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  • Gilbert millan
    Gilbert millan

    Ceaser much love bro ! My apellido is Millan too , family from Morelos , Mexico . Would be crazy if thats where your family came from

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Good Morning, I saw this 👍Video many times. 👌Greetings

  • andrej4395


  • Double O. O.
    Double O. O.

    The owner was pretty slow. She could not do 3 moves!

  • sutamaagus_ dogtrainer
    sutamaagus_ dogtrainer

    everyone inspires around the world survivors and successes are always masters

  • John Kelley
    John Kelley

    Love that episode. I always wondered what you would think about it. Very rarely do they have a celebrity come on South Park and show them in a positive light. I believe that speaks volume on your character.

  • Frederik Mare
    Frederik Mare

    Very simple!... Get another boyfriend!

  • Sierra McCutchen
    Sierra McCutchen

    What a good boy, living his best life and he seems very content and alive! ¡Qué bueno!

  • BluntforceJ


  • rubytuesday247

    That insecure jerk with the emotional intelligence of an 8 year-old wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes in my house. Men, step it up! Stop being man-babies. 🍼🍼🍼 Learn the coping skills of a grown-ass adults, FFS. Women, demand that they do! Don't accept anything less. Quit letting this be acceptable in any way.

  • appculture

    what a Karren he is .

  • Ladan Ansari
    Ladan Ansari

    Cesar was too polite to the boyfriend, next episode should be How to train your arrogant, full of ego boyfriend.

  • Wilson Quinde
    Wilson Quinde


  • Life with Angelo
    Life with Angelo

    If I was that dog, I'd bite that guy too! He feels like such a jerk😏keep the dog, dump the man

  • Sa B
    Sa B

    "Can you smile a little bit" ouf that says it all.

    • rubytuesday247


  • suga bts
    suga bts


  • Flyhunter

    That Yorkie just follows them the whole way without a lease on. What a good dog!

  • toni tomei
    toni tomei

    The dog bites this arse whole for a reason She needs to dump his pathetic arse

  • A' mari
    A' mari

    Quick question: I was thinking about getting a teacup pomeranian,but I was wondering how do you train such a small dog?🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ #TheBest #IRbinr #CesarMillan

  • Helen Weils
    Helen Weils

    This is not just dog psychology - there's a bunch of out-of-control human animals/marauders in the streets of America right now who could do with some help from this guy. Miss your videos, Cesar.

  • Gerome Golding
    Gerome Golding

    I love watching videos about training dogs even though I don’t have one 🤠

  • Cat Town
    Cat Town

    God bless you and your family.

  • SaRa kHaLiD
    SaRa kHaLiD

    The boyfriend is paying no attention, is on his phone, and hes complaning about the dog not liking him

  • Daniel Minta
    Daniel Minta

    Dude thinks he's tough or some.

  • Jeannette Jimenez
    Jeannette Jimenez

    Hey were is the bite on your hand

  • Madelyn Nuno
    Madelyn Nuno

    We’ve had a staffy since a puppy and we’ve noticed that every time we get near my mom and dad the dog gets extremely aggressive and starts trying to bite me or my sister especially my sister every time my mom and dad get home from work. Please explain what I can do

  • lina schmidt
    lina schmidt

    Talk about thinking he is the center of the earth, relax dude not even close. You better run fast girl.

  • chris

    The boyfriend is so stupid, relax mate you have the chance to be with the best guy in the world mentoring you enjoy the moment

  • Larry Steinberg
    Larry Steinberg

    Rip holly She’s rendered meat lol

  • Billy hates nuxey
    Billy hates nuxey

    This guy didnt care when she was being good all he wanted to do was show off

  • Ahmanuel Wedi
    Ahmanuel Wedi

    Glass houses folks. He ain’t perfect but that’s never a requirement. He showed up for help that’s a real man. I’m sure his girlfriend and her dog are grateful. Way to go bro! Good job.!

  • Neelam Bhatt
    Neelam Bhatt

    Why does the boyfriend keep looking at the ground despite Ceaser telling him not to?!

  • Neelam Bhatt
    Neelam Bhatt

    I did not like the boyfriend's body language or attitude. If I was a dog, I would want to rip him up. I love how Ceaser points out the boyfriend is living in the past!

  • Neelam Bhatt
    Neelam Bhatt

    Lorenzo is a gentleman, absolutely handsome ❤

  • Rease Beast
    Rease Beast

    Cesar, I have two young dogs both about a year old of different hyperactive breeds. What would you suggest we do to teach them this stuff? I have a hard time teaching them behavior because they don't pay attention when it is both of them together.

  • Iszie

    Cesar and dog plush toys are so CUTE!

  • Joh neey
    Joh neey

    You talk too much... We came for the title not for you to talk about your life

  • Spiritual Empress
    Spiritual Empress

    Lol my rescue had to relearn how to use his nose and now I laugh because he utilizes his nose as his eyes. I never tell him to look at anything. I ignore the dogs when I first meet and they’ll always calm down and sit right next to me. Dogs are much like horses too.

  • blakebodaciousFTW

    dudes arms are so long he can reach for something yesterday, today and tomorrow all in one day

  • dj egres
    dj egres

    Quick question, when you do go to work, do you ask your dog to go to a designated area and then leave? Or do you just leave and then the dog will go ahead and go to one of the designated spots to relax? Thanks

  • Claire Burgess
    Claire Burgess

    Never mind the bollocks go vEgAn!!!!!!?????

