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  • lian 1103
    lian 1103

    This dude cesar, represent my childhood and the reason why I love dogs and it's great how he take this, I love him.

  • a m
    a m

    this guy is clearly not good to the dog thats why hes scared, this guy should be the one who cesar should train

  • Dr. Abuze
    Dr. Abuze

    This is how one should deal with the nimwits that voted for Trump: Send them to re-education camps where they get the "cesar" treatment before they are allowed to return to civilization.

  • Maria Pilar Alverde Alonso
    Maria Pilar Alverde Alonso

    hola Cesar, mi hija acaba de adoptar a un perrito, no se que raza sea, pero es sordo... como podemos educarlo para que sea independiente y se valga por si mismo.... gracias

  • David Rufes
    David Rufes

    That boyfriend is so annoying

  • Heidster

    serious question; I get the re-direct aspect opposed to saying no - he said get them back to the nose and he showed the treats - however she was playing and trying to chew on the harness - I get that it redirects her attention but does it look like a reward to bad behavior? I've heard both instructions, I just want to make sure my re-directing isn't encouraging bad behavior

  • Jovanny Camacho
    Jovanny Camacho

    Bro the guy is literally the definition of DOUCHE hahaha

  • Kiddo311

    Cesar's IRbin-Channel is really weird. They seem to be trying out all kinds of formats. Interesting, but weird. =) I'm here for it!!

  • aka melkor
    aka melkor

    Ceser, I curse all those who canceled you. may they burn in hell. you are amazing.

  • g paramaeswary
    g paramaeswary

    My heart beats fast when he approaches the dog

  • Sandra

    Good jub ...!!

  • Sandra

    Like always is very good video ..thank you for be there...!!

  • Ryan Castle
    Ryan Castle

    Right Lorenzo, he's like wtf"🤣🤣🤣

  • Ginger Rose
    Ginger Rose

    Beautiful even the owner is nice to the dog.😊

  • Ginger Rose
    Ginger Rose

    😊 Thank you Cesar and the llamas who keep snakes away from kids. Snakes?! 🧨🧨🧨🧨 thrown around outside and under the house. 😂

  • MezzoMamma1


  • Ginger Rose
    Ginger Rose

    Aaaaaw so so sweet. I love Cesar ❤️

  • Ben Tong
    Ben Tong

    Did she just say cohabilitate.....

  • A Big Foot with internet access
    A Big Foot with internet access

    Let's be honest...most of yall didn't know the guy (didn't know how to be within the presence of the dog) since Cesar started to teach him smh...

  • Alan Mckeown
    Alan Mckeown

    Troy is in amazing condition!

  • Dynamo

    Just shows you it’s the owners not the dog.

  • Jackninja5

    He's a badass in real life and a badass in South Park.

  • Beth Sullivan
    Beth Sullivan

    Several years ago when Cesar was on TV regularly, I had a strong dog 🐕 & I bought the Original background made of Nylon, had straps & 1 compartment on each side that I'd put full water 💧 bottles in cause it's exactly what I saw 👀 him helping a client w/a strong dog about the size of Daddy when he was much younger! Either way it's the SAME concept here w/paper or buying a heavier one! THEY WORK for SURE!!!


    I love how he fix’s the dog in a couple mins and starts to fix the human as well

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez

    He probably beats the puppy while she's not around. I wouldn't want to be around him either

  • Alex Murray
    Alex Murray

    the audio is really bad. Great knowledge but it sounds like you are speaking on speakers underwater.

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez

    He taught me a good life lesson here

  • Jay S
    Jay S

    All these commentators judging this dude for his 'negative energy' yet spilling out all these negative comments about some stranger they know next to nothing about... Makes me pretty sad, to be honest. Makes me think ya'll just tearing someone down to make you feel better about your own shortcomings, but I could be wrong.

  • Drew Perkins
    Drew Perkins

    Yeah nah the boyfriend is oozing anger and impatience towards the dog. He obviously can't forgive the fact that she was scared in the past and bit him because of it. Doesn't seem like he's a dog lover at all. He even had to be told to smile... weird vibes

  • O. Onti
    O. Onti

    We have a female brindle named Lola. She is the joy in our household. She’s kind, sensitive, cute, and very loyal. I’d love to meet Cesar.

  • Samuel Eto'o
    Samuel Eto'o

    There’s a lot to be said about the bf, but if he really buys into what Cesar taught him about bonding/brotherhood he can definitely find calmness. The “tough guy” thing tells me that he doesn’t know who he is, not that his deep down self is the pretend-to-be-cool persona.

  • hans mart
    hans mart

    What Jr. is 15 😳 I still think of him as a puppy. He's adorable 🥰

    • Harmony

      He is actually more like 11. I think Cesar got mixed up for a sec, thinking of Daddy who died around 15.

