A party from a dog's perspective
Welcome to JuniorVision! Ever wondered what a party is like for a dog? Go behind the scenes at the #JuniorMeet, from the perspective of the world's most beloved dog, Junior Millan.
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  • Rameen Khan
    Rameen Khan

    This video shows how dogs feel about parties Thanks for sharing cesar

  • Stephanie Ghiaa
    Stephanie Ghiaa

    Thank you for this video. My 10 month old beagle is quite afraid of big dogs when they approach her so she tends to retrieve and lean on me, as if she wanted me to protect her. I was wondering if this was common due to her young age but i want her to stand her ground..

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro

    Hi Andre

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro

    Hi Cesar

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro

    Hi Jonior

  • Vishal verma
    Vishal verma

    My dog bite every one me to he is 4month old how can stop them 9955664128 my number I am from India please tell me

    • Simple Inverso
      Simple Inverso

      Why was this guy thinking he would get personal help?

    • YouTube Employee
      YouTube Employee

      See IRbin videos

  • BaileeGermanotta

    junior is so cute

  • Joseph 0_O
    Joseph 0_O

    cesar i adopted a boxer dog.... but she wont eat what can i do???plz respond :3

  • Jungshook In Hope World
    Jungshook In Hope World

    Love u junior! :)

  • luis laurencio
    luis laurencio

    holy shit its like a personal camera mandog he just follows him everywhere

  • Maksim hs
    Maksim hs

    Dam Lucky dog can smell every kind of .... there :D

  • doloopfr

    Oh There's even some frames with Manny the frenchie !

  • Алла Шевченко
    Алла Шевченко


  • roxmanaic

    Auww his ears. So cute

  • Andreas F .Privat.
    Andreas F .Privat.

    Junior is the best and the music makes this video even more awesome! such a positive video :D

  • Patryk Bo
    Patryk Bo

    You are awesome ceaser !

    • Patryk Bo
      Patryk Bo

      Thank you very much

    • Daydream’

      I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...

  • xXWolf LoverXx
    xXWolf LoverXx

    That cool :)