  • EO 18
    EO 18

    React to Cyanide and Happiness the fire whisper

  • Shailja chauhan
    Shailja chauhan

    Animals sense energy

  • Shailja chauhan
    Shailja chauhan

    Something wrong with boyfriend

  • Carolina Pilar Acosta Agreda
    Carolina Pilar Acosta Agreda

    Hola César. Te sigo desde hace muchos años. Los hispanos que no entendemos mucho el inglés te echamos de menos en estas últimas temporadas. Qué alegría escucharte en este vídeo algo de español. Firmado : una canaria.

  • Kate D
    Kate D

    thank you, love seeing you operate on the ranch, training, all of it❤️

  • Chef En Mi Cocina
    Chef En Mi Cocina

    Wow im always amazed. Qué belleza esa conexión ❤🐕

  • Border Terrier Pelle
    Border Terrier Pelle


  • Montana Rifleman
    Montana Rifleman

    Use a large hammer or 12 gauge shotgun,

  • Geeky13Girl 13
    Geeky13Girl 13

    You know you made it when south park makes fun of you 🤣

  • Beth Heddleson
    Beth Heddleson

    The problem is clearly the boyfriend. He is such a looser! Ara is clearly trying to tell her to cut the jerk loose!

  • Cloudie 831
    Cloudie 831

    I can't imagine why dogs bite him and llamas spit in his face. Except Lorenzo of course🦙

  • linda linda
    linda linda

    Sorry Cesar, Dominicans don't give a shit about dogs. You should see thé state they all are in. Incredible. We adopted some, Nice puppies.

  • Kristina Kris
    Kristina Kris

    This is what I needed since years ago! Thank you for making this video.

  • Metal Legion
    Metal Legion

    What a stupid boyfriend . He is the problem 👎

  • Katalina Soto
    Katalina Soto

    The guy's demeanor says toxic masculinity all over, but at least he is there learning from Cesar, lets hope something stuck.

  • Charlotte Ziggy
    Charlotte Ziggy

    Damn, Cesar got a nice house!!!!!!!

  • Refresh2b

    Maybe a drone Arial view of the ranch? And how it all works together. And thank you for teaching me so much about life with nature 🌵🍁🌻🐴🦊🐶🐺

  • Centinelastrings

    This lady is so stupid, she cant follow simple instruction. Cesar is so patient.

  • ANGELS 777
    ANGELS 777

    Caesar train the boyfriend now hit him with a “ sssssssssss” to the neck !!

  • Xavier Lacosa
    Xavier Lacosa

    Me, Lorenzo. Me dumb dumb. I pick things up and put them down lmao😅🤣

  • Z G
    Z G

    The dog is right

  • Krispy Kim
    Krispy Kim

    Dogs read peoples energy, and people do too. I can tell Cesar was training the boyfriend more than the dog without being mean about it.

  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit

    Cesar is great teacher, keep up with wonderful work. Animal & human can live together in peaceful way with playfulness. It's human ignorance that always BLAME animals they only kill for survival. Human killing animals for self pleasure ego. All species living on earth have to go through learn process, but human have more option than animals therefore we should be their GUARDIAN & love, respect, dignity & integrity to all living things.👍

  • Orel M
    Orel M

    Hey girl dump that boyfriend HE IS AN IDIOT!

  • Captcha Neon
    Captcha Neon

    I get so frustrated that my dog won’t stop following me, forcing his way, whining and ripping up things when he can’t be inside. If we try to go out in the backyard and it’s not to let him inside, he darts towards us and tries shoving us in the doorway. We never let my dog on any piece of furniture, only his own bed and during the day he is outside in the extremely large fenced in back yard, no chain, no cage, just free. So when he cannot be indoors during the warm sunshine, he becomes bitter and starts intentionally tearing up things. Not his own things which are readily available, my things or my sons things. I don’t know what to do.

  • Oppa rigo34
    Oppa rigo34

    Did you guys know that the guy you are hating on he was deployed twice to Afghanistan ? He was in the marines then came back and become homeless and used to sleep on Venice beach ? Yes he’s arrogant but now you know why !!

  • Susanne Flachsenhaar
    Susanne Flachsenhaar

    Caesar troy was a piece of cake. I have a very anxious, territorial , extremely strong rottie that wants to get people who walk,run or bike ride down my street. He responds to food rewards. What can i do ? He has had me on the other end of leash being pulled by him to get whoever is on his street PLEASE HELP ME ?????

  • Refresh2b

    People should be free to go and live their lives wherever they want. America is so much better for the asset of Cesar Milan. And now his boys can carry his legacy as assets to humans and dogs everywhere. I've learned so much about life from this Man.🐶

  • Montana Rifleman
    Montana Rifleman

    Because I just shot the Mutt with my 12 gauge shotgun. :-)

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson

    He could have worn byte gloves and it would have prevented that

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson

    Thumbnail byte starts at 9:41 Subscribe my channel

  • ann marie rice
    ann marie rice

    Loved watching him!

  • tommy daggett
    tommy daggett


  • Gripen85

    I just see a lot of european/central european guys loooking at this thinking fuck this shit :D she's hot though.

  • Arya HD
    Arya HD


  • tommy daggett
    tommy daggett


  • Jada-Marie Peters
    Jada-Marie Peters


  • Lily

    so much to unpack i don’t even know where to begin. that man is trouble literally run

  • M. Fajardo
    M. Fajardo