  • Xpertyash

    The BF Is a psychopath and am damn sure that he abuses the dog verbally and physically thats the reason the poor baby had to bite that son of a B.

  • Kayleb Erickson
    Kayleb Erickson

    That man should not be around animals...

  • J Moon
    J Moon

    Personally your love for dogs it’s commendable 🎉what about the dog that came to your shelter for training obviously this dog is having problems I don’t believe it’s your training I believe it’s the people involved /owners the man in the relationship that’s causing the problems. This dog needs help you work with I believe Nate is Abusive and here is her IRbin irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/otmhYZy6sKmupZk.html

  • Gurveer Kaur Chadha
    Gurveer Kaur Chadha

    Can you please tell about boxer dog training?

  • DANIEL32170

    Jr was like f all you guys I'll play on my own.

  • Ale DsGs285
    Ale DsGs285

    Doblaje spanish.

  • bensonandaga

    you are great guy Cesar!

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk

    So every animal this guys meets, the animals hates him lol

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk

    Clearly he isn’t a good guy if every dog he meets wants to bite him 😂🤨

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk

    That guy looks like such a douche

  • Wallace Gentry
    Wallace Gentry

    The kid reminds me of one of the boys n blue, who have major insecurity/fear issues. Maybe she should dump him altogether, take Cesar's advice, and all will be well.

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk

    The owner is so stupid

  • brandon faris
    brandon faris

    Very attractive girl, Very nice dog, Piece of crap BF.

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole

    Cesar Millan is the super nanny of dogs

  • isoy1230

    Perfectly demonstrate the proper way to tame the canine. Bravo....

  • Maria Friend
    Maria Friend

    Junior is like... Dad we’re rich, why did you make this ghetto backpack??

  • Rosie Serrano
    Rosie Serrano

    Damn ceasar! Do you have a fountain of youth in your backyard?

  • Alejandra Herondale
    Alejandra Herondale

    Really that guy is not a good person, it's for that the dog doesnt like him, she feel that but the girlfriend don't

  • Alejandra Herondale
    Alejandra Herondale

    Realmente el tipo no es buena persona y la perra lo siente por eso lo rechaza y la novia no se da cuenta

  • Nathan Harris
    Nathan Harris

    Such a sweet dog. You spoil her to much lol

  • J Moon
    J Moon

    You and Junior are connecting just like children do with there parents🤗 thank you Cesar I get it 👍😘❤️

  • Heather Laird
    Heather Laird

    His kids learning from the best. This was a really cool episode

  • Lucky Lady
    Lucky Lady

    Volume is very low on my computer?

  • debra lerner
    debra lerner

    depending on the history of the dog if you notice when a dog gets put in a animal shelter situation it is because it looses trust in man and i do mean MAN do you know it is men that cause the problem dogs are not born with problems man gives the dog problem biting is a reaction to mistreatment also if the dog has been back and forth to dog shelters this causes A MAJOR PROBLEM too many OWNERS confusion mistrust become the dogs thought prosses it is though patience and giving the dog TIME all these things will be cured but you have to not rush her let the dog trust YOU give the love praise and all the past will be erased

  • Richard Moule
    Richard Moule

    Didnt this quack get exposed for using electrical collars?

  • Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar

    This is exactly what our dog does thanks so much I’m going to try what you said I hope it works

  • tee tom
    tee tom

    There so needs to be so many more people like u and i really hope u get these dogs away from worthless pieces of shit cause that is thr simple and only reason why dogs act out FACT

  • debra lerner
    debra lerner

    one of the first things that i had learned and its quite reasonable is to let THEM EAT their food you put the dish down and leave

  • Rhea S. Pasignahen
    Rhea S. Pasignahen

    My puppy needs that kind of training😣

  • Jeff Sharp
    Jeff Sharp

    "now she's got 2 dads" well that escalated quickly

  • Jeff Sharp
    Jeff Sharp

    She just needs to tell the dog that her bf isnt hurting her. Regardless what it sounds like

  • Debbie Relph
    Debbie Relph

    I sooooo needed this!! thank you, thank you!!

  • alyssa hernandez
    alyssa hernandez

    I love that you saw that tina just needed something to nurture; so you gave her two little Alpaca’s to love. She's such a good mama ❤️

  • Uki

    My favourite dog is pitbull! Grey or orange!

  • Nikko Shay
    Nikko Shay

    Jealous Feeling upset or annoyed that something or someone is getting something you are not. A dog gets pets about dig wants pets.

  • Orange Ziggy
    Orange Ziggy

    What does Loyalty Leads to Freedom mean? Does he mean the freedom to relax and be yourself?

  • VT Poet
    VT Poet

    I’m sitting in bed with four beautiful girls. We are pack. We are family. Thank you, Cesar. Still jealous and impressed by your ability and insight, even after 12 years. Much respect.

