarpio
    Bagyo Policarpio

    paris hilton 300k views, molly burke 400+k

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel

    Lol Cesar seems so star struck

  • kye North
    kye North

    Dogs are more loyal and loving than humans that's a fact!

  • Guitar Zan
    Guitar Zan

    The big question is she doing a swimming routine every day with her dog now? I have a guess...

  • DonDon Don
    DonDon Don

    that beast cannot breathe through its nose. therefore his mouth is always open and the tongue hangs from the mouth. horrible.

  • DonDon Don
    DonDon Don

    that one dog has its tongue hanging out of its mouth. extremely thoroughbred. because people like that.

  • Jane M Geddes
    Jane M Geddes

    Why on earth is Cesar doing this? Paris sounds like the definition of airhead. Gorgeous though.

  • Lo Lo
    Lo Lo

    Me pregunto con tanto dinero 💴 pediran adios por un dia mas O dios no existe en su vida

  • Lee Coomber
    Lee Coomber

    Actually my dogs can open doors.

  • Christine Adams
    Christine Adams


  • Arturo Molina
    Arturo Molina

    Nice one... but i rather to see ordinary ppl....

  • BeornDeMirkwood

    I want a South Park version of this ^^

  • Adam Unaza
    Adam Unaza

    She’s so blond 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    What does Cesar Millan and Paris Hilton have in common? well there you go, maybe they'll go out together (?)


    We all get old and she is getting old



  • Alex P
    Alex P

    She’s pretty down to earth.

  • Vanessa Hawarden
    Vanessa Hawarden

    Oh very dear; Cesar your body language told all; this wasn’t about the dogs in any way!!!!

  • Streams4Charities

    Ewww thought she was dead. Or just wanted her to be. Cant decide. Dont really care

  • Margaret Jongebloed
    Margaret Jongebloed

    This was funny to see! I noticed you mention the chihuahua needing exercise to not poop around the house . I’m being challenged a bit with that with a new chihuahua mix I rescued at the age of about 2 yrs old. Giving him lots of exercise and trying to teach him pooping only in house! After 3 weeks I’ve broken the marking in house but sometimes the poop still happens. End of crating him often in between outings so he doesn’t sneak the poop!! Wish I could get more suggestions for this!! Btw I’ve been a fan of yours from day 1! Thank You for all you have taught and shared ❤️🙏🏼

  • Shantel White
    Shantel White

    Because she’s an Aquarius ? 🤨 lol ... 7:51

  • Kariss Chalmers
    Kariss Chalmers

    Oh god she is so dull 🙄😒

  • Genci0

    Well she is the Donald Trump of the woman gender... She talks like him, she, she has money like him, she have had her own shows, she owns her own real estate empire just like him. The only thing she do not have yet is the presidency.

  • Aduha Dx
    Aduha Dx

    In this case, the dog surely represents the size of the owner's brain.

  • PinkMoon

    paris and her dog...SO chill! LOL Love them all

  • Jessica Griffith
    Jessica Griffith

    I would be overjoyed to be able to talk and interact with Cesar. Paris... not so much.

  • Owani Iroso
    Owani Iroso

    I like cesear but not her.

  • Agent 99
    Agent 99

    I love Paris. Total icon. She was the first to create the modern day celebrity social lite. What a sweet person. I LOVED these two together!!!😍🔥

    • Francesco Strangis
      Francesco Strangis

      Are you still high?

  • Of The Dawn
    Of The Dawn

    She throws her dogs away when they get old. You should have never did a show with her.

  • Jonathan Vachon
    Jonathan Vachon

    Wow that was cringe. Couldnt listen more than 2minutes

  • Phillipa A
    Phillipa A

    Cesar I would love you to do a video on your dogs food! Xx

  • Jasper Garcia
    Jasper Garcia

    Paris, are you PG you look like your at least two months.

  • Byron Reveles
    Byron Reveles

    Paris Hilton seems chill. However for some reason I keep remembering the South Park episode of her while watching this.💀😂🤦‍♂️

  • spöken bratze
    spöken bratze

    To be smaller than Paris ,,,, that's hard !!

  • holyarmageddon19

    Paris huh....

  • G A
    G A

    If she really loved animals she would be a 🌱 Vegan

  • Octavio Lozano
    Octavio Lozano

    Anyone else gonna ignore the fact that the chihuahua has it's tongue out

  • Cintss Cha
    Cintss Cha

    I dont like her, she is so plastic and shallow.

  • chrys L
    chrys L

    You both were awesome

  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker

    Just a grown up dumb idiot now!

  • Tsina Zamora
    Tsina Zamora

    I was like “Marbles” from JennaMarbles.

    • Not-Not Nooo
      Not-Not Nooo

      Tsina Zamora well at least Marbles is allowed to walk !

  • Dumb Freddy
    Dumb Freddy

    Paris I’ve noticed that ..... animals need to move. REVELATION !!!!

  • Dumb Freddy
    Dumb Freddy

    Caesar trying to get Paris in a bikini

  • Dumb Freddy
    Dumb Freddy

    Is this about the dogs or Paris ?

  • Dumb Freddy
    Dumb Freddy

    Must be nice to have such a life

  • Dumb Freddy
    Dumb Freddy

    No not nervous. Okay think cm. Knows

  • Kevin Lazaro
    Kevin Lazaro

    All I can think of is that episode from south park where all her dogs killed themselves

  • Mandy

    Nobody: Not even the bird: Paris Hilton's dog: 👁👁 👅

  • Vicky

    where can I get one of those shirts Cesar is wearing?