  • Vincent Sablan
    Vincent Sablan

    Forgot to mention: Lorenzo Llama!!! Freakin' CLASSIC!!!

  • Julio Leon
    Julio Leon

    So WHEN do we get to see him show us HOW to do it visually?

  • Vincent Sablan
    Vincent Sablan

    It's sad that the girl goes for muscle-bound IDIOT, while the pup KNOWS he's garbage.

  • Pavia Pascal
    Pavia Pascal

    Proof that humans needs "animals sensitivity" ...

  • Jovy Tio
    Jovy Tio

    HI Czar i have a 9 months dubberman pincher what is the best partner dogs to go with him? thank

  • Julio Leon
    Julio Leon

    Next video is how to answer questions.

  • Hamza Tariq
    Hamza Tariq

    People are being ruthless in the comments section and you know what...I am loving it....😂😂😂

  • tee tom
    tee tom

    She doesn't like him cause u can see that he has an attitude and probably flips out after shooting up his steroids

  • Chloe Peterson
    Chloe Peterson

    I have a 4 year old Boston Terrier. His name is Ollie. He has been with my boyfriend since he was a baby. It was just the two of them for about 3 years. I would go over and visit and he was such a calmer and more well behaved dog when it was just the two of them living together. He would still climb on people and think he was smaller than he actually is (he is a big boy, about 45 pounds), but my boyfriend would let him do that. My boyfriend moved in with me about a year and a half ago. Ollie went from being a bachelor in sunny Georgia, to having to share attention with two cats up in snowy Wisconsin. My two cats, I both adopted 2 and 3 years ago. Nova, spent three years at the shelter. She was the longest resident at the time. She is a VERY shy timid cat. Does not like to be held. LOVES pets but is still a little anxious when you initially go to pet her. She is about 6 and a 1/2 now as I have had her for around 3 years. Ember, I adopted about two years ago. She is a very friendly and curious cat. She came from a hoarder house so she doesn’t have the best of manners yet but is definitely improving. When we first introduced the cats to Ollie, Ember was scared and nova just didn’t really care. She just observed from a distance. Ollie was always just more curious of them in the beginning. As time went on, Nova and Ollie kept ignoring each other and Ember and Ollie became closer friends. They would sniff each other and play a little. They got more comfortable around each other and started to play more and more. Now, as I mentioned...Ollie does not realize how big he is and he is a rough player. Ember will be walking across the room and Ollie will come up all playfully and knock her right over. Ollie likes to playfully nip at her belly and ember playfully swats at him. However, after awhile, Nova and Ollie started to not like each other. Nova is extremely protective of Ember. If Ollie plays a little too hard and causes Ember to meow, Nova will get in a protection stance and hiss at Ollie. This then causes Ollie to turn around and bark constantly at Nova. Nova would just stand there in her stance and Ollie would bark and bark and bark. If Ollie got too close, Nova would give him a little swat. Normally at that point Ollie would back off but then continue to look all over the place barking and barking. Fast forward now to months later and Nova doesn’t even acknowledge Ollie anymore. She doesn’t pay him any attention. Sometimes she tries to be playful with him by rolling over and meowing a little but Ollie just continues to bark and bark and bark. Nova sits up in her cat tree looking the other way and Ollie will just come up and bark and bark at her. We had to put a little kennel fence up around the cat tree cause Ollie would put his two front paws up there which would upset Nova. He barks at everything constantly. Sports are the worst on TV. Any animal on tv, anyone who knocks at the door. If he is sitting outside on his leash. He will bark at any dog or person walking by. He is very aggressive towards other dogs that walk past him while he is on his outside leash which we have attached to the house. He did once get off it and lunge after a dog. He has done similar things also. He never did really get along with dogs but never showed that much aggression. I think it’s because that’s his territory. If we are out walking on a leash, he doesn’t even look at a dog anymore if he sees one. We managed to train him there. He is constantly jumping up on people. Anyone who comes in the door. He is sooooo hyper and and excited when anyone or even my boyfriend or I walk in the door. We can’t get him to stop jumping up. Then he goes and barks some more at the cats. He is very territorial. Anywhere he sleeps, that is his space. If you put your hand down to pet him when he is sleeping, he snaps. He has never purposely attacked a person but if he is sleeping and snaps, his tooth has gotten caught on people before. Or, if he is playing too hard. We have tried so many things, dog training classes, constant treats, time outs, nothing seems to work. We’ve tried the clicker training, beeping and vibration collar. We haven’t tried the shock setting yet as it was our last resort. At this point, we would be open to it. We play with him constantly and he gets taken on a lot of walks. He is definitely not lacking attention. But if we give attention to either of the cats instead of him, he gets extremely jealous and upset. Any advice?

  • Who can see your name
    Who can see your name

    He was so SMALLL

  • T F
    T F

    “Unfortunately that’s also real.” So heartbreaking but also so insightful.