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez

    Bunch of hate, relax. Meeting her is on cesars bucket list. Dont judge my baby paris.

  • Эйрин

    Цезарь даже попугая заворожил 😜👍

  • eleveendays


  • Frank Teng
    Frank Teng

    It’s very funny the contrast of these people on southpark, one is the dog whisperer one is such a bad dog owner her dogs commit suicide

  • Ann Candelario
    Ann Candelario

    I think i had more than 15 years i didnt see this woman. Im surprised she still talks like a teen. Im sure she is close to 40 years old ...... poor thing looks stock 😳🥺


    These guys were both in a South Park episode except Paris Hilton was made fun of and Cesar's abilities were praised

  • alex monteiro
    alex monteiro

    Paris are lucky to have cesar there because her dog will kill it self.

  • Izelin Kinga Fekete
    Izelin Kinga Fekete

    In this video Cesar was hot!!!!:-)You are always hot Cesar and the best dog whisperer on the world!!!!thank you

  • kriz kroz
    kriz kroz

    Well... some of those animals are forbidden to have and many belong to their habitat...that is how affection is shown

  • Michelle Hendricks
    Michelle Hendricks

    I know Paris loves her dogs, but, I wish someone would tell her by carrying her little black dog all the time it's back legs have become deformed & a dogs bodys were not designed to be upright, they need to be walking around.

  • Zappy Zap
    Zappy Zap

    Paris sees dogs the same way she sees a handbag, as an accessory.

  • Teacher Smith
    Teacher Smith

    She reminds me of Dianna Agron.

  • Steve Wood
    Steve Wood

    What does this woman do? I've never quite understood her. Professional shopper?

  • Anna Rose Baysa
    Anna Rose Baysa

    Hi cesar i have an alaskan kleikai. I mostly feed her with human food. She seldom eat dog food. Is this okay? Because if we cannot eat dog food why would the dogs eat it right? Please lmk tnx

  • Fighting Spirit
    Fighting Spirit

    Love for animals bring lovers together

  • Jay

    This has nothing to do with dogs being reflections of their owners. What a disappointment. Just with a boring celebrity famous for being famous.

  • Mickey Melendez
    Mickey Melendez

    Big Karma. Women voice change when they tried so many differen Lollipop 😋

  • Trudy

    I trust and respect anyone who loves animals. It says a lot about a person.

  • Volvox

    Hoomans: blablabla.... Oh yes blahblabla! doggy: 😛

  • Volvox

    I wonder: can you squad in Paris' high heels? 🤔

  • smackyhead

    Mr slave anus finally spit Paris out

  • smackyhead

    Its been so long Ive seen Rio. Such a cool bird. Too bad he is too polite to give Paris the bitch the Bird.


    Yall look high 💀 😭 🤧 😳

  • Finna Nut Yo
    Finna Nut Yo

    Shes gotten more mature and beautiful with age. She used to be unbearable

  • Adam K
    Adam K

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  • Bocay505

    Her personality is sexy...

  • Melinda Mullins
    Melinda Mullins

    👍🐦 🐕💛

  • bby m
    bby m

    Honestly Paris dogs look unhealthy and depressed especially the little one she’s always carrying. It’s legs looked really weird probably because it never walks she’s always carrying it

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    Life in a bag. Ahhh, the good life.

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    I think certain celebrities that are famous for well, just being famous lmao don't really understand how their pets mental life is. They think that spoiling them with stuff they couldn't care absolutely less about makes them happy. When in reality, the dog is usually scared to death with many issues that it can't tell someone who's clueless about. I just wish people had to be tested before owning an animal. It breaks my heart to see some of these pets with severe non-stop panic.

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    I can't believe she's still saying "They're hot". smh It's time to move on to other things, Paris. Although, I don't think she does anything meaningful with her life. Just existing I guess.

    • Games Until Dawn
      Games Until Dawn

      @Mandy Lol, ok. Good

    • Mandy

      Shes actually a dj..she took the time to learn how to dj and performs all the time in ibiza

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    Haha, I know my animal Cesar. I know exactly how she feels. She's not nervous. There's no reason for you to be here. lmao

  • George Munoz
    George Munoz

    @ 7:51 why does her puppy have the tongue out all the time? why are the puppies legs so thin/skinny? they look like they're going to break.

  • Tenzin Kherab
    Tenzin Kherab

    Paris - animals can be trusted and gives unconditional love..... Seems she has enough bad experience with exploiting humans.....

  • Kathy Rogers
    Kathy Rogers

    What is your parrot Rio's story? Was he that nice when you got him, or did you train her?

  • Trisa None-ya-business
    Trisa None-ya-business

    Not a huge fan of hers but it should be a requirement that if you say something shitty about someone's looks you should have to have YOUR picture up lol

  • Amado Nepal
    Amado Nepal

    oh wow cesar you seemed star struck the whole time

  • Lee Tao Dana
    Lee Tao Dana

    She stands in a pose. lol I can't watch this one.

  • Anastasiya Gl
    Anastasiya Gl

    Which Dekoration ist the marble Book with Channel Foto prada hermes .. and co. where i can Buy it??? At 